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A People + A Platform + A Project. Curating, enabling, and amplifying marginalized creators with illustration, film, and music.

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A Call for Papers from @Mipsterz on Muslim Futurism includes among others "Islamic allegory and allusion in DUNE."…
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Call for Papers for the @Mipsterz conference on Muslim Futurism! 300 word abstracts are due on August 1st.
Retweeted by MIPSTERZ @ShabanaMir1 @zeikonline Doing so immediately! Thank you for holding us accountable. @zeikonline @IslamicAtDuke @ColoradoCollege @DukeU @Columbia Our efforts are wholly adaptive and we are so grateful… @zeikonline @IslamicAtDuke @ColoradoCollege @DukeU @Columbia Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention a… for Papers: "MUSLIM FUTURISM: Definitions, Explorations, and Future Directions.” The project includes a confer…
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Very excited to share that @Mipsterz is organizing a conference on Muslim futurism. Consider submitting. You don't…
Retweeted by MIPSTERZ @islamoyankee @krw18 Also agree with what @AbbasRattani says here: @islamoyankee @krw18 What’s the question? This is the message we see on our end: “You’re unable to view this Tweet… launched a call for papers for the Jan 21-23, 2022 conference: “Muslim Futurism: Definitions, Exploratio…
Retweeted by MIPSTERZCFP: @Mipsterz, with @ColoradoCollege, @DukeU, U of Miami, @Columbia, & the Center for Afrofuturist Studies, will h…
Retweeted by MIPSTERZAlhamdu: Muslim Futurism:
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Fantastic review by @jmamenn featuring #ALHAMDU creative director @Brownoser + shoutout to director @AbbasRattani
2021! 🤗✨ Share it with everyone you know! We all need some Muslim joy right about now🙌🏾✨
As a lifelong sci fi fan I'm positively delighted by the renaissance of futurisms we're in now. Afrofuturism, Musli…
Retweeted by MIPSTERZ✨✨✨ to celebrate or wish Eid Mubarak. Palestine weighing on the heart. Not to mention Kashmir, Rohingya, Hazaras,…
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Retweeted by MIPSTERZI stand with Palestinians every single day. Their daily lives are controlled by Israel at every conceivable level.…
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@no_ahm (Also so happy to hear that you loved it!) @no_ahm Hi @no_ahm! We will get on adding captions to the video ASAP. In the meantime, you can see the lyrics to th… @Mipsterz new film Alhamdu from their Muslim Futurism project just dropped two days ago. It’s an incredib…
Retweeted by MIPSTERZUnbelievably honored that our art could spur such a beautiful series of thoughts ✨
We’re discussing “Annual Eid Event: Muslims on other planets?” with @YusufSiddiquee , @AbbasRattani , @HishamYous,… at 7EST! Send us a DM or reply here if you need an invite for @Clubhouse the mipsterz 🔥
Retweeted by MIPSTERZAnd for those of us who’ve rarely had the fortune of spending Eid in community, we’ve organized an event tonight at… of us Mipsterz are resonating with the calls to hold space for joy as a form of liberation in the face of crus… @bonni07 This is FANTASTIC 🤩✨I made this artwork for #EidAlFitr this year, pretty much inspired by @Mipsterz's #ALHAMDU Muslim Futurism project.…
Retweeted by MIPSTERZ"A lo-fi ethnographic montage of a speculative Muslim future." PLEASE watch the video it is 4 minutes 38 seconds…
Retweeted by MIPSTERZTimeline cleanse: Bask in the music, colors, and joy. "ALHAMDU | MUSLIM FUTURISM" #MIPSTERZ via @YouTube
Retweeted by MIPSTERZ"Time doesn't change, time reveals." This gave me chills! Watch the full video on youtube. BEAUTIFUL…
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@cernobinch We’re from all over the universe! ✨🪐 @cernobinch Open to joining our advisory board? 🤔 @cernobinch Daaaaaaaamnnnn shots fired 🔥👏🏾 appreciate your insights, fam! #humbled @cernobinch Fair assessment—how would you define “futurism”? We’d love to know!🙌🏾 @islamoyankee Fair enough! 🚀i cannot stress enough how cool this project is and how incredible these looks are
Retweeted by MIPSTERZ🔥🛹🛼 @islamoyankee maybe we can answer some of your burning questions 🤔👀(cntd) @sh_imul (visual/digital artist, art prof) Chris Ahrens (UPENN religion PhD student, Islam and Sci Fi buff)… to some of our moderators: @HishamYous (doctor, influencer, OG mipz) @najahknows (influencer, creative)… Are there Muslims on other planets? 🧕🏽🙏🏽🚀🌍x 👾🤲🏽🛸🪐? What does that mean for our future? 🕰🖲? Look for the MIPS… this year’s Annual Eid🌙 event, #mipsterz🛹 is planning on switching it up by taking it to @Clubhouse 🏡 discussio… check this video out! It’s beautiful and inspiring! ❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by MIPSTERZ✨The future is bright, loud, and magical✨ #ALHAMDU Eid tomorrow, I invite you to indulge in Muslim Futurism, as defined by Muslims themselves. This is the ALHA…
Retweeted by MIPSTERZevery shot is incredible. the future will be decided by optimists!
Retweeted by MIPSTERZ"ALHAMDU | MUSLIM FUTURISM" #MIPSTERZ via @YouTube what a stunning video by @Mipsterz so…
Retweeted by MIPSTERZFrom @MIPSTERZ fire looks, to JoJo's character design (+ @jannik_boysen selfies)... I'm more and more tempted to tr…
Retweeted by MIPSTERZMay the process of boldly asserting our existence disrupt the hegemonic powers of today, and serve as a portal to a… chronic suffering of yesterday and the compounded acute traumas of each day are constant affronts to the Muslim…
2021 there should be no ambiguity in our call—a joyous Muslim future begins when we resist against anti-Black racis… is precisely for this beautiful future that we pray our efforts with the ALHAMDU | MUSLIM FUTURISM project serve… this Eid eve 2021/1442, we submit to you a joyous, vibrant vision of liberation. A future where our dignity, flo… IS HERE!!! Guys, the visuals on this project are unbelievable. The fashions, blends in designs and directio…
Retweeted by MIPSTERZ“ALHAMDU | MUSLIM FUTURISM” by @Mipsterz is a colorful and joyous look into a future where Muslims exist unapologet…
Retweeted by MIPSTERZThe future is colorful, loud, and unapologetic. I repeated that for 2 years while building this project. Today I…
Retweeted by MIPSTERZOn this Eid eve 2021/1442, we submit to you a joyous, vibrant vision of liberation. "ALHAMDU | MUSLIM FUTURISM" is…! OUT NOW
Full content release of the @Mipsterz ALHAMDU project I took part in airs on YouTube May 11th! I’m so excited about…
Retweeted by MIPSTERZDid someone say we can post long art now???
Retweeted by MIPSTERZPpppssssttt This print is available for pre-order now, from the MIPSTERZ non-profit shop!
Retweeted by MIPSTERZCan’t wait for you to see it! always, thank you for the support and guidance @islamoyankee!! can’t wait to share it with you! 💫✨ @NuclearAlchemy 🙌🏾 thank you for the support!!
They're on pre-order now through the MIPSTERZ non-profit shop!
Retweeted by MIPSTERZHead to to buy the ALHAMDU pin squad!
Honored to have a spot in what must be a very busy inbox! Thanks fam 🙏🏾 ✨ are so blessed and honored to have your guidance 🙏🏾 thank you for your faith in us and #ALHAMDU!
@dramarams @DorisDukeFdn Thanks brother!!Thank you @DorisDukeFdn!
Thank you @FracturedAtlas 🙏🏾🙌🏾 #muslimfutures #alhamdulillah #muslimfuturism #futurism #muslim #muslims #Islam #Islamic #Islamicart Art: Sara Alfageeh (@SaraAlfageeh) & Additional Production: Jeffrey Kolhede, Maxime Morin, Brad Dollar, Brendan Dreaper (@brendan66666666) R… Vocals: Emily Afton (@EmilyAftonMusic), Yusuf Siddiquee, Sana Khan (@sleepingsana) Live Drums & Percussi… SONG CREDITS: Songwriters: Abbas Rattani (@AbbasRattani), Yusuf Siddiquee (@YusufSiddiquee), Haseeb Patail (…🎧 Stream our first-ever mipsterz single on Spotify + everywhere you listen to music!! Trac… new single, “Alhamdulillah”, is out NOW! 📣 📢 💥 Presenting the first-ever #MIPSTERZ original song entitled “Alha…
#mipster #mipsterz #muslimfutures #alhamdulillah #muslimfuturism #futurism #muslim #muslims #Islam #Islamic are majestic, bold, and fearless ♥️––breaking through the atmosphere 🚀 and casting a fiery, glowing Muslim red h… us among the Cordoban mosque reds // In the Lal Masjid interiors, between Badshahi Mosque and Jami ul-Alfar Ma… the stolen rubies 💎// Reclaiming our red fertile soil 🧱 // Restoring justice for the blood of Husayn tuned here on Twitter, @mipsterzofficial on IG, and over at to see #ALHAMDU grow!Incredibly honored to have #ALHAMDU recognized as one of 42 projects within @creativecap’s “On Our Radar” 2021! are proud to present On Our Radar 2021! During each award cycle, Creative Capital has the great privilege of lea…
Retweeted by MIPSTERZWe recently spoke with @AbbasRattani of @Mipsterz about envisioning the future with a diasporic, third-culture Musl…
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