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My own views and plenty of them. Come on in, it's fine once you get your shoulders under!

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uk journos when someone challenges them on twitter: the woke taliban is vaporising me! i'm cancelled! cancelled! u…
Retweeted by Mirandaomg blobfish I’m so sorry
Retweeted by Miranda @CharlotteBHC Maybe you should start dismantling the patriarchy and then they can come out and finish it
Can you donate my voucher to the NHS, cheers what you’re doing and watch this please. One of the greatest deliveries of all time.
Retweeted by Miranda @NurseHappy2 I'm sorry you're having a tough time. You do amazing work but there's definitely not just one career for life any more! @VashtiKincaidS1 Ahh the holy trinity @Gerryodd @foggynotions Yay! Where and what's it called? How exciting!It frightens me that people willing to uphold these kinds of policies are starting to outnumber people prioritising… @Luiseach Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. It brings me joy to think of the antifa weasels scampering round his mind, free of charge, 25/8 @metrobert64 @Luiseach Hopefully notoh no Cheryl
Retweeted by MirandaHotdog seller, New York in 1963, a glorious Kodachrome by Evelyn Hofer. I love this photograph.
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The fucking state of this fucking weird crawler, threatening an army boss with Cummings. Shows exactly who’s in cha…
Retweeted by Miranda @kbdagency Yep. As if remorse makes it ok. Absolutely horrendous.Haven’t we suffered enough?
Retweeted by MirandaWow's one month since Edward Colston was toppled. Millions have since learnt when and why the statue was put there.…
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@briggante @TGFtheAtlantic @mulier_loquax @NftyCreative @taylorJB96 @BanesHelen @CharleneWhite @miltonmcdonald1 Seems like it 😂 @mulier_loquax @briggante @NftyCreative @taylorJB96 @TGFtheAtlantic @BanesHelen @CharleneWhite @miltonmcdonald1 OkExclusive brew ✌️ @mulier_loquax @briggante @NftyCreative @taylorJB96 @TGFtheAtlantic @BanesHelen @CharleneWhite @miltonmcdonald1 The… @briggante @NftyCreative @mulier_loquax @taylorJB96 @TGFtheAtlantic @BanesHelen @CharleneWhite @miltonmcdonald1 See… @briggante @NftyCreative @mulier_loquax @taylorJB96 @TGFtheAtlantic @BanesHelen @CharleneWhite @miltonmcdonald1 Dea… news: The FaceApp recognizes this tomato as a face! Bad News: I think I just saw something I wasn’t supposed t…
Retweeted by Mirandayer da and his pals at 6am tomorrow morning slurping their first Doom Bar at spoons
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@briggante @NftyCreative @mulier_loquax @taylorJB96 @TGFtheAtlantic @BanesHelen @CharleneWhite @miltonmcdonald1 Hel… @miffythegamer Omg stop of course he had a tragic music act. Grind teething-ly embarrassing without even hearing it @janemerrick23 Less than 12 hours ago, Boris Johnson said he "didn't do gestures". So which is it?
Retweeted by Miranda @miffythegamer 😂 if he's lucky. What a tragic, pointless person @miffythegamer 6 more than he deserved. Isn't he just famous because he's related to Emilia Fox? How humiliating for her @miffythegamer I'd never heard of him until he got coverage for being a massive racist. Did he ever do anything interesting? @overthe80s He sounds boring. You sound v interesting @briggante @NftyCreative @mulier_loquax @taylorJB96 @TGFtheAtlantic @BanesHelen @CharleneWhite @miltonmcdonald1 Do… @mulier_loquax @NftyCreative @taylorJB96 @TGFtheAtlantic @BanesHelen @CharleneWhite @miltonmcdonald1 You can "do we… @TonyCli71966606 @DrMatthewMesley @CanterburyCCUni @HarrietKersey1 Why do you say thatWe have terminated David Starkey’s position as Visiting Professor with immediate effect. His comments are completel…
Retweeted by Miranda @mulier_loquax @NftyCreative @taylorJB96 @TGFtheAtlantic @BanesHelen @CharleneWhite @miltonmcdonald1 The term is us…
@dominiquetaegon @darrengrimes_ "So good"
Retweeted by Miranda @grey_harpoon @maxwaa @Chialton FiveheadYou can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask
Retweeted by Miranda @LabourDesign @AyoCaesar 👏👏👏👏 @AHart1974 @raevans98 @CorbynistaTeen But the situation is not comparable. The statue glorified Colston and there w… example of why studying engineering is cool
Retweeted by MirandaI hope the message is, "If you build your fortune on human misery, you won't be able to sanitize your place in hist…
Retweeted by Miranda @AHart1974 @raevans98 @CorbynistaTeen What statues specifically do we have in this country that glorify the lives of Nazis? @AHart1974 @raevans98 @CorbynistaTeen How many more years need to pass for the Holocaust to be irrelevant to you? T… man has just been arrested for bringing down the Colston statue in Bristol. Email Avon & Somerset’s Police commis…
Retweeted by MirandaI guess the message is “don’t own slaves”
Retweeted by Miranda @miffythegamer Someone in the responses say the royal family trades service for deference, look at the deference th… @annamerlan @Bark_TimLee3 @MarthadeLacey calls these Trash Cracks @zneeley25 @annamerlan Stereotypical crunchy shit will be the name of my memoir @_F_B_G_ Reading this makes me feel like I cannot read @trouteyes Best of Twitter all week @LeachJuice I'm so excited! @LeachJuice I've just bought it on the strength of this recommendation @ThomasB38600329 @bloggerheads @MattHancock @wefail It's also nasty that this gvt has mishandled the virus so badly… wonderful initiative for the NHS would be funding it adequately @velindasilva Your 4 year old should be running classes for grown ass men @SteveyD We've all tried it, knowing it was wrong, furtively scuttling round the kitchen to pretend we're doing som… @michaelgove on why women should not be paid for maternity leave @TheCynicalEye @jimwaterson @imbadatlife Yes I know @ChrisC000000 @PercyRoundtree @adilray The groomers were predominantly men, so let's have all the men deported too @jimwaterson @imbadatlife It's obviously not true but it's passing another Lockdown day @Alexpiper76Alex @BanesHelen @CharleneWhite @miltonmcdonald1 😘 it's always "do as I say, not as I do" with bigots @ChrisC000000 @PercyRoundtree @adilray For sure. I've muted him so he can spout his bigoted views into the abyss. T… @BanesHelen @CharleneWhite @miltonmcdonald1 You make me not want to wear a poppy because I hate that racist bigots… venn diagram of people with "Christian" in their bio, but also hate the Pope and the archbishop of Canterbury,… @PercyRoundtree @ChrisC000000 @adilray I don't understand how you can purport to be a Christian when you speak like that about men of God. @stickorhubarb @PippaP22 @AlfiesmumClara In that case we're no further forward as to why the EU would be interested… @PercyRoundtree @ChrisC000000 @adilray The numbers of incidents recorded as racially motivated by the police is evi… @PercyRoundtree @ChrisC000000 @adilray What about the thousands of examples that prove otherwise? Or is the Archbis… @stickorhubarb @PippaP22 @AlfiesmumClara I've not seen the european skills/talent gap, that Brits are qualified to… @stickorhubarb @PippaP22 @AlfiesmumClara I know you did, you were querying the relevance 😵 probably because Thailan… Foister went into cardiac arrest in an Amazon warehouse in Etna, Ohio, & collapsed on the floor. He was there…
Retweeted by Miranda @PercyRoundtree @ChrisC000000 @adilray Exodus 22:21 “Do not mistreat or oppress a foreigner, for you were foreigners in Egypt. @sima_kotecha @bbclaurak This makes English sound like a two rocks hitting together. What a beautiful language! @JaneTulloch1 @LissaKEvans @OliverDowden I suppose it is. My view is that this govt cannot be trusted to do the rig… is still one of the most racist photos I’ve ever seen in my life.
Retweeted by MirandaSome clown removed the cone yesterday Glagow responded.
Retweeted by Miranda @BanesHelen @CharleneWhite @miltonmcdonald1 Weird that you are so keen on poppies and yet posted nothing about reme… @stivevans @BanesHelen @CharleneWhite @miltonmcdonald1 👏 @CharlotteBHC I'm so sorry 💔 @JaneTulloch1 @LissaKEvans @OliverDowden I'm not sure how that is relevant to the conversation, which is around the… @stickorhubarb @PippaP22 @AlfiesmumClara Ok the relevance is you asked why the EU would not retain FOM for Brits w/… @JaneTulloch1 @LissaKEvans @OliverDowden Yes that's the point. The people who could affect change for these people,… @stickorhubarb @PippaP22 @AlfiesmumClara I'm not sure if you are alluding to me having blinkered views, which would… set the game difficulty for 2020 to SERIOUS? Can we go back to EASY please or at least HARD
Retweeted by Mirandasorry where
Retweeted by MirandaBREAKING - George W Bush campaign people & The George W Bush SuperPAC have just announced they’re ending GOP operat…
Retweeted by Miranda @kimberdoodles Me too!!! @stickorhubarb @PippaP22 @AlfiesmumClara But I'm asking why they would offer it to our citizens when we don't offer… of curtain twitchers
Retweeted by MirandaInvested @stickorhubarb @PippaP22 @AlfiesmumClara Why would they retain it for our citizens when we have removed it for thei… would anyone want to be friends with someone who thinks they should be the subject of an anthropological study/… @AlfiesmumClara It's bizarre to me, having "won", there are so many leavers on here who turn every subject into an… @JaneTulloch1 @LissaKEvans @OliverDowden Thousands of people have their futures and incomes at risk. Let's give them a break
@EvilFan13 @Citi_ZenSane @123db_GEEK @EdConwaySky Like I say I only pointed it out because of what you said about l… @123db_GEEK @EdConwaySky I agree - do you have a source for the facts that have informed your assertion that there…