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@austviking @JasminQGaming Don't get me wrong, most situations where this happens, at least for me, I let them know… trying to be a genuinely good, understanding person is my biggest flaw... I feel like I have it pretty damn good…
@ryusilva23 Didn't waste my time! Im just tired and the internet has taken a lot out of me today :) I appreciate a good dialogue! @ryusilva23 Yeah, and someone being disrespectful towards me makes me feel uncomfortable. I'm done wasting my ene… @ryusilva23 The definition of disrespect: "lack of respect or courtesy". Its the lack of courtesy and respect tow… @PrincessCourt_ You WILL get it eventually! @ryusilva23 Also, its your interpretation of this. Me being made to feel uncomfortable is me feeling disrespected.… @ryusilva23 Okay thank you for clarifying????? Have a good weekend @KaosKingTv LMFAOOOOOO @dax_85 @RogueRabbit3 Being caught in the crossfire of timeouts happens ALL the time and this NOT was I was talkin… @dax_85 Most of the time though, no one just outright bans...generally the person has been warned multiple times by… @dax_85 Yes, people absolutely deserve a second chance, and they may reach out later to prove themselves, but when… @MissZeeAU Share plz. @OutTrump3d @Twitch Congrats! Keep grinding!!dont make fun of my eyebrows okay....its been a while and they bushyyyyTaking a break from the twitterverse, and going live!!! Chatting about life and then I'm playing PACIFY for the f… @IMKenWho Hes a stinker! I love him :) @ravenraspberrie GET IT GIRL!!!! @gothixTV @PTBarpun Thank you!! @Gladd NICE @SirL3onVIII He like "b*tch I didnt tell you to stop massaging my head" @PsychoZealot @Dexerto Yup! Social media is scary! I will definitely be that person to tell someone off when warran… is here to tell you to BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER or else he will steal your socks.. Jk, he was mad I stopped pet… @PsychoZealot @Dexerto I hope she comes to this conclusion not because she was bullied off, but because its just the right thing to do. @KaosKingTv Not with cancel culture. @Official_Mamzir @coopnasty28 @KawaiiFoxita @Dexerto @AlinityTwitch See this is a solution! Unfortunately its one w… @PsychoZealot @Dexerto I guess the answer to your question of what WE should do is: idk. I really dont know what we… @PsychoZealot @Dexerto Absolutely they should be held accountable! But I don't believe in cyber bullying as the pro… @MyOwnCreation82 LOL so trueeeeeee @Official_Mamzir @coopnasty28 @KawaiiFoxita @Dexerto @AlinityTwitch And thats her problem, yes! But the most me can… @PsychoZealot @Dexerto And thats where shes at right now! She doesn't know if she wants to continue streaming, whic… @Official_Mamzir @coopnasty28 @KawaiiFoxita @Dexerto @AlinityTwitch "Defending her by trying to get people to move… @PsychoZealot @Dexerto Wait people read?!?! Lol jk, seriously, it's a problem that all people aren't held to same s… @Leroyspankin @kittiepawsitive I love your name 😂 @Moshcrates @Twitch We should have a chat sometime soon :) I definitely have a lot of thoughts on this and the culture differences! @KaosKingTv Me too! Its just scary that we have to live under certain censorship for fear of being ostracized or cancelled. @PsychoZealot @Dexerto Idk about you but im no legal expert. With proper investigation, if her actions were dangero… @Moshcrates @Twitch Thats one of the main things about culture differences on mixer vs twitch. Numbers and analytic… @coopnasty28 @williamfnbr @KawaiiFoxita @Dexerto @AlinityTwitch I just wanna say, you have a GREAT day and weekend! @PsychoZealot @Dexerto If she keeps making big mistakes that are harmful, action should be taken & she should be re… @coopnasty28 @williamfnbr @KawaiiFoxita @Dexerto @AlinityTwitch Right, but don't add to it. People will be people.… @coopnasty28 @williamfnbr @KawaiiFoxita @Dexerto @AlinityTwitch See! This is where we absolutely agree! I think she… @KawaiiFoxita This this this!! @SirL3onVIII LMAO I had to look at this gif farrrrrr too long to realize that wasnt a grill 😂😂😂😂😂 @Medivhus Ikr?! Crazy.. @coopnasty28 @williamfnbr @KawaiiFoxita @Dexerto @AlinityTwitch Okay dude. Please don't say "it's the internet she… know what's impressive to me? When someone doesn't follow the internet hive mind and actually thinks for themse… @williamfnbr @coopnasty28 @KawaiiFoxita @Dexerto @AlinityTwitch Quit being a broken damn record, my goodness, and q… @williamfnbr @coopnasty28 @KawaiiFoxita @Dexerto @AlinityTwitch She made a lot of stupid decisions and she knows it… @Official_Mamzir @coopnasty28 @KawaiiFoxita @Dexerto @AlinityTwitch I'm not defending or supporting. Just saying st… @MythicTreez Congrats!! Much deserved! You're gonna do great! @Dexerto Has she messed up? YES. Should she be allowed to learn from her mistakes, move on & not recieve endless h… @coopnasty28 @KawaiiFoxita @Dexerto @AlinityTwitch Nah its this mentality...You're also human. Have some basic dece… @Moshcrates @Twitch It absolutely does degrade mental health! When I realized that a long time ago, I stopped looki… @BuddyYT87 @Dark_Fox_TV @KawaiiFoxita So then if its twitchs fault for not taking the proper course of action in ba… @krammy_ie @HyperScapeGame It looks super fun! @darrinveit Always! @yellowjkt Lol!! @PapaZaph Honestly it sounds like that person did you a massive favor! 😂😂😂 Thats seems a bit ridiculous imo @Cowtopian Yes, yes. Same here. @lazerman27 Right! There's not room for interpretation with how you feel...they make you uncomfortable, thats on th… @MargoMagik Nope. Dont feel bad! Your rules are the constitution of your channel....they dont like it they can leave!
@_Greylocke_ Oh yeah! We coo, we coo.... @CaduceusFawkes Lol!Turns out its a breaker/power grid problem!! I think i may have found a solution until my breaker gets fixed! My… @KawaiiFoxita I think we should education them on the definition of "prevention"...people be weird doe @CeddyOrNot @GRIMWINTERGAMES Literally everything is FINE until I run my AC unit....which I have to because like 90 degrees! I… @KawaiiFoxita Wait, so people complain that you're "encouraging" suicide by providing people with a suicide PREVENT… @_IKillBunnies No just a couple rooms that are connected to the same circuitry! I think it has to do with my portable AC unit....You are not entitled to an explanation on why a streamer removed you from their community if you made them uncomfor… @XB1_SideSwipe I do! On time, everytime!!!Second day in a row that stream ended abruptly due to losing power! Sorry! I'm talking to someone to figure out what the problem is...Live now!! Testing out a new mic!!! Playing some APEX on PC later if you wanna join!! @_IKillBunnies @imane Thats so interesting because I absolutely LOVE cilantro!! I know some either love it, or think its too overpowering @Zarnerz @Crazedmichfan YAY @Crazedmichfan @Zarnerz Because warzone was crossplay and easier to find teammates, thats literally only reason I s… @Crazedmichfan @Zarnerz hi, hello, friend here!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @JenEricLive L. O. FREAKING. L. 😂😂😂😂 @Crazedmichfan @Zarnerz Why not both???? @mbash26 I love fast paced chaotic FPS games!! @Zarnerz @Crazedmichfan Since crazed HATES me and won't play because he is too cool 4 school, do you wanna join?! @Crazedmichfan NOOOOOOOO WHYYYYYYYYYY @Two2urHead Same here, but lots coming to APEX later this year, and like most things, I gotta take some breaks or else i will burn out! @AvoriLiz Well sometimes you gotta get rid of some people to find more good ones!!! Have a new follow because you are 100% correct. @UmbraSelena Yeah, kindness and understanding goes a long way! Im sure most people would like to know they messed u… @UmbraSelena This!!!! @UmbraSelena Right!! I see it all the time! And most of them say they had no idea and wasn't sure how else to put themselves out there @ThatBr1tGuy My butt is already sore from all the previous clenching from other games....and they say video games aren't a workout 😂😂😂 @ThatBr1tGuy This would be an off stream game for me! I would absolutely SUCK trying to talk to chat and play at the same time lmaoooo!This is how I feel about people trying to self promo! Everyone deserves the chance to learn and grow just like we… @Crazedmichfan PLEASE WILL YOU PLAY WITH ME TODAY?!?!?!?!I really wanna play APEX today! Why have shooters been so addicting lately???? @TSM_Myth LOLOLOLOLOL @SimbyBTW TOLD YOU!!! CONGRATS!!! @_IKillBunnies @imane Do you think it tastes like soap??
@DrLupo @HyperScapeGame CANT WAIT!!! @imane What are your thoughts on cilantro? @dadgotgametv @Twitch Congrats!! @SplitDaWig Oh BOI!!!! PSHHH you first!