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Composer: #ShadowsOfAdam, #QuartetRPG, #MyFamiliarRPG, and Numetry. 1/5 @somethingclassc. Jazz arranger. Commissions open - hit me up:

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It's FINISHED! My orchestral arrangement of "Freya's Theme" from Final Fantasy IX! This one is a doozy and I'm SUP…
Retweeted by Tyler Mire | Composer @JaeJaeAgogo I love the community, I just hate the tech side of it lol
There are great options for free orchestral vsts that you can use in your music! I covered some of the most under…
Retweeted by Tyler Mire | ComposerOne day I'll use the eyeball emoji in one of my tweets... one day...Hey #indiedev! I'm Bert, and I write music for #indiegames. I specialize in retro style tunes, but I also love to…
Retweeted by Tyler Mire | ComposerHave a free week so I'm gonna kick off writing for my jrpg music pack I eventually want to release. What should I s… WANTS TO HEAR SOME JAZZ FLUTE!? I'm always grateful when I get to work with amazing musicians who can bring my…
Retweeted by Tyler Mire | Composer @ZBWMusic Oh yea. Please keep writing stuff like this @werezompire Chrono Trigger, FF6, FF5 @DionteGeorge Every time I do clinics for highschool bands some kid comes up to me afterwards and shows me their ar… beautiful indie game, Shadows of Adam, is on SALE right now in Steam! I saw @HourADayGamer stream this with th…
Retweeted by Tyler Mire | ComposerFinally got around to updating the OST for Shadows of Adam on steam. High quality wavs and mp3s come with it, inclu… @partridgeaudio @DisOmikronCJ Awesome, can't wait to hear! If you need any references lemme know. I love funk. @OverlordBossk She's doing well. Thanks for asking :) @OverlordBossk Thinking of you friend. You'll get through this! @DionteGeorge I wish video game music had been cool when I was in schoolAlright, was able to get my little laptop to do some damage on this tune due on Thursday. 8gb and an external HD wi… @ZBWMusic Now sequence the Lee Morgan solo :)
@leissmusic @DisOmikronCJ STEELY DANSoloists: @lindseyguitar - guitar Jim Williams (RIP) - trumpet Barry Green - trombone @evancobbjazz - tenor sax Jeff Coffin - fluteI miss Nashville and I miss leading this band. One of the only times in the music biz where I felt musically fulfil… @partridgeaudio @TobtyM Ditto. I use that as well.Well let's stream some. Finishing up some work in Finale and then not sure? Maybe I'll take composition requests :P… your Mac completely won't boot, you spend 8 hours on phone (Sunday) to no avail then drop off computer next day… @perennialcoop You'll be great! Happy for ya! Don't forget us little people :) @perennialcoop @DaleNorth Boom!Ok, late night composition stream. Please come hang, I could use the good energy :) #gameaudio #indiedev #jrpg @DisOmikronCJ I like all of those. Now just throw in min6/9 @bengrue Just really thinking hard about that first move...I can't wait to meet my son. I wonder if he'll four stock me in Melee too?
I'll stream composition later this evening. I'll post when I'm live! @lindseyguitar Same, especially a band of that size playing live (mostly) @lindseyguitar Yea not ideal, but great energy!Today's big band post is the title track from my third album, #Officefortheday (that's the title get it?). It's a…
To anyone who feels like they “wasted” the time during quarantine because they didn’t write a book or learn a secon…
Retweeted by Tyler Mire | ComposerIs it a really a jrpg battle theme if you don't do bVI bVII I? @TrendOrchestra Only on 27inch :( @RyuSoundworks Now all my audio components aren't working anymore. I hate Apple. @RyuSoundworks I was reading that updating your OS could fix the port issue. I checked and saw I could update - so… @RyuSoundworks Tried two monitors. They both work with my Switch. I think I borked the TB3 ports. I tried my cell p… it possible I screwed up my Thunderbolt 3 ports because my external monitor won't connect anymore? Been googling… @RyuSoundworks Adults sexually grooming minors. Not good. @jmitchell1628 Yea... it's ridiculous. Well, we should be ready to roll now! I can't imagine ever needing more than 64gb.Wife and I got our hands dirty and installed 64GB of ram into my iMac. Involved removing the screen and pretty much…
@HollandAlbright Every few weeks or so I'll see one gig worth pursuing. If I notice anything, I'll shoot it your wayAnother #WIP battle theme for a new #indiegame I'm composing for. This game actually has two battle themes (same ma… Playing with no rests is more tiring than just playing high.Remember how I'm always harping on writing good brass parts with proper pacing? This is one of the best trumpeters… @HollandAlbright Yo Holland! Have you checked out tigsource? I've actually gotten a few good leads for gigs from that site.Hi! I'm still looking for work. If you need music for your project, feel free to reach out. 📧CONTACT:…
Retweeted by Tyler Mire | Composer
That feeling when you 2nd cycle bounce a 3 minute track to then find you had a track muted.Here are some tips for music notation/engraving! Having great looking scores can go a long way. A lot of little thi…
Retweeted by Tyler Mire | Composer @BenElliottSound Thanks Ben :). Did a lot of polish since. Got some great mix feedback from @vincentizghraLate start today, but finally launching into my daily composition stream. I'm finishing a parallel battle theme to…’m going to do a quick test stream on Twitch tomorrow at 1:00pm PDT! Gonna do some live composing for #21DaysofVGM
Retweeted by Tyler Mire | Composer @DariaPlays Favorite FF that isn't IX?
lead sheet for those interested. I kinda hate bar 13 ngl... lol oh well @JoeSua4711 Thanks Joe. I used the chord changes to "Girl from Ipanema" a really great jazz standard. Jobim really wrote some lovely tunes. @BillChampMusic We became good friends when I lived in Nashville. He's recorded on some of my big band stuff too! @HolmesPhilemon I'll have to listen to that! As I was writing this, it did make me think of FF1's theme. @Knee_case AP system is actually straight from Shadows of Adam (my previous game), if you ever checked that out. WANTS TO HEAR SOME JAZZ FLUTE!? I'm always grateful when I get to work with amazing musicians who can bring my… @gwallisstudio Hey thanks, Grace! The game has slightly Gothic setting, so I thought church bells could help bring… @roberttunstall Turns out if I had bought the 27 inch and not the 21.5 inch it would be MASSIVELY easier to upgrade… #WIP battle theme I'm writing for a new #jrpg project. This took a few iterations to get the right sound. Ended u… 64gb of ram for my 2019 iMac. Gonna have to MacGyver the computer to install, but I think it'll be worth it.Why deal with a crying baby, when you could have a crybaby wah wah pedal instead? stream, finishing up some battle music (composition/mix). Come hang! #gameaudio #JRPG #JRPGJuly @gregdelmage @retreauxgames @rpgfancom No worries! I wish I could take credit for Josh's great score :D @leit_motive preciselyWhen Covid ends, I wanna start a quartet and play some jazz standards. Been so long since I visited those tunes, an…'s an array of screenshots taken from a tileset concept for #MyFamiliarRPG. Sketchy today, #pixelart tomorrow.
Retweeted by Tyler Mire | Composer @DionteGeorge Can't wait to hear it! @DionteGeorge Yea ear fatigue is for real! You start losing perspective. On my 2nd album I spent so long mixing the… @ColinVAudio Thanks for the link. I ended up getting in touch with some customer service and I bought the correct r…
@Knee_case I wish I knew! We are working hard on a public demo for this year.Any #gameaudio folks have any experience upgrading ram? I own a 21.5 inch 2019 iMac that only has 16gb of ram. I'm… Canada Day! Here's one of my favorite Canadians and best buds @BrettMcMusic playing some sexy sax for Jerome'… music pack is the first result for popular soundtracks on itch. io right now...ummm, whaaa?! Is someone just toy…
Retweeted by Tyler Mire | Composer @JoeSua4711 Thanks Joe!Time for our daily composition stream! Finishing up this battle theme then maybe moving on to next piece?… this off to get recorded by a very special guest musician. My favorite part of writing music. Just looking… @starchfacts Ya!
And I still had to look up the chord changes to this tune :xGuitar is @lindseyguitar. Rhodes is Thomas Eby (Not on twitter)Having a blast writing (literal) elevator music for a new game! Takes me back to the dozens if not hundreds of wedd… @TonyManfredonia @HebiLee @Mimibits Envious of what you live! I've lived in the South my whole life, and even hear… @lindseyguitar One of the comments on a Pat Methany video was "If this is elevator music, I'm never taking the stairs again". @gregdelmage @retreauxgames @rpgfancom Hey Greg! I only composed two guest tracks for Pillars of Dust, the rest was…! I can share a full album of #gamemusic today! I did this almost a year ago, but I still think it's some o…
Retweeted by Tyler Mire | ComposerNice. What's this for?, all my audio routing/mic stuff on my mac seem to just not work anymore. No idea why. Guess I gotta figure thi… stream: #gameaudioToday's big band excerpt features our great rhythm section and Jeff Coffin (of Dave Mathew's Band fame) playing thi…
Retweeted by Tyler Mire | Composer @diburmusic Yea please do! You might catch me in a really awkward rambling session! @diburmusic I use iMac's internal webcam too. Works for my purposes. @diburmusic It's not easy... you need something like soundflower and multi output setup. I use my iMac's internal m…
@diburmusic @JoeSua4711 100% agree :D @tkimuse @_arzulo Yea pretty easy. I haven't used them a ton, but the UI works well with Kontakt and is fairly straight ahead.