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Covering Trump 2020 for BuzzFeed News (previously: world editor @ buzzfeed; russia correspondent @ guardian)

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"The speech at times delivered conflicting notes. Buttigieg ripped into Sanders in one breath while lamenting the ‘… @jbfletcher28 It’s fine to think that, but it doesn’t need to be expressed through a comparison to the Nazi invasion of France!A good night to read @rubycramer’s really great story on Bernie Sanders if you haven’t already @HenryJGomez lol I can see itIs MSNBC ok?Also, from earlier, is Lawrence O’Donnell ok? Chris Matthews ok?
@katherinemiller On my old computer you needed to do “command + space bar” to change keyboards and this macro is ac… you google Bernie Sanders in Russian the third thing that comes up is “Bernie Sanders Trotsky’s son” what a wo… @_eliendec Intent doesn’t matter in replicating deeply ingrained ideas of anti-Semitism (or racism or sexism or oth… biggest problem with this is that it’s a crime against the Russian language, hurts my eyes (and grammar brain)… @_eliendec I still don’t see what anti-Semitic tropes have to do with commenting on issues in Belgian society. And… @_eliendec Maybe it’s stupid and blown out of proportion for you, but not for Jews who see it. I still don’t unders… @_eliendec Acts/speech don’t need to incite violence in order to be discriminatory. But, since you’re there and I’m… years ago today, on February 22, 2012, the Assad regime assassinated American journalist Marie Colvin & Frenc…
Retweeted by Miriam ElderDespite warnings for years that Idlib could come to this, here we are. #Syria
Retweeted by Miriam ElderThere was a good year and a half where I was totally obsessed w this album and now I feel old (more than usual)
Former Ukraine diplomat Marie Yovanovitch has book deal (from @AP)
Retweeted by Miriam ElderEditor: how’s that story coming Me:
Retweeted by Miriam ElderIn the immediate run up to the U.S. presidential election and on Election Day, the homepage of YouTube is set to ad…
Retweeted by Miriam Elder @susandominus 😂 I also learned a lot! (Though not sure I’ll ever get the image of Norwegians furiously checking the… it for the Dorothy Parker and Norweigan tax porn anecdotes alone Belgium just like, stop
Putting political considerations over national security is the name of the game means all Mariah memes are dead I do not make the rules’s all tweet the same thing
Retweeted by Miriam ElderAsked State this very question today and they referred me to the White House 🤷🏻‍♀️ up on this horrific far-right attack in Germany is a cop out from everyone except Steyer. Face Hamed you cowards.
Retweeted by Miriam ElderThe day after the debate, Elizabeth Warren bought a full page ad in Sheldon Adelson’s newspaper saying Sheldon Adel…
Retweeted by Miriam ElderOne half of my brain is still high off seeing women destroying men last night but the other half is remembering how… went after not just Bloomberg, but also moderate candidates on stage. It put her at the center of the primar…
Retweeted by Miriam ElderThe president has logged on and is making fun of other people’s spelling mistakes’s fight with Buttigieg is hereby called a Klobuwar™. Thank you. @danavisjourno still waitingSince reading this I just keep imagining what the candidates would look like with brow lifts time I see Amy and Pete I think about how she accused him of preferring to watch cartoons instead of impeachment @joshgondelman Do we have to hear it? @joshgondelman I didn’t know I had a nightmare scenario but here we are @bsdtectr lol thank you @mhcandrmt That’s not the definition of socialism, feel free to look it upThis “socialism for the rich” line has never made sense to me. Socialism does not mean … government giving money/ta…"Should you exist?" is the only good debate question
Retweeted by Miriam ElderPlease ask Bloomberg 100 more questions about his relationship with/views on Chinadid he check the return policy thing about the president of Mexico, is you could just call him AMLOBloomberg’s got binders full of women!
Retweeted by Miriam ElderBloomberg referring to his fellow candidates as “associates” is very businessmany @TomNamako’d read 1500 words on Pete’s decision not to shave tonightThis is the most overlooked aspect of Bloomberg’s policIng policy.
Retweeted by Miriam ElderBloomberg's pretty much ideal scenario is just sitting there silently while the rest of them tear each other to pie…
Retweeted by Miriam ElderEVERYTHING IS HAPPENING SO FAST @davidmackau thank uOn a night everyone's going after Bloomberg, Buttigieg so far the only one making Bernie an equal priority.
Retweeted by Miriam ElderThe crowd is living for this debate (oooh ahhhh) and, frankly, so am I @GayleThomson13 @emskware2015 sponsored content — when you (or a company) pay influencers to advertise for you @MiriamElder Um.
Retweeted by Miriam ElderDon Jr is opening for his dad in Phoenix, saying influencers are asking him to match Bloomberg’s offers of sponcon.… Forward actual lol
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Trump is holding a rally in Phoenix tonight (night of the Dem debate), in Colorado Springs tomorrow, and in Vegas o… @HayesBrown This is true, also I’m sorryThis is how I email @HayesBrown all the time and now I realize maybe it’s annoying you weren’t looking, RT’s “op-ed” page (always my fave) has basically turned into a gamer/incel website Blagojevich has emerged from his home bleeding from his chin (but still hugging supporters) saying he hasn’t sh…
Retweeted by Miriam Elder @ericuman This happened to Patti Smith yesterday, she posted about it on insta (so at least she’s in good company? 🥴)GET READY!
Retweeted by Miriam ElderNew: The Hill has posted its review of John Solomon’s work online and added editor’s notes to his columns on Ukraine
Retweeted by Miriam Elder @OKnox A lot of people at the time questioned why Volozh was on “Putin’s list” since he is not seen as being close… two women running for president is good not just for society but for pollsters who can swap them around like… the actual hell Green, who debated Bloomberg in 2001, said he is a better debater than you might expect. "The truth is that du…
Retweeted by Miriam ElderHero 😭
Trump Post-Impeachment in WSJ/NBC News poll: 47% job approval, ties all-time high 51% approval among independents,…
Retweeted by Miriam Elderwas this supposed to be a DM surfaces video of Bloomberg calling trans people”it” and “some guy wearing a dress” just last year cannot remember a more crushing and important dispatch than this one. One of the greatest humanitarian crises is…
Retweeted by Miriam ElderAl Gore is launching a new voter registration campaign focused on climate change (and beating Trump). “I want to…
Retweeted by Miriam ElderAmazing account of how Bloomberg attempted to bully the wife of a reporter into signing an NDA. She never even work…
Retweeted by Miriam ElderRussia has reportedly banned Chinese citizens from entering the country over coronavirus fears rapid response sent around an email this morning, highlighting Bloomberg’s record of sexist and racist comments… @TasneemN Has she read her op-ed 🤔👀 “I’ve never had contact with any USG [United States Government] official regarding Ukraine or Motor Sich,” Prince…, looks like Ukraine will block the sale of a key asset to China, and, contrary to previous reporting, Erik Prin… Trump embarks midday on a four-day, four-state western campaign swing that includes stops in CA, AZ, CO and NV…
Retweeted by Miriam Elder“According to data released by OkCupid...anti-Trump mentions on user profiles have increased by more than 52 percen… Asked about online attacks from Sanders supporters & if he has done enough to condemn them, Warren tells me Sa…
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Bolton, asked what it was like to staff Trump's meeting with Putin in Helsinki in 2018, says: "To pursue the right…
Retweeted by Miriam ElderSarah Sanders has posted pics from the wedding on insta Kushner was the witness at Stephen Miller’s wedding few years ago, I described a woman as “badass” to a British friend and he thought I was insulting her. How far we… joy over Bernie as potentially the first Jewish president vs. this about the other Jew running for the nominati… if you think you know all the accusations of sexism against Bloomberg, seeing it all laid out like this is som…"Welcome to the Bloomborg. Resistance is futile.” @RosieGray!!! is one of the most heartbreaking things you will ever see.
Retweeted by Miriam ElderIt’s going to be a very normal day online make up for this supremely stupid day, here’s Stevie Nicks impromptu singing Wild Heart while getting her makeup… Trump is attending the wedding of his senior advisor Stephen Miller and VP Pence‘s press secretary Katie…
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