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sparkly rat @Miridoesntweet 7th circle of hell

miriam, hebrew bible fangirl @Uofglasgow, simpsons specialist, bitter bisexual, always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom

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rehabilitating your racist mum’s image by having extremely dull hetero sexhow has flora gill managed to make shagging uncool
@mind_fuzz @champagnecoast victoria superdrug @ketaminedrams i want that for you too tbh @ketaminedrams they’re definitely back together pal @ketaminedrams have to say i’m quite invested in your flatmate and his gf @alexjgreen_ scremendless solidarity with anyone working in the service industry todaypossibly the worst time to live in clapham where absolutely everyone thinks they are the exception to the rule @emmatranter_ me but with saviour complex tbhmy personal motto
my sister just asked if dog’s hair grows. she is a literal scientistcallie got clipped for the summer and now she looks like a labrador who’s had a perm @NathanpmYoung bottom halfi have had precisely Half a Beerbig cheesy energy but fully dunno how i would have managed the last two weeks without the care & generosity & empat… @jimoutoffaf easily greatest opening to a story ever written imo the mind that brought you ‘chasing pigeons with a blindfold on’ and ‘how fast can i run using plastic bags as… to have a job which requires me to yell things like “NO SWINGING THE BROOM NEAR PEOPLE”
@zeldatitzgerald !!!!! 😍😍 !!!!!!!!tfw u are a british scarlet tomato @emmatranter_ love you so much i am so full of incandescent ragei would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling victims of abuse and your mountains of evidence are not being “canceled”, you are a sex offender
Retweeted by sparkly rathuh, turns out the anti-racism organisation has actual political aims, and doesn't just exist solely to burnish the…
Retweeted by sparkly rat @_delarsea okay this is fair
if you read this and thought ‘yeah but piss is disgusting’ i promise you homophobia is also disgusting and also mor… @no1kiwifan tiiiip of the iceberg but yep apparently i’m baby mad but i guess that’s a better story than fleeing from a literal abuseri’m so proud i could literally levitate i love my babe so MUCH AHHHGH @MhairiwithaV I KNOW RIGHT CAN U IMAGINE @emmatranter_ @_delarsea WIFEHOOD OMG @emmatranter_ @_delarsea that is true tbf i am built for widowhood @liIypctter catch me hitting up costar with a magnifying glass @alexjgreen_ alex you are a literal writermight get nips deep into lyme disease conspiracy theories againmind everyone knows my ex is an almighty scumbag but cutting around glasgow telling everyone we split because i was… @liIypctter i don’t know mine but maybe i am too! i just can’t believe how few criteria i fulfil @_delarsea that is very true, maybe i am a virgo
@pancake_puns this is huge cancan energy @zeldatitzgerald sep, right on the virgo/libra cusp so maybe that’s why @partixani @partixani u joke but i thought this was what she meant for a good 6 months bc i didn’t know who mac miller was @zeldatitzgerald see i am also exceptionally disorganised i think my parents might have lied about my birthday @ketaminedrams hard agree @zeldatitzgerald i don’t understand it my life is chaos @ketaminedrams tbf this one does seem needlessly harsh i personally love scorpios @zannedlyttle you are, and always have been, one of the most magnificent people who has ever livedthis is what i mean when i say i’m the least virgo virgo ever. i promise u no living human could ever describe me a… Times New Roman Talks at you about the unethical practice of fast fashion while snorting coke off a children's…
Retweeted by sparkly ratthere isn’t even a hierarchy of racism is there, there’s simply the cynical weaponisation of one kind of racism as…
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@emilyxarmstrong elwood & callie love u donated £400 which brings me to being only £850 away from reaching my goal!! I’m tweeting my link again as…
Retweeted by sparkly rat @EmJames97 i think it’s true! @rosemarypnewman i know right. literally the only possible response plot thickens with this deranged post from the clapham community group problematic take perhaps but if i were the vicar of a prominent clapham church and i did not want gay people to p…
@merlinjobst he was!! what sassy banter @merlinjobst FINALLY @merlinjobst OMG DO YOUanyone who was small in the 90s do you remember henry the lizard the cgi lizard who did nature documentaries when pride was cancelled bc of covid @gingerchimp1 thank you sweet! @kwhitaker92 honestly i’ve never respected anyone more, thank you comrade
@jodally_ I LOVE YOU HAPPY PRIDEthrilled that even w no pride the clapham gays have absolutely taken over the common @darksecretlxve LOVE U HAPPY PRIDE @EmmaSzh THANKS ANGEL PAL @lana_delboy hi hottie @cora_milner extremely carefully crafted angled (i adore you) @trash_gender love u!!!! @howlieT love u sweet gnome pal @zeldatitzgerald 💗😘happy would-be pride i look bangin glad to discover that many of you believe love is love, but unfortunately it is still embarrassing to be strai…
Retweeted by sparkly rati’m late a lot, which is mostly because of the ADHD but also partially genetic as evidenced by the fact that my fat… going back to work after the pandemic
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Is it “cancel culture” or is it just repercussions
Retweeted by sparkly rat @jimoutoffaf no, i will always endorse the posting of great things about me, you know thisare privilege thread twitter aware that you can choose not to do thingsif i felt having children was shit enough to warrant extensive boring twitter threads i would simply...not have children @jwharrisonn NEVERMORE NEVERMOREbig adhd brain today, every time i close my eyes i see bart simpson as the raven marching round in circles like this inquiry, no review, no report, no new training, firing or hiring practices will undo the institutional culture t…
Retweeted by sparkly ratA rat is a rat
Retweeted by sparkly ratwould run over any man i’ve ever gone out with just to kiss susan bunch members of the shadow cabinet are allowed to endorse antisemites
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feels unfair that the only clothes that are comfortable to wear in this heat are no clothes, but if i wear no cloth… can understand retaining affection for the 1997 GE if you lived under 18 years of Thatcher and Major and just wan…
Retweeted by sparkly rat“popcorn can be served”
@somuchpie praying for you & sending love and strength xxfwiw: people publicly outing their abusers and discussing it with other people who have been abused by them is not…’s me, i (desperately) needed to hear this 👇 This articulates my frustrations and my disgust at all the dialogue around Jan Joosten. Protecting his sc…
Retweeted by sparkly ratin a time of untold garbáge i am unendingly floored by the kindness, community and generosity of womenMe when my Swedish friend Kwäidashow Vāryentürtanen leaves and my other friend asks me who that was
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