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@Ballerina_KC College is a great time Katie! Enjoy it. Don't forget us little people when you become a famous ballerina. @7Trekkie Long time no see 77! @bassgod14 I like Vorik though. I wish they kept in on as a regular. @Phangurl Sanctuary with the Skreeans. @CV_81 I’m so sorry Christina. Please take time for yourself and rest. @fmfagan That was just a joke. Please call me Ayako! I better change that or people will take it seriously. @fmfagan Goodnight Matt! @ShanJeniah Yes! B’elanna experiences Pon Farr in a cave with Tom. 👀 @Stevehillcroft See you Doc!Now that everyone is hot and bothered, that’s my cue to go to sleep! See you all tomorrow. #AllStarTrekNo one will be able to look at anyone in the eyes ever again. #AllStarTrekI love how Tuvok and Chakotay were discretely hiding in the bushes. 😂 #AllStarTrek @doreenmahonez 👀What does Tuvok expect Tom to do???!!! #allstartrek @timdenton60 Yikes! @tigerlily7a How would they go about it? They’re in a dirty cave with aliens that blend into the rocks.Thank god B’elanna wasn’t stuck with Neelix. #AllStarTrekDoc runs Quark’s Vulcan Love Slave II program. #AllStarTrek @tigerlily7a Tom’s a gentleman.I think I like Vulcans so much because of all the aliens, I’m the least like them. #AllStarTrekB’elanna: Pon what?! #AllStarTrek @tigerlily7a I hope you meant Vorik. 😂 @doreenmahonez Me too!If I were Vorik, I would’ve been scoping out a potential mate on Day 1 since I’d have expected the Pon Farr to come… @Baron20052 I wouldn’t want my business all out in the open.It’s hardly Neelix’s fault the rope snapped. #allstartrekTuvok looks so uncomfortable having this conversation! 😂 #allstartrekShould Doc be talking about Vorik’s medical situation with Tuvok? 🧐 #allstartrekVorik: B’elanna, it’s slim pickings on Voyager. You sure you don’t want to reconsider? #allstartrek @stthoughts1966 Goodnight Clara!B’elanna: Say what?! #allstartrek @JanelleWaz See you Waz! @SahHtown She gave everyone the finger as she left DS9.What was Tumak hoping to accomplish? #allstartrek @JanelleWaz I mean, if he offering her Tatooine, sure. But it sounds like a fertile, livable planet. And she doesn’t even check it out! @SahHtown Yikes.Lady, can you take a look at this alternate planet first before rejecting it? 🙄 #allstartrek @SteveSpiffy Goodnight Steve! @Tyjos84 @NoContextTrek @zoidberg95 @Tyranicus @TrekLad @rashiduzzaman82 @Sith1701 @Bandit_JW @chrisstough1 @fmfagan Hi Matt! Just thought I’d give myself an update! 😊Sisko could’ve done a better job integrating the Skreeans to the station. Like provide an orientation, give a tutor… don’t have any males?! You poor thing, Kira. #allstartrek @StarVOY95 I updated my photo too. I’m tracking how long my hair will get until this pandemic ends. I told my hubby… @MisophonicSpree Have a good night!You men are too damn emotional. #allstartrek @StarVOY95 Hi Amanda! You changed your profile picture! @JanelleWaz Hi there Waz! @MisophonicSpree This is not one I enjoy but waiting it out for Voyager. @Stevehillcroft Hi Doc! @MisophonicSpree Good grief! Put the women-led societies in a decent episode please! Those are all stinkers. @HollyHo05044247 Hi Holly! @SteveSpiffy That’s good news that you’re not out of money. @Kathy_Fraggle Hi Kathy! @stthoughts1966 Hi Clara!Evening friends. This DS9 episode aggravates me so I’ll be laying low tonight. #allstartrek
@Ballerina_KC That’s awesome Katie! Congratulations! @Ballerina_KC Where are you headed Katie? @Oliviaj_8 I just watched this yesterday. I enjoyed it but I felt there were loose ends that didn't fully get reso… @Kathy_Fraggle Yes I did! @Kathy_Fraggle Hi Kathy!What’s wrong with “the beet’s taste”? #allstartrekNo way would Doc gas Janeway. 🧐 #allstartrekPoor Chakotay is stuck in Janeway’s death loop. #allstartrek @ragdollmom25 How are the kitties?Ok if she wasn’t dead before, she’s dead now. #allstartrek @ragdollmom25 Not bad. And you? @ragdollmom25 Nice to see you Mooncat!She’s dead Chakotay! #allstartrek @StarVOY95 Hi Amanda!This is a good one! #allstartrek @JanelleWaz Have a goodnight Waz! @undeadpaulbales @DiChristine @MisophonicSpree My nephews are also in Southern California. @JanelleWaz Evening Waz! I’ve been laying low. This isn’t one of my favorites. @MisophonicSpree TNG when Riker goes on trial for killing the husband. @MisophonicSpree @DiChristine My son is Asian but he’s really mixed, half Japanese and half Vietnamese. But people… sick of the hardworking scientist paired with the beautiful but neglected wife trope. 🙄 #allstartrek @MisophonicSpree @DiChristine I think (and hope) in the future there will no longer be distinct races/ethnicities b… @JanelleWaz Dax is too funny. @MisophonicSpree Haven’t heard of that movie but I’ll have to check it out. @MisophonicSpree Hope you had a good weekend! @MisophonicSpree Near Laurel. It was called Scott’s Cove. Not too many people out and above. Just a few families and fishermen.Hi all! We went on a outdoor excursion in Maryland and it was nice to be outside. Hope everyone had a great weekend. #allstartrek @MisophonicSpree 💯
@Ballerina_KC I’ve been applying make up on the weekends just so I feel like I’m still part of civilization! @godwhatamess 😂I made a delicious 3 egg Denver omelette with bell peppers, Virginia ham, onions and cheese. And kiddo opts for ume…
@bassgod14 But you wore it long before Covid...🧐 @Tyjos84 Me too Tyjos. Don’t feel alone. Being indoors 24/7 is starting to take its toll.The only thing that’s survived Covid and self-sequestration are my eyebrows. I haven’t waxed them in months but the… @StarVOY95 Thanks! I hate long hair on myself. I’m still avoiding going to the hairstylist. I like to keep my hair short like Kes or Kira.Updated my profile pic. Yikes, my hair hasn’t been this long in a while. I usually have a Kira Nerys cut. @CV_81 I’m sorry to hear that Christina. Hope the best for your family. @JanelleWaz I can’t believe I missed it. 😭Just wanted to drop in and say have a happy weekend. Won't be joining you tonight because I'm pooped. Sorry to miss…
@TheCyberelf @NoContextTrek @zoidberg95 @Tyranicus @TrekLad @rashiduzzaman82 @Sith1701 @Bandit_JW @chrisstough1 and son went to pick up some food, so I have a little time for myself to do some early Trek viewing. Catchin… @rashiduzzaman82 No way! @rashiduzzaman82 Why are you not overweight? 😂Have a good night everyone. May tomorrow be a better day...and then the weekend. #AllStarTrekWix is like, speak for yourself! I didn’t sign up for this. #AllStarTrek