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star trek stuff mainly

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@OlliHey @SahHtown fake news. why is it a he, if it is genderless? 🧐🤱
@ShanJeniah this one struck me as odd, at least the rooms we saw, but i can wait till the next showing to make a be… really doesn't seem to have the style of any vulcan ship at all. #allstartrekthe brown trellium isn't too good. #allstartrekwhy do you disturb our ponn farr singles' cruise? #AllStarTrektheir heads look like fancy cake pans. #allstartrekt.j. maxx mannequins and old navy mannequins are natural enemies. #allstartrekshirley temple played the dax symbiont in this episode. #AllStarTrekslug! #AllStarTrek
have you ever felt a camel hump?
@Mirror_Ayako been an odd schedule for me recently. sahh told me i was being a bad friend. i mean to write you some… @Mirror_Ayako welcome to the weekend, ay.
@fmfagan peace, cap. @Mirror_Ayako peace, ayako.pump that baby full of drugs! #allstartrekcave! #allstartrek
later that evening, replicator food starts tasting kinda like solbor smelled. #allstartrek
@stthoughts1966 hi, clara.
where's the beach at this resort? #vttbotsso far i count as many as 5 nazis on this island. #vttbotsthe professor made a radio out of a coconut, #vttbotsgilligan's island was all caucasian too. #vttbotswhere are they going to escape to? #vttbotsnothing seems to grow on nazi island. #vttbotswhat happens on secret nazi island stays on secret nazi island. #vttbots @SahHtown burn.this cave/casino seems legit. #MeTVLostInSpacebonanza: the next generation #metvlostinspacedr. smith's cousin is from the old west? #metvlostinspace
peter pan got problems. #AllStarTreki lost 8 pounds on the dirt, mashed potato and spawn beetle diet. #AllStarTrekwhat happens in the delta quadrant stays in the delta quadrant. #allstartreka dummy? #allstartrekthat spaceship is kinda noisy. #AllStarTreknice pier 1 table decor. #allstartrekcave womb dream! #AllStarTrek
@Sarah_n_Ken @JanelleWaz more of a dj jazzy jeff fan. don't think i am a smith fan, but hoping he is good as the ge…
@Sarah_n_Ken @JanelleWaz will smith played a (really not so) bad guy in "suicide squad." he was a conman in some mo… @ShanJeniah @StarVOY95 i think undoubtedly more famous than her husband. everyone knows frankenstein. he has a few… cornucopia! #allstartrek #StarTrekUnitedGives @OlliHey @SahHtown you can't be hasty for a tasty pastry from a pasty lady. send me a bunch of pics of your "tan."… @SahHtown @OlliHey i was just about to say, reapply and max spf. holli burnt immediately. she might be irish. she's definitely caucasian.
@SahHtown @OlliHey don't hate just because i can get a tan. you can always spray paint yourself orange like the prez. @SahHtown @OlliHey now that the bottle is almost empty, you can see right through her skin, so i guess she has some irish ancestry. @OlliHey @SahHtown my bottle of mrs. butterworth says she is "now thicker n' richer" but it doesn't mention if she… @OlliHey @SahHtown wasn't abraham lincoln a vampire hunter? lots of sick shit was going on in the civil war. brothe… @OlliHey @SahHtown are we 100% sure the confederacy was not led by cryptids? @awaken_to_maga @realDonaldTrump @GOP @JoeBiden @TheDemocrats echo chambers are the best place to conduct polls. @BKinDetroit day in the life of the mothman statue, point pleasant, wv. pretty much everyone touches his corona- bestowi… @MatthiasRex777 seems like writing essays would be your milieu, though, coming from literature. @MatthiasRex777 they have a couple great poets imo, i should have said. horace, no doubt. catullus and propertius a… @MatthiasRex777 lots of writing. people associate history with a bunch of names and dates, but that was not my expe… @MatthiasRex777 they have a couple good poets, hardly a philosopher. historian of mathematics petr beckmann said ro… @MatthiasRex777 @EWUEagles alabama... yikes. i wouldn't go so far as to say people are all cool there, but many are… @MatthiasRex777 i am a spectacularly slow reader for a history student however. speed reading is a myth. @MatthiasRex777 lots of reading and writing, but that's all i was ever good at. truly, i love the fact that you can… @MatthiasRex777 @EWUEagles unless considering that other people also trying to be nice will burn in hell for eterni… @MatthiasRex777 @EWUEagles that's surprising. i went to u of alabama. nobody was aggressive or disrespectful. @MatthiasRex777 cool. i started in physics, but went to history. got a bach in 06. history is lovely because everyt… @MatthiasRex777 sorry, nosy one here. @MatthiasRex777 what was your fascination with lit? or maybe, what was your preferred area of concentration within lit? @MatthiasRex777 and an english major? when did you graduate? @MatthiasRex777 if you don't mind my asking, what religion are you?
mothman enjoying a beer. like to eat beets, but who has the time? #allstartrek
24 hours in the life of the mothman statue in point pleasant, west virginia:
@ShanJeniah they are good buddies. malcolm's often kind of contentious. i haven't figured him out. @ShanJeniah malcolm and trip were one-upping one another. it has been a dramatic week. met someone from allst and i was in a car wreck. @ShanJeniah trip's delivery made it a burn imo.multiple stegosaurus-related burns! #AllStarTrek @Nerikull area 51. have a happy and peaceful birthday.
@ShanJeniah i was referring to his brain being surgically removed in 'spock's brain.'brain dead chakotay > brainless spock #allstartrek @Mirror_Ayako peace, ayako.i suspect lieutenant durst has a bright future on voyager. #allstartrek @Mirror_Ayako @MisophonicSpree he's full of malarkey. what a jerk. @Mirror_Ayako @MisophonicSpree howdy, ayako. @Mirror_Ayako @MisophonicSpree so racist, ayakaiju.
@MatthiasRex444 maybe they just saw it as an opportunity to get out and meet some new people. my grandma became a s…
@MatthiasRex444 hitting on your doctor is good etiquette. @Mirror_Ayako it sure has been. are you still working from home? @Mirror_Ayako i think that alamo humor was really lovely and it brought me a lot of laughs. rip, davy crockett. great job, ayako. @Mirror_Ayako alamo figurines? like, remember the alamo? what do you mean?dating a patient is still unethical in the future, btw. #allstartrek @Mirror_Ayako so many dudes would behave that way anyway.sure, they are insane, but they are the best christmas carolers ever. #allstartrek
was eieio the name of the farm?did anyone mention the head dildos? #MeTVLostInSpace
looks like hal 9000 is going to be just fine. #allstartrekthis is how all meineke locations will work in the future. #allstartrekthank goodness air conditioning technology never changes. #AllStarTrek @Detra754 nomad needed some repairs, he's working off the debt.was that nomad? #AllStarTrekyou can tell that golden ball thing is high tech because of the blinking leds. #AllStarTreki have the feeling the kazon are going to be an incredible new addition to star trek. #AllStarTreknot enough animals in that barn. #AllStarTrek @Mirror_Ayako even though half the stuff in dollar general is made in china. @Mirror_Ayako i love japanese people, they're like dollar general brand chinese people.cave-in! #AllStarTrek