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webcomic artist and fairy tale enthusiast 💖🏳️‍🌈✨ welcome to the variety power hour ✨ contact: |

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@raebits hope you feel better soon! take your time💖me: this is my oc. she’s a magical shape shifting gender nonconforming cat girl who struggles with imposter syndrom… doesn’t have a weapon bc she’s scrappy but if she did it’d be a gun. just a photorealistic pistol buff dude with tiny gf? amazing big buff dude with tall gf? stellar there’s no wrong answer here @Secondlina I AM LOOKING RESPECTFULLY @zambsies your kneecaps have been spared this day (THANK!!!) @bakedbananners1 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉if we’re talking mean cat girls that are lonely but trying their best honor of the past couple updates, girl time💙💛
Retweeted by Misha✨ @ oc brainrot central @Smellestine sdkjfhsdkjfskdjf ELLEN i’d love that aaaa PLEASE HEAL YOUR HAND THO! she’s taken up 80% of my brain si… @prinxeMu weeps😭💕 @prinxeMu i even have a friend that puts her comics in a thread AND EVEN THEN TWITTER FUCKS IT UP!!! IT! SUCKS!“post your comics straight to twitter” yeah twitter’s archiving blows so i will not thankssee this update? the gay continuesTHIS CONTINUES TO BE THE MOOD @prinxeMu WEEPS!!!! TY!!!!!MU IS AN ENTIRE TREASURE!!!!!i wanted to draw @mishacak3s' girl Tomiko and then I did |
Retweeted by Misha✨ @ oc brainrot central @prinxeMu I LOVE IT SO MUCH TY TY TY💖💖💖✨💕💖✨💜💖💕✨ my girl. evil mean feral girl. i love her @sweatybird GODDDD THATS GREAT THO LMAO just the eye collar and skirt @bakedbananners1 tomiko here like “i dont have a dad to be killed in the first place but i’ll still beat this whole school up 👊👊👊”if you think i’m gonna draw her in full transformed kamui tho 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪combining my two loves atm self indulgents💖 Alice and the Nightmare Update! 💖 Edith gets brave #hiveworks #webcomic #webtoons
Retweeted by Misha✨ @ oc brainrot centralhottest of hot reminders if you ship inc*/st or p*//do shit, bye. bye bye bye bye bye. outta here.LRT i have a scroll of that in my room it’s my favorite print period
Retweeted by Misha✨ @ oc brainrot central @DihaDoodles LOL elbows it is then
get ‘em @bakedbananners1 👀👀👀 @universalfoe LADIES HOURS 24/7!!!!!in honor of the past couple updates, girl time💙💛 I want to add more reaction images to my archives. esp those heart exploding ones. bring it please!!people liking tomiko still has me @universalfoe same but that one blue cute tiefling. i’m gay i love tiefs it’s in the contractnya sketch💟 @thisintermezzo ooh i might just, take you up on that 👀👀👀 @universalfoe eh it’s. well if you like action and characters that are supposed to be family wailing on each other… @universalfoe it’s the one thing that tmnt2012 got right. huge gf. it’s what raph deserves.raph and mona that i don’t draw raph and mona more often @bakedbananners1 BLOWS KISSES! @HolySwitSorMlk INCREASE THE SNOOT!!!!💖 Alice and the Nightmare Update! 💖 Edith gets brave #hiveworks #webcomic #webtoons @universalfoe ITS ALWAYS THE BEAUTIFUL ONES HUHmy daughter is an icon is not a lap cat, BUT, SHE HOPPED UP FOR CUDDLES, I CRY!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭 @HoneyCorvid she is a character For The Gays first and foremost @HoneyCorvid [edith screaming in the distance]legit few things are as satisfying as people reading and screaming over my comic, so, thank you💖 @HoneyCorvid HAHAHAHHA IT'S SUCH A ONE TWO PUNCH HUHhatter is about 5'6" and a half. short king. @HoneyCorvid bite sizedalice is aboooout 5'1" so rougina is TALLit's my own comic but the fact that rougina is like twice alice's height fills me with mirth every time i look at them COME! GET!!! Y'ALLS!!!! JUICE!!!!!!!!!'m saying fuck it and uploading the last three pages of chapter 7 onto patreon!! patrons come gets yalls juice!!!! @DepressDaniel WILL THE TRAGEDY AND HOMOPHOBIA EVER END???sure you might think “well duh that’s obvious” but heteronormativity is a hell of a drug i’ll tell you whatthe relief i felt when i realized i dont HAVE to marry and spend the rest of my life with a man if i dont want to i… love being gäÿ being a big ol” lesbiañbring it brenda @sunnysheacider coral and orange
@cptmop_kira “Being honest with my emotions? Not for me no thank you”sometimes you create your own hyperfixiation and that’s extremely validpeachy’s falling for you is such a tomiko song and it’s so cute and I’ve been thinking about it for MONTHS Emotion… @bakedbananners1 WHAT CAN I SAY I LOVE MEAN PINK CHARACTERS LOL[electra heart blares in the distance] i feel like they’d be friends lol (turtle is @bakedbananners1’s!) @bakedbananners1 SHE LOOKS LIKE SUCH A BRAT I LOVE HER!!!!!!!age of calamity: here's all these fun outfits you can put link in :) me: cool! this is pre-memory wipe so i will use none of these :))) @HolySwitSorMlk god. im so in love with this style this is so good @universalfoe OH BIG SAME LMAO @universalfoe his is the only amiibo i have im legally required to stanrevali is an ass lol but if it's a bird i automatically love i'm a simple bitch age of calamity is so very, oh yes i LOVE THIS WORLD AND THESE CHARACTERS HUH also, egg guardian, cute,,my OCs keeping me alive and my genetic mental illnesses at bay so instead of my brain looking like mush it looks li…
Retweeted by Misha✨ @ oc brainrot centralPretty sure 2020 has taken AT LEAST 8 years off my life expectancy
CHAPTER 7 PRODUCTION IS DONE time i fool someone into thinking tomiko is a canon character my power grows stronger lmaoooochill tight cool dope am here for feral cat girl supremacy thanksthe bravery? the love? amazing tbhthose that do canon/oc stuff for fun and joy are unmatched @vampkiken and we love to see it! oc/canon absolutely rules @Catcoconutart really love drawing her is all @HolySwitSorMlk SPIKEY BOIS!!!!!!!!💙 Alice and the Nightmare Update! 💛 ah. AH!! #hiveworks #webcomic #webtoons
Retweeted by Misha✨ @ oc brainrot centrali complete my silly tasks i get to draw silly dorks playing age of calamity, and, impa, wife,, @Fawnduu I live to serve UwU
see this gay af update??on the one hand, an alice and the nightmare discord server sounds nice! on the other, i lowkey Refuse to be available 24/7 @bakedbananners1 OH!! I DO LOVE!!already the comment section is "OH??? GAY??????" and i LOVE IT @YlGACLAN this looks straight up like a ghibli screenshot and IT'S SO GOOD IM SO INTO IT!!!!ladies and gentlemen we've got GAYS (also look up the flower language for camellias)if i ever did alice body pillows, they’d HAVE to be funny