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#RIPLarryKing. Your insatiable curiosity enriched the whole world.
. @dicksp8jr has been bellyaching about the condition of his kitchen while I’ve been staying at his place, but look… I'm just paranoid, though. @jarpad, I'm staying at @dicksp8jr's house and I want to watch the #Walker premiere tonight, but he is trapped…
Pomp & circumstance is wonderful, but now the REAL work begins. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get our hands… @mishasdiary I didn’t mean to disparage anyone other than myself, to express my frustration at my own performance.… matter.“May we lead not by the example of our power, but by the power of our example.” That’s my president.…'s the dawn of a new day in America. Thank God. all my criticisms of Trump, I have to say, I love to see him walk away., I spoke with the inimitable former Olympian & @BidenInaugural Sr. Advisor @MichelleWKwan! We discussed caff…
Astounding. I challenged you to help @RandomActsOrg donate 10,000 meals for @BidenInaugural's #DayOfService. You C… the last year, we’ve lost over 2 million lives to #COVID19 — including 400,000 Americans. Join me at 5:30 PM ET…’m chatting LIVE on Instagram right now with Olympic medalist & @BidenInaugural Senior Advisor @MichelleWKwan! Joi… MINUTES! Join me at 2 PM ET (11 AM PT) LIVE on Instagram with former Olympian & @BidenInaugural Senior Advisor… us reach 100,000! Every meal counts 🌎 #RAServingHope #DayOfService @BidenInaugural
Retweeted by Misha Collins @KingsOfCon @dicksp8jr @RobBenedict Doesn't seem right. THEY should have rescheduled the inauguration.
Tomorrow at 2 PM ET/11 AM PT, former Olympian & @BidenInaugural Senior Advisor @MichelleWKwan & I will be live on I… challenge you to find some time today to perform an act of service in your community—however big or small it may…
Retweeted by Misha CollinsAmazing. Keep it going! I’m so grateful to you all. #DayOfService #RAServingHope’m live right now with @rachelminer1 to talk about @RandomActsOrg’s #ServingHope & our Machiavellian plot to turn…’m flattered that you think so highly of me, @charliecapen, but we’re doing this #DayOfService in honor of a REAL… more! #DayOfService #RAServingHope @BidenInaugural
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For anyone asking for clarity on all the ways you can get involved (yes from anywhere in the 🌎, yes there are ways…
Retweeted by Misha CollinsLife’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’ Start here:
Retweeted by Misha CollinsI’m holding a virtual potluck for 10,000 people in need around the world tomorrow. Will you bring something? Go sig…'re moving from a period of division to an era of service & I'm excited to have @RandomActsOrg on the front lines…
These are MY people..., @tedcruz.
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Let's do this, NY! @HamillHimself, your appearance at the end of the last episode of #Mandalorian was amazing. You look great. Can… was the most streamed genre show in 2020. Nice work, team.
I’m proud of all the Democrats & the 10 Republican Congresspeople who chose to put the sanctity of our nation first… being the first president to be impeached twice, Donald Trump is literally a Hopeless traitor. Trump is a threat to our national security and betrayed his oath of office. The Vice President has failed t…
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Thank you, @RepLizCheney, for choosing country over Party. That's patriotism. America thanks you..@youtube what are you doing, dude.
Retweeted by Misha Collins @Phillip59331183 @nypost Seatbelts help prevent deaths and injuries when you have a car crash. But you can still di… @nypost Guys, cut him a little slack. He's promoting his upcoming film "The Sick Sense."
#RemoveTrump #HawleyCruzResignNow #TedCruzResign
Retweeted by Misha Collins.@teespring, why are you carrying Camp Auschwitz merchandise?? What the hell is wrong with you? @ADL
Retweeted by Misha CollinsIncredible that, given there was an insurrection on Tuesday, that ⁦@YouTube⁩ still has the videos up from its organ…
Retweeted by Misha CollinsHey, Charlie, sorry to hear about you having a podcast! @ApplePodcasts, please remove Charlie's podcast from your p… @FBIWFO *Updated Images* MPD seeks assistance in identifying persons of interest in reference to criminal offenses…
Retweeted by Misha CollinsHey @tedcruz, just wanted to drop a note: you are anti-American & you undermined the very foundation of our democra… @laurenboebert, newly elected to Congress, live-tweeted Nancy Pelosi's location to a lynch mob. She must lose…
Retweeted by Misha CollinsDear Republicans, What part of domestic terrorists invaded the U.S. Capitol and beat a police officer to death wit…
Retweeted by Misha Collins“No Hawley, no KKK, no fascist USA”
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Even with everything happening this week - because of? - some kindly folks reached out to me offering donations in…
Retweeted by Misha CollinsI gave myself a shelter-in-place haircut and thought it looked pretty good, but Maison informed me that the back of… message to my fellow Americans and friends around the world following this week's attack on the Capitol.
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. @RepJayapal, thank you for sharing your first-hand account of this attempted coup. I’m furious that you were put… friend, @dariusmarder, just texted me, "Never could have written a better ending for the season finale of Trump.… right is yelling "freedom of speech!" But that doesn't cover yelling "fire" in a crowded theater or fomenting…
I made @Newsweek AND @BreitbartNews yesterday in a new type of "news story" which seems to be just cutting and past… guy we don’t currently trust to be responsible with a Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account still has access… today’s terrible display of terror and meanness shakes us, let’s remember: @ossoff, Jewish son of an immigran…
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Take this in: Never once, in the years 1860-1865, was this flag ever paraded in the halls of the American capitol.
Retweeted by Misha CollinsIf you’re still pretending not to know what white privilege is: here’s a picture.
Retweeted by Misha CollinsHate to fact-check you, Keith, but while @CNN may have projected @ossoff the winner & the Democrats won the Senate,…
Retweeted by Misha CollinsThis would be a good opportunity to impeach Hawley, Cruz, et al for incitement of seditious violence -- as soon as…
Retweeted by Misha CollinsFascist mobs are attempting to overrun the Capitol at Trump’s command, but thankfully none of them are peaceful pro… point: @staceyabrams did this through YEARS of hard, monotonous work, with setbacks & failures. But she p…
Retweeted by Misha CollinsI’m in. @staceyabrams, let us know the date & time... @therealKripke @jensenackles @jarpad PS: Stacey, we saved… doubt that the #SPNFamily can change the world & maybe even save it. Thank you, @staceyabrams, you definitely…
Retweeted by Misha CollinsWith new votes joining the tally, we are on a strong path. But even while we wait for more, let’s celebrate the ext…
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If you're still in line to vote, STAY IN LINE.
Retweeted by Misha CollinsStay in line, Georgia. If you’re in line at your polling place by 7 PM, you can vote.
Retweeted by Misha CollinsGeorgia voters: Get in line and stay in line — if you’re in line by 7PM, you can vote. If you need help, call the v…
Retweeted by Misha Collins#GEORGIA Republican FLIPPING to Democrat. It’s more common than you think. When the choice it : Co…
Retweeted by Misha CollinsREMINDER, GEORGIA!
Retweeted by Misha CollinsGeorgia today is the BIG day! Let's turn Congress blue with @ReverendWarnock & Jon @ossoff 🌊🌊Polls are open until 7…
Retweeted by Misha CollinsAll eyes on Georgia today!!!!! If you or someone you know is heading to the polls…spread the word!!!!!!!…
Retweeted by Misha CollinsALL registered GA voters are entitled to a provisional ballot. If you are voting at a location in the county where…
Retweeted by Misha CollinsIf you’re anywhere in America today, I need your help! Join me LIVE at 1 PM ET to help make sure Georgians have t… you need an accessible ride to the polls in Georgia today, you can also get help from @RealNatlADAPT:…🍑🗳️Go VOTE, Georgia! 🍑🗳️ The entire nation is counting on you today! If you need help getting to the polls, @lyft is Election Day in the Georgia Senate runoffs! Join me LIVE tomorrow, Tuesday, Jan. 5 @ 1 PM ET for a g…
GET OUT! There’s nothing more terrifying than another 4 years of a GOP-controlled Senate, so @BradleyWhitford &…
This quartet of Syrian siblings has been split by war: Alaa is in Italy, his sisters are in Syria, & his brother is…
A lot of you have been asking me to recap this past year, but due to #COVID-related restrictions, my "2020: Year in…
@dicksp8jr You're always trying to help people, Speight. It's so annoying. I know you just do it to make the rest of us look bad.
He warned us four years ago how this would go. How do you think it all ends, friends?
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#MerryChristmas , Happy belated Hanukkah, and Happy New Year to you and yours!! (Leaf blower in the fireplace is…
Want to know how you can help with the GA Senate Runoff? Fun banking! LIVE Right now! was trying to take a picture of the mountain while driving, but caught myself in the reflection.… are cordially invited to #FunBank for Georgia with me, @mishacollins @AnjelikaW @DebraMessing! This is somethi…
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Hey @gilesduley, my twice-baked cheesy soufflé may not be as tasty as yours, but mine SPARKLES. This is war!…
A few days ago, someone figured out that what I really meant to say was that I had wanted to have sex with… say nothing ever really dies on the Internet. This is definitive proof: 20 years ago, I wrote an Op-Ed piece i…, Dar, those look like lady bugs to me. I think she's standing on one and kicking another as if to say, "ge… @tawnifaceee @actblue @RandomActsOrg @bee_conservancy I’m sorry that getting followed by me has had such a negative…
Maison drew this. Discuss. to @tawnifaceee, who correctly guessed that I’ve never kept bees in my backyard. (Yet.) for donating to support Georgia's Senate race! As promised, here’s my #2TruthsAndALie. You can only answer…'s the truth: we need all hands on deck to fight for our future. Chip in! To sweeten the pot, if 500 of you d… I took the liberty of stealing & captioning this video to make sure everyone could be included in the conversat… for a great conversation today. You all left me inspired and filled with hope for a brighter future for all…