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Huffing grandpa's *experimental* internet gas He/Him, Dagoth-Urist, Vvardenfell restorationist, all tweets are endorsements

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Four years ago, I started saving the best of the incredibly bizarre, stupid and bad vibes photos being rapidly prod…
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@Srirachachau MarvelHolland Drive is an abysmal pun!Each night I lie in bed and I ask myself, what happened to the Dracula Untold franchise? How did Charles Dance end…'s replies are insane @gaIactic_enter He was gonna sell us out all along @coopercooperco*David Attenborough voice* and now we see poster's courtship ritual of a potential mutual, what proceeds the first… @gaIactic_enter Actually
@MacDonaldTweets @KinoLefter Remarkable that every single shot they picked looks like complete ass
Male break up songs: BITCH broke my HEART and it HURTS Female break up songs: You have unleashed a dragon, I will… @Reformed_Laur The pretzel dog recipe is good (pretzel dog not pictured) and the boys when the vaccine drops are bodyshaming Kong for being too bigTwitter really wants me to know that Godzilla vs Kong is coming out March 26th on HBO Max @getFANDOM How does this make any sense? Godzilla is way taller than King Kong
Retweeted by Shadow Secretary of Bad Posts @Srirachachau He hates funThe 34-year-old posted to his secret Instagram account @generalslug I too injected myself with mercury after seeing how bad X-Men Origins: Wolverine was
At a job interview: Obviously Jimmy Neutron was a huge inspirationWhat if Godzilla vs Kong is just like Batman v Superman and one of them beats the other with a urinal idk where I was going with this
@gaIactic_enter Stealing reddit bits from 2009 smh @E1podcast @intellegint @necrobranson @charlesraustin @thevillainjoel Shame this episode will get copyright striked… used to laugh and tell me "you'll never write the official Shrek lore bible". Well who's laughing now?!
@gaIactic_enter Laughed out of the recruitment office because of my canthal tilt
@raaleh It's what they want THESE days
@Milo_Edwards Lmao why do they have the same logo as the Enclave from Fallout?Me, reading a cookbook: Bro, what were they smoking to come up with this stuffWho the hell came up with dipping pretzels into an alkaline solution? How would you even think of thatOn here your handle could be Steve Thompson @SpermMan, your bio "proud father of three", but as long as your avi is…
@Reformed_Laur No three page long anecdote about eating pretzel dogs at a pier when you were nine? UnsubscribedSome people are fundamentally incapable of imagining a different future. I just want someone to put a horse drawn c… favorite thing about posts with renders of beautiful green cities of the future is that there are still cars in themDream job? The guy who tells villains shit like "it has begun" or "the preparations are complete" @gaIactic_enter Walter is a self-made millionaire and cancer survivor, what's your excuse?
@MacDonaldTweets Maxwell LorenzanoJohn Wick, you fool, you know you can't pop your pussy on Continental grounds @gaIactic_enter The 10/10 puzzles are insaneHis analysis completely misses the fact that banning Trump is funny??
@coopercooperco One accounts certainty of a ban is another accounts possiblity for big numbersTrump demanding that everyone around him gives him their twitter acc and one staffer who managed to keep a gif avi… Season 1: This guy is so evil he is almost a supernatural force Season 2: Flying saucer! Season 3: Wanderi…
Your obsession with making homemade hellmann's mayo is tearing this family apart! @intellegint This is why Superman's disguise worksWe want the sentiment and use of Pog to live on
@Q_Review This is a massive L for us, Dishonored fans @sh44sti Lol how is this legalAmericans are on some dumb shit Libs: PUTIN @generalslug Very bold to come out and be like "yeah this piece of shit? I made it" but to lie about it takes it to the next level @Srirachachau Do they think Lynchian just means "confusing on purpose"? @ByYourLogic The vibes are fucked here @CoreyBrickley I promise to notice the details @gaIactic_enter how did you hack my google results to make this seem real? @gaIactic_enter This is fake, right?Kanye divorce news reminded me that the celeb divorce attorney has the most depressing podcast in the world, getting drawn and quartered by Satan's minions for eternity: Another day in this hellworld @gaIactic_enter What about murdering nazis? Does he like nazis? What the fuck
@boring_as_heck DisgustingI stopped playing for a month and my MMR dropped like crazy, I'm out of the diamond league, sponsors aren't reachin… ministre netiek galā tāpēc ir svarīgi viņu nomainīt ar uhh Arti Pabriku?women will literally ranch slimes and go to therapyWtf Šuplinska? Petraviča? Reirs? Viņu demisiju viņš nav prasījis bet prasa to no vienīga ministra kas dara savu dar… Monkeys, really? How would that work?!Guy who can't enjoy music because the band's name doesn't make senseI think I have issuesI need to have the perfect song on before I leave the house. That's the only way it's going to happenJim Belushi becoming popular online is somehow going to get Hulu to make a new According to Jim season and we aren't ready for that
@generalslug Could they have picked a more evil color scheme?Somebody liked my review on Letterboxd, feeling like new Roger EbertHate how pills trick you into reading the instructions by not writing what they do right on the box. I don't want to read, I just want pills @jesawyer I would simply get frustrated and put off solving it until later date that never comesLiking tall women is rooted in an epigenetic Nephilim fetish
Why is my vault boy like this? @gaIactic_enter I guess I'm a bit of a bad boy, I slide into your DMs with some harsh truthsHow are kids still watching Minecraft? I though young people should be ahead of the curveHow are there Minecraft sperdruns? @generalslug Yeah I was building my Lego Deathstar when my (9) year old daughter asked me to drive her to school. I…
Henchmen be like: Gets hit once, dies @gaIactic_enter Looking forward to you posting that we must free ourselves from the cardiovascular system or somethingI write lines for villains like "I am the wolf at the end of the woods" or "I'm the hermit crab and you just entere… @coopercooperco Marrying your best friends younger sister feels like a r/relationships postThe fashion choices in this are derangedMindy Project guy as Zsasz is tripping me outWhat the fuck Birds of Prey has actually great stunts @gaIactic_enter Women after watching Gone Girl once @Srirachachau Best romantic comedy of the decade @MacDonaldTweets Jesus I don't remember the poster being so bad @mugrimm you wouldn't appropriate a chastity cage @coopercooperco I loved it when he name-dropped the temporal pincer movement during the final briefing like he was… @coopercooperco Loved when Branagh showed his teeth and went "rawr" in a Russian accent after saying this
Gaslighting is when perfectly cooked duck meat looks green under certain anglesIf you start watching Avengers: Endgame at exactly 10:04:19 PM on New Years Eve, you'll have enough time to put on… new year's resolution
@zoethorogood Love the beans sauce @coopercooperco It makes sense when you look at the actual state of BritainI don't know why Nolan insists on having his protagonists be in love when he can neither write a relationship well… don't even like this movie but it has already buried itself in my brainYou are not throwing up your dinner, you are eating it was Elizabeth Debicki cast in the exact same role as in The Night Manager?Foiling catamaran from Tenet is very cool and I want to sail on one of those