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This woman is so powerful. Gave me chills watching this. #BlackLivesMatters
Retweeted by mishealae @syncerelareine @Hiebbss You hit her right thereTrying to do more things outside my comfort zone.
Retweeted by mishealaebrown nipples taste better than pink ones.
Retweeted by mishealaeUNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK ✊🏿
Retweeted by mishealaeThis is fucking America.. 😒 #MinneapolisPoliceMurderdHim #BlackLivesMatters
Retweeted by mishealae6lack’s insta story, so well said
Retweeted by mishealae😂😂😂 get a APARTMENT and all of a sudden have "Living with your mama jokes". 🙄 get a car and all of a sudden hav…
Retweeted by mishealaeMeneer Rest In Peace dit was onverdiend. racist white people, fuck you all honesty. This is exactly it. Boontje komt tot ze loontje. Politie mag nu echt niet klagen. Al die andere ker… also an African. So stop taken the piss. I felt that wish America loved black people the way they love black culture.
Retweeted by mishealae“Racism isn’t getting worse, it’s getting filmed” - Will Smith
Retweeted by mishealaeThis was America “ONLY” 42 years ago, let that sink in. Rip GEORGE FLOYD🙏 #change #georgefloyd
Retweeted by mishealae#GeorgeFloyd #GeorgeFloyd 🙏🏾
Retweeted by mishealae @prissabax Very attacked 😭
Retweeted by mishealaeThe police officer who killed George Floyd should be charged with murder.
Retweeted by mishealaeIt’s time to end racism again y’all
Retweeted by mishealaeApril 16th 2020 Vs May 26th 2020
Retweeted by mishealaeTwitter needs a plagiarism checker, I see the same five tweets on the tl everyday
Retweeted by mishealaeThey re - opening the country because they losing money ... not because it’s safe outside .
Retweeted by mishealaey’all b shaming sex workers 4 the same exact shit y’all do 4 free
Retweeted by mishealaeAhmad Aubrey was shot and killed on video. Amy Cooper made fake cries of despair to 911 in an attempt to ruin a ma…
Retweeted by mishealaeFuckkkkkkkk nooooo see you 2011 Stace
Retweeted by mishealaeIt will cost you zero $0 to RETWEET this art and helps my small owned business 🙏
Retweeted by mishealaepolice. are. the. biggest. and. worst. gang. in. america. death to the fucking badge. no words beyond it zero
Retweeted by mishealaePandemic stopped everything but racism and police brutality
Retweeted by mishealaeThe power this holds
Retweeted by mishealaeALL WITHIN A MONTH
Retweeted by mishealaePolice brutality videos disgust me and I know people post them to spread awareness but I literally feel sick to my stomach
Retweeted by mishealaeIf police kill me, react with violence. Don't go around screaming "He wouldn't want us to fight violence with viole…
Retweeted by mishealaeseeing non-black people who are usually obsessed with black music, black culture and black people, remain silent on…
Retweeted by mishealaeLawyers need 7 years of university to practice and know the law. Police officers spend 8 weeks at an academy and ar…
Retweeted by mishealaeOké thank God. I was about to freak out😂 @rainhacaty and K is the only black letter here... they do this for all their products🤦 not everythings a conspiracy
Retweeted by mishealaeNooo don’t let me start thinking like that. I beg you don’t @samzyy93111 @rainhacaty
Retweeted by mishealaeAs a non black person it’s not our place to comment on how black people should react to issues in their community
Retweeted by mishealaeThis is such fact😂. why do white people who have bare black friends go quiet when these things happen?
Retweeted by mishealaeAnd that’s how you clear a bitch !!!
Retweeted by mishealaeBtw if you think there’s anyway to justify police kneeling on that mans neck for over 7 minutes please please block me
Retweeted by mishealaeI really fucking hate racists.
Retweeted by mishealaeCan we stop calling it “police brutality” it’s murder, M-U-R-D-E-R
Retweeted by mishealae
This is actually how it feels like having a conversation with an open minded person and someone that’s actually und…
Retweeted by mishealae
@waydaamiin @Creolestace she should be forever silenced
Trust issues began with these shits
Retweeted by mishealaeI’m not even worried about my future.. I fucking got this 💯
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a moment
Retweeted by mishealaeLife update. via @YouTube
Retweeted by mishealaeFocusing on being the best me! I’m tired of questioning my worth because of other people.
Retweeted by mishealaeAVATAR FUN FACTS: A THREAD
Retweeted by mishealae#22 This one's kinda dumb, but The words "Previously on Avatar" are always said by Roku, who was the PREVIOUS AVAT…
Retweeted by mishealae
Seks op een trampoline lijkt me echt lit
Retweeted by mishealaeGod protect me from anything that wasn’t sent to me by you.
Retweeted by mishealaeI hate repeating myself cause imma add curse words if I say it again
Retweeted by mishealaeStop giving up on yourself as an artist. Today I painting this girl looking completely clapped but I pushed through…
Retweeted by mishealaeGod is amazing I promise you!! Prayer truly works!
Retweeted by mishealaePeople have made 6 figures from selling lashes, makeup, hair etc. Don’t let anyone discourage you, there’s actually…
Retweeted by mishealaeDid you really have a bad day or did you have 10-20 minutes where you let your thoughts run undiscplined which led…
Retweeted by mishealaeYou don’t find your worth in a man. You find your worth within yourself and then find a man who’s worthy of you. Remember that.
Retweeted by mishealaeJune gone be a good month🔒
Retweeted by mishealaeThe The principle Situation Behind it
Retweeted by mishealae @jusst_jo @yuki_binladen B, I been seen it. Wish I could unseen it
See why I hate cats. Won't catch a dog doing that
Retweeted by mishealaeReal friends waited for you to finish detention
Retweeted by mishealaeI just KNEW their parents were fly
Retweeted by mishealae @Hiebbss Jij bent officieel vies
FACCCTTTSSS hair is always a look on black guys
Retweeted by mishealaehell yea i’m tha mf princess.
Retweeted by mishealae👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 @Creolestace @chereyeaashinaa @jusst_jo Be careful with what you wish for you
Delayed doesn’t mean denied.
Retweeted by mishealaeHeavy on the self-improvement right now. Obsessed with becoming a better version of myself.
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Retweeted by mishealaemy ancestors were not slaves, they were enslaved. please read that again.
Retweeted by mishealaeI thought this was a wedding. This nigga seen this bitch all school year & fake crying. I hate prom
Retweeted by mishealaeMake sure you love yourself first before loving someone else.
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This is giving me zoologists vibes
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You and me were not the same. Never get tight over an other female.
God always gives us unexpected blessings!
Retweeted by mishealaehe said "Ok Ok" LMFAOOOOO
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Lil Tjay is genuinely my worst nightmare. I hate chatty patty men so much 😂
Retweeted by mishealaeblack women.
Retweeted by mishealaeI don’t regret anything, but I’m definitely aware of what I won’t do again.
Retweeted by mishealaeAm I the only one that doesn’t like to see men’s opinions on anything?
Retweeted by mishealae🖤
Retweeted by mishealae @petiteeangelic @shanxmonique @jayknowthevibes @quenblackwell
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I think we can all agree
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My name is Frank Darko. I build water bicycles in Ghana. Please support me by subscribing to my YouTube channel. Th…
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Shit be so pointless.. coulda stayed strangers
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We literally confirmed the existence of UFOs today and nobody gives a shit
Retweeted by mishealaegossiping with your mom is a different type of tea
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