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I see a lot of celebs and creatives wanting to help and this is an great moment to do so and I see some trends that…
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Have you checked on our story @mishelprada ‘s take over ? Thank you Mish for spending sometime with us yesterday.…
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Loved this interview! We get a little deep. @VIDA_STARZ @beseofficial
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@GayCrystalGems @VIDA_STARZ *blushes* thank you xo @TanyaSaracho hahahah @LashSchneider @VIDA_STARZ Thank you xoxoOkay coconut Amelie is good. I’m down with this insult . @MishelPrada @VIDA_STARZ
Retweeted by Mishel PradaPoor Emma...she can’t handle this right now ...Lyn where you at? #VidaStarz #Emma #Lyn @VIDA_STARZ
Retweeted by Mishel Prada😍😍😍 #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by Mishel PradaEmma & Nico 5ever #VidaStarz
Retweeted by Mishel Prada @grod_lo_08 @VIDA_STARZ rocky and eddy. hands down.Its Sunday and on Sundays we get treated with #InsecureHBO and #VidaStarz and forget the world is ending for a little bit. 🍷
Retweeted by Mishel PradaWe felt that 😔 Thank you for live-tweeting with the fam tonight, we’ll see you next Sunday for the series finale!…
Retweeted by Mishel PradaLyn’s interaction with Carla is a class act of what Michelle Obama would call, “when they go low, we go high.” Proud moment. #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by Mishel PradaI was doing fine tonight watching #VidaStarz until this moment broke me.
Retweeted by Mishel PradaI think I'm back to being on Team Emmico after that ending #VidaStarz
Retweeted by Mishel PradaI've missed Eddy and Rocky's friendship. #VidaStarz
Retweeted by Mishel Prada @VIDA_STARZ I swear this was my favorite scene. The light, the background, the colors... I mean 😍 It was beautifull…
Retweeted by Mishel Prada @grod_lo_08 Like a good friend @Kamgirl28 @VIDA_STARZ Where??? @chelsearendon Who she think she is @feelsmodern Woot woot @grod_lo_08 So much @TanyaSaracho Monica is a catch! @chelsearendon She knows what she wants @scatterthestars She always has been @TanyaSaracho @jenn_g0mez @V_Vico_Ortiz They killed itI like Lyn’s new look 🤷🏽‍♀️ #VidaSTARZ @OhGirl_SoFancy Coconut amelie?! Lol @TanyaSaracho So much awkward this episode @estigiordani @jenn_g0mez Hey... I kept that sweater @chelsearendon You can’t escape each other in the neighborhood @TanyaSaracho Yup
I love #VidaSTARZ. I'm not Latinx & I'm not from L.A., but I appreciate the multi-layered characters, the stories,…
Retweeted by Mishel PradaStay fuerte. Sending love to our #VidaSTARZ fam ❤️ #STARZAtHome
Retweeted by Mishel PradaWe had so much fun with @mishelprada (@VIDA_STARZ) last year, and we’re excited to once again enlist her help in ho…
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@TanyaSaracho @baa512 @VIDA_STARZ @robotika42069 @CaraASantana Oh I suspected, that scratch was waaay too cray to c… Actress Roberta Colindrez on the third and final season - Exclusive #RobertaColindrez #VidaStarz @VIDASTARZ
Retweeted by Mishel PradaSunday nights are for @insecurehbo and @VIDA_STARZ #InsecureHBO #vidastarz
Retweeted by Mishel Prada😍 The perfect place! #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by Mishel PradaTOMORROW. Excited to talk with @chelsearendon, Actress currently on @VIDA_STARZ 🎬 Catch us at 2pm EST on…
Retweeted by Mishel PradaEmma & Flores // New graphite sketch inspired by the beautiful @mishelprada and her talented roleplay on…
Retweeted by Mishel PradaLast night's episode of #Vida saw everyone deal with some eye-opening moments and we are here to break down one rel…
Retweeted by Mishel PradaThere was a queer-cinera, Mari's break up and Lyn obviously growing up. Check out our recap of this week's episode…
Retweeted by Mishel PradaWe know things are complicated, but we still ship Emma and Nico on #VidaSTARZ! Read our review HERE:…
Retweeted by Mishel PradaWe hope you enjoyed live tweeting with us! THANK YOU @VIDA_STARZ and @chelsearendon for such productive, fun and em…
Retweeted by Mishel PradaIt is crazy that lyn is the most responsible and the grown up in this episode right now. THE GROWTH! I am shocked.…
Retweeted by Mishel PradaLyn and Emma are a hot mess in this week's #VidaSTARZ and we love them even more because of it! Read our review HER…
Retweeted by Mishel PradaEmma on ‘shrooms. That’s all there is to know. 🤣 @VIDA_STARZ #VidaSTARZ #Vida
Retweeted by Mishel PradaLast night was LEGENDARY. Watch @TanyaSaracho breakdown our iconic Queerceañera episode and share your thoughts bel…
Retweeted by Mishel PradaSo excited to chat with @MelissaBarreraM of @VIDA_STARZ on Thursday’s episode of @NYLFF DULCE! #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by Mishel Prada @TanyaSaracho hahahaha! ..... exactly
@TanyaSaracho it was great until it wasn't. @LashSchneider @VIDA_STARZ I loved it too. Its a brand called theory :)We shot most of this episode over a week of overnights. We was tired. #VidaSTARZWe ate bologna sandwiches for days after that scene.... now I want one #VidaSTARZ @tacocarebear @VIDA_STARZ 🥰 @TanyaSaracho @robotika42069 hm @chelsearendon NO!entanglement? *cough* no shit @VIDA_STARZ cue heart break @chelsearendon These mens sometimes ☹️☹️☹️ @grod_lo_08 @estigiordani @VIDA_STARZ oh... that explains ALOT @lmv55 @VIDA_STARZ @estigiordani You two are like the grumpy muppets on the muppet show @estigiordani @cherrilizabiff lets do this xo @chelsearendon but mostly sexyTime for #VidaSTARZ #Vida @MelissaBarreraM @MishelPrada @chelsearendon @TanyaSaracho
Retweeted by Mishel Prada @chelsearendon xoxoxox30mins until the live tweet #VidaSTARZ
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It’s never too late to jump on the @VIDA_STARZ bandwagon. #VidaSTARZ is streaming now on @STARZCA. @Refinery29
Retweeted by Mishel PradaLol @j03joebaby @STARZ Get ready for a new episode this Sunday 🎉 #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by Mishel PradaThis Monday, May 18th, we’ll be joined by one of the courageous ‘Vigilantes,’ @chelsearendon! We’re excited to see…
Retweeted by Mishel PradaMissed out on our conversation with "Vida" star @MishelPrada this past Monday? Don't worry, you can watch the full…
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"My journey with Lyn is ending, but my journey with the people continues." - @MelissaBarreraM on the friendships sh…
Retweeted by Mishel PradaThat’s a wrap on today’s IG Live with @MishelPrada! Thank you to everyone who joined us and make sure to catch next…
Retweeted by Mishel PradaThat’s right. Thank you @MishelPrada and @VIDA_STARZ for being such an inspiration.
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Great Episode written by the lovely @lmv55 xoxoxoxInspector Gadget sensed it all along. Join us next Sunday for an all-new episode! #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by Mishel Prada @lmv55 @VIDA_STARZ Hot tip. You heard it here first.Mariachi's lindas Mexicanas everyone @CaraASantana @robotika42069 @VIDA_STARZ We all know who she is staying with. HM. @TanyaSaracho NOPE! @chelsearendon Not into it. HMAre the wheels in Victor's head turning? @TanyaSaracho @robotika42069 Emma too, was shook :(Dang, Eddie's attacker at the bodega :( @CaraASantana @VIDA_STARZ Emma's good at getting even @TanyaSaracho @MisterMichelle_ She's just trying to see if she's down with this open thing....Alabara is my jam!I believe that Lyn's got Fuckboi radarWhat lonjas? @iamtonatiuh @robotika42069 so bad @BK_PAPICAKE @VIDA_STARZ same @SerAnzoategui dayuuuum . I felt that.Marcos, I'm into this To Do list. xo @chelsearendon she's trying to feel better. You know how she does lolthat's right Emma, dance the pain away. Nico isn't the only that handle a three. @robotika42069LIVE TWEET episode 3 with us @VIDA_STARZ