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Womp womp wommmpp. @SteveAndrusko99 @RAKcity27 Yeah right. @GerryDrobnicki It’s the carbonation of the water. Makes me nauseousWtf man?! = people looking for a fight. Constantly. On a daily basis. Where’s that meteor again?? @GerryDrobnicki UFO episode on Unsolved Mysteries....I’m sorry but are these people high??
@pjyankeeedved Couple years ago I took a big gulp of a seltzer thinking it was water...I spit it out all over my cl… @pjyankeeedved @thepocketgeek @FrankiesTooLoud = the most disgusting drink of all time. I don’t make the rules @GerryDrobnicki Lol it was on this morning. Hadn’t seen it in quite some time...was reminded how much I liked it @MichaelEddy6 I’m just not a Kutcher fan but tbh he wasn’t bad in it @MichaelEddy6 I did see A Lot Like Love...I thought it was just okay @BurrowDweller73 Haha...but wait there’s Rachel Weisz and Isla Fischer..I’m not big on romantic comedies (too cheesy/predictable) but you know what’s a really good one? “Definitely, Maybe” - very underrated. @metsFanscotty @KevinVesey @News12LI Crazy @RameyRants Me too! I just googled one last night and was happy to find out they recently reopened the case @SteveAndrusko99 I’ve never seen the original so this is all new to me @DJSocRat I’m getting annoyed. I want answers 😂I keep expecting answers/conclusions to these Unsolved Mysteries episodes but then I remember the name of the show is...Unsolved Mysteries. @IllbeFrank1975 Nope 😃 Snow is quiet..and lovely @GerryDrobnicki Exactly @brianspeaksnow @brianspeaksnow Me threatening the people setting off fireworks... fireworks. Yes I know today is an exception but still...fireworks annoying as fuck. @ParforeTom Haha well we’ll see..never know what the future holdsKanye for Pres? @thesageRR3 Usually use SPF 30 and sometimes 50. Today I didn’t put anything on bc I was mainly in shade but did go… @racerx8579 Yeah I gotta drink more water when I’m outside. I also probably need SPF 500 😂 @RameyRants Same 😩
@thesageRR3 I’m pretty fair skinned (freckles everywhere too) mom used to call me “little Irish” when I was a kid lol. @CharlieRicker24 I probably did mention it. I’m like a freakin vampire that goes in the sun @RameyRants It’s so annoying. I’m pretty fair skinned so maybe that’s partly why(This is why I hate summer 😃 Can’t go outside for a few hours without feeling like complete shit) @ProGenitor09 LolI swear I think I’m allergic to the sun and/or heat...I was out in the sun for a few hours and my skin feels like i… at the end of the day on a holiday @BurrowDweller73 I can most certainly see that @metsFanscotty Just looked it up..summer of ‘17. So I wonder then what the petition is for 🤔 Maybe I didn’t look h… @metsFanscotty Yup. Now I’m wondering how long that’s been gone for...I usually don’t pay attention when I pass but…’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. “God Only Knows” is one of the best written pop songs of all time @metsFanscotty So I just passed MHS and saw the big Chiefs head that was on the wall is gone. When did that happen?! Lol.My hair the last week... @metsFanscotty Great movieHappy 4th! 🇺🇸 think Trevor Bauer is growing on me... @thesageRR3 always thought Air Supply was getting frisky when they sang “Even the days are brighter, when someone you love’s… @thesageRR3 You can’t add it all at in one tweet apparently but I guess I could add the gif in the reply @thesageRR3 I just tried and it didn’t work. Dammit @thesageRR3 I just noticed it. Must have been when I did the update the other day. You’ll get it soon I’m sure. An… @metsFanscotty That’s next. I’ve heard some rumblings about the mural on the bagel shop wall as well..I’m sure that will be changed.. @MattLorenzo I have an audio/microphone thing next to my camera symbol when I go to tweet. It wasn’t there the other day though 🤷🏻‍♀️ @MattLorenzo Yup. Apparently we can speak out tweets now.The Cleveland Midges. Do it. you speak out a GIF? I’m dying to say in my old Rose voice “It’s been 84 years”
Wtf is this 😂 @ParforeTom Nope 😩 @VamosYankees That’s fucked upI just noticed a weird microphone/voice thing in the corner...does this mean I can speak my tweets out? 😳Always comical to me how management never shows up on these days yet expects everyone else to work all day. Do as… @djp1177 I always do. We only get 5/6 holidays a year (the major ones). We do get a floater day for today @ParforeTom @metsFanscotty No I get a floater @ParforeTom @metsFanscotty Yes. I work on all those days before holidays. I also don’t get MLK, Presidents Day, Columbus Day, etc offQuick glance at this I thought he was in prison... @metsFanscotty I’m used to itWhy yes, yes I am working tomorrow. I’m so glad you asked @thepocketgeek The end is near
@thepocketgeek @thesageRR3 at first I was wondering who Matt Blake was thinking maybe he was a catcher 🤦🏻‍♀️ Nowww I remember. I’m gonna ne… lol lol...
Imagine getting caught between the moon and New York City... @ParforeTom No I haven’t. I’ll have to try it @thepocketgeek @thepocketgeek True. My eyes crinkle when I time I pass someone in the halls at work I smile like a dumbass thinking they can see it through my mask @philgalletto
@thepocketgeek Waze alert “animals nearby”....I’m half expecting a fucking herd of cows just chillin on the expressway @RameyRants Totally forgot lol. Ridiculous @philgalletto Wow. I don’t remember that. Im not surprised thoughHuh?? He’s been injured? Lol thought they could squeeze two more seasons out so this bums me out. One of my favorite shows in quite som… picture is gross...the shapes give me the chills 🤢
@thesageRR3 @thepocketgeek @thepocketgeek This one is third....I use this one all the time @thesageRR3 @thepocketgeek I was wondering the same! I think I’ve only used it maybe 4 times or not sure why it came up first lol @thesageRR3 💯 @thepocketgeek OMG... I do this right?)The Staple Singers be like “I know a place”.....ain’t nobody cryin..Can we cancel “cancel culture?” That shit has got to be exhausting... @AmyLee98223 Thyroid @twinks0216 Last few days my neck has been killing me. Pain feels very similar to when I woke up from surgery (but… it possible to have scar tissue pain a couple years after surgery? Asking for...myself.