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Jason Bay is the reason I have trust issues. #LFGM #LGM 💙🧡 @metsthrowbacks

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@TheSheaCat knew this reply was coming 😂
@jaymurdab I take your unnecessarily condescending tweet and give you this 😊 @IamMelRod MY HEART! 💙🧡💙🧡 @vitoscali30 @c_berg0729 TJS, who knows when he will actually be back and able to contribute @SamZComedy @timbhealey @newyorkjew I... think I have to delete my comment now, thanks @Spat02 I just thought of a world without them and starting crying brb I need a moment @Migueljotazorro @chalulu23 💙🧡💙🧡 @Migueljotazorro @chalulu23 the players deserve our support! @chalulu23 I’m mad at myself for not having been following before!!! 💙🧡 @SNYtv ahhh, I see the Mets’ PR team finally got through to himI love one (1) person season, doesn’t count @PSLToFlushing because it’s the worst, Joe. the worst @thatmetschick @PSLToFlushing YES finally someone who gets me! @nycbeach_dog @alemets15 I am so sorry, but also HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳 @peteybutes @timbhealey these jokes write themselves @alemets15 SAME @alemets15 LOLLLLL ilysm omg @timbhealey they should have Brodie get out there and embarrass himselfI hate it here @c_berg0729 @gibzon21 Evan. we need pitching!!!!!! @c_berg0729 next year is deGrom, Matz, Peterson, ?, ? 🤮 give me Stroman any day
@moTekruB14 that’s the point! @tmonox9 I just don’t have the energy to debate 😂 way easier this way @MikulkaRichard RIGHT?!!! 🤯🤯🤯 @witz5557 they’re gonna need pitching tho!!! badly @Gooch418 peep the list of FA starting pitching this offseason. he’s towards the top! @MartinoPuccio fair question 🙁 @tmonox9 that’s the beauty of Twitter right here! we‘re all entitled to our own opinions @eggar_suit they can technically offer him the QO and see if he accepts 😊 @MikeWiz60 sorry!!! didn’t mean to be snippy 💙 @MLBPipeline @adamdberry @AJCassavell @dohyoungpark @SteveGilbertMLB @KeeganMatheson @scottmerkin @MartinJGallegos @AdmiralRobG I want the Mets to contend, and they're gonna be in desperate need of pitching. you do the math @Monkeyinheaven @ronnypascale UGH fine if you insist @bradlaplante great, he’d fit in with the Mets perfectly! @socramraul in 2022, we can! @RememberKobe24 I’m so so sorry about your cousin 💔😔 @JohnDoeAlexVA I keep thinking about this in the back of my head 😂🤣 @RememberKobe24 I’m not gonna waste my time (or yours) debating this, just know that I respectfully disagree @PSLToFlushing he retired, silly!Can we just fast-forward to like 3 months from now when Steve Cohen is signing Marcus Stroman and Trevor Bauer and… @mookie4ever86 @Pete_Alonso20 this!!! 💙🧡 @MelissaGarris0n @timbhealey 😉😉 @JaytheMetsGuy 😂🤣 @MetsFansTweeter yes, it premiered tonight! apparently they’re re-airing it tomorrow at 7am ☺️ @mroberto20 @mnioannou they’re probably just casual baseball fans 😜 @ComProfOrtega fair 😂 @timbhealey most of whom root for the Yankees @mnioannou *adds sarcasm warning to my Twitter bio* @Ceetar my head is spinning, Michael
@MelissaGarris0n @InterimGM @ShaunHeyel @Depressionreal2 THANK YOU!!! @MelissaGarris0n maybe they’ll put it online?!!! @InterimGM it was on ESPN! maybe check to see if they replay it later @CharlieRicker24 me too!!! cannot imagine @KevinBaxter20 good question tbh @nymfan97 SAAAAAME @whutyearisit 🥺🧡 @ShaunHeyel I bet they’ll re-air it! @Drewzer208 @KBlizz24 @Hackpiece 😉 @muzzy63 maybe. maybe not @FlyLikeALedZep Chris, I hope you’re sitting down..... @AndyHesse2 @steve_panz @n1ckjhaveri 😂🤣😂 @Dan22701016 ily @ChillyPhilly915 I don’t recall asking for your opinion @adam_myersmusic shhh you’re ruining the joke @FlyLikeALedZep would I lie to you??? @RolandoDiaz01 I am an investigative journalist. of course it’s true!WOW. Can you believe the Mets just won on a Sunday for the first time since 2016? @StephenJosiah13 never not funny @KyleGelling chicks dig the small ball!!!! @christianlaraia 😂🤣 @SamZComedy cannot wait!!Drag bunts, stolen bases, going first to third. This is baseball at its finest 😍 @jaysweat29 hey great comeback @jaysweat29 I don’t play baseball @2francis2tancis woah. sick burn, dude! @AnthonyDiComo he’s a true Met now!!! @socramraul @MetsBullpen guys!!! use Reddit streams, it’ll change your life @cai_rogers7 @n1ckjhaveri uh no sir, I merely stated (twice) that Jacob deGrom doesn’t do this @metsswift HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @espn did Lucas Duda throw that? @LetsGoMets2020 💙🧡💙🧡 @n1ckjhaveri no but actually. Jacob deGrom doesn’t do this lolJacob deGrom would never
@CespedesBBQ the one from Finding Nemo @Mets @VictorC_NYC legit haven’t heard him say that since the Endy catch! @nicxcvi 😉😉2020 in video form impressed by how high Dom looks like 90% of the time @MLB ok @conor_gleba @BengeDrinking @rover515 I tried to listen to it on Spotify and had to turn it off after the first 10 seconds @rinniekitty @JConstantinides @BengeDrinking 😂🤣