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Jason Bay is the reason I have trust issues. #LFGM #LGM 💙🧡 @metsthrowbacks

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@MikeJanela 😂😂 @majorleaguelife on Insta
@GiantPanda81 @pfrusso I wasn’t serious 🥰 it’s actually super annoying when people tell fans to root for another te… @AnthonyDiComo this somehow feels full circle @DocGooden16 you have SO many people rooting for you! stay healthy, you got this 💪👏 @SamZComedy HAHAHAHAHA @Firefuzz590 you don’t think Jeter is overrated?! @mixinpurple just trying to calm folks down 🤗 @pfrusso ok then find another team @mikecav33 BuT nO bIg LeAgUe ExPeRiEnCe aS a MaNaGeR 🙄 @GlaseIt people just love to complainBig league managerial experience is more overrated than Derek Jeter. Everybody breathe @pauljasonvames no use dwelling on it now @WayneRandazzo I mean he can’t be any worse than Mickey, right? right? @goatshela I love it when you tweet me 🥰🥰😘😘😍🥰😘🥰😘😗😗😗🥰 @THE_SamMaxwell his brother is Moises Alou, infamous for peeing on his hands instead of wearing batting gloves @OldiesWithRudy yes @mattlawson2341 he’s the brother of Moises Alou but did Luis Rojas pee on his hands, too? The people need to know @GabStarr69 how sad of a human do you have to be to make an account like this? jfc
@L_kap911 you must be fun at partiesken griffey jr only being on 437 of 440 ballots was a bigger crime
Retweeted by Shannon @sincerelymtc !!!!! Happy birthday!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
@willyguzzy @JonHeyman 2011... dark times @JonHeyman #NeverForget
@kevin_wigand @EvanRobertsWFAN 🤪 @Bbl_Astrophyscs Peter Morgan Alonso @JonHeyman let’s not give Houston credit for anything
@KleinschmidtJD 😂😂😂😂😂 @J__D__S @AChapman_105 lmao yo you actually think I tweeted that because he plays for the Yankees? @RealCarlosGomez @CC_Sabathia don’t back down now, king @AChapman_105 @barstoolsports @barstoolWSD @jquadddddd @barstoolWSD thank you 😘All I’m sayin is........ @bsmiggity hahahah I was honestly trying to separate myself from baseball/Twitter a bit! and then yesterday happened..... progress ruined 😂 @barstoolsports @barstoolWSD tag @jquadddddd in the post pls @Weerd_Science I am nothing compared to @jquadddddd @aubrey_huff @bcraw35 @bbelt9 @BusterPosey your parents named you Aubrey. you should probably sit this one out @MaxCady02060843 @KullenAG he doesn’t have protection from the MLBPA anymore since he retired. that’s exactly why M… @MaxCady02060843 @KullenAG the Mets are left without a manager weeks before spring training, and whoever comes in m… @kyleboling27 the Mets got punished by something Beltran did when he was an Astro. this isn’t difficult @jquadddddd I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO PROUD TO BE YOUR FRIENDEverything You Need To Know About The Current State Of Major League Baseball As Told By Mean Girls
Retweeted by Shannon @jquadddddd did you make this DID YOU FREAKING MAKE THIS @martinonyc kinda like the “bombshell candidate,” no? @keithhernandez the Braves just signed Hechavarria. we are SCREWED, KEITH @keithhernandez are you volunteering for manager? because yes @kenny_ahlers @KullenAG for the 18th time: the report from The Athletic and subsequent investigation happened AFTER the Mets hired Beltran @sschreiber13 how are you so good at twitter @corgifan63 they’re left scrambling for a manager weeks before spring training, and whoever replaces him loses mont…
@Mast3er___flip @Pete_Alonso20 this ain’t it, sis. your trolling skills need work @Pete_Alonso20 David Wright would be proud @lilpab11 still gives me chills! @stanj62 SAME!!! @MattyCuso me too. first time I’ve smiled all day 🥺hi i'm here just ~brightening up your timeline~ @jquadddddd JULIA @nicxcvi active players have protection from the MLBPA. it could’ve caused huge problems for MLB if they named anyone else by name @SNYtv @martinonyc MLB knew what they were doing when they mentioned him by name @yoda *something my former manager did as a PLAYER. no other players were punished. yet he's being punished. it's not right @c_leece @perezthirteen every active player (i.e. all of his Astros teammates) is protected by the MLBPA. had they… @swillardsports funny considering every single one of his Astros teammates have managed to escape the problems they… like how Carlos Beltran was a Houston Astros player and not the Mets manager when he was involved in a cheati…
Retweeted by Shannon @timbhealey HAHAHAHAHAHAHA @firstpitchmitch they didn’t know it was coming. the investigation stemmed from a report in The Athletic that was p… @KullenAG the Mets are still being punished here. there’s no denying that. they’re left without a manager weeks bef… @cjb4972 yes, and the Mets are also getting punished... both things can be true... @Jomboy_ is this your burner account @God_of_Thndr_21 nope. the Athletic report came out, then the investigation started. Beltran’s hiring was before both of these @God_of_Thndr_21 the report came out after his was hired @Mets you make it impossible @Michael_Snacks9 I lied @spats48 it’s the Mets. the circus never endsThe Mets are being punished for something the Astros did. I cannot and will not get over this fact. I can’t. I can’t!Beltran gets taken down by a curveball once again. You can’t make this up. @n1ckjhaveri every active player is protected by the MLBPA. since he retired, he isn’t. that’s why they could name himDoes Beltran leaving mean we get Zack Wheeler back? @BeltranInnocent @whutyearisit ARYN LEROUX!!! @Panic_Citi A++++ reference @jeffpaternostro @ursusmaije underrated tweetholy mother of cringe @AndrewHarts someone had to say it @mosheheideman do you even know how much this means to me!! seriously @juliefalbo @Mets @mikepiazza31 BKBE WHAT IT DO, BABY @aninsanemetsfan @Mets @mikepiazza31 KEEEEEEEP BELTRAAAAAAAAAAAN @Mets @mikepiazza31 KEEP BELTRAN @INDYBEARSFAN68 this is the best compliment you could ever give me 😂 tysm @topogjoe because they’re cheap AF @The_RadMan Alexa, play “Stay Stay Stay” by Taylor Swift*Jessica Mendoza has entered the chat* @NYPost_Mets Cano will become player-manager if the Mets make a change. save this tweet @genethelawyer 💀💀💀 @jenivee73 I agree. I’m EXHAUSTED @KRNG_Chris this isn’t such a far-fetched idea considering the Marlins’ GM became their manager in 2015... @Grossed_Out GOSH, JUDY @SheaWasBetter oh to be clear, I want him to stay 🙏how much you wanna bet the Mets are taking this long bc they’re mulling over the idea of paying 3 managers at once @JD704NC @SNYtv did Beltran? cuz this is the only time his name was mentioned, and it doesn’t say that. he merely d…