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I REALLY need to stop caring about what others think. Sometimes I’m too afraid to make a tweet because I don’t want… morning 💙. Let’s make today great!! recently I’ve been so lazy with Twitter but I’m going to try my best to tweet more! @TheNomadEric I checked hahaha. Sorry I'm bad with Twitter these days 😂Trying to go to bed early and wake up early has been so hard for me. Recently I've been going to bed at 11pm and th…
@THEFinalLegion HAHAHAHA OH MY 😂😂😂 @freyafoxtv Thank youuuu 🤗 I need to get them painted so bad hahaha @dangerdougyt Well I have a year to prepare myself. Hopefully I'll be ready hahaha.I still fit in the same dress I’ve had since I was 17. I think that’s a win 🤷🏻‍♀️Getting older is so weird. I don’t feel any different than I did back when I was a teenager. I think the only thing… @GoddessGabija Thank you 😋 @spiritscorcher I actually got up at noon. I was a little behind on making a tweet though 😂Thank you all so much for all the birthday tweets and messages. I'll reply back to them as soon as I can 💜I'm finally up before 4pm and I'm so proud of myself!!My mom calls me while I'm driving to CVS. She got worried because it's getting dark out and she's making me stay on…
@seabizkitfml I actually miss your screaming. We need to play soon 💜 @seansstorybook Thank you I appreciate it 😊 @MissAliCatt WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT IT APPEARS TO BE YOUR BIRTHDAY HAVE A HAPPIEST ENJOY BIG DAY HAVE THE FUN…
Retweeted by MissAliCat @ShamanomTV Thank you 🤗 @MissAliCatt happy birthday!
Retweeted by MissAliCatWow I'm 29 now. FeelsBirthdayMan. @bethomens I freaking love you!!! @Leviathan413 Thank you love :)Happy birthday to the lovely @MissAliCatt, one of the most interesting but lovely and amazing person that you are <3
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@weegeeb00 I’m sorry love 😭. I’ve been having a lot of Internet issues too and it’s annoying af.The number one thing I hate is being yelled at.If apologizing is enough then why are their laws and police?Can confirm I do 😝
@Thunderhorse441 Awww, yay 😁WOOHOO!! Just got gifted a tier 1 sub to @MissAliCatt ! My lucky day indeed!! :) :)
Retweeted by MissAliCatThank you all so much for such an amazing birthday stream last night. I had way too much fun 💜
GOING LIVE WITH A 12 HOUR BIRTHDAY STREAM COME HANG 😘 to be live at 7pm est for the birthday stream so I can eat. But everyone is in discord if you wanna hang with us ❤️Running a little late. But what do you all think of my outfit and makeup? feel so tired.BIRTHDAY STREAM AT 6pm est. who’s ready to party hard with me?!Doing a 12 hour birthday stream at 6pm est. So come party it up with me. Be sure to bring some alcohol 🍷I still haven’t been to sleep 😭😭😭 @weegeeb00 You summon something in my pants 😏 hahahahaha. @MrTbird_GA Oh gawd I’m not ready 😂😂😂 @QueenlSalt Thank you love 🤗I’m doing a 12 hour birthday stream tomorrow and I’m not going to lie I’m feeling so anxious for some reason. @TheNomadEric @VividChim Can we all play something together soon?! I would love that ❤️ @d1am0ndsTV Hi 🤗I’m so done with people right now. If you care about me then I want you in my life. If you don’t give two fucks abo… left out really sucks. @PapaYahga Noooo you all are the bomb ❤️Seriously love all these people. No joke these community nights have been helping with my anxiety so much. Thank yo…
🌸BIRTHDAY STREAM🌸 Friday starting at 6pm est I'm going to be doing a Birthday stream. This will be my third year i…
Retweeted by MissAliCatPeople think I’m so dumb. But I see what you’re doing. @jakenbitss YOU EMO BITCH 😂😂😂😂i did a dumb dumb thing. going live on twitch with some relaxed tft and early 2000 Myspace music in about 45 minute…
Retweeted by MissAliCat @ShaggyMN1975 Way older 😂😂😂 @rowvgg YESSS LETS DO IT 😍 @browniebear27 How did you just watch it for the first time?! @DRCsyntax Sometimes I wake up and my back will hurt 😞I still can’t believe I turn 29 in a few days. I feel old haha. I will be doing my birthday stream tomorrow at 6p… @Angryfat1 This is a great way to get blocked. @MrTbird_GA Hahaha at least someone thinks so 😜I don’t give two fucks about anyone’s clout. I have my own clout. @TheRealZgar @yellowspoongirl HAHAHAHA OMG 😂😂😂😂😂 community swears I'm a fuckboi. Because of this, I decided to accept the fact and embrace my inner fuckboi.…
Retweeted by MissAliCat @LightsCamJake You are on da big screen hahahaHey its me! Hi mom im on the big screen!
Retweeted by MissAliCat @gack22 Grab a blanket sit back and relaxxx hahaha @southernlocust YOU DO HAVE THE BALLS LOLCome hang out with all the cool kids in discord. If you don’t then you have NO BALLS. feeling my best today but still going live for one hour come hang out 🤗. live in 15 minutes. I’m only going to stream for one hour tonight. So come hang out with sick me 🤗 @ZekHealsYou EWWWW NOOOO @MrTbird_GA He’s so weird I swearrrr @spiritscorcher I remember the good ole days hahahaOMG. I was sitting on the toilet trying to take a 💩 and my cat decided to jump on the back of the toilet and litera…
@mikeyperk @BowlsTW HAHAHA 😂 @ArkaneVolt @ntItcbabe 😂😂😂😂 @ShinyAquana Thank youuuu 🤗 @CasperWeasel I feel this
@RockyNo7 @streamlabs HAHAHAHA OMG 😂 @ForRealzy If I retweet this tweet then will you follow me please? 🤗 @TheNomadEric @spiritscorcher Thank you. You guys make me happy :) @TheChrmanCaleb You are not wrong Caleb ;) hahaha @simplyjxn Thank you 🤗 @spiritscorcher Awww, we're literally almost twinning!! Happy early birthday :). My actual birthday is the 10th but… @BrozBnCgaming Feelsbirthdayman hahaha. And thank you 💜. My actual birthday isn't until Monday but I figured Friday… @DRCsyntax and I'm turning 29. I feel old.🌸BIRTHDAY STREAM🌸 Friday starting at 6pm est I'm going to be doing a Birthday stream. This will be my third year i… your life time so many people will accuse you of being “fake” just be true to yourself and fuck the haters.I just want to say that I have never been more proud of my community. I'm happy knowing I have all these people who… @Amandalorian85 I thought of you too because we started at the same time last month 💜The other day I almost swollowed a bug and it was GROSS. I do not recommend.What’s your biggest fear?Twitch is such a big place but it’s interesting to see how many people, communities, and streamers all know each ot… @RedOnBrandon1 GO TO SLEEP. I need to sleep too lolTo every girl who's ever popped a baby outta there vagina. I'M PROUD OF YOU 💜Who wants more sleep? I know I do. @TheRealZgar Still a fuckboi confirmed 😂😂😂People have been saying I look and sound like a fuckboi. I'm not a fuckboi guys. I promise. I've got a heart of go…
Retweeted by MissAliCat @SammiePaige2015 Omg same here 😭. Periods are not a fun time. And I'd love that right now 😍 @bekimachine I hope you feel better 💙