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🇲🇽 Latinx Emmy-nominated digital producer. Doc/Comedy filmmaker. Director of @runtheseries. #binders

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We're screwed.
Retweeted by Ana BretónThat sound you heard is every single reporter breaking their weekend plans. #MuellerReportIf by ‘the Latina thing,’ she means I actually do the work instead of just talk about it, then yeah, I’m doing ‘the…
Retweeted by Ana BretónJournalist friends! Selene's husband is available to be interviewed for this story. DM me if you'd like to cover it… @ashleyn1cole Take all my money Holmes' voice is my passion project @kibblesmith @megsokay I'm available to perform my voice impression of Elizabeth 24/7 anytime please book me I'm ve… @kaitlinfontana Could not love you more even though you reject all my nudes!!!!
ooooooo yes i'm damn proud of this one and the many incredible black women we got to feature in this segment! thank…
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@RazanGhalayini_ @carolimeschaper I'll bring my presentation and impression of herNew e-mail signature is a freaking gem and I had the best time taking her photos. lucky to be an early investor in @thesheertruth's newest business venture !! watch @FullFrontalSamB tonight at…
Retweeted by Ana BretónTrying to start the Beto-ing trend 🚨 @thesarahyork @L_BenAbdallah @kaitlinfontana anyone know her fav body part or treat @IamZarcon She’s beautiful
gender reveal party but for depression or anxietyThanks for the shoutout! I know about Dems running for president so far: Bernie: Please no Beto: Hot I guess? Is a boy. Warren: UGH rea… woman 12: @DrBiden. Dr. Jill Biden is Joe Biden's wife, but most importantly, she's a doctor who taught adol…
Badass woman 11: @annieburdges. Annie is not only my friend @KimmieDisco's mom but she was an undercover cop in the… @aryagovil @mindykaling Hi Mindy could you please hire Arya! You need her on your staff. Thanks!Badass woman 10: @karencheee. Karen is the funniest person on the planet. That's all you need to know???Badass woman 9: @AskAngy. Angy is a fierce undocumented immigrant activist. She is the co-director of @nysylc and w… woman 8: @serenawilliams. Serena is a professional tennis player and the greatest of all time.Badass woman 7: @HireMeImFunny. Orli is continuously one of the funniest people on Twitter and on stage. She is gen… woman 6: @alicialutes. Alicia is a fierce writer who provides thoughtful insights into TV and media culture.… @kaitlinfontana
@JanieFierce knee does the baby come out of @miblogestublog Wanna go? @ashleyn1cole When I remembered Lindy West and @IjeomaOluo are actually related @MrsDzTB @heysarahsweeney @toddDkrugman Oh sure let me explain. It’s stairs that go to nowhere. I’m not kidding.New Yorkers: Fix the subway New York: [checks her emails at the club]Eggs are having a hell of a year @natimontelongo @JulianCastro Look at you!!!!!!!!!!
@rachmeetsworld This is groundbreakingExcuse me @hulu there are only six episodes of #Shrill and I think that’s a mistake because there should be ONE HUN…
If you need a lil pick me up today: @QueerEye season 3 and Shrill on @hulu start today 😊💜🌈
@L_BenAbdallah @kaitlinfontana worth it to read this thread about how everything came together 👇 @DykingOut @thesarahyork on our way to take your white house, @kaitlinfontana is amazing and took great care in directing/producing this piece. She made us feel safe, resp…
Retweeted by Ana BretónWriter & producer @kaitlinfontana created this piece for Full Frontal. Not only did she produce something funny & b… @JStein_WaPo @BetoORourke It's button up shirtsImportant announcement I have picked my VP like Beto, but holy shit if only we all had the confidence of a white guy who lost his statewide senate race just…
Retweeted by Ana BretónOK FINE ***I*** will also run for president @sonicdork idk @kristencheeks I think it was worth it @sonicdork @kristencheeks How have you guys not filmed a web series¿Amigxs Mexicanas, que es lo mas nuevo con la musica punk o musica feminista en CDMX? Me siento viejita porque no s… Becky u up? @miblogestublog's a behind the scenes look at tonight's episode! #SamanthaBee
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The creative process
Retweeted by Ana BretónOh so the shutdown HAD consequences? 🤦‍♀️ out @cassidyrouth's beautiful animation! Written by me!
Now that colleges are trending I’d like to say it sucks students of color have to re-live traumatic experiences in… @carolimeschaper writing is not a sport last time i checked!!!!!!!is this a DMI HAVE DECIDED AND I WILL PAY FOR @the_infern0 TO FINALLY GO TO COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!!! @SaraYimon @REMEZCLA Still to this day when I go shopping I say I'm going to "estranate" my clothes, which does NOT…'re gonna see a lot of people of color saying this today but let me just add my voice to the chorus. white class…
Retweeted by Ana Bretónok I'll bite, what is a "college".@FBI do this one next
@_brittanyv @schlife i guess you could say i'm off the deep end @schlife Zach you don't have to say please to Google
I watch this weekly this character develop from Cecily’s Instagram was a delight for me ❤️ The Impossible Hulk - SNL… @WhittneyE Come back 😭
You mean I could have been signing people’s bibles this whole time?
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@the_infern0 As a woman on international women’s day I’m reporting this
@miblogestublog What on earth
I love writing promos ❤️ coffins. i think this one will let ppl know how much I loved my phone??? @TGICarolyn @DykingOut I'm straight but here's my submission packet @PreetBharara retweets your husband ❤️ of my favorite things ❤️ @elizacossio @MadeinNY @msdanifernandez I’m speechless @msdanifernandez Hold up WHAT. HOW
Badass woman 5: @halcyonperson. Halcyon is a brilliant producer and director and an incredibly kind and funny perso… @RACH4_theSTARZ Rachel no
Me leaving work at 5:59 woman 4: @JaytotheTee. Jonterri is one of the most brilliant writers of our generation, and I'm not just say… woman 3: @natimontelongo. Natalie is one of the fiercest women in politics right now. Not only is she the Na… woman 2: @aryagovil. Arya is an AMAZING producer, post-production supervisor and writer. She is also my come… @Neil_McNeil ♥♥♥ everyone at Full Frontal is, as always, thinking only of you guys!!
Retweeted by Ana Bretón @anag_g Igualmente 😭Archie’s dad 😭💔
@karencheee I beg of Melissa Villaseñor, Leslie Jones and Cecily Strong to recreate this photo please @nbcsnlBadass woman 1: @carolimeschaper. Caroline is one of the funniest and most hydrated writers I know. She eats some k… #WomensHistoryMonth! Every day this month I'm going to feature a different badass woman in a giant 31-part th… A CAMPAIGN AGAINST THIS TWEET TWEET HAS TAKEN OVER MY LIFE I HATE YOU FOR IT that allows undocumented New Yorkers to apply for a driver’s license is common-sense policy that would…
Retweeted by Ana Bretón @schlife @carolrhartsell Carol you must!Dead 😱