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🇲🇽 Emmy-nominated Mexican goth. Doc/Comedy filmmaker. Director of @runtheseries. #binders

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Unfortunately this is now a Los Espookys fan account 👹As a Mexican goth, I can say it: Los Espookys is the perfect show 🖤 @Jenna_Marbles I demand you come get your daughter #TikTok
It was the dream of my life to make this piece with @Party_Harderson bc she's my favorite comedian of all time. Mad…
Retweeted by Ana Bretón***OFFICIAL RUN TRAILER*** Watch as a team of five female political experts transform the campaign of a woman runni…
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@missbreton @AprilDRyan Who made this? Its the best.
Retweeted by Ana Bretón @EllinaRestani @AprilDRyan @AprilDRyan Congrats April!💖 @AprilDRyan 💖RIP Sarah Sanders July 21, 2017 - June 13, 2019
Retweeted by Ana BretónOh, is the dog running for president. Please, delete your account. you want to watch a feel-good show where a Boss Squad of female political experts helps female candidates win el…
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I love these wicked talented ladies so if you're an Emmy voter, please vote for Full Frontal Online for Outstanding…
Retweeted by Ana Bretón @runtheseries @SeanCrespo"It's like Queer Eye, but for politics" = instantly in my queue. So proud of you @missbreton
Retweeted by Ana Bretón @mvmariav @carolrhartsell @withreservation @carolimeschaper Please let us go to the trophy show @ TV academy!If you're a member of the Emmy Academy™️ please vote for Full Frontal Online for Best Interactive Program. Not only… wish I my immigrant teen self would have had this show around to learn from & laugh about. @arturocastro85 @cassidyrouth @arturocastro85 Special thanks to snacks I took from @BuzzFeed office 🥳
HELLO! My short film La Bruja is finally ready 2 watch. It's about a woman who goes through a breakup then meets a…
Retweeted by Ana Bretón @RazanGhalayini_ @MTA @netflix @PrimeVideo @hulu Razan can I help you book subjects? I have access to pizza rat, po… someone who used to teach, she’s correct. There is no shortage of women and POC getting trained to write and dir…
Retweeted by Ana BretónThis is a series you will not want to miss! Watch the trailer and give @runtheseries a follow. 💖 The #BossSquad is…
Retweeted by Ana BretónThis looks really fun and education and interesting and important.
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THIS TRAILER GAVE ME CHILLS!! Follow this show and squeal with excitement for @missbreton and her incredible, power…
Retweeted by Ana Bretón @schlife BLESS YOU CHILD out to our very own Advisory Council member @bushraamiwala featured in the trailer! And don't we all need a…
Retweeted by Ana Bretón💆‍♀️CHILLS💆‍♀️... Trailer just dropped for Run (brand new show where five female political experts transform the ca…
Retweeted by Ana BretónDope.
Retweeted by Ana BretónThank you thank you! campaigns should have a #BossSquad RT @runtheseries: ***OFFICIAL RUN TRAILER*** Watch as a team of five female…
Retweeted by Ana BretónI am so excited to share the official @runtheseries trailer with you all! It was such an honor and privilege to wor…
Retweeted by Ana BretónRUN, don't watch this trailer ;)
Retweeted by Ana Bretón @kaitlinfontana @runtheseries @Drsxyllama Thank you! 🙏🏽❤️ @thetippets @runtheseries***OFFICIAL RUN TRAILER*** Watch as a team of five female political experts transform the campaign of a woman runni…
@fionaleslie @runtheseries @ava @genevievethiers @VictoriaElenaNo @disruptionary @Amiwala2018 @erinrbowles @runtheseries @ava @genevievethiers @VictoriaElenaNo @disruptionary @Amiwala2018 I hired a crew for @runtheseries I placed priority in diversity, not because of "token hires," but because qua…
Retweeted by Ana BretónHi #Hollywood @aryagovil and I are starting a campaign to play basketballs in the new Space Jam2 movie. We are DIVE… @aryagovil never #spacejam4lyfe @Orlandoolier i hope so! @aryagovil and I want to be POC basketballs in the movie. Wanna join our cause? @aryagovil PEOPLE: does anyone have any connections to Space Jam 2? I want to play a background basketball @DanSpenser DanielWhen I hired a crew for @runtheseries I placed priority in diversity, not because of "token hires," but because qua…
@krispy_kreen but they're just morphing into the same person @schlife @Marissa_Jae'll say this a thousand times. In 20 years @schlife will either be running Hollywood or have a world record for th… @cassidyrouth It’s somehow very adorable @JFKPSA @SHODesusAndMero Nope! @ChickieNugs @SHODesusAndMero Not Julia!
Under someone’s desk at @SHODesusAndMero AMA panels. Less presentations. Less think tanks. Less talking. More damn walking. More hiring. More directing. Mo…
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*Children in cages* Republicans: *Children at border released to traffickers* Republicans: *Children dying unde… @LeahMillis @mileskahn Oh Leah you innocent thing"The Greatest American Hero" theme song requested by @snowak This truly made me LOL"Total Eclipse of the Heart" requested by @YoGlo_ @skiloochee the next hour or so I'll be taking requests for songs to put to this video. This one comes from @mileskahn: Cher a biopic you cowards
@alicialutes MAKE SPACE LADIES THE MOVIE A THING!!!!Isn't Boston sort of a straight pride parade already ? @_brittanyv speaking of wacky @_brittanyv briny @aryagovil @kazandruh Hire me I'm a preditor @PadmaLakshmi @aliwong This made me laugh so much! What a perfect movie!Why would he keep posting these he wrote this thing. I’m officially a Sketch Wife™️ @tennilleu Excellent catch 💯
The more you look at this photo the more dumb things you find your husband takes the fake blood he made & bucket of wigs in a suitcase I’m like: yup, I married a sketch comedy writer 🤷🏽‍♀️💜 @adefillo @THEKIDMERO @joshgondelman Anxiety Chic is very in right now @thesarahyork I wanna be buy 7 bikinisI love filming. I love cameras. I love video & telling stories. I am so happy. Ok bye. 💕💕💕
Happy #Pride2019
Retweeted by Ana Bretón @ashleyn1cole @PaymanBenz @DinoRay We literally just need one huge arena and many, many coffee vendors. Should I start tagging?One day later: I have come up with a name for this: COFFEECON @aryagovil SUP
GENIUS IDEA: ☕️We rent a huge arena ☕️We pick ONE day ☕️You invite all the people you’ve been saying you “need to… @TGICarolyn @thesarahyork U were a close second 🥈 maybe next yr @aryagovil BUT WHYYYY🌈Happy pride to @thesarahyork ONLY🌈 #PrideMonthIs it too late for me to be a celebrity chef @schlife @ShaneGoldmacher Control your girl Zoch @carolrhartsell Reeves???????!!!???#WhenTheySeeUs, #AlwaysBeMyMaybe, #Vida — lovin’ all of the black, Asian and Latinx excellence out right now. POC c…
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Reminder that crossing the border is a misdemeanor. Other misdemeanors include: getting a speeding ticket. Hundred… @elizacossio So sad to hear this 👎🏾 It’s such a good show! @erinrbowles
@tedcruz is lit love Mexico