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🇲🇽 Emmy-nominated digital producer. Doc/Comedy filmmaker. All my views are @mileskahn's. #binders

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@darthbender Same. I just watched it all again and man, still very good.I'm so sorry you guys. I really had to make this.Balloon Boy 2009/2019 HOW HOW @schlife Zoch I’m worried about you. #gucci @JaytotheTee @L_BenAbdallah #ThisIsUsThis lady is moving to LA to take over all the writers rooms and I could not be happier for her! (The ghost in the…
Mexico's largest airline is trolling Americans and it's the best. h/t @Aeromexico
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Putting it out in the universe: if any publication wants me to go to the Westminster Dog Show and write about it I… actually like the new @SlackHQ logo
Retweeted by Ana BretónHamberders was 25 years ago
@TheMujerista @TelevisionAcad @FullFrontalSamB Love you guys! @carolimeschaper reported/blockedI <3 hanburger @DanSpenser @cassidyrouth @washingtonpost tag yourself I'm sauce @cassidyrouth @washingtonpost we can all read the labels on the original photo.@washingtonpost could you investigate a politician or something love @TheMujerista and I love @adefillo, and having her write an article about me is the most touching thing in t… @catalyst_voice I was trying to figure out who he reminded me of the whole time! Thank you!Siri show me the most millennial thing the only wall he’s building is made of hamberders.
Retweeted by Ana BretónI AM CHOKING !!! The hipsters have discovered Mexico City and it. is. BAD!!! (And yes, Roma the movie is based on t… @miblogestublog
It’s caroline @HannahAWright @carolimeschaper @SpeakerPelosi uh oh @carolimeschaper @SpeakerPelosi oh noOne of my coworkers is suddenly acting and dressing VERY COOL and I WONT HAVE ANY OF IT!!!!!!!! attn: @SpeakerPelosi
Elizabeth Warren bringing her dog to a campaign speech and Cory Booker getting Sweetgreen with Gayle King is peak D…
Me running into an ex at Whole Foods I'm in this ⚡️ “Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley had a baby, and no, it's not named Shrek” filmmaking. *chef's kiss* should be a question we all ask during interviews in ANY field 💯, Minion.
🎵 To the tune of Baby Shark 🎵 I. Am. Sad. doo doo doo doo doo doo @ira I'm OBSESSED. @JuanSaaa STAHP
This podcast episode made me cry! @iamstephbeatz talking about how immigrant kids have a foot in one culture and an… @DanSpenser not approvedME TOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for tuning in that was our first episode @MikeDrucker @halcyonperson my venmo is ana-bretonExcited to announce that my coworker @halcyonperson and I are creating a podcast that’s opposite-ASMR. It’s called “YELLING.”As the president lands in McAllen, Texas, I wanted to resurface my thread about asylum seekers in this very town +…
There isn't actually a person named Emily, EMILY is an acronym that stands for — oh fine, whatever, we'll be there…
Retweeted by Ana BretónMy list! @jpbrammer too funny this Bonnaroo line up looks DOPE!
Retweeted by Ana Bretón✌🏽✌🏽worst possible take ✌🏽✌🏽 lick us because they know we have bones inside n they want em
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I liked it better when teens were doing vodka tampons don't know. Probably left them at home with my EMMY.
Retweeted by Ana Bretón @aryagovil @aryagovil Go to sleepI like how growing old just means buying stuff online while drunk turns into buying stuff online while you can’t sleep because of anxiety.Excited for @nbcsnl to return for @melissavcomedy’s impressions of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to make a comeback 🔥🔥🔥Expert level trolling Kondo said to keep things that spark joy so I adopted 20 dogs
For $1 I will tell you who the peacock is on Masked Singer. My Venmo is ana-breton @tweetrajouhari Mitra @aryagovil Where is my inviteI have NO CHILL when planning my birthday party this year cc: @ROMACuaron #Oscars2019 you read that Cyntoia Brown has been granted clemency but then realize she's spent almost half her life in pri… @elizacossio @Jezebel Eliza! This is such a great and informational article. I'm so sorry you've had to go through… @MaraWilson Alfonso Cuaron @JuanSaaa @FWDus this moment, somewhere in the world, young girls and women who look like us are learning to believe that they to…
Retweeted by Ana BretónSo far these are the names of the kids of #GoldenGlobe winners -Bob -Apple -Banana -Burrito -Boba -Bidi bidi bom b… this whatever sci fi superhero movie it needs to be @ Hollywood #GoldenGlobes Cuarón hugging every person at all surrounding tables is Mexican culture at its finest 🇲🇽 👌🏽
Retweeted by Ana BretónWanna feel old? Jeff Bridges is still talking
Retweeted by Ana BretónMexicans on our way to steal your #GoldenGIobes #ROMA Trump should build his wall out of all the Golden Globes Mexicans are winning tonight. #GoldenGIobes #ROMA*SCREAMING IN SPANISH* #GoldenGIobes #ROMA*CRYING IN MEXICAN* #GoldenGIobes #ROMAChristian Bale’s kid is named Burrito????? #GoldenGlobes @schlife @the_infern0 @TheHardMantra .... did we win @the_infern0 @TheHardMantra @schlife This is the best gif @the_infern0 @TheHardMantra @schlife AHHHHHH I AM IN THIS!!! HOW AM I IN THIS BUT ALSO TOOK PICS??Let Amy and Maya host the Oscarshas anyone checked in on @nsilverbergSandra Oh thanking her parents #GoldenGlobes Mullally is 60 years old @the_infern0 @TheHardMantra @schlife Omg my series of Zach belting Shallows and then collapsing and crying!!! @schlife Cc @the_infern0 #shallow @schlife ZACH ARE YOU OK RN @schlife You are straight up out of controlDamn it, Carol Burnett #GoldenGlobes did I not know Paddington was in Mary Poppins @schlife This is good @adefillo @aryagovil Excellent qThese Are the Latinos Nominated for #GoldenGlobes
Retweeted by Ana Bretón @kaitlinfontana Wow blessLooks like we found a winner before the ceremony even started. #GoldenGlobes @quinncy This thread is pretty much everything
@aurabogado @annehelen So glad you make this point. Even burnout is ~*priviledge*~can u imagine..... dancing in college @schlife *turns on notifications on your tweets*Happy Three Kings Days! Here are *my* three kings I observe, in order: 1) Idris Elba on the 2013 cover of GQ magazi…
@DanSpenser wait WHERE IS THE FAMILY DID THEY KILL THEM @skiloochee This is good