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I love this!!! If you have the extra funds, please consider donating to a great cause! understand today is April Fools - but keep it lighthearted and fun. Stop joking about pregnancy, Covid-19, and… @mxrgoddess @LisaKell406 Wish on as many shooting stars as you can - not only do you get Nook Miles, but a bunch of…’m gonna give away $5,000 to 3 random people who retweets this and follows me! ❤️ Quarantine is lasting way longer…
Retweeted by Miss Henley @Youtubable A dead one 🔥 @FaZeClan Bring on another bad ass lady! 🙌 @camwebb_2 I got you fam, lol, move closer! @KatieOhLee So... when all this is over with, we need to get into some irl shenanigans. Even if I have to come visi… pan for my house. One pan for my parents. #StayHome @SteelSeries The Arctis Pro Wireless headset - my current headset from another company is broken and no longer stay… @overtflow I've been loving it! @UnicornyLithia @OnceTees Tifa ❤ (Sephiroth comes in a close second) stream tonight friends - doing an essentials store run for my parents during stream time. ❤
I need more friends in the Southern hemisphere for fishing, and friends with peaches, pears, and apples! I need fru…
Retweeted by Miss HenleyCommissions are back open! DM me if you need: ➡️ Sponsorship Deck ➡️ Media Infographic ➡️ Stream Bio Panels ➡️ On…
Retweeted by Miss Henley @CandiiVonCane Chin up pretty lady, work that block button 😘 @CandiiVonCane I agree - it's more toxic now than ever with the state of the virus. Small people look to cut other… @CandiiVonCane Some people just want everyone to be miserable like them. You're smashing goals he wishes he was. Ju… @MxrBrittTheBrat @WatchMixer Congrats!!
@VellaPlays Yes! DM me your code :) @Twitch_Pink Being suffocated by those thighs ma'am 😍I need more friends in the Southern hemisphere for fishing, and friends with peaches, pears, and apples! I need fru… you really enjoy watching @BlessUnleashed gameplay, this man has been killing it in stream - check him out on… @camwebb_2 @yedoc1991 @highground_god @drdisrespect Imagine spending your time worried about what other people wear. Couldn't be me.No One: Me In Quarantine At 3am: INTO THE UNKNOOOOWN, INTO THE UNKNOOOOOOOOOWN, INTO THE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH (listeni…
Retweeted by Miss Henley @AechDub My face was like - hold up.... @DrulkGaming More flavor than your typical flavored water, but not overpowering - it's pretty good oddly lol, I hav… grabbed this at the grocery store earlier - it tastes like a tootsie roll. It's good, but I'm slightly weirded ou… @gamergoo Hands down still my favorite! @KateitaK Beautiful coat! @lindsywood7 Yes - it was so bad Thursday I had to cut steam super short. I even got kicked off 5 times though OBS… @Kintinue I'm living for these tweets lately lol
@TitanOptiks @CashApp $MissHenley need to do a grocery trip this afternoon for essentials and food for the coming week @camwebb_2Welp - my Corsair headset no longer stays tight on my head when I adjust the band. It just slides right back down.…
Retweeted by Miss Henley @MitchJonez Dual pc is life @Kintinue on Mixer with some Fortnite and then a #sponsored segment of stream with @BlessUnleashed - I love this game!!…
@bhinkk I see the top one at least 5 times a stream 😐LIVE on Mixer with some Fortnite and then a #sponsored segment of stream with @BlessUnleashed - want to join me? Ch…
@CandiiVonCane Streamer world is unfortunately pretty negative sometimes, and then with the circumstances of the wo… @CandiiVonCane Girl - mute and unfollow. Not all of us are like that. ♥️ @MichelleKosins6 $MissHenley @CashApp $MissHenley @BashMuller10 $MissHenley @jaasssaay11 @CashApp $MissHenley @PWNYplays @IGchef_andrewb DXRacer has been my go to for 6 years now - and no complaints from fulltime use perspect… @ChazKirschmann @Pilioka @LoveHenley Any thx fam! @thatenolacat @LoveHenley Thanks sexy mama!As a content creator, you don’t have to be a “big” streamer to have a working relationship with a gaming studio, pu…
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No stream tonight - running to the store later when most people are home. Knocking out my trip and a trip for my pa… @SaReSaSa1 This! Now more than ever it's important to take breaks. 2 weeks in and I see streamers already getting b… @ItsPixietweet @LoveHenley this happened today! In the Top 1% on #OnlyFans! Request to follow my after dark account @LoveHenley for pics, p… @champggne I'm here for the hair (and everything else too) 😍Live on Mixer getting some #Warzone trios in! Come hang out and take your mind of things!
@ModestMarill If only they were fully remote positions! 😔Welcome to the very first edition of the Mixer Community Digest! Here, we'll keep you up-to-date with all of the la…
Retweeted by Miss Henley @SteelSeries 👉🏽👈🏽🥺 @barry_noor @SteelSeries @TonzyMixer Kids are getting horribly stir crazy.... I'm sorry it was a rough night! @Gothalion I get bit enough that I should be spiderman by now lol @Avrizic @CandiiVonCane I don't discredit that one bit. But that's not an excuse to be lazy and jeopardize other p…
@CandiiVonCane It makes me so mad to see people in those important positions right now having so little regard for the publicJust had crazy anxiety in the grocery store. There's workers stocking the shelves, coughing without shielding their… it is... the winners for our Winter Giveaway! 🎉 @Tido4The5Gun won our 34" Curved Monitor! @ThisGuyTomTV won…
Retweeted by Miss Henley @altcustoms @Lifewhacker @SteelSeries Omg!!!! I'm glad you're alright! 😳 @alexmonney Prepare to enjoy bliss for hours everyday 🤤 @Lifewhacker @SteelSeries 😳 @compoundkiller @SteelSeries I know :) I don't currently use a goxlrWe think the world needs a little more fun and love, so we've decided to do a #giveaway! 4 copies of #DOOMEternal
Retweeted by Miss Henley @uni05tv @SteelSeries I love hearing all the good stuff people have to say about all the models! @chasemaddy1 @Lewiskac @Malnoxxtv @SteelSeries I'm eyeing the pros myself. Wireless with cats is a godsend!
@ARonaWillDo Yasss! Big congrats too - GFuel has a great crew! @ARonaWillDo I love that you're part of another company I get to work with!! 💖 @SteelSeries A girl's gotta shoot her shot sometimes! @MysticMikeLive @BehindThe_BS @camwebb_2IF YOU GET THIS IN YOUR DISCORD DMS, DO NOT CLICK IT
Retweeted by Miss Henley @Akara__ @SteelSeries You were right!Went to the grocery store earlier, saw someone in the @FaZeClan Black Ops hoodie... I've never needed a hoodie more in my life. 🥺 @MepTechGaming @SteelSeries THIS. SO much this. I tried on someone's wireless pros and I swear to God I've never ha… @Jebbreh @SteelSeries @SADES_Gaming Appreciate the suggestion - but I'm deadset on @SteelSeries. I tried a friend's… - my Corsair headset no longer stays tight on my head when I adjust the band. It just slides right back down.… love when @metathreads comes through with a killer care package... what's inside? Catch streams this week to… winners have been drawn and notified for the @StreamCentric monitor and giftcard giveaways. We are allowing 72… @ACNHCentral @JustCallMeAJ134 @themexicanmist1 @oOStridOo @C6URTNEY Love this so much!! Congratulations girl!! @Solice This was me way too many times.... and then I see all the screenshots of people with full tarantula inventory 🤷🏼‍♀️ #ImJustBad lolI have 4 projects on the agenda today, and I can take on one more if you'd like a super fast turn around! DM me 😊 @jamescharles ❤❤❤❤ here I am with my three monitor, 2 pc set up, using my mechanical keyboard, with an iced coffee, and my laptop…
@LisaKell406 I'll send you my code when I hop on in a little bit! @TheMavShow Congrats!! @FlowerKidNena Roald and Diva lol, you?I've been playing #animalcrossing all day long thanks to a kind soul - I'm absolutely loving it, AND my daughter is… @LuigiNYCTV Lol omg Paperboy! That was my jam!Less than 6 hours to get your entries in! #StayAtHome #SocialDistancing @LuigiNYCTV What have you been playing fam?