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18//Radiant Peak 40//@Scrollval @Iamhcu

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@smartpunchsp dwoajdhjskdfasuk fucck me ?????? @smartpunchsp only if you kiss me ;) @sadIucas hey lol @AeroValorant @luvhals sorry ;/ just @ me next time @smartpunchsp you smurf tiss tiss tiss
@ProfessorSoop so hard you couldn’t do it @ProfessorSoop a loser in college loser in games just a loser in general @AeroValorant knowing that i can be better for you @scrollval me @edatercentral not with me 😝 @AeroValorant @ysk1ng ? why not me
@AeroValorant @ysk1ng i just tryna fuck you and brodie is trying to cock block
@ysk1ng @AeroValorant his time is now @AeroValorant hey ive seen you in the streams a couple times !!! would you e… @iamhcu @edatercentral @sadIucas i wish you were in my pants 😔 @noxufps on you man i think they reyna might be better then you just accept the fact you suck @t1ffsny @scrollval HE WANTS TO FUCK ME i told him that i was not able to fuck a 5 year old because that is nasty a… @t1ffsny @scrollval he kinda wants to fuck me idk what to say @t1ffsny @scrollval @t1ffsny @scrollval watch this @turtlewurdle @scrollval if they don’t beat it to you that means they are beating to someone else and why would you want that in your life @turtlewurdle @scrollval if your friends don’t do this can you even call them your friends? @t1ffsny @scrollval it’s okay he’s my only 10 year old friend and i’m waiting for him to turn 18 so i can take him on a fine date
@t1ffsny @scrollval i was just telling him i miss him he was my rank duo for 3 acts in a row i think i have over 400 games just with him @AeroValorant @scrollval is that a good oh or a bad one because if it is a bad one my phone was acting up sorry if… @AeroValorant @scrollval i can show you what spit feels likeWHATTTTTT DID HE SAYYYY @scrollval
@ProfessorSoop @cryptXVAL DSADPO[]SAJIODAOSIJLK;DLJ;KA SA MY BOY FUMBLING @Toastedtw @camilleettv @iamhcu Immortal *starts throwing up*
@ProfessorSoop i have of a for you to win simple just get better L bitch @ProfessorSoop as one told "worlds worst"to all the ladies, I will uninstall tiktok for you. DMs open.
Retweeted by Aaron @iamhcu @camilleettv i did admit to liking girls after not speaking to her in a week i did do that @hyjinxVAL mommy? @ProfessorSoop oh no what happened @iamhcu its been 2 days since you talked to me @iamhcu Hey stop thinking its not okay @ysk1ng @unstableval @PapaC0le You see this is how @unstableval shoot in my game EVERY time he gets on my team play… @Skrrtfps @turtlewurdle @ripBored @AeroValorant i went to bed at 7 and woke up just a little bit ago now im having… @turtlewurdle @ripBored @AeroValorant @Skrrtfps Listen when alphas hear alphas they wanna fuck simple @1EDEN_ hey so i have a countdown to your birthday and let me tell you my smile grows more and mmore every day @edatercentral Stay woke💯💯💯 @ripBored @AeroValorant @Skrrtfps @turtlewurdle ummmmmmmmm ummmmmmm ummmmmmmm who tf is that? @edatercentral then do me ill drop the addy BABY GORL @iamhcu @AeroValorant @Skrrtfps @turtlewurdle I know what can i say 6'6 abs throbbing when i wake up because they a… @edatercentral make it 63 because youre missing me :smirk: @AeroValorant @Skrrtfps @turtlewurdle
@jellyfish_val @scrollval repost it i’ll like it @scrollval @jellyfish_val you’re a fuckink this is why you’re gonna get a beating soon @jellyfish_val @scrollval no way you got bitched by my 11 year old son jellyfish SMH @kingazriel_ @poweridv 🥺 @kingazriel_ @poweridv “i have freckles too” 🥺 @unstableval @AeroValorant @zekeiVAL Im fine with it has long as its you @unstableval @AeroValorant @zekeiVAL Just because they are afk doesnt mean you dropped 40 @unstableval @AeroValorant @zekeiVAL its not racist that you just suck balls at the game kiddo @AeroValorant @zekeiVAL @unstableval no way youre calling this boosted fuck handsome i think we need to break up @AeroValorant Fuck me you wont do it bitch no balls tiny pp looking ass @AeroValorant we can be in the talking stage or whatever i mean whatttt unlesss i mean whatttt UNLESSSSSSS... @BapeVal bape i truly think hes better then you @jakeeVAL @ProfessorSoop you sure you kinda need it you suck bad.
@ProfessorSoop He joined your discord nick @AeroValorant come over now @iamhcu im missing you rn @J4CK_007 Youre my drug babes @AeroValorant you not being in my dms have me suffering :/ @SuperDeadrical @iamhcu youre 4'11 irl @iamhcu youre fucking ass kid @iamhcu got shit on idk what to sayNot easy beating @iamhcu at osu 200k beats 9k its w/e @jakeeVAL @_novaVAL you bitch @_novaVAL i wish jake was this good but he sucks @jakeeVAL @ProfessorSoop @jakeeVAL @scrollval @iamhcu @cloudyerin_ @ChippoVal we are his hard counters @jakeeVAL @scrollval @iamhcu @cloudyerin_ @ChippoVal yes that’s me @ChippoVal @jakeeVAL @scrollval @iamhcu @cloudyerin_ you got jack who didn’t know where he was you had fiji kid scr… @jakeeVAL @scrollval @iamhcu @cloudyerin_ @ChippoVal when you and aaron played i would just bussy fuck you @iamhcu @jakeeVAL @scrollval @cloudyerin_ @ChippoVal 4-0 vs hcu god i would never @ChippoVal @jakeeVAL @scrollval @iamhcu @cloudyerin_ “you’re the only sova i know wanna trial and made you BREAD fo… @scrollval @jakeeVAL @iamhcu @cloudyerin_ Edater 🤢 @jakeeVAL @scrollval @iamhcu @cloudyerin_ @ChippoVal you’ve never beat you’re 5’1 irl my small idiot friend scroll… @jakeeVAL @scrollval @iamhcu @cloudyerin_ jake this is why at one point in the game you were on my dodge list just like @ChippoVal @scrollval @iamhcu @cloudyerin_ @jakeeVAL broke idiot
done. @iamhcu would have fced with 99.8 accuracy @edatercentral BRO SHE GOT HER SHOES KNOCKED OFF BY 1 PUNCH @scrollval @iamhcu @florscnt i write papers for money
@sadIucas O.OGoing through my bookmarks and thoguht more people need to see this
@t1ffsny @scrollval yes he is? @scrollval @ShiiroQt @florscnt hey sexy @scrollval @ShiiroQt @florscnt noooooooooo @scrollval @ProfessorSoop @marynah_1 what about the fridge picture @scrollval @ProfessorSoop @marynah_1 i know i tried to help him but he didn’t listen to a god on him @ProfessorSoop @scrollval @marynah_1 nick don’t lie on the tl you’re 68 @scrollval @ProfessorSoop @marynah_1 your mad i’ve already had my first kiss @scrollval @ProfessorSoop @marynah_1 i know my man’s isn’t talk scroll the last girl you ever talked to was 5 years ago asking for a pencil
@ProfessorSoop nick not the place
@sw1ndal its about to go down ;) @sw1ndal so now we both 18 looking mad fuckable ;) @KegShouts @AstonLorenzoval @Lorenzo_x7 is bald shiny heady @scrollval @ProfessorSoop @Optimalkun Vouch + handsome + strong @MoonKillerYT @Shockno77 dkl;sadjklsakl; thats pretty funny @scrollval are you todays date because youre 3/10 bitch