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It's hard even imagining a life without water. Take a stand to save water by joining the #MissionPaani initiative by News18 & Harpic.

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An Open Letter From One Indian Citizen To Another! @HarpicIndia #MissionPaani #BachegaJalBanegaKal #Coronavirus the Covid-19 battle, let’s not forget about our mission to conserve water. Read to know the importance of co… water problem is severe and we need to act now. Here’s what you need to keep in mind. @HarpicIndia sure your taps are done up, and there are no leakages because the proof of the pudding is, we can’t afford any… that in mind while brushing, shaving, bathing, or in times like these, washing your hands. Join the… that might be incentive enough for you to stop buying bottled water, and help the crisis a bit. Become aware. J… you know how inextricably the water crisis is linked to climate change. Get educated, become aware. Join the… next time you waste food and are throwing it in the dustbin, take a step back and think hard. Also, join the…
So once it’s gone and depleted, it’s gone and depleted for real. Read that twice. And if it scares you, take steps.… the midst of this Pandemic, when you wash your hands, remember to also turn the tap off. Every drop counts. Join…'s not even an exaggeration. The little things you do to save water can make a huge difference. Join the… need to respect water and our uses of it, in order to maintain its presence in our lives, and for the future as…’s all join hands and try to make this Earth a better place... a place with water for everyone, now and in the f…
Neither one’s importance can be ignored in the times that we live in. Stay safe and help keep the future safe as we… the steps and you will live to lead a happy life, with a water-secure future. Join @HarpicIndia @CNNnews18 wash your hands and keep the tap off during it, if you don’t want to jump directly into another crisis! Join…’s make this the motto of the world when it comes to the water crisis. The time to wait is past! Join… change if we as individuals don’t change and do our bit. Join @HarpicIndia @CNNnews18 #MissionPaani and learn… more people know, the better it will be. Join @HarpicIndia @CNNnews18 #MissionPaani and learn how you can contr… is power, and you need to educate yourself to become capable of helping out. Join @HarpicIndia @CNNnews18
The only way to act now is to act fast! Do your bit. By 2050, at least one in four people is likely to live in a co… will we do then? The scenario is scary, isn’t it? Let’s start acting now so that we don’t reach there. Join…
Every single step and every small contribution can make a difference. See how you can make too. @HarpicIndia’s prioritise both the crises we're facing. Read on to know more. @HarpicIndia #MissionPaani the health, environmental and climate-related hazards we are creating on a daily basis! Become aware. Join… ranks India at 120 among 122 countries in the water quality index. How do we plan to rank higher? Join… optimal level of fluoride for preventing tooth decay is 0.7 milligrams (mg) in every litre of water.We have mor… costs us a national loss of income equivalent to Rs. 10 billion. Join @HarpicIndia @CNNnews18 #MissionPaani an…
Stay clean.Stay safe.And help save the future from being dry at the same time. Become aware of how you can help. Jo…’s common sense, and we should all be doing it anyway. Why let one crisis aggravate the other?Become aware. join… #WorldWaterDay, we are fighting two major crises. Let’s pay heed to both and keep ourselves and our future saf…’d be surprised but you can verify the answer by yourself. To change that, pledge this #WorldWaterDay, and join…
The little things you do, will make a big difference in the long run. Join @CNNnews18 @HarpicIndia to learn how you… are a hundred more important uses of water than how green your lawn is. Please get it together. Join… liters of water is used to create a one litre plastic bottle water. That math should peak for itself. Become awar… clothes can wait for a day, and so can the wastage of water. Join @CNNnews18 @HarpicIndia to learn how you can…सुरक्षित रहने के लिए स्वच्छता बनाए रखना आवश्यक है, खासकर इस समय. आइए हम सुनिश्चित करें कि हम 20 सेकंड के लिए अपने…
Retweeted by Mission PaaniDire circumstances ask for dire measures. Let’s start doing all that we can. Join @CNNnews18 @HarpicIndia to learn… is essential to maintain hygiene to stay protected. Especially in these times, let's ensure we wash our hands fo…, the building block of life is not going to last forever. Always remember Bachega Jal Banega Kal. Do your bit… is essential to maintain hygiene to stay protected. Especially in these times, let's ensure we wash our hands fo…
Retweeted by Mission PaaniWe are getting it for free, and it’s all for us. Let’s make it work. Join @CNNnews18 @HarpicIndia to learn how you… not? Waste not. A simple mantra that would help us all. Join @CNNnews18 @HarpicIndia to learn how you can con… is important, especially during this phase. But don’t let the other crisis get out of hand while trying to… huge wastage is created when little drops come together. Fix the little things for the bigger picture. Join… all, it’s for your own good. What will you decide, this #WorldWaterDay? Join @CNNnews18 @HarpicIndia to learn…
“Wash your hands regularly. But if we’re not careful, soon we won’t be able to do that as well. Stay safe, conserve… there is one pledge you can take this #WorldWaterDay, let it be to never let a kid die due to sanitation and dir… water and sanitation is a basic right, and unfortunately, it isn’t for everyone. How can you help? This World…’s tough to even imagine how unfair it is, to the ones who don’t receive clean drinking water. This World Water D… we celebrate World Water Day, millions don’t have basic access to water. Join @HarpicIndia @CNNNews18 and lea…
Mission Paani travels to remote villages across Rajasthan to see how the state is conserving water, with Jal Shakti…
A big thanks to one and all for participating in the #MissionPaani contest. The response was overwhelming, now here…
How you play Holi decides the water scarcity for the coming days. This year, have a dry Holi to save your city from… do you need water when there are hundreds of colours to celebrate Holi anyway?! This Holi, go dry with… Holi, spread colours and save the water for the days to come. #missionpaani @harpicindia yourself from unwanted diseases. Let this Holi be a dry one. #missionpaani @HarpicIndia is a festival of colours, let’s try and not make it about wasting water. #missionpaani @HarpicIndia your Holi with colours, not your life resource. This Holi, go dry. #missionpaani @HarpicIndia’t let your city go dry this Holi. #missionpaani @harpicindia
Is 2020 the year women take over for better water governance? Watch and know more. @harpicIndia #MissionPaani
Rainfall is a make-or-break deal for our country right now. Read to know more. @harpicIndia #MissionPaani a water certain future for India? Here’s what you need to do. @harpicIndia #MissionPaani #IndiaJalBachao wastage leads to a water crisis. Don’t believe it? Read on. @harpicIndia #MissionPaani #IndiaJalBachao
Where there is a will, there is a way. Nothing embodies it better than what you're about to witness. @HarpicIndia Foundation & ITC are changing the 'course' of water in the most drought-prone areas of India. Take a look.… how Mission Paani stood out, at the World Economic Forum, Davos 2020. @harpicIndia #MissionPaani #WEF two of the biggest stalwarts in Hindi Cinema align to fight for the cause of water conservation, here's what h… or Monday, every day you eat an egg right? Now look at the repercussions and decide. Join @HarpicIndia for the flour, 80 for the cheese, and around 12 for the sauce. This is the global average but you get the point!… and avoid that printout if you can! Join @HarpicIndia - @CNNNews18 #MissionPaani to know more.…’ll be running for water soon! Join @HarpicIndia @CNNNews18 #MissionPaani to know more. doesn’t make sense does it? And yet it’s true. Join @HarpicIndia -@CNNNews18 #MissionPaani to know more.… bowl of milk and cereal every day costs way more than just that! Join @HarpicIndia -@CNNNews18 #MissionPaani t… there was no water on Earth, the sky might change color, and become a reddish tint due to the high oxygen conten… to as the Coral Bleaching Event in 1998, elevated ocean temperatures affected the reef ecosystems gravely.…
A step-by-step process is what’ll help us systematically win against the raging water crisis! #missionpaani’re stuck in a vicious circle, and only an all-round approach can help us win against the water crisis!… writing’s on the wall. Now the only thing we need to do is band together and fight this crisis. Read to know mo… with climate change, come a horde of other unwanted changes. Read on to know how. #missionpaani @harpicindia of available freshwater is used in agriculture. Our wasting of food is just feeding the already bad water scarc… is on top of the current population facing water scarcity. How is that going to work? Get aware and start help… there are no signs of us stopping. We ned to act now and act fast. You can help by joining @HarpicIndia is like a bad disaster movie coming to life. But believe it, we are headed there. You can help prevent it. Joi… harm climate. Climate harms back. And when it comes to the climate, everything else is also affected, includ… harming our climate, we are putting ourselves in grave danger. To know more about how climate change affects our… might seem too small a change, but consider how big the world is and the heat dispersed… and you’ll see it is no… statistics are scary, imagine how scarier it will be if this turn into reality! Do your bit to let this be just…
What steps can be taken to tackle climate change, on an individual level? #MissionPaani #contest | @HarpicIndia An… was the first organisation who have given a red list of – 1. Endangered Species 2. Growing Species 3. Migrator… many litres of water does a washing machine use per load? 1- 30 litres 2- 90 litres 3- 155 litres 4- 242 litres… #2: Global Warming causes polar ice to melt into the sea, turning fresh water into seawater. 1.True 2. F… of the following is a greenhouse gas? 1. CO2 2.CH4 3. Water Vapour 4. All of the above @HarpicIndia Answer…
Stay tuned as we have a few questions for you. A few lucky winners stand to win some exciting prizes! @HarpicIndia
Forget these luxuries if you want to survive, and help fight a water crisis all of us are facing. Also, help create… the no. of people in the country and how we can all lend a helping hand by curbing water usage. You can als…
The remaining 15% are soon to face the same consequences if enough care is not taken. Do your bit to help by joinin… you think it is THE solution for India to win over the water crisis? Let us know in the comments below. Also joi…
Under the Prime Minister Krishi Sinchayee Yojana, the government has announced its intent to provide ‘Har Khet Ko P… need to efficiently manage available water resources and cultivate new ones is fast becoming imperative. Help t…