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@Ra1denSZNRedux Yes. I was lowkey disappointed.She’s lucky cause I just knew sis was going through that window
How do you know if you’ve broken a knuckle? 😒 @TraWallace10 🥺 thank youSis they just broke the news to me like an hour ago 😪 guy who said he’d clap ya cheeks if u weren’t his daughter?
Retweeted by slim.Man what 😭 definitely do
Retweeted by slim.Gimme a minute to unsee the white BM & I’ll be back @TraWallace10 Yeah I can definitely see this. Thank you btw @MissKilahMarie i think trying to weigh what you deserve based on the struggle you have gone thru is a defense mech…
Retweeted by slim.I used to have this mentality but had to change
Retweeted by slim.I’m wondering why people do that as it pertains to relationships. Like is it a manipulative thing, is it a self-esteem thing.. what is it? @MissKilahMarie Yes, they absolutely do, I've witnessed this
Retweeted by slim.Yes
Retweeted by slim. @TraWallace10 You mind elaborating on why you think it goes back to self esteem?absolutely. i think its a self esteem issue.
Retweeted by slim.Have you ever worn the struggle(s) you’ve endured in a relationship like a badge of honor or something to be thanke… haven’t really fleshed out my thoughts on this but you know how Black people take pride in struggle? & wear is as… what people are missing. If the dude says inv your friends and he doesn’t pay then I get it. But if you just…
Retweeted by slim. @Q_IsNerdy It’s really that simple imo @ABSTRACTionism1 lol lemme just go head & delete that before I give somebody a strokeThat subject just boils down to entitlement for me. Feeling entitled to somebody paying for you & your friends just… happens more than men on twitter think it does lol
Retweeted by slim.I’m not dating somebody with kids period but for y’all to date em when the kid is less than 3 (really 5-6 tbh) is so.. um.... brave?X______X not extended the stay @ColbyTzan lmaoo I’m so sorry @MissKilahMarie A white bm is worse tho 💀
Retweeted by slim. @jasthegawdesss LMFAOhonestlyOOPls tell me she ended it there 🥴 @Dreamescape88 lmao his white bm @jasthegawdesss X____X I’m so sorryWhichever way you go, congratulations! hold on I didn’t expect this to worry y’all like this 😭 I meant the white BM. Nothing happened to the man.Boo
Retweeted by slim.Yall act like this is the end of the world. I promise you its not.
Retweeted by slim. @Baelizean subtract it from the time as a whole if it was a long time. Some people see or sleep with others in that timefram…
Retweeted by slim.Y’all couldn’t let me know that before I came around to seeing the vision? @theejenbunny2 cumulative time? should’ve started the count over with one ex 🥴 Shit got very hectic & unnecessary.Eh. Nggas be having whole bfs & gfs in between. So it might have to vary. hold on, what are you saying to me? miss. Only thing he might get right is some of the food. from 0
Retweeted by slim. @kidsol7 Thank you! @SlicccThowedOff AbsolutelyY’all ignore the break ups when you tally how long the relationship lasted or you start over from 0 when you get back together?3+ years if you ignore the break ups. I’m pretty sure I had two 3 year long relationships. Bless my heart. traveling conversation showed that some Black people think they should be above accountability because "white p…
Retweeted by slim.It’s required as far as I’m concerned Tamar.... is a couple of the girls that copied & pasted “the girls” in order to build their following. @Dreamescape88 I mean it’s not new. Nene is one of the reality tv girls that adopted her entire tv persona from gay… that immerse themselves in & appropriate gay culture but then when the conversation is brought to them get ma… knew she was wrong for that is still using gay Black men as tools & accessories in 2020? @yeezyree Yes 🥴 pls go watch itI’m mot “mad” at the fan voting necessarily, but if they’re gonna do that, they need to make the voting anonymous &… was trash during KvQs cause you could tell by half way through that whatever the top comments were, that’s how p… mind is everywhere.I'm personally obsessed with how the writer's rooms on Black shows lead to so many career-making moments. They re…
Retweeted by slim. @yeezyree You watched the full story?Obviously Toph. is he human?
Retweeted by slim.Might have to make a YT next year @yeezyree 😭😭The shard of bone that was in my gums finally came out 🥺This...doesn't surprise me
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Retweeted by slim. @MissKilahMarie Somebody gotta die if i end up on the floor like this
Retweeted by slim.You don’t care about Darren Greenfield. His death happened under a Conservative government, so if you did, your ene…
Retweeted by slim.Abraham Lincoln literally said “I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and…
Retweeted by slim. @ijayt205 @HeartBreakSeun Why my mans go out like a horror scene tho😂 end credits and shit😂
Retweeted by comes a brick !
Retweeted by slim.Therapy. Therapy.
Retweeted by slim.a black man was found hanging from a basketball hoop in south sacramento at countryside park yesterday across from…
Retweeted by slim.The real back story: @Aye_Rain Same 😭😭
Retweeted by slim.:/ girl bettta
Retweeted by slim. @MamaElle_ 😭😭😭😭Oh my God WAIT NO 😭’s the third one that concerns me the most shit hella trash lmfao
Retweeted by slim.LMFAO I AM A NEWLY SINGLE WOMAN HUNNIE! Deleting every trace of him from all my social media too 😭😭
Retweeted by slim. @_BriaPlease It sure feels that way lowkey @MissKilahMarie It was right here dude decided to just sit there and accept his fate..I’m sick just watching this s…
Retweeted by slim. @toohighmar They be on the TL 😭This is a lovers quarrel...imma watch from the sideline because clearly that's what I am...
Retweeted by slim. @roseaintshit (same)He’ll break up with me just off the jokes I’d have for his ass afterwards. I’ll let him do the breaking up to save…
Retweeted by slim.They love chaos. Maybe after a certain age they don’t love it as much, but they love that shit.
Retweeted by slim. @MissKilahMarie @texacoken
Retweeted by slim.You better save me 😂
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