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electric word, life. it means forever and that’s a mighty long time. RESIST. 🏳️‍🌈

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@ErinnDennany 🤣🤣🤣 I love Anne. That bitch over there lmaoMe @ErinnDennany @mikebmi This and anything Amerie always make me think of youThese @MLB games aren’t going to have crowds, right?
Fave @mikebmi person followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by we be done with fireworks y’all they’re terrible for the environment and not only that but they scare dogs. And…
Retweeted by 🦖Arrest the cops that killed Breonna Taylor #BlackLivesMatter #BreonnaTaylor of these fireworks fr sound like bombs bruh if y’all love your veterans why are u making these loud ass noises…
Retweeted by 🦖for all my marvel stans ..... here’s some pics of wakanda #AllCountriesMatter
Retweeted by 🦖@ Team Snapchat. Don’t try me with that “Happy 4th of July” Booh!!! #AllCountriesMatter
Retweeted by 🦖Team Snapchat really sent a “Happy Fourth” message, like bitch no it’s #AllCountriesMatter day.
Retweeted by 🦖look at these gorgeous photos of the netherlands 😍😍😍 #allcountriesmatter
Retweeted by 🦖omg happy #AllCountriesMatter day 😊 Indonesia is so beautiful 🇲🇨
Retweeted by 🦖#AllCountriesMatter #AllCountriesMatter what a great day to celebrate our wonderful world !! ❤️
Retweeted by 🦖happy 4th of july, anyways lets look at some pictures of the beautiful place Japan! because #AllCountriesMatter
Retweeted by 🦖I would wish everyone a "Happy 4th of July" or as we so commonly know it as America's "Independence Day" BUT.......…
Retweeted by 🦖Hay @realDonaldTrump #AllCountriesMatter
So many fireworks 😩
@SteveAndrusko99 @Lin_Manuel, this is really scary.
Retweeted by 🦖😭😭😭😭😭 #Hamilton #HamiltonFilm you @Lin_Manuel for this. THANK YOU that's just awkward.
Retweeted by 🦖 @NumbersMuncher The fact that people can’t acknowledge that both Clinton and Trump both had ties to Epstein just sh…
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2 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by can’t even begin to tell you how much Sissy that Walk makes me happy @RuPaul @CassandraTx @DairyQueenTX Blizzard with heath bars are my everythingWhen I forget to grab my mask and they say I can’t come in the store
Retweeted by 🦖 can’t wait to start #UnsolvedMysteries!! I loved that show as a kidOn any given day, somewhere in the U.S., someone is going to wake up, leave the house and get in a huge argument wi…
Retweeted by 🦖 @RealTommyPro @ForzaCorrado She always does
11 years since we played the first song. 5 years since we opened. 2 sleeps left and you will have it. It’s yours.…
Retweeted by 🦖Ok I love @NinaWestIt baffles me that some humans don’t want other humans to have the same rights as themMan @troyesivan is such a cutie
@misslexxmarie JA-DA MUAH
Retweeted by 🦖 @jayhall242 Omg 🤣🤣🤣I'm not a human I am a dove I'm your conscious I am love All I really need is to know that You believe
lmao I forgot how funny @donaldglover’s standup is 🤣🤣 watching weirdo and crying laughingFound the bestest truck driver @Phanatical @insomniacookies They literally sold me dough disguised as a baked cookie @insomniacookies Go check your dmsHi @insomniacookies it’s now been a week since you sold me raw cookies and still haven’t been refunded. It has now…*ominous atmospheric music*
Woof. I hate white people. do you have your toes out in my lab?
@nyerkid625 Happy belated birthday
There’s no better movie scene than when everyone comes back at the of #Endgame people unfollowed me // automatically checked by Machine Trump speaking to us from six years ago.
Retweeted by 🦖That little poof of air that comes out when you tie the garbage bag closed can fuck right off
Retweeted by 🦖 @ErinnDennany lol I did! So many people have tagged me. It’s the best
2020 fave part of the revival so far 🤣🤣🤣 #twinpeaks @ErinnDennany I’m still awake 😭🤣What planets are fucking up y’all? The last 24hrs have been a rollercoaster
@ErinnDennany Same here!! And if I do ever fall asleep, it’s not until like 3. It didn’t happen at all last night & I have to work in 2hrsAnxiety hell...
Retweeted by 🦖I haven’t slept at all
Finally made it to the return #twinpeaks @jayhall242 You ain’t lyinI’ve been out of high school for 20 years now 😩😩No one man should have all that power 🤣🤣👏🏻👏🏻’s only 65 years old today. Her white classmates are the generation running this country right now. That’s the p…
Retweeted by 🦖 I got cookies from @insomniacookies and they didn’t even bake the cookies the whole way through! That glob is li…
JUST IN: Florida surpasses 100,000 coronavirus cases
Retweeted by 🦖 @mikebmi @therealcrazyray Omg yes 🥰🥰Lmaooo I’m dying @j_legally
@Abella_Danger I didn’t get a chance to finish the video. I think you should repost itJam @mikebmi announces 3,494 new COVID-19 cases in last 24 hours, with a positive rate of 11.9% To put that in perspect…
Retweeted by 🦖I look like @MsSarahPaulson in #AHSApocalypse 🤣 @Kaiten1978 @LouisatheLast @kenklippenstein "Defunding the police is too extreme" says the country which also fires…
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Retweeted by 🦖racists on long island will be like “my ancestors were here first” but will live in towns like Amagansett or Wantag…
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I got 2 of my grail funkos this week @Alaska5000 @prattprattpratt @parksandrecnbc @RuPaulsDragRace @VeraWang is SEVENTY? How? Omg she looks fantasricone person followed me // automatically checked by
Yooooo @mikebmi @realDonaldTrump Everyone should report this for inciting violence @Sunkissed1986 @AtlantaFX I literally had to google what Juneteenth was when I first saw the episode. I was so mad…, I only learned about it last year because of @AtlantaFX @mikebmi @therealcrazyray This jam just came up’t make me go off on yo ass either😒
Retweeted by 🦖I don’t know why we’re not taught about Juneteenth and why it’s not recognized an actual holiday. @brokenXharp Lol sameHey white people, don’t be like this guy tomorrow #atlanta #juneteenth
2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by IT, JERRY
Retweeted by 🦖Please retweet and share!!! My sister in law has been missing for over a week. Please help get her picture out. She…
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