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Shielding Paediatric Intensive Care Nurse 💚 Future Mrs @DannGooding 💚 Hodgkins Lymphoma + thyroid cancer patient.

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I just woke @DannGooding up as he fell asleep because I knew he won’t sleep later if he naps now... he gets upset s…
@helen_barnowl I now have three types prescribed 😍 finally under control @shakilak Shouldn’t we get it right and be respectful of all our patients? @steve_grimbleby @WeCYPnurses I think his face mask needs to be a bit longer! X
@JaneCoomber1 @ann378 I appreciated being in a side room, especially because I’ve been shielding but I appreciated… @JaneCoomber1 @ann378 I was just thinking the same thing Jane 😭 @QueenOfCups7713 @Webb20Richard @katb2610 I missed this comment Kat. I probably saw it but brain is like a sieve 🤦🏼‍♀️ honestly it did upset me whe… @QueenOfCups7713 @Webb20Richard It’s even harder when you can’t have any visitors and everyone’s socially distanced… @Louise90999815 🤣🤣 @Louise90999815 Fortunately I have my own nurse at home. @TrixieFrank Yes please!! 😍So, no brain tumour or anything found on my CT scan, so get to go home! Going to have an MRI as an outpatient just… my allocated staff nurse this morning was really kind and helpful. Informed her of the situation and she is goin… @thelittlestcaz @TRShalley Thanks Carrie! Just waiting for a brain ct scan results and then off home as I’ve kept my toast inside 😍 @tj66spencer To be honest most of the care has been absolutely fine but there’s just the odd few things that then m… @DianaCameron70 Thankfully in a room by myself so isn’t upsetting anyone else. It has been dealt with of sorts now 😊 @DianaCameron70 Thanks 😊 @DianaCameron70 I’m just waiting for some scan results and then hopefully be home 😊 @DianaCameron70 No the drug wasn’t prescribed I did have the staff nurse check 😊 @ProfJuneG So the bowl of sick is now gone. But where I’ve just found it I’m not sure is much better! @Dkell999 @DannGooding @NurseSayNO Thanks so much Denise 💓 I’m doing better on the three antiemetics now 😊 x @VgGlover Thankfully I’ve got that one covered 😂 @ghatispeaks I never said there wasn’t other people more sick that me here. Neither did I self discharge? However I… feel so overwhelmed with all the kindness off Twitter this weekend. Quick update: brekkie still in my stomach ✅ g… @leahthephysio Those flowers are beautiful 💓💓 @benthenurse @TrixieFrank What a double act you two! X @TrixieFrank Frank!!! 😱 @TrixieFrank 💓 oh Frank. Luckily the sick has been disposed of now and I have a lovely nurse today who won’t mind me pressing the 🔔 @jo_swidenbank 🤣 this tweet made me laugh too much. @sheffnurse I had a really long chat with a lovely consultant yesterday who agreed I had been sick too much to go h… @jvc2006 Thanks Jane. Hopefully this new anti sickness will help everything and I can come home 🤞 x @AlisonSJones5 Yes but sometimes you do need to talk about it and let it out and this is my rightful space to be able to do so... @robbradley01 Morning Rob! Feel okay at the moment. Had all my pain relief this morning and just hoping there’s no… @CatherineHughe7 I agree. I appreciate what people have been tweeting about it helping doctors explain things and n… @AlisonSJones5 You might have already seen that I did write a positive tweet about the nurse in charge last night too. @UniBham_Nursing Thought I would let you know. I had a lovely healthcare assistant working who was a 2nd year adult… @daniellejade198 Thanks so much lovely xxx @daniellejade198 Just had them done and had my anti emetic. Just waiting for my breakfast which will 🤞 stay down and then I’m off! @PUNC14Julie Fingers crossed 🤞 @NqnGemExPunc Thanks lovely. I’m on that already and cyclizine.
Okay! Finally got the nerve to escalate my care to the nurse in charge. Took less that 5 minutes for her to sort ou… @Stnbecca2 @NykomaHamilton 🤣 I think I would be inclined to agree to be honest. @Stnbecca2 @NykomaHamilton Oh don’t. They bought a covid swab to test me in admission, opened the tub and pulled out a used one 😅 @Stnbecca2 @NykomaHamilton 🤣 I shut the door of the ultrasound room when I was taken to be cannulated and the SHO s… @NykomaHamilton @Stnbecca2 🤣 I did ask. Apparently it’s because I’ve been shielding. Although they admitted me in a… @Stnbecca2 @NykomaHamilton Fortunately I’m in a side room so at least it’s not bothered anyone else. @Stnbecca2 @NykomaHamilton 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @NykomaHamilton My input definitely isn’t being measured so they’d have no idea of a fluid balance. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’ve mana… @TRShalley Honestly what’s the point? And you know for a fact tomorrow I’ll be flagged as a “delayed discharge” bec… @TRShalley 🤣 @NykomaHamilton Yep. Both the nurse and the HCA have looked at the bowl of sick and left it.I was told earlier to please stop pressing my call bell everytime I threw up as someone would be in my room regular… @EmmaLouiseBetty I mean. I would love that to be the reason but that’s definitely not the case...The whole point of me not being discharged today was to trial a third anti emetic. This was the plan at 3pm. It’s n… @ProfJuneG @DannGooding Well. still throwing up and in pain. Had a long chat with the consultant (at 3pm) who said…’m honestly starting to wonder what this obsession with my career is to health care professionals. A health care a… @rogue_med Definitely not, I’m shielded. @ChrisElston1912 It was a litre bag of hartmanns solution 😊. @benthenurse @TrixieFrank How can I not 😍 @TrixieFrank @benthenurse Oh frank you are boooooootiful too! @TrixieFrank @benthenurse 😍😍😍😍 look at the gorgeous face! @JaneCoomber1 Yeah I find that a bit strange! @nutritionlizA Oh Lordy @benthenurse Beware - we do bite. 😂 @tiagreeen Don’t! It’s going through a pink cannula aswell 😅
@SebdeGange @WeCYPnurses Nope. I’m out 😅 @receivingconsnt You made it! 👏🏻I’m at the GPs today to get some anti emetics. I look at the screen as he’s typing and see a list of alerts against… @TheBraggle Absolutely not enough room in my body for that @Littlesarahwebb Thanks sarah. Ct scan tomorrow 🤞🏻 @JohnThomson7956 Took me ages to even get to used to 2.7ml/hour because I started out in the NICU 😂Working in paeds I’m much more used to 1.6ml/hour programmed on the pump. Had chest pains when I saw this on myself…
@ProfJuneG @DannGooding Thanks June. I’m on the list for an urgent CT scan now.
@UniSkills_ Thanks Michelle x @DannGooding It’s okay boo ❤️
I shouldn’t be excited about an emergency surgical review... but I just want the pain to stop 😩
@AmyOverend ❤️ sending love @_Rainbow_Fish You’ve got this 👏🏻 @sally_newsome Thanks so much Sally! That’s really kind of you 🥰 @LornaHollowood @uobnursesoc @WeStudentNurse @NurseStandard @theRCN @RCNSthBham @RCNSthBham probably don’t have the…
@RN_Abigail Thanks Abi. ❤️❤️❤️Exciting opportunities with #WeCYPNs! Anybody interested?
Retweeted by RNC Lucy BNurse (Hons)Publicly embarrassing nurses is why we leave the profession in the first place. A kind DM will suffice 👌🏻I’ve never had so many wildlife issues in a house before... I’ve got birds in the roof, badgers in the garden and bees in the living room! @Stephen8McK Cheers 👍🏻 although I didn’t use either words. @Chelle39471 100% so when do you offer pain relief?
@maeveymint @steve_grimbleby Yes I think it should be routine to offer it otherwise what is the point in making an… @maeveymint @steve_grimbleby Interesting - could be... so difficult to know isn’t it? I hate to ask for pain relief… @maeveymint Made me wonder what usual practice was amongst nurses for offering pain relief compared to a patients pain scale. @maeveymint That’s great thanks. Isn’t it so interesting everyone’s own standard of when to offer analgesia? This q… @fikawithkitty Yeah I know pain scores, but at what point do YOU offer pain relief? @TheRealIJM Benadicf bunberbatchThis is probably my favourite blog which I wrote whilst with @StNurseProject! I love being a children’s nurse, desp…
Retweeted by RNC Lucy BNurse (Hons) @quilks_ Okay so even if pain score was 2/10 you would still offer relief? XSo in my job I don’t take verbal pain scores very often - just look for physical things like grimace, change in BP… error waiting to happen? #humanfactors
Retweeted by RNC Lucy BNurse (Hons)Thank you to every person that reached out to @DannGooding and I the last couple of days. I’m home now + had a good…
@hepworth_becky Of a very vague description.Emergency buzzer went off in the toilet of my bay. Almost attended... In my brain started refreshing myself on pati…