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‘That’s How Rumors Get Started’ out now on Loma Vista Records ☎️ 1-833-RUMORS-1

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oh shit this one is my favorite tho
Retweeted by Margo Priceto whoever made this: fuck.
Retweeted by Margo Price @adiavictoria I love mine!“even as we grieved, we grew, even as we hurt, we hoped, that even as we tired, we tried, that we’ll forever be tie… Gorman is the youngest inaugural poet ever in the United States.
Retweeted by Margo Price @RonnieSpectorGS thank you for your voice Ronnie, I love ya xoxowow... 5 years ago today the band and I were in NYC making our tv debut on the @colbertlateshow! the band and I all… but respect for my president, happy birthday @DollyParton I love you 🖤
@EllieVanHalen and I can’t wait to play it live 😭 @LillyHiatt1 @Sleater_Kinney if it ever happens come sing with me plzThis year my birthday wish is a call for kindness. We can’t just hope for a brighter day, we have to work for a bri…
Retweeted by Margo Price @DollyParton I love you Dolly! you are the diamond in a rhinestone world 🦋💎🦋big love to everyone who got my album ‘That’s How Rumors Get Started’. y’all were the glue that held my 2020 togeth… @wallemby @jamesonguitar me tooI got asked to open for @Sleater_Kinney once and I couldn’t... cried for a week @laurasnapes this was the correct take. thank uTomorrow is going to last about 4797526 hours I’m sure
Retweeted by Margo Pricejust remembering when Bernie Sanders asked me to play at his rally but I was playin a gig in another state so I couldn’t do it 😩No garbage collection today—because it’s MLK Day and because, this week, America’s taking out the trash on Wednesday.
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Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was considered the most dangerous man in America, all because he wanted racism and poverty to end.
Retweeted by Margo Price“Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?’”- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
@jonimitchell Raised on Robbery is my favorite! thanks for making so many incredible albumscongrats to Ronnie Spector for outliving her manipulative, abusive, murderous husband Phil, who held her hostage in… @RollingStone y’all should be ashamed of this headline smdh @benchten yes and at @FarmAid!
A suicide bomber blew up an entire city block in downtown Nashville ON CHRISTMAS DAY and it’s already like it never…
Retweeted by Margo PriceHappy birthday to Barbara Lynn, born on this day in 1942 in Beaumont, Texas. Here she is performing “What I’d Say”…
Retweeted by Margo Pricewhen two songwriters are dating or married your biggest fights are over who misplaced the capo and if the song needs a bridge or notupdate from Pegs who obviously knows a lot about the music industry.. an industry that couldn’t survive if it didn’… @aaronleetasjan1 this take tho 😂💯 @SadlerVaden or *wear and sleep in sweatpants for 3 days straight until your spouse begs you to shower, repeat weekly
sitting in on tonight’s livestream at the @five_spot from east Nashville with @JeremyBlainIvey & @DillonWarnek. go…"Shut up about politics" he screams into the two-way mirror.
Retweeted by Margo Priceactually, the music industry is a disgrace to musicians, Peggy @AntiRecords @JeremyBlainIvey I’ll be there 🤓slowly adding every episode of runaway horses to spotify podcasts. first up is my favorite episode dedicated to my…$1,400 ≠ $2,000
Retweeted by Margo Price @TylerMahanCoe "when the legend becomes fact, print the legend"DOLLY PARTON SONG FOR OUR TIMES Vaccine Vaccine Vaccine Vaciiiiine I’m begging of you please Go jab my Nan.
Retweeted by Margo Pricethis is one of the best things I’ve read in my entire life’m reminded of a fascinating 2009 Rolling Stone profile of Kris Kristofferson written by Ethan Hawke. Toby Keith’s…
Retweeted by Margo Price @hopebeach @brendanbensongs @Jebus_2011 @thirdmanrecords I totally agree with this statement but would like to add… @BioAnnie2 @RollingStone caption 💯better late than never! also just did a dj takeover on Tom Petty radio on @SIRIUSXM 😎
me when I’m on a call with someone
Retweeted by Margo Priceif anybody needs some good news today @WillieNelson got his covid vaccine 😍😍😍 my typos but y’all get it, also dammit Ricky!Get in girls. We're going hunting.
Retweeted by Margo Pricethis goes without saying but saying but fuck Toby KeithImpeachment Vol. 2 (2020-2021)
Retweeted by Margo Price @MontysanoDoug @RepRaskin I know right?!The Trump administration removed more than 3 million acres of Pacific Northwest land from the protected habitat of…
Retweeted by Margo PriceI know first hand, there is no pain or grief like losing a child. thank you @RepRaskin for soldiering on during the…
This ...🙏🏻❤️❤️
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Good morning 🌞 Lies are not “differences of opinion.” Have a great day!
Retweeted by Margo Pricebig thanks to @Lightning100 for naming ‘That’s How Rumors Get Started’ the #1 song of the top 200 countdown of 2020…
it’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled - Mark Twain
the now infamous #ZipTieGuy has been identified as a nashville bartender who works at, you guessed it, Kid Rock’s B…
Retweeted by Margo Pricealways knew Jason Aldean made shallow, soulless music but had no idea his wife Brittany was right winged conspiracy… are still in the middle of a pandemic: mask up, wash your hands, and maintain social distancing.
Retweeted by Margo Price @adiavictoria disgustingeven today she is still helping make the world a better place (check out her recent paintings of @staceyabrams and… birthday to the force of nature that is @joancbaez! her life’s work in both music and activism is something w…
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While today’s terrible display of terror and meanness shakes us, let’s remember: @ossoff, Jewish son of an immigran…
Retweeted by Margo Priceps obviously I tweeted this before I realized trumps army of goons were shooting up the capital building. they are…, here’s the entire playlist from runaway horses that includes my favorite songs of 2020
@Phil_Lewis_ THIS is how much Trump supporters love law enforcement
Retweeted by Margo Pricesit down you MAGA terrorist traitors, Jan 20th we will take back the red, white and blue to celebrate today y’all 😭 if you need a soundtrack, my best of 2020 episode of runaway horses which features… southern folk once again doing the unsung work and leading the way. black southern folk continue to be the best of america.
Retweeted by Margo Price @anylaurie16 can’t tell if that’s mace or covid particles flying through the air... probably both!IT’S A WARNOCK LIFE FOR US
Retweeted by Margo Pricehappy birthday Elizabeth Cotten, who’s finger picking style and songs inspired folks like John Prine. Freight Train…
my new weed strain from @WilliesReserve finally hit Colorado! you can find it at @TerrapinCare also a portion of sa… to fans downloading #TheWhiteStripes Live at The 40 Watt, we were able to raise over $16k for…
Retweeted by Margo Priceone of my favorite albums of all time and I know every @EmmylouSongbird harmony is exactly the minimum of what black artists are expecting of white allies and in the business. use your privi…
Retweeted by Margo Pricea demo a day keeps the doctor away your shoes on, Georgia. It’s time to vote.
Retweeted by Margo Priceyer lookin at the guest DJ on @tompetty radio all week on @siriusxm! I’ll be playin and talking about all my favori…
My new album, "Still Woman Enough" is available to pre-order now! Four amazing women joined me on these new songs,…
Retweeted by Margo Price @DollyParton yes this pants suit 😍Excited to be Cuttin’ Grass with Sturgill Simpson on @FallonTonight!📺 Tune in at 11:35 pm ET on NBC.
Retweeted by Margo Pricecan’t believe I got to sing on @LorettaLynn’s upcoming album ‘Still Woman Enough’, out March 19th!) and also featur…
if you live in Colorado, I have a new strand of weed out there with @WilliesReserve! and here’s to me and…
‘times they were tough, growin up at home, my daddy lost the farm when I was two years old/ took a job at the priso… Turner demonstrates how he makes a cane fife. From the 1975 film “Made in Mississippi: Black Folk Art and Craf…
Retweeted by Margo Price @WilliesReserve @NRateliff @TerrapinCare puff puff pass that over here I’m in a dry state 🥺
hope everyone is eatin some black eyed peas and collard greens today, we need all the luck we can get in 2021!happy new tears @Elizabeth_Cook dammit I love you
a year ago today I was gettin ready to sing ‘Sweet Revenge’ with John Prine at the Opry. he wanted to tell me a sto… I can see that you can't win for trying and New Years Eve is bound to leave you crying. ~ Summers End ~
Retweeted by Margo PriceBeyoncé will offer $5,000 grants to help 100 people facing foreclosures or evictions due to the housing crisis caus…
Retweeted by Margo Pricebig thanks to @TheSwampDogg for joining me and reading his iconic liner notes for my best of 2020 runaway horses ep…
a new episode of runaway horses airs tonight at 8 pm with my favorite songs/albums of 2020, see you there…“A writer, or any artist, can’t expect to be embraced by the people [but] you just keep doing your work — because y…