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I love making & being in movies. JEZEBEL now streaming on @NETFLIX. T O X I C —erotic thriller series coming soon. @staymacro also Directing PERFECT FIND ✨

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@FLVINGLOTUS Whew THE TALENT THE BEAUTY @FLVINGLOTUS Also that b! @FLVINGLOTUS All the trophy’s @FLVINGLOTUS All the bouquets @FLVINGLOTUS Fave @FLVINGLOTUS Julie is that bitch one of our best @shadiawrites it saved me!! @xymarla @mwiiiinga the optical illusion of it all @sadendya @GershProd Yes!
@taylorcrumpton double itI’d love to see @missnuma do horror if she’s interested
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@pvalleywriters Yessss @NicoleBlades Alma“Numa Perrier reflects on her Grind From Black&Sexy TV to Netflix” by @tamikanewhouse
Retweeted by numa perriernakeya b. ♡
Retweeted by numa perrier🧡got love for Marge🧡 you say thank you and he replies with “so where you from?”
Retweeted by numa perriera thought. 1 of my period is actually just me fighting for my life
Retweeted by numa perrier @feliciapride yeah I’m missing it 🙏🏿 @feliciapride I wanna have a watch party so baaaad —I’ll be tweeting tho @feliciapride The brilliance !
Lord, @MichaelaCoel is a goddess. A fierce, machete wielding goddess cutting straight to the bone.
Retweeted by numa perrierBlack people lose in uno and say “who shuffled these”
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Retweeted by numa perrier @ohheyfatima LibraIt me.**ART ADVICE** when thinking of using black paint, rather mix the darkest brown and the darkest blue, my favorite i…
Retweeted by numa perrier @imannmilner @imannmilner Or if we even want(ed) to go
I —’s not woman of color this to death though ughmaya rudolph bout to eat eat
Retweeted by numa perrier’s ok to be soft. @MasonLLL oooh the laughter I needed was here @ghanagirlgoes it’s very normal to me
Lynette Yiadom-Boakye is a blessing. ✨
Retweeted by numa perrier @missandrealewis @jackieaina LOVE IT CONGRATS!!!💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿 @jatovia ! @AwengChuol @TAMARAJUANA @averyawkwardboy neverrrrr @stellamink ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
@blacksocialite Same! @JasmynBeKnowing GLORYMy mother. The rapper. 💗💕💗💕
Retweeted by numa perrier🙏🏿Azealia🙏🏿 @MatthewACherry Miss his energy and the laughs so much.
@jerrysaltz 👏🏿 @MishaGreen @ShannonThornt_n Now he need to make a cameoPOWERHOUSE PANEL TODAY! 5pm PST click link to join me —Channing Godfrey Peoples @cgpeoples Ashley @ashley_oshay Osh… @astr0kara ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ @ava oh my gah APRIL @ava @OnePerfectShot this is sooo brilliant!!! @BlitzAmbassador @DwayneDuggerII @ava @OnePerfectShot I’m loving this!!!!Looking for a movie that explores the subtle core of Black womanhood, or girlhood? Check out: 👑: Miss Juneteenth…
Retweeted by numa perrierneed to get me a yoga bubble @andreasavage @truTV @TBSNetwork @YouTube yesssssss
@TheRealBrandee_ your natural hair is even sexier —whew some people @openmy3rdeyee Oprah @laceyduke we are ready @theMidwhere 🧐 @pramsey342 @laceyduke 😩 @BrookeObie MY SENTIMENTSI AM SO HERE FOR BLACK WOMEN HAVING ALL THE FUN WINNING BEING BRAZEN WITH OUR BODIES UNABASHED WITH OUR SENSUALITY…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by numa perrier @rydellio Those were the dayyyyyysssThe way I’m excited about thissss 💅🏿 Janicza! @SubtleCore thank you for caring about my work —I’m so happy that it moved you and hell yes to all the wins Black W… think about JEZEBEL directed by @missnuma a lot. One of my favorite films of the year. It's an exciting time for…
Retweeted by numa perrier @Nijla1 It was soooo beautiful!!! Thank you Nijla!
@theMidwhere the first domino @rebel19 so very cute 💅🏿 @NiaDaCosta SAME 💅🏿 @rebel19 @corimurray @THR Loved every word 💅🏿Today 1pm pst I’m very happy to be part of the virtual table read for Nijla Mu’min’s new film NOOR — to join us RSV… @shinageeexpress @netflix @andreasavage yay I’m not alone @AllThingsAfrica @netflix @andreasavage Yes tell me what u think @DontaStorey @netflix @andreasavage Yes irreverent af @SayCelise @netflix @andreasavage I needed those laughsyes. 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 @GiaMajune @netflix @andreasavage I stumbled upon it and only watched because of the title and I’m so hooked
Retweeted by numa perrierOk errrrm am I the only one watching I’m sorry on @netflix Black twitter am I alone it’s so funnnyyyyy @andreasavage @jatovia Yup @jatovia I’m personally in favor with the two of them taking the whole thing down @jatovia Yes please more Roman kink @jatovia Kendall has is — charms @jatovia I LOVE SHIV @terrencemalikk WHEW THEY ARE STARS!! @jatovia I have not yet finished but still strong agree —love both for very different reasons but DESTROY is on something elseI'll be moderating the Black Female Filmmaker Renaissance Panel on 8/8 at 7pm CT. Panelists are @ashley_oshay
Retweeted by numa perrier @JackeeHarry @Daveydeg Yes say more queen! @DirectorDomGee no but I applaud it greatly! @theestallion a @Variety cover star! Yesssss photog is Orin Fleurimont 🇭🇹