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💜♣️ Illustrator, cover artist. She/Her. Vegan. Covid-19 vaccine human test subject. 90% Mewtwo tweets. Inquiries:

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Please be extra, EXTRA kind to grocery store workers now and always. 🙏🥑🍅🍞✨ @ohjuicywizard If you find a good one with another opening... lmk. 👀💦 @xandrei The OTP sorcerer + rogue couple right there yes 👀💕 *chef kiss* @lalathekoala Okay! I'll let you know when that happens! @lalathekoala I have Lyman if you want him! He's cute but I'm kind of meh on him. No idea how the adoption process works. @artoftangmo Omg I would LOVE these! I'll DM you my SW code soon.
@lixylia Ahh unfortunately that's one of the items I looked into and can't trade bc I can't make them or order them… @UnicornTracks Unfortunately I can't make or order an outdoor cookfire, but I can make another birdcage! It just ne… @cosmo2389 Thank you so much, that was so nice of you! 😊 I will treasure it. @UncannyViolet Ahh, my DMs are mostly turned off, sorry. But feel free to @ me! @UnicornTracks That would be fine, thanks for asking! Let me know if there's anything I can make or order for you! @cosmo2389 Oh no, the terrarium isn't for sale on my Nook Shopping, I'm so sorry. ; __ ; I don't have a recipe for… @UncannyViolet It depends! Some you can customize, some you can't. The ones you can't depend on luck and trading. I… @crapmachine Ahh thank you!! I have these already, but I don't have the red fortune set. @UnicornTracks WAHH yes I'd love these!! I have black tulips and I'm trying to grow a bunch more black and blue flo… @lalathekoala I have the yellow espresso maker! And it's not on here but I have a yellow rack of pots too. I'll save then for you! @cosmo2389 Yeah! A lot of these are going to be things I have to order from Nook Shopping, but I can do that and have them sent to you! @lalathekoala YESS I'll send you a code / post one at 2pm!! @chasingkats Is this why you had to duck out for a minute during DnD? Bc if you were screaming into a pillow over t… @cosmo2389 Awesome! I have it in red, but I'd LOVE one in black! I'm gunna post at Dodo code here at 2pm PT, please… @LavaBiscuits Yeah! I gotta do some RL things first but I'll post a code to open my gates in a couple hours! @chasingkats That happened!!!! 😍💕💖 @xandrei AHH YES PLEASE!! I'll bring you some more blue flowers as soon as more grow. 💙 @thepaisleyfox It's in the thread! Also missing the stone archway I have, but it's one of the bigger ticket items.Someone made a list of all the witchy items in AC AND I NEED ALL OF THEM.
@prosodi My OTP is Ishmael x Queequeg. @e1n Left you a baby blue windflower and chem set near your doghouse! @e1n Ahh I didn't pack any flowers, but I have a chemistry set for you! Though it seems disconnected, I'll grab some. @e1n Omg I would love to come over!! Thanks Ben! @RowanRowden It's gunna crash so gd fast and be such a nightmare, I'm not motivated to even try...Tag a nurse, a fireman, an EMT, a doctor, anyone fighting this pandemic! Email and we will…
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@bellhasabat I love this cookie dough ice cream bun. @GovInslee #AskGovInslee Are you going to freeze rent so jobless renters aren't drained dry for a year+ while a vaccine is made? @baydews These are all so cute!!! Thank you again for this lovely soft Gildor portrait. You nailed the serenity he… commissions I finished since the weekend, characters in order belong to @misspenart (Gildor), @sparksrushesin,…
Retweeted by Missy Peña @Giancarlo_Volpe LOL GIANCARLO !!!!! @crapmachine I don't think we are!! SW-3979-1207-0593 if you wanna add!Since so many people are WFH right now, is NSFW... SFW?Does this make me a Quest Giver? @beckyandfrank No they were the blue and white 3 ply medical masks, but I'm sure they'll be put to use! I have an n… @beckyandfrank Well, already donated!I was sitting here worried about going to the hospital to deliver them when I spotted two cop cars across the stree… admit I panic bought masks like a month and a half ago, right before C2E2. By the time I realized that was bad, i… @BrittSabo WOW!!! 👀 👀 👀 💦 *adds to potential magical 2D partner list* @heybiji Oh no ;___; I hope it's okay...
@kreugan Omg @WhitLeopard @Polygon Animal Crossing won't let me tape a banana to a wall. @Phantom_Moocat I got one from a friend!! It's my fav item so far. 🔮 @ohjuicywizard Gosh same, I always dread this day on the Internet. Still not ideal, but I'll milk every silver lining for all it's worth. @zhellyzee I got that island too!! It was so lucky!Shoutout to all the friends sending me that good goth shit on Animal Crossing... it's hard out here in cuteness lan…
@RowanRowden It's a cycle of waiting for the city to cancel for them so they can collect insurance... meanwhile for… first time drawing a Tabaxi! They ended up embodying the "What do you have? A knife! NOOO!" vine... 😺🗡✨… 3 million Americans have lost their jobs. We're heading into a deep recession. Jeff Bezos is $5.5 billion ric…
Retweeted by Missy Peña @inki_drop Happy birthday Shelly!! 🌸🐠💕🍰✨🐬 @CriticalRole @matthewmercer @MicaBurton Thank you for the food 🙏💕✨ @BrittSabo Britt I just finished a tabaxi commission, been playing animal crossing, and watched Beastars... you can… @FANCYSHARKS Sarah is so good with handsome elves and robots. 😭🙏💕She's reading doujinshi. @fayren AHH I'm so glad I spotted this before going to sleep so I can have Gildor and hot robot dreams. 👀💦💚🙏💕 Thank…
@Giancarlo_Volpe Aw thanks, tho I think that's a better title for the doctors working on the vaccine. 🙏 @fayren Happy birthday Sarah!! I leave you this offering of a hot elf... 💚🍰 @medonnab I'll set some aside for you!I love this game. #ACNH @Giancarlo_Volpe I'll report it as one of my medications/supplements on the next visit, just in case. @BrittSabo I hope it's good! I have no way of knowing if it's working or not and will find out when... everyone els… Wow your blood pressure and heart rate look good and you had no reactions to the test vaccine, these are gr… accosted by a lady on the way to the clinic this morning. I had headphones in and didn't register she was yelli…
@siobhanchiffon Happy birthday! I hope it is filled with many hot orcs and cake. 💚🎂Wild to me that I drew the Javits Center into this poster a year ago... I currently have my last copy framed since… @loverlydarling Eat the rich. @Kuhleesee Wow, after just being there at the start of March for C2E2... what a strange time we live in.Totally surreal is right. I wonder if we'll see more convention centers turned into hospitals. I hope we won't have… @medonnab I wish you many healthy money trees on your island. @emilyyyhu You can report him to city hall later I think ;-; @ohjuicywizard @medonnab SCROOGE
@wegthor 😊🙏A Final Fantasy commission~🌸😻💕 turned each of my Espeon and Umbreon prints into a #ColoringPage! You can download free thru the most recent post…
Retweeted by Missy Peña🚨🚨🚨 For self-employed/1099 creatives who have lost employment due to covid-19: everyone is fixated on the one-time…
Retweeted by Missy Peña @BonesKLeopard Love you Bones!! 💚💕 @thisishannako LMAO that really does look like a tall whisky on her desk.🌒✨ #ACNH @cmkshama @GovInslee Thank you 🙏💕 @DafnaDOOM Omg a legend. @kanonending Yup! Is the bee and praying mantis not there? @imperatrpenguin Of course! There are tiny TINY parts that make them asymmetrical, but I hope they still work out! @tsulala HHRRNEEARG is how I respond to compliments too. 😞🙏
If there's any piece of mine you'd like as a coloring page, let me know! All are open except for the Great Wave Gya… on my ko-fi from a year ago, free insect coloring pages! There's a lunar moth design, and there should be an o… turned each of my Espeon and Umbreon prints into a #ColoringPage! You can download free thru the most recent post… in my life did I expect to see the center of NYCC like this. @ohjuicywizard 🖤Missy Peña (@misspenart) is a Seattle-based artist who makes fandom, occult, and TTRPG inspired art! They said anim…
Retweeted by Missy Peña @SudiBearDraws Same. I think I might... grow out my bangs?! @Kate_Farina This just popped up on my timeline! Serendipity. @Kate_Farina Honestly I feel so grateful and lucky to have it right now. @chasingkats 🖤Is it called Animal Crossing because you play until your eyes are literally crossed? Because that's what's up here.