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Deb A. @MissSueBurbia Versailles, France

Founder. Finder of lost objects. Firm believer that Black lives matter. American residing in France, but I live anywhere my passport takes me. she/her 🩸 🦷

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“Did no one come to his birthday party when he was a kid?” @dbergstresser It’s happening in MN, too. There’s no subtlety anymore.Click on each dot in the graphic to read the details of these little lives. LAT just gave you 545 reasons to vote,… dogs don’t feel like this. The cat does, though. The cat definitely does.’s right, you know. @GrooveSDC @eclecticbrotha He used them like Kleenex, because he’s a liberal elite. Probably didn’t even use them.… @JoeBIn818 @rgay I can’t believe it took this many responses before someone posted that gif. @dbergstresser No pressure. If that’s the best you’ve got for today, it’s okay.Whoa. @dbergstresser That’s your hot take for the day? You’re going to rest on that? I’m not judging or anything, just curious.
@dbergstresser Huh.
I’d like to announce my resignation from The Intracept. My editor replaced my em dashes with normal punctuation. So…
Retweeted by Deb A. @dbergstresser Plot twist. @IsaDLilavati @blkgirllostkeys I was wondering where you lived and hoping it wasn’t near me. Bonne chance à vos voisins ! 😉😘 @JMCwrites Bask in our second lockdown? Oh, wait. No, just doomscroll while locked down. @atrupar @sarahcpr is going to cover this, right? @AsteadWesley How do you feel about wearing jumpsuits? 2. Do you think orange attire—say, a jumpsuit—would clash with or compl…
@pinkrocktopus @ReverendWarnock That house needs a Biden/Harris lawn sign. Or six.Siblings of all species explained.
After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit…
Retweeted by Deb @ohdottie @theferocity Right? This is precisely why luxury fashion houses have “cruise” clothing lines every year. @NatashaNicholes As one does. @dbergstresser I suppose Kushner is right. If the rest of us really WANTED to be successful, we could also afford to be this tone deaf. @ajswillis I am so sorry, Andrew. We will light a candle for him tonight.Please donate. Walter Wallace Walter Wallace. God dang it.
Retweeted by Deb A.Today was a big blow. But it’s a battle. Within the war. Hold on. Just hold the fuck on. To each other. Good people unite and don’t let go.
Retweeted by Deb A. @cmclymer Thanks for not allowing people to forget our work.Think about everything we — and the rest of the world has had to endure these last four years. And then remember…
Retweeted by Deb A. @fer_machado123 @griner Intent and impact are different things. This is important to grasp in a time when people ar…
@eclecticbrotha 😂😭Hey @jack and @Twitter stop messing around with the retweet button and give us an edit button please!
Retweeted by Deb A. @dreamsofskies See also: Facebook saved articles and videos and IG posts. Later Me is going to thank me someday. @camron28551 @notcapnamerica Correct. I caveated that. Your point about FL is well taken. I want to say he’s the un… @JoeBriggsEsq @dansinker Thousands of Twitter followers might see it, though.Anyway salute to any and all parents undertaking fruitless (and potentially painful) attempts at offering their kid…
Retweeted by Deb A. @camron28551 @notcapnamerica But their mail-in ballots only need to be postmarked by Election Day and received no m… @mrsseemore @NatashaNicholes All of the aging habits and none of the mitigating tools like sunscreen, fillers, trainers, and Botox.
On behalf of dog owners everywhere, can we please stop putting doorbell sounds in TV ads
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@NatashaNicholes @JoeBiden He did not suggest this, did he? She’s a Republican.
@AyannaPressley Yes, please. @BlairBraverman Ooh. Please deliver mine!!Well, that does sum up the administration’s record on healthcare—-because it’s blank.
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Due in large part to U.S. intrusion, I was separated from my mom at age 2. By the time I met her at age 5, she was…
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Today I filled out my ballot and will hand deliver it. I am voting for gun safety and that means I am voting for…
Retweeted by Deb A. @dbergstresser As one journalist said, remote working is a whole new ballgame for HR.
@dbergstresser Sorry. What? I’m still stuck on falconer.
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@outseide It’s okay. Crying with friends is always okay. @outseide It demands an immediate lightening of the mood. Only one friend has burst out crying. I first did this: 😬 and then 😭. @TheGifKeeper @outseide I have asked friends, “How are you doing right now?” The specificity drives very different answers than t… sure who needs to hear this, but the kid in the fairy tale is a hero because he said the Emperor had no clothes…
Retweeted by Deb A. @NatashaNicholes My good woman.... @TheGifKeeper My knees. My knees. My knees. But Bree is the very definition of fire. @dbergstresser Well played. @dbergstresser I would watch that TV show.I hope men are noticing how much the Republicans are trying to make a complicated honest loving forgiving father/so…
Retweeted by Deb A.865K women exiting the workforce in one month is perhaps the long term-impactful economic story of the year, period…
Retweeted by Deb A. @TJ_Cooney It’s better now
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Breaking: @JoeBiden's town hall on ABC averaged 13.9 million viewers. @realDonaldTrump's town hall across NBC, MSNB…
Retweeted by Deb A. @tanis_eh Is he wearing shorts? I was always amused by my husband who would snow blow in shorts. @artcollisions Yep. France imposed a curfew, but nothing more, because the next two weeks are a national holiday, a… @outseide @ShannonDowney Just went through this. It’s crushing. Enjoy the snuggles—they’re so great at that. ❤️❤️ @navocs69 @WendiAarons I have experienced this. They never fail to humble me.One of my FB groups had a debate about whether or not Cinderella was poor. (I did not participate, although I do ha… @BonnieCeit So much effort by people who cannot create good, so tearing down is all they’ve got left. @BonnieCeit Yeah, I picked up on that. People do not understand the impact Fred Rogers had on millions of lives. Wh… . . .
Retweeted by Deb A. @BonnieCeit Based on what I’m reading, the choice is between someone’s crazy uncle and Mister Rogers. 🤔 @_dave_doherty @attackerman I just got the kids’ class photos. They’re all wearing masks. @SquireOfCydonia @KITTDIE @lanewriteswords wash your hands before you go to bed, no? @dbergstresser I’m not sure what makes us strange, but I have already applied for this job.Hearty congratulations in advance to her on her upcoming appointment as Attorney General of the United States of Am…
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@cate They’re A/B testing in your mailbox. How quaint. #ohmygourd @Blackamazon How playful.After much consideration, I've decided that I'm not voting for Hunter Biden or Hillary Clinton.
Retweeted by Deb A.Not a journalist, but I still feel like I’m under attack.
@dbergstresser Principles and stuff. @dbergstresser She’s hoping a lifetime appointment and the legacy that comes from it overshadows all of this. Maybe… may be a game changer! is an interactive map that lets the PUBLIC track long lines, vo…
Retweeted by Deb A.Neither does the word women and yet here we are.
Retweeted by Deb A. @tanis_eh It’s been a long road to get here. The lower court seats were held open for a decade for just this presid… @j_remy_green 😑
Students of the Dance Theatre of Harlem dancing through the streets of New York City
Retweeted by Deb A. @dianajean87 @lyzl Carmel, California and Carmel, Indiana are not pronounced the same. Why? @dianajean87 @lyzl I harbor resentment for KY, because I live in the French one, and KY messes up all of my searche…
So many questions., understandably, praise those who stand in line for hours to vote, but all I think of when I see these long line…
Retweeted by Deb A.An excellent first date move! My husband once bought me a fabulous new suitcase for Christmas. I opened it. Inside… #NobelPrize committee couldn't reach Paul Milgrom to share the news that he won, so his fellow winner and neigh…
Retweeted by Deb A.This #IndigenousPeoplesDay, we must recognize the toll COVID-19 and the economic recession have taken on Native and…
Retweeted by Deb A. @notcapnamerica So it sounds like you could put them all over your garage. 🤔 @TheDynamicC @tressiemcphd Bad, as in, she doesn’t like it and thinks it’s not good TV. She wrote an opinion on its… @tressiemcphd I have to chuckle over this, because if you were an entertainment critic who took a moment to write a…