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@flavamatik hahahahahahaha @flavamatik w'agyimi @flavamatik respect yourself @Nana_Amoako02 There's no remedy for Manchester UnitedAnyone know where I can get a kindle paperwhite? Please epp @Perstephon3 @YaaAsantewaaBa That looks so so good @_Sik_a I would have started one but I'm not in shape. @D3lah_say Do some and stop this bruh. Menny3 wo nua. @yungkiddy T H E S I S. @D3lah_say I scrimmmed. And I'm asexual.Back to factory settings @Bruce_Almyty I try some prekese and hone and it dey pap waa. We all make herbalists @Bruce_Almyty My throat dey itch this evening and I make conscious pass lmao @ABYalley Which ones did she sing so I can remember her pls @TxeKxd @delisworldwide You get son? Neem no, I dey come do am Shisha ankasa! @yungkiddy Ma y3n dwene ne wo dede no @karrie_sagoe Why @FilmstoFilms_ What a repertoire! @Jalo_Escobar Tooch it @ko_ennin You get am in soft? Send me @yungkiddy Took me too long to get hereDem sub Chillwell make he ask "What for?" @piersmorgan And those who kick a dead man in the nuts just for show @dr_flipp We no dey care @Q_e_w @bra_dm @GhanaSocialU I almost refer am but he dey in too much pain at that time @dr_flipp Ei John. IMU oh @bra_dm @GhanaSocialU And where is your proof that it is a lie? @ko_ennin @bra_dm @GhanaSocialU Some ignorance is fine for the day. @Q_e_w @bra_dm @GhanaSocialU A friend of mine spoke like this only to get the covid. As we speak, he dey make born again @Bulletclub42 @ShippHappensEnt @espnmma @arielhelwani @Benaskren Lmao to think Nate Robinson is in a better place t… @mr_ntim Hoh den vex I vex @_shorshor He make emo. Lady, you don't respectA mobile money fraudster called me and corrected me when I made an error on the MTN hotline. 🤭 was I not embarrassed? @rabenyy Herh. The woman shaa roff @Call_me_jewelz BroMy Grandma just cant stand this funeral on TV. Be like she too get some lashes before.
@Eddy_Acquah This life be some way oh Eddy @ABYalley she said no? odeishi. @aku__addy LMAO. Here for the violence @aku__addy The reality show that is the Ghana Gospel Music Industry @mistameister This V de3 Igo take some time @ShippHappensEnt @espnmma @arielhelwani @Benaskren Nate had some combat sports knowledge going into this? @karrie_sagoe @viiolllaaa See dem. Lmao @viiolllaaa 0:12 was not necessary LMFAOWait. But the Royal family is Reiss and not Fritz. @effthedj That kenkey you p3 chop as the girl dey watch? @akudemiii @BibiniBea @espnmma @dc_mma @TeamKhabib @MAKHACHEVMMA DC's hot takes are usually in jest @CharlesFaraday1 Your something lost? @donaeo 🤭🤭🤭🤣🤣🤣 @ABYalley I absolutely do, dont I?Lemon green tea with honey. Best thing I've had all day. Really good in this weather @zubaidah_x sika no ahye. @BibiniBea Come down to Labadi Beach Resort. The lunch is good, but the waffles are heavenly. Send me your MoMo number after you eat. @sweetsandelle Buying food really isn't in anyone's JD unless PA, even then sef they are used like househelps in so… to download some local content for my granny. Any ideas @itzjustsen Why would you not lmao @Akua_Golda Hey hey hey shut up but also... @goal Michael Owen @Banku_nTilapia One man who had it all @lordtee Lmao! @Mr_Dei The wow is in the fact that he lived lmao @Mr_Dei Watched it on TV a while back, I'll try and find it. Basically he was supposed to be jumping with someone,… @francesca_nouna @Mr_Dei Watched this one doc where this guy's shoot didn't pop out till he hit the pavement. He's paraplegic now.
Close your eyes for a minute. This guy sounds like his dad at some points. @espnmma @dc_mma Erm... there's a vacant title please. @EvolvingVintage Hahaha I beg just one time p3 @EvolvingVintage I got that thing for heating milk and I couldn't get off cappuccino for weeks lmao. Directions to your house pls @JQzyy The other red people wey I dey watch. @JQzyy BroHow Titans fear Levi. That's how the elements for fear man.Simple @Takso_G @dexxe @BBCAfrica Such a mean joke lmao @essy_dbee Lmao! You're so wrong for this 🤣🤣🤣 @espnmma @arielhelwani @TheNotoriousMMA @John_Kavanagh Drifts into which boxing? @donpimp01 @essy_dbee @el_atak I slept in the cinema for the first ine and advised myself @essy_dbee This horse has been ridden well into the ground @Mr_Dei Lmao I hate you more each day man. Just had to let you know. @ayeh_leslie @NastyBlaq @yungkiddy The people fighting over content Nyame should stop and watch some @tailorMARIQUE Bro! leg kicks @ufc 🤭🤭🤭 @joedallen904 @DustinPoirier Never heard a poorer excuse.Yes you are! @Cy_747 @TomBrady @_chinbus Aaron didn't show up when it mattered most because it was theirs for the taking deep in… @Adawulede Ah lmao!!!! I'm yet to watch it
@Nochie5 @PacoBoyEdem Edem is not like that please.The girls hear hardworking and commitment in 2 years nor 🤣🤣🤣 @phina_kk @droidmann Herh!!!! Long grain English? I have seen it all @sweetsandelle Hehe it's too late by then. It's really helped me that my parents made sure to know for all their ki… @_chinbus Yes please! @Queci_Suave @_chinbus A bad bad man @sweetsandelle Honestly, as an adult, do it for your kids. The first two that is. @ABYalley I was about to ask but I dont know how to spell it when its pronounced like that lmao @Darqseyd What can't you not?Book your photo sessions with @_oddox
Retweeted by The MC. @aku__addy AH lmao! At what point in this Venn diagram do friends from work come in?Naruto be like this. 6 episodes of conveniently new abilities in one fight.