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Professional MC. Trivia Master @ChampsTrivia. Ad Coordinator @Mtnghana. Aspiring Filmmaker. LFC. Ashaiman. Bookings : 0241317262 / 0247195970

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@AduAdujosephine Me kraa that in work with them, they haven't dashed me s4 mpo lmao @KojoNketsia Boys get phones dey make calls lmao! @AlexanderOtche1 @flymawuko @GhanaSocialU Standing or sitting is part of this power? @senaanu @Chef_Keeks Chaley tbh the guy inspires me to cook more. We need an all boys class chaley.
The day your yawa go come, everybody go amihere you. @DGatorvi Herh shhh @theOtopea Done @KillQupid_ How much is it? @mr_commey Doesn't mean you should come and be last at Trivia lmao @mistameister I need employment chief. I get talents. Plural.Intelligence is overrated.Water curls are making a comebackWhy is there I in AIS? @senaanu Meanwhile the photographer is a woman. @Asantesamuels @DonCarlozA @AfoakwaOsikani Cheers sen? 🤣🤣🤣 @D3lah_say I couldn't finish watching it. Ei. @sweetsandelle Lmao. I'm currently going to the office because my desk isn't in yet. I'm absolutely sure I have scoliosis now @_pheephee @NallsDis Chinups go sort you out nice and clean. @ToyaRochelle I do this, and I'll have to be changing kids every year because the breakage and damages. @_chinbus Herh. Young goalkeeper used this final to oust César for good. @Eddy_Acquah Hmmm bro @bouncerBT NopeI have a serious question I want to ask married people, but I'm afraid everyone will wake up and see @viiolllaaa I would have traded him in for more lobster. Unemployed bastard. @fatbellynana I hate to see these pocket calculations. Whatever you earn, also learn to live and be happy within yo… kind over thinking wey dey make people dey get stroke at 31. @Chimerical_3 @JQzyy Herh lmao. He dey chew am literalThe team at @sparkghana worked on our first print edition after 9 digital magazines. It's something I am very proud…
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@a_capable_woman It will sink inTune in and get all your MoMo questions answered
Retweeted by 20 Questions on IG Live @MrBenjamine happy birthday mate. Been so so long.😍
@Cy_747 @Ballislife @Lakers @ACFresh21 MY POINT EXACTLY @NanaY_aw Ibi like the ring need am pass the man @ClintRonald5 @goal @andrewrobertso5 @trentaa98 Most assists ever in a single season by a defender in premier league history.Look mama your son has his own TV show !! This has always been a dream of mine and I can’t wait to begin.…
Retweeted by 20 Questions on IG Live @DeAristocrat If I see any corona be safe anything from am I go do like the kiddies den insult am lol @DeAristocrat I shock say the celeb see tweet am @eoamankwa @ChelseaFC Flinched sen? How does a club flinch? @Mister_Otu One day id hv the words to write my story 🙏🏽
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Retweeted by 20 Questions on IG Live @itzMeOclock @annoying_kobby_ @karrie_sagoe @TheoPhlow Kobby understands @annoying_kobby_ @itzMeOclock @karrie_sagoe @TheoPhlow Leave me out of this.I miss Thursday Nights Champs Trivia Night. When life was simple @Mister_Otu @annoying_kobby_
Retweeted by 20 Questions on IG Live @theOtopea @IamKingPromise @kwaps_ That little 3gyer3 reveal at the end. @l3udu @Kek_kem That's my argument. Pro sports is not that simple. Fans demand so much like they have more to lose than the players. @l3udu @Kek_kem It's a lovely analogy but for many reasons I don't see why you'll want to compare pro sports to plu… @Kek_kem @l3udu Liverpool dey suffer? My manager mome de3 he won't condone booing at players mome. @AduAdujosephine @Call_me_jewelz You will protect your life with your life. That be the ultimate struggle lmao @Call_me_jewelz @AduAdujosephine This evening sef I sure say I no fit sleep @Kek_kem @l3udu Come on. If a player says booing hurts his confidence, it hurts his confidence. They don't all go o… @JoewackleGh I can make some time to drop down briefly @AduAdujosephine @Call_me_jewelz This weekend my area was buzzing ankasa. Shisha ak3se3 lmao.Timelaspe - Illustration of @beyonce in @lozamaleombho. #already #blackisking #beyhive #fashion
Retweeted by 20 Questions on IG LiveBeyoncé in @lozamaleombho. #already #blackisking #BEYHIVE #fashionillustrator #ghana🇬🇭
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Retweeted by 20 Questions on IG Live"Mind, body, soul, got a king body Body gon' shine, bling bling, body" #Beyonce
Retweeted by 20 Questions on IG Live @JoewackleGh @chopshopghana @iamabrokwa I'll be in the office today, drop the sneakers at the security post and go home.
@BafoValerie @Okornore @reggiedante this is where Kwaku China comes in lol @mistameister Syto kiddies wey launch sobolo, today, den no receive royalty baako po lolHow Sobolo and Domedo climbed up the social ladder is a story worth documenting. @kenikodjo So I need to try that one oooo @mr_ntim @carl_NB Lmao. I get, i go beat am on behalf of Julius @iamabrokwa @chopshopghana Heya. DM @carl_NB @mr_ntim He really take Bede' s loyalty for granted @carl_NB This be how you come convince we say coconut go be like gold in 2017. We dix @mr_ntimComing back soon!❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by 20 Questions on IG Live @Okornore Sometimes you almost forget yourself @Call_me_jewelz Your hate be my bathwater. My skin literally refreshes with it.I am just a vessel in the Lord’s Vineyard 🙌🏾🙏🏾❤️..... Glory Goes To Him
Retweeted by 20 Questions on IG Live @KillQupid_ I'll make you proudChallenge accepted. @le_loudmouth Hugs x @Cy_747 Lol crazy as hell.Shalom.I've come a long way, I've cried to myself, beat myself, felt I wasn't welcome at many tables. But i listen to that… anything as much as I did that application. I get proper anxiety issues when I consider 're applying. Am I… year was the loneliest I have ever been in my life. My self esteem was in the gutter, my pockets were in defic… told me they couldn't see light at the end of my tunnel. Same words, same punctuations. But there was a different plan for me. @dr_flipp The court matter be very personal.Like, one minute I was this almost Ivy Leaguer, a dream that had driven half my life, the next I was battling a lot… I came home one day to meet a summons. I'd been taken to court!I practically owed for time! This man has my loyalty forever. Anyways, I couldn't make the money and got mercilessl… album felt right at the time. School was in New York and this one song titled New York on it couldn't be sweete… think that year actually started on an amazing note. Yours truly got admission into an Ivy League Film School. C… of God Outro takes me back to 2016, my most difficult year on earth. In fact, I loved the entire Human Conditi… @Ojeaga @KirstiMiller30 @OBOGlobal @bbellgam I mean having to limit something that's naturally present, how do you… @FlavaFlavswife I wish I was 24 for this. @Cpt_Gin I just heard my ovaries crack @Mswenani At all! @Efe_Dawson Herh see @kate_lise I miss you girl! @Nana_Lefty Every few years I come back to them. I've watched them while reading the scripts, I've slept to them, I… @_shorshor Life is good for that one @Kek_kem Send link pls @Cy_747 Nicely done guys @Q_e_w He should stop sleeping on the playoffs @_shorshor This same purple dat is climbing boys.
@Nana_Lefty I don't get the hate.