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Verisimilitude. Philosophia. “The obstacle strengthens the will.” Perception is direction.

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Emerald Twilight is a balsy piece of literature. I can only imagine what first readers must’ve thought. I’m sure a…
2020 question. How are we suppose to flatten the curve with people in the streets?Raven’s a ride or die chick #JLDarkApokolipsWar
Retweeted by David Kocher“The power of the ring knows few strictures. Truly, it is bounded only by the will of the bearer. With such a ring… Police officer who knelt on George Floyd has been arrested, Minnesota authorities say
Retweeted by David Kocher @zakiscorner Times Up?Used to live just a block or two from the area of Minneapolis that is burning tonight. Post office that I mailed my…
Retweeted by David KocherAt the end of the day, I believe there are many of us who all want the same thing, that is justice and at the same… @netflix and @SteveCarell I got some money for you when you start selling this @realspaceforce t-shirt!!!…
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Green Lantern: 80 Years of the Emerald Knight collects eight decades of the best Green Lantern stories in a new del…
Retweeted by David KocherRT 4 ur chance to WIN a signed #FluffyFunkoPOP from 😃
Retweeted by David Kocher @MisterKocher That series is done well. And also, it’s unique.
Retweeted by David Kocher I had a churro doughnut at Brick and Flour in Glendale and yes it sounds as good as it does. My only re… is bigger than any actor. DC is bigger than Superman.A lot of people like to talk shit but middle aged Hal Jordan is SUPER underrated.’m 3 episodes into The Boys on Amazon. This is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life. am not a Christian but I grew up with a Christian upbringing and so there is a part of me that loves Little House…’t agree more. getting opportunities to submit to programs/companies but getting rejected left and right 4) MAKING IT AND THE W…
Retweeted by David KocherFrom my experience, there are four stages of working in the industry. 1) starting out & not knowing how things work…
Retweeted by David Kocher#GreenLantern Season 2 #6 Variant Cover by me and ⁦@tomeu_morey⁩ #dccomics #HalJordan
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Tried doing the @lewberger Dorito challenge and now I’m wondering how I ended up eating almost half the bag of chips.Little House on the Prairie a.k.a. the struggle is real.White temple haired Hal Jordan is surprisingly pretty cool. I will admit that I initially resented the idea because… big problem with the DCEU plan for Superman is that "Superman loses Lois and takes over the world" is a thing yo…
Retweeted by David KocherThe more aware I am of the learning process, the more peace of mind I have in only allowing people to discover the…’s return is only a cameo and would likely have him appearing in a film where he has previous ties with title…
Retweeted by David Kocher can only watch Little House on the Prairie in the morning. I love it because it feels like a window into a life o… Free Library. #northhollywood #noho @MisterKocher That rockin ginger bowl cut
Retweeted by David KocherYo, this is the DC content I am here for! Jonah Hex & Steel? Who needs the Snyder Cut? #HBOMax
Retweeted by David KocherDamnit Barry.'re OPEN for IN-STORE SHOPPING today from 11am-8pm! #collectorsparadise
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@MisterKocher @grantmorrison @DCComics @cparadize_noho Cheers David! Enjoy! :-)
Retweeted by David KocherGot it. @grantmorrison @LiamRSharp @DCComics @cparadize_noho’m seriously hoping that the @MCASMiramarCA airshow will still go down later this year. I had a blast last year wi… will admit that I am a bit jealous of people who have HBO Max. God only knows when Amazon TV will be able to have it. *crossing fingers*Read Emerald Dawn 1 and 2 and now I’m reading The Road Back before I can finally start on Emerald Twilight. don’t like it when a Green Lantern calls the Guardians, Masters.I’d like the Guy Gardner bowl cut please…Feeling like a kid who stayed home from school. accept anything at face value.I was wondering... Landon could’ve played Superman.Hal Jordan is...
Little House on the Prairie is reminding me what it truly means to be an American. Charles Ingalls is the man. will always bug me that people say Superman is “Overpowered” when the only time he has ever died, he was literal…
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Falling in love and being in love are two different things.The fried beans tasted like a woman who was heartbroken and decided to sing it through a slow and spicy mariachi so… and Beer in NoHo. Not bad, not bad at all. My only regret is that I didn’t come here when it was open to hang… does away, you just gotta go through it. 💚Michael Landon is a fucking legend. Laura Ingalls, God bless her soul.Just watched the first episode of Little House on the Prairie. All of the sudden my problems don’t seem so big anym…, or would that make me a Sith? Asking for a friend... what you will, Jody is still the homie and I love him. “You are the Corps” segment on @blogofoa escalates one of the best podcast even higher. What a heartwarming and charming idea.
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@MisterKocher @JimLee I just can’t get over the Ivan Reis cover.
Retweeted by David KocherBe kind. Walk the talk. Do right. When called upon, give your all to deliver. Earn each day.
Retweeted by David Kocher.@JimLee’s cover for Green Lantern’s 80th Anniversary. This is iconic. is emotion.A special touch on Bindi & Chandler’s wedding day.
Retweeted by David KocherDeleted my tweets about politics and the virus. Today I will be passing on politics and focusing on what I care abo…
Retweeted by David KocherJust woke up from a 5 hour nap after a 10 mile walk and eating a burger, chicken tortilla soup and drinking a vanil…
Where the eyes move, the mind follows.Stardom fans, We are very sorry to report that our Hana Kimura has passed away. Please be respectful and allow so…
Retweeted by David KocherHana Kimura, pro wrestler and #TerraceHouse cast member, dies at 22
Retweeted by David Kocher @thedcnation LAST WILL!June 23rd is gonna be lit y’all! 🥳🤩 @letstalkhal I am pro Carol Ferris.
Retweeted by David Kocher @letstalkhal I am pro Carol Ferris. @ATT @DCEUnlimited Read this thread @ejv_101That said, and because I’ve been given permission... Hi, I’m Ray. I played Darkseid in Zack Snyder’s “Justice League”. There. It’s out now.
Retweeted by David KocherWow. Biden. Smh.I have a sweetheart crush on Anna Kendrick.I was going to take a fun picture this week but I realized that I won’t have the correct order of source material t… as well share this early, unused, and unfinished huntress concept as well! #birdsofprey #huntress
Retweeted by David Kocher @LucasCulshaw So far it’s been a very productive and enlightening day. Life is good.A single thought doesn’t equate to the overall frequency of dominating thoughts in a residential of thoughts.
@MisterKocher Oh it so not deserves to be this good. @Sethrogen and @EvandGoldberg know exactly how to adapt a property.
Retweeted by David KocherJust saw the first episode of The Boys on Amazon Prime. Holy fucking shit. I’m late to the party but I have definitely arrived. @MisterKocher Dope. Very cool that you’re a GL fan.
Retweeted by David KocherGreen Lantern 80th Anniversary Final Covers Released
Retweeted by David KocherI just bought a new Amazon Fire TV set and it works great but I’m having problems with buffering in some of the app… @BoydShotImages @DCComics I would have to say Emerald Dawn.WOW👋
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I listened to @jimkwik on @wolfofwallst and decided I’d give this a go. Let’s do this. 4 ur chance to WIN a signed #FluffyFunkoPOP from 😎
Retweeted by David Kocher1045AM PT today
Retweeted by David KocherI just watched the first two episodes of Fantastic Four The Animated Series (1994) on Disney Plus. Cool dorky the… it!
Retweeted by David KocherIt’s about to go down🎬😏
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