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Gary Larson published the first new Far Side comics in 25 years
Retweeted by Matt Patcheszoomers are the best lol
Retweeted by Matt Patchesthere are a lot more important things to work on rn than renaming pancake mix, like police reform and economic ineq…
Retweeted by Matt Patches"The One with the 14972938374820" @djmecca @jpraup This is exciting: You guys are just a few years away from an I Melt with You-style birthday trip. (Happy birthday, Jordan!)John Zorn on Morricone! @loudmouthjulia when you say save
This, to me, is a sign that an enormous reckoning over the police is really and truly here - this sort of request w…
Retweeted by Matt Patches @GermainLussier This week Mondo is celebrating Vinegar Syndrome's new 4K restoration of the classic BMX film RAD wi… @Lukethomas101 Can't tell if this is a serious comment. @mattsinger I feel like you have satirical wiggle room. @mattsinger Do itNo doubt LW has solid creds, but as I keep telling my 2-year-old, can we share and give someone else a turn?🐄 proud to exclusively present the headshot that landed evie the cow the title role in @A24's FIRST COW!!! 🐄
Retweeted by Matt Patches @Pokachee Good tea"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by twitter." —Allen Ginsberg, probably
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@GermainLussier You just did. @gholson Season 3 was great. @mattsinger Except thatBe loud about the things you love. Someone might want to pay you to write about them!
Retweeted by Matt Patchesidk how much I expected Ample Hills to be worth, even in a bankruptcy sale, but only $1 million was not it
Retweeted by Matt PatchesThe story of how Jack Kirby “saved Marvel’s ass” is now a comic, and we’ve got an exclusive look…
Retweeted by Matt PatchesI am truly blessed that people allow me to write ridiculous tryhard things like this. Please argue vociferously in…
Retweeted by Matt Patches @GermainLussier Sounds confirmed.Thing 1: For the past year, I’ve been putting together a new series of Street Fighter oral histories, spending hund…
Retweeted by Matt PatchesThe story of how Street Fighter 1 came about, told by 10+ former Capcom employees
Retweeted by Matt PatchesI’ll be talking about the book tonight on zoom with @SeanFennessey for @strandbookstore and I’d love to see you in…
Retweeted by Matt PatchesToday is the pub day for The Vapors. It’s a book about my family and my hometown - a place you’ve never heard of bu…
Retweeted by Matt Patches @loudmouthjulia @loudmouthjulia hufflepuffing @loudmouthjulia what if I told you my 10-year-old cousin got into Harry Potter because of these movies and she loves them @jessehawken I've seen a lot of shit on this website but I'm finally fuming over this.
@mattsinger Old Guard rules. Gina Prince-Bythewood's eye and empathy freshens up a flattened genre in similar way to Beyond… did this list a few years ago, and I can honestly say that there were at least 25 more cues that could have easil…
Retweeted by Matt Patchesi profiled michaela coel, the creator of the best television show of the year
Retweeted by Matt PatchesWhere to begin with Ennio Morricone? Have clocked more hours with The Mission than any other film score. Became ent… make up for negative Star Wars energy in the timeline, a recommendation: Marlon James' Black Leopard, Red Wolf,… @GermainLussier @mattsinger
Retweeted by Matt Patches @nick_field90 I think the whole trilogy would've been better if JJ had done all three movies. The films needed a showrunner.I loved Hamilton on Broadway. I still do! But the world’s changed so much that I love it differently. It doesn’t a…
Retweeted by Matt Patches @treswritesstuff that's rey palpatine skywalker to you @GermainLussier @mattsinger here for Rey's Ahsoka-like return in the future.)Rewatching TROS for the first time since theaters. Cowardly tripe. Dreadful in an astonishing way.
"Remember the shock of the horse head in the bed [in Godfather]? What if you got to stand by and fight the stable g… @mrbeaks hours later
a decade after its release, i watched the AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER live-action movie (YIKES!!!!!) and wrote about…
Retweeted by Matt Patches @TheBestCaptainK Upon further reflection @loudmouthjulia i saw this tower in my Knightmares
@JimJarmuschHair an exclusive excerpt from his forthcoming book, ‘The Vapors,’  @davehill77 unearths a tale of the grandest casin…
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UNCUT GEMS 2 but it's Guy Fieri instead of Kevin Garnett
Retweeted by Matt Patches @Da7e Is this unprovoked (it's better if it's unprovoked)
✨ i talked to tim blake nelson about what he's been up to in quarantine (watching TIGER KING and '70s disaster movi…
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press f to give thanks to criterion channel for putting ORIGINAL CAST ALBUM: COMPANY (and a commentary with d.a. pe…
Retweeted by Matt PatchesPart 2 of BELOVED ANIMATED FAILURES looks at The Emperor's New Groove which despite meh box office returns and year…
Retweeted by Matt PatchesWill Irresistible follow in the footsteps of Trolls World Tour and rattle the established industry norms? Kids 5 -… spoke to @carriebernans aka Banshee from Ultimate Tag and I am thankful we go again. "Underdog." Having flashbacks. incredible Adventure Time commission from the beyond talented @skronked arrived! I asked for an ambitious recrea…
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🎨 delighted to present this exclusive clip from @criterion’s release of PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE, in which céline…
Retweeted by Matt Patches @Optigrab I've just discovered this. So lovely! Thank you for the words, and I hope we meet at a future Sundance, w… employees accuse Cards Against Humanity of a racist and sexist office culture
Retweeted by Matt PatchesPSA: Yo-Yo Ma and his collabs have a new Goat Rodeo album @patrickhwillems Yes @patrickhwillems I'm available for interviews @KhushAndOJ Oh no!Briefly scrolled through Twitter and, while I could identify maybe 3-4 distinct conversations, I have no idea what…
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All episodes of Random Acts of Flyness free and available for one week only. Links on this thread 🙏🏽
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.@daviemada8402 spent three years compiling 1700+ movies for his "Black Life on Film" list on @letterboxd. Here, he… @patrickhwillems @Memles @davechensky @jburd22 This is going to be a good video. @Memles @davechensky @jburd22 @patrickhwillems I think we can all agree Fat Bastard was and remains not funny. @jburd22 @davechensky @patrickhwillems This is how I would have felt before watching all three movies again. @patrickhwillems @davechensky You will have thoughts. Dave, I regret to form you that Goldmember (the character) is… @patrickhwillems Having just watched them, they are fascinating bits of ephemera. And the first one has aged the worst, oddly enough.Coronavirus Is Hitting Black Business Owners Hardest
Pokémon Smile (2020)
The 2021 Oscars have been postponed to make room for more movies, despite Sonic the Hedgehog
Retweeted by Matt Patches @ethanjsacks @EDouglasWW Yeah I was thinking Supporting. Clarke Peters feels like the lead. @McHenryJD This is true. Although I would just take "people watching Good Fight at all" as a baby step toward the Emmy.Good morning. Oscar for Delroy Lindo?
@812filmreviews Whoa!!
trans rights are human rights. trans lives matter. we love you.
Retweeted by Matt PatchesExcited to see Tenet @AmyAwes0me Somewhat unexpectedly, yes @wolfkin right now bud!I have been thinking about Marona's Fantastic Tale for days now and it's lingering with me in the best, most poigna…
Retweeted by Matt Patches @djkeng Hmm, not exactly. Or rather, not in a thrilling cliffhangery way. Don't want to spoil it too much, but it c… they cut Artemis Fowl in two and save the second half of Branagh's footage for a sequel they can release when t… @blakejharrisNYC @HDTGM @slashfilm One of the nicest people. @JimJarmuschHair We try @mattsinger Oh, you know I'm leaning in with the feels somewhat silly to say this, but i found real catharsis during these terrible times by listening to the exc…
Retweeted by Matt PatchesDA 5 BLOODS is extraordinary
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