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@sarachashrimpp i want to impress u >.< @azelhazell YES 💍 @adorbse thankyeww @Cetriic i’m 5’3 @fishszns ty fish 🐟 @KaedenVAL ok<3 @xefiyy @1HUNNYU SAME i aint rt it thinking it was gon flop @DaimImply @jellyfish_val @keaIani i wasn’t getting boosted i held my own weight @rylands_island @jellyfish_val @keaIani nah @iamhcu W @1EDEN_ u cant even q ranked @lunaireyy happy birthday! @IgnRadona no u 😳😳😳 @yukowii @7xnate i did not 🙏 @prodbyjstn @jellyfish_val @keaIani nah we win we're actually so goodWE'RE GRINDERS @yukowii @7xnate ;-; @DMATTHpalmiery ya idk abt that. i cant roll my Rs @keaIani we're in a party together rn >.< im so nervous @keaIani HEYYY lolSADG @7xnate u finna make me do sum @kiwiramune ur so cute @qashsav pretty girl!! @nateschanker need a duo @azelhazell 90 i think valorant players stop mispronouncing yoru’s name as “yuro” @sarachashrimpp beautiful… 😳😳😳😳 @1HUNNYU good luck w ur studies andrew u got dis <3 @Whalebudd mf clipped 1 kill 😭😭😭 I’m proud of u tho @stuffspins They r cuz theyre puns @jenn69420VAL BITCH!some1 needa nerf meidk how i manage to tweet bangers daily… i’m too good at this @iamhcu @ZD_Moonkiller wtf? @yslnai i luv u @xyobunni <3 @jadachez WW @kayvalorant ur cuter @stuffspins shut UP
SIKE ion caredis is me tryna cope… the hate comments r getting to me >.<i may be ugly but at least i’m funny @jasonbtw_ i forgot tbh @ReflexTrippe i can do both they call me multitasker mist @stuffspins FR. gold not ready for me @EastJett i cant its my fulltime jobWHAT THE FUCK IS THIS @tuxxse ?if he knows how to awp, he can get this wap @bbylapras mommy jett carry me @1HUNNYU @maiki1_ REALjoin & if we're mutuals i'll probs give u a role so bad i'm matching pfps on discord with my bot @mikeVAL_ i’ll stop when i get a bfif you’re feeling down, i can feel you up @rxbski cuz i deranked to b3 last night :( im s1 now tho @demonVAL_ true @GunRush64 fr fr @1HUNNYU Yuh! @Rehtzu yes @imozny FRwait ignore the brown lol its a glitchIM CRAY Z aim labs then valorant idk @lialovesyu @1EDEN_ in math??? no @9zamm its ok @gwinchie ITS OK 🙏 it was a fun time @9zamm mine better @9zamm u stole my pic @9zamm added @GetRidWasTaken nu @J33BY @stuffspins @sarachashrimpp @gwinchie @kickrocksrocks LMAO? @9zamm ? @emmyuh2 @sarachashrimpp @gwinchie @kickrocksrocks PLEASE @aidzerade STARTED FROM DA BOTTOM NOW WE STILL AT DA BOTTOM...YES I DERANKED TO B3 AGAIN TODAY!! @9zamm @sarachashrimpp @gwinchie @kickrocksrocks when we playin @prodbyjstn @sarachashrimpp @gwinchie @kickrocksrocks go away @9zamm @sarachashrimpp @gwinchie @kickrocksrocks shut uplf 1 egirl to join us in silver @zaaallliii @halo_swift @zaaallliii yesTUTORIAL HOW TO KNIFE HEART IN WALL @FrogOnLeash Fr @kxnzis :3 @lilxani u r beautiful mwah @sarachashrimpp LMFAOOOO @azelhazell u have a big heart ❤️ @qashsav u r so cutie >.< @AdoxcolVAL tru tho @AdoxcolVAL LMFAO @yslnai fr it got me hornknee @RlyMSTA real support a starving egirl … get more views with my titties out 📝