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tiktok has flash warnings now :D
@rinuze @Dasnerth vouchi love this boy so much he could tell me he thinks we should see other people and i’d just gouge both our eyes out… @kuzonami for april fools
@trnartist @connorisparra do itt @clsy_tps ye thats wrong but it was 7 yrs agopokimane deserves better ‼️ @auraminxx LMAOO WHAT IS THIS
@RuiSamaz how am i a pedo XDin a straight relationship there is one person who’s always right and the other is a male
@cNacsstv u saying my forehead is big ?i’m pregnant less of a social media oriented person does wonders for your mental health @viciouscycle96 @TOR_rob12 @NLopez527 @vicious696 most pirated games don’t even allow for multiplayer lol this is a…
tested negative but i still feel like shitreal men are slaves to their girlfriendmight have covid 👎it’s so embarrassing to see regular valorant clips say “Sponsored” on tiktok. like you’re really paying for views @TheReal_Nylon @Eqeality1 idk it’s when you use her sprint you can see it @travrther nowhy is neon's nail chipped @ashiibun im sry ive switched to light mode on every appi’m now a light mode user :) light mode makes me happy 👍
girlboss, gatekeep, gaslight manipulate, mansplain, malewife @connorisparra none, ill b streaming by myself or w friends @jellyfish_val LOL @nabifleurs @PlayVALORANT Wym? buy a sheriff @velkozah n o @saruwuv absolutely not never @feniiu and my team asks me to join and buy one too and i refuse to. my pride wont allow me to buy an ugly aresvalorant is not fun anymore with this ares buff 👎 @jenn69420VAL i havent had poke in so long im jealous
@LeeRfps shut up ryan @Sinful_z Yurr @dayuhnra Thx 💯 @emmuhlol meoww @FatalGlytch i was wondering why everyone kept buying ares man @LeeRfps no lol ive posted a lot @twinnLo i also play sage and reyna ...W key battle sage ☝️ TO CHASE & HEAL NEON IS SO HARDu fr only meet weirdos in unrated or bronze @launsiedad ofc :) thanku i want to do what is right, for myself. regardless of what ppl think of me from now on @launsiedad thanks, i think ^^ @launsiedad cus i dont intend to run away from consequences. the internet grants u w/ the ability to start over, re… @launsiedad wdym by that? negative impact that I make, or do u mean negative comments @launsiedad I don’t rmr much from that time but I don’t think I really did. back then I was surrounded by people wh… @feniiu sad 2 see u get sm hate for this long .jett is so fine
@PooDrifty idk im silver-gold but maybe @zunachu <3playing Neon :D OBSESSED instalocker. @ThomasDefranc10 i love owNEON PURCHASED. @PlayVALORANT is neon out yetim crazyy. plat soon @westjett1 my teammates keep dcing @jcksncrdbl18 theyre up @Sodeya_ while i understand how u feel completely, i feel tht a lot of these things that happened back then do not… @dayuhnra love you! @PlayVALORANT pleasepleaspel hurry up @bigfoheadd i didn’t tell him that, back then he made the false assumption and told someone that i was. @vulpinelovely ur v right i didnt know how to title it in a shorter way. sorry i dont mean to be diminishing of the situation! @lmaobinkies thanks :) means a lot @HajimeCuh I wasn’t too active and aware in my server at the time but there was a guy (whos now banned) that tried… @HajimeCuh @OliverSambou who is willius i never blocked someone named that @KindaMeerkat @malkyfps I didn't ban anyone myself, my staff must have. I'm open to mature conversations but hate o… tried to keep it short and to the point, but TLDR: i was cancelled a month ago for controversial things said in… original statement about change & an apology: I am definitely not accepting forgiveness from those unaffected by my words (non-black / cisgender people) as… truly believe in myself and my growth as a person, even if no one else does. I’m not one that stands for discrimi… I was sadly mixed with the wrong type of people before, I’m now surrounded by good friends that help me be better.I just wanted to reiterate that I am really trying to better myself. my dms are open, I’d love to have any civil di…’ll be returning to Twitch eventually and I am not expecting any forgiveness or chances. I simply am moving on fro… I’ll be back to streaming and I understand I’ll receive backlash.#KeepWideJoy pls @PlayVALORANT @JinxDarling_ im asking why men arent shamed for the same stuff lol? whats ironic @audiistic yes :) @playgirllashley threw up.why are only egirls slutshamed? some of my guy friends are RAN through
@angelicprusseml at this point ill be blocking u. i hav no clue who u are and what things of the past u are talking… @angelicprusseml it’s my page I will say it. and you are the one to bring it up in a reply to a COMPLETELY UNRELATE… @ItsChiwu me too :D np @ItsChiwu she is coming out later today i believe :)kj look fire tiktok playing neon 💕💞💓💗💖 @MasonEismon so true so real. if a guy cant respect a girl for simply her friendship, knowledge, & humor without wa… @ca1ow_ im biased ig @dayuhnra ayo @angelicprusseml sure ofc believe what you want but it’s all allegations that are being brought up here and you’re… @motionbyjorge my bf order from amazon @angelicprusseml my statement says our relationship was not sexual. i may be wrong about what grooming entails but… @FatalGlytch twitch > social media @FatalGlytch both suck. stick to twitch @SynMatty :/ share itwhy would yall clip e-sex and POST IT