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Une cause célèbre.

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Anyways it was nice to yell with y’all again. See you next month, same time?Why are you still expecting from them minimum decency, to keep their word?
Retweeted by Maîtresse MariMy wise stripper friend [on the game] “This is a movie, you can be the producer. I’m just the director. I let you… is why you hate hoes. Cuz we’re like [to clients] yes I will use this money to make this illusion/alter ego bi… @EXPENSIVE_HOE Anyways ily Addison people are real wack but we OUT HERE!TL;DR STOP SELLING BULLSHIT WHEN YOU CAN OWN UP TO THE BULLSHIT @EXPENSIVE_HOE WHATS A HOE GOTTA DO FOR SOME MF HONESTY @EXPENSIVE_HOE It can even be an idea, doesn’t even have to be set in stone! You can even say that you don’t really… @EXPENSIVE_HOE It’s not even about the success or how WELL they did! I just want to know that you have some idea… am not saying it’s impossible, I’m just saying it’s really fucking hard, so stop selling people shortcuts. Like… can also tell you that a lot of entrepreneurs I met have “investors” (aka parents, an SO, friends, mentors etc) w… the real, Almost ALL businesses fail. This is normal. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. You keep pus… @EXPENSIVE_HOE I just want a REAL ass business plan or sign of dedication to the game they’re committing to. @EXPENSIVE_HOE Dystopian 2x exceptional bootstraps nightmare. Wish they would keep it real, tell people they’re j… @EyeSwear I’m (sort of) playing but it’s annoyingly tone deaf that these people are trying to tell people they can… @EyeSwear Like, please leave the scheming to the girls. We know what we’re doing!!!Also, hoes did it first. 😘These new entrepreneurships feel like MLM schemes. Like I know YOU made 10k a month as a consultant but I need to s… @Nomatesss SO much potential tbh @luxatrix Very. Another edition of bros being bros ™️ @luxatrix Money laundering, data and IP. If you have it, no one else can have it. @expensive_hoe posted an article… and serenity. 🍂 homesteading 😍 can’t wait for this @luxatrix Thank you! Just enjoying the interlude before the end of the world. Sending money and abundance to you. 💰 @MxstressX This is me everyday 😭 it’s never enough @MxstressX Truly the Goddess/Genius they don’t deserve.I like a little Physics with my Porn, don’t you? Foot freaks and other nerds will love this long and luxurious igno…
Retweeted by Maîtresse Mari @MxstressX You didn’t miss a thing 😘On pause. If you’d like my attention, open my wishlist, pick a gift and press send, or write me an enticing email.… no one: Me: I’m not everyone’s cup of tea
Retweeted by Maîtresse MariThere’s a reason it’s called “paying attention” @luxatrix Same though. 🤪I need a reindeer hide for my bedroom so that my breakfasts in bed are more comfy. @luxatrix The ideal human furniture subs. Plus they’re twins so it’s like you get matching pair of chairs.Game-ify your lovethis is an @EXPENSIVE_HOE stan account go send bitcoin
Retweeted by Maîtresse MariSeeking ceremonial sacrificial lambs. @nottydesignss the perfect bday gift for my friend. Thanks for making these ❤️Do you think Ricky Martin knew that we’d all be livin la vida loca when he wrote the song in 2003?
Thé best ever to exist
How beautiful it is to be so terrifying.Yes I will rain on your motherfucking parade, because I am bad fucking news. @EXPENSIVE_HOE Omwwwww 🤪
@luxatrix Eating good, looking good. What a beautiful life. 😌Top 5 favourite ways to play: - Kidnappings - Sensory deprivation - Impact play - Breath play - Feet, heels, boots,… @DominaDynasty @mxtomie @LilithVee33 @Yes_Mistresss @MxWildIris Loving this list. 😍 Thanks for the tag!
@HenryNYC_ Dkm 💀
Way ahead of you, Dr. Tam.
“They want to recreate the womb.” As Leary the psychologist saw it, the boys building our digital future were devel… @sultrybarista @STUDIOPIA_ merci! @sultrybarista where is the lingerie from, it's so gorgeous.Missed this yesterday, was so looking forward to it and glad I can now watch the recording and I encourage everyone…
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@luxatrix You have the perfect taste in jam Dalfour and Bon Maman are top tier
I’m about to be an economist...which would be awesome if the entire economy wasn’t about to collapse. @natewilliams_ I’m very confusion rnMoisturized, bonnet on, caffeine in hands... I woke up like this #GoodMorning
Retweeted by Maîtresse MariI miss getting my nails done... 😭 @jmjafrx Lamb racks with mint, mint iced tea, mint yoghurt and chickpeas. Lots of middle eastern recipes have great usage of mint @luxatrix You too 😍Elected or otherwise.You will never catch me arguing over a casket ready motherfucker.Digital pillory that only unlocks when you send me bitcoinI mean, this is the OBVIOUS solution.Okay hear me out...instead of an apocalypse why don’t we do a sexpocalypse? @EXPENSIVE_HOE Also I can’t wait to nerd out with you in the apocalypse @EXPENSIVE_HOE You’re the unmatched that’s a fact. @EXPENSIVE_HOE I know VR isn’t really a thing that took off but this would b amazing in VR @EXPENSIVE_HOE I love how seamlessly you transcend and blend genres and bring me some crazy internet sexperience @EXPENSIVE_HOE Giving me Blade Runner 2049 @luxatrix Why be one when you can be all @luxatrix Busy being cute and getting paid for it. ❤️ @EXPENSIVE_HOE Pls link I just been staring at leather + pussy like I have a hypokink or something lolThey’re all fun as fuck they just play different gamesI’ve been absent as of late but I’ve been busy working on my other personas @luxatrix Why can’t people fkn get this? Life’s more fun without it @EXPENSIVE_HOE I’m only up at these hours to check your latest videos cuz you’re the bestBreakfast at Bitchany’sSo the world is burning and I just want to make cinematic cuts of my friends and I being hot and eating men for breakfast lunch and dinnerFuck the discourse let’s look at my butt for a second @EXPENSIVE_HOE Let’s gooooo @EXPENSIVE_HOE Need a mask with the straw hole @femdombreath Agreed.Securing Safe Housing for Quay Dash
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what was a single good thing that happened this year
Retweeted by Maîtresse MariDivinity and devotionCassie really killed itIt's Me & U now, I been WAITING WAITIN-
@EXPENSIVE_HOE Exactly thisAfternoon Lovies!! 🐾 🖤 FUNDRAISER FOLLOW UP 🖤 🐾 With dedicating time, effort, and the occasional playful nagging…
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@Bomanizer @natewilliams_So I think I’m extending my year off of work secret to a high follow count on twitter being an ass and having an ass.Clink clink @EXPENSIVE_HOE Cookin in the kitchen we don’t need no cookbook
I can really feel the current shift happening in my life and it’s so exciting. I feel so affirmed and open to what’s next.
Retweeted by Maîtresse Mari @MistressOdette The fur in this AVI is 😍 @EXPENSIVE_HOE Like rly rly
@luxatrix We can go on one when the apocalypse starts 😉 @MargotMiu Sometimes you just gotta take yourself on a date!!