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Molly @mistrustme1 United States

I can resist everything except temptation. - Oscar Wilde. @JennSlowpez is my pair bond. Patron Saint of Sluts & Whores

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@THEblindhomer True. I got married at 18 and impulsively after knowing him less than six months we went to Vegas an… @ShelleyMcElyea1 Shell, we can get matching chucks ❤️ @somesacrilege ❤️ @Patrickbensing1 He is endlessly entertaining to me I would love to see thatMy new favorite place is sitting in my driveway, alone. It’s dark and warm , I can listen to music and smoke a bowl… have never been on a real date in my entire life how sad is thatIt’s you every single fucking time
@McClaneJohn2 🤣🤣If you spray axe body spray in front of a mirror 3 times, Kid Rock appears.
Retweeted by Molly @TOCanadian22 I didn’t start really getting tattoos until 40 and they should mean something to you. Something deepl… @Rebellious6061 I don’t bust it for nothing @ChabbyD Lessons are fun @peterjsims I can @emily_tweets Can we do both? @Readwhenstoned Omg you danceTake me salsa dancing and I’ll make you happy for the rest of your life @PorkWithGravy I bet I can convince youSome of you are
Retweeted by Molly @PorkWithGravy You’ll come to the dark side @Jude_S_Frisco @OMGSoOverIt 😂 @PorkWithGravy No Arby’s. In n OutWe are all messes.
Retweeted by Molly @Jude_S_Frisco @OMGSoOverIt YesMy life is better with you in itI've seen dicks and I've seen taints I've seen saggy boobs That I thought would never end I've seen holes at times…
Retweeted by MollyI’m not a zombie but I’d still eat you
Retweeted by MollyHe says he’s the Candy Man and he can make it taste good. (Spits) It did not taste good. Worst candy man ever.
Retweeted by Molly @Lanc2Lance You secretly like it @BerrymoreBlue I’m expecting an addThinking of making a Twitter list entitled: "People I Want to Bone."
Retweeted by Molly @Rebellious6061 Asses are bestAnything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you, but I’m just too tired.
Retweeted by MollyI hope this email finds you dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. Merely this and nothing more.
Retweeted by MollyYour credit score should be higher than your lifetime total of sexual partners.
Retweeted by Molly @brandmewithlove @snickerdoodle_2 @Dreadbull2 @PrincessSass101 @LilBadGurll @Emmy_WithAnA @tattoosub45 @brandmewithlove @snickerdoodle_2 @Dreadbull2 @PrincessSass101 @LilBadGurll @Emmy_WithAnA @tattoosub45 @mmorrissey65 @Jettalea I say that @jkazmeyer It really is @Readwhenstoned @JanuaryJames True Words @JohnWai30374623 There now @sweetonmeee ❤️❤️ @JohnWai30374623 I’m not sure. It should be respecting both people. @TwiztedTweetz Oh it does @cocovamp @PomonaDez Okay I can understand that @Jettalea ❤️If you have to beg for attention from someone why on earth would you want it @ChabbyD There is no taming you @OaflingDavidSMa I would love to believe we are all irreplaceable @PorkWithGravy @AlwayzInTrouble You can sit with me Pork Chop @OakshadeStudio1 @ChabbyD ❤️❤️❤️All that raw wildness is what brought you in, don’t try to tame it nowI’m all for body positivity, but I’m positive we don’t want to see yours.
Retweeted by MollyGood Morning, Friends! The most witty Miss Ava has a new account. Check out her work: @avainswordland
Retweeted by MollyYou ever just tell someone there amazing and beautiful without prompt? Try it. It's gonna be awesome.
Retweeted by Molly @Fingerofgod14 ❤️ @Instynct02 @tattooed_bee BothTWEET CALL! I came up With this terrible idea last week. This is the installment #2. I play the intro to a song,…
Retweeted by MollyI only read about habits of successful people so I know what to avoid
Retweeted by Molly @sweet_an_sexy26 Sounds perfect @Frederik2021 Is this a hard and fast rule? @tattooed_bee Warmwill they fall on their words for you
Retweeted by MollyIf I like you, I'll send you obscure songs that will give you glances of my heart.
Retweeted by MollyCall me crazy, but I think some of you might enjoy being offended.
Retweeted by Molly @AutumnWhisky @ChabbyD Perfect @GivToLiv @ChabbyD @ChabbyD Let’s see what you got Prick Offerman, being of sound mind and hairy body, do solemnly swear to fuck some shit up on the interwebs today.
Retweeted by Molly @ChabbyD You are nailing it and I’m about to nail titty Tuesday. High fives all around.Betty White is a rockstar, and the guiding light I strive to follow.
Retweeted by MollyEddie: Clearly I remember picking on the boy...seemed a harmless little fuck. My therapist says I should stop usin…
Retweeted by MollyI’ll send vibes but honestly they could go anywhere because I really don’t know what I’m doing.
Retweeted by Molly @PyJamieParty I’m going to go make sure I’m following you from my second accountI hope you get to spend your life with the love of your life.
Retweeted by Mollysilence is the missing page that you can't stop trying to read over and over
Retweeted by MollyPeople who "reply all" to emails also like to travel by bus so they can stand up and read their text messages aloud to the other passengers.
Retweeted by MollySix words I live in fear of: "Dad, I found your Twitter account."
Retweeted by Molly @Gupton68 @urmumsausername I’m in for $100*starts a GoFundMe page to finance my campaign to change the plural of platypus to platypussies*
Retweeted by Molly @sweet_an_sexy26 @FeralFerrell She is funny AF and good peeps @Readwhenstoned @FeralFerrell She is whipsmart. You’ll appreciate her wit. @JPLFR80 GeniusI think marriage should be a 5 year contract with the option to renew. Time is up? This was great, good luck to you, see ya around.
Retweeted by MollyLoud mouth bull frogs don't phase me. They croak and then hop on back to burrow in the muck from where they came. That's what they do.
Retweeted by MollyHolding your hands. Looking into your eyes. Pulling you close Feeling your heartbeat against mine.
Retweeted by MollyShe is rather amazing. @FeralFerrell is sharp so try to keep up! you you and only you and only and always you
Retweeted by MollyStop being a fuckin arsehole There, now I'm your life couch
Retweeted by Molly @klsmd12 ❤️❤️ your tweets give me hope @JPLFR80 😉 how will they know I’m kidding @erniehr91 Just finished PT and about to get to worksitting in the dark moving softly through her sadness you will never know the damage you have done arranging lit…
Retweeted by Molly @erniehr91 Morning! @eraldojoses 😂 @AutumnWhisky @badgerlyfe @KLM_Wolfmama @Lilblack_heart I do love art @badgerlyfe @AutumnWhisky @KLM_Wolfmama @Lilblack_heart ❤️❤️ @Lilblack_heart @AutumnWhisky @badgerlyfe @KLM_Wolfmama ❤️❤️❤️I hope this email finds the clitoris
Retweeted by Molly @MudvilleOutlook I used to be afraid of that but now I look forward to it @AdamIntj @substress0812 That’s my way