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Misty Massey @MistyMassey South Carolina

Just a damn scribbling woman... I write about magical pirates and weird things you can't quite see in the shadows. I edit for @LoreSeekrsPress. She/her

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I'm not going to be over this for a long time. She's a superhero. @JewelStaite I'm cool with that - means more for me! 😁 I can't stand cooked fruit. Pie, cobbler, sweet&sour, doesn… have goosebumps. ❤️❤️❤️ @cmdrsue Hmm, I think I'd want Josh Groban, Alicia Keys and Tom Waits. @PrinceJvstin You survived! Yay!
@2ndHandBookery Top row 1st left William Fichtner Top row 2nd left Bill Duke Top row 3rd left Vinnie Jones Third ro…’m thinking about all the little Black girls who are going to start writing or will pick up their pencils and pens…
Retweeted by Misty Massey @JeanneAdams @HillaryClinton @SpeakerPelosi Everyone looked exceptional, but I was floored at the gorgeousness of M… is the mantra @TheAmandaGorman says to herself before she performs: "I am the daughter of Black writers. We'…
Retweeted by Misty Massey @catvalente @avaunlocked I was getting such a Sister Night vibe off her outfit. @scalzi My husband is at work, not able to watch, but just emailed to tell me I could stop crying. He knows me so well. @RickGualtieri I have to admit, this morning the news feed dropped out for about 12 seconds, and I couldn't breathe until it returned. @leonawisoker I had planned to run a couple of errands this morning, but I just can't leave until the swearing-in is done. ☺️Eugene Goodman, the Capitol Police officer who led rioters away from the Senate chamber, will escort Kamala Harris…
Retweeted by Misty MasseyWearing my pearls! I don't have Chucks, so I put on my pussy-cat hat. #Inauguration2021 #MadameVicePresidentHarris @NataniaBarron I'm so sorry, sweetheart. @cmdrsue Handsome Marine from NY met a lovely teacher from Georgia, and they eloped. @SherriWoosley @veschwab I stayed up stupid-late last night finishing The Sun Down Motel by @simone_stjames , and t…
@RxDrDolittle @Robin_Blue19 I'm in Norman's district. He likes to send his regrets that there's nothing he can do,…
QT with a photo of you that somebody else has taken. Selfies are not allowed. It can be old or new but ideally one…
@PrinceJvstin If they try and pull you into a political discussion, tell them you heard there was snow predicted. S… @PrinceJvstin It's hard being a liberal in upstate SC. Until last week, my son was working at a super-pro-Trump pla… read a book. Actually, a LOT of books. @mcmanlypants @RoseOfWindsong @johnhartness Oh yes, I miss the gym. I have Ring Fit Adventure and Fitness Boxing to… @RoseOfWindsong @johnhartness Hot Topic keeps sending me sale ads of lovely goth-y pieces that would be perfect to… @johnhartness Makeup. I can count on my fingers the number of times I've bothered wearing any.
@DavidBegnaud When my mother-in-law thought Katie Couric was talking to her through the TV, we knew it was time to… before we knew he was a traitor, I though his pillow looked lumpy and uncomfortable. And don't get me started… @AppleSupport Unless, of course, you can't remember your security questions. I'm currently locked out b/c y'all ins… @shaunduke @PrinceJvstin Just finished Riot Baby by Tochi Onyebuchi and tonight I'll start The Sundown Motel by Simone St James. @PatinkinMandy There's a bottle of champagne I bought for election night still waiting in the fridge. I'm opening it on Inauguration Day."Good tea. Nice house." @GailSimone We were once almost kicked out of a con hotel lobby for singing "Daydream Believer" (in honor of Davy J…
@yy_browne @AntoniaMarrero @ThatEricAlper That traumatized me as an adult! @cmdrsue I ended up with a minor in philosophy b/c I took 101 my freshman semester, and liked my professor so much… @ProjectLincoln Sorry, kids, Ivanka still won't be inviting you over to her house. @ThatEricAlper The Friendship Nine @nicolegkurtz My mama always knew if I'd touched anything. I could have sworn I put things back exactly how I found…
"It's an X-K-Red-27 technique." great-uncle on my mother's side traced our family history in America back to 1640, and I, too, hate the Confeder… @CiCi77 @M_M_Harden @HuffPostPol In that picture, he looks like the Hitler-Jugend kid who sang "Tomorrow Belongs To… @RxDrDolittle @LowcountryLib I wouldn't be at all surprised if a couple of my neighbors were there (although I have… @NataniaBarron I made chili tonight but I didn't think of getting cheese curds and now my life feels so empty.
I'd like to be Poptart shoulders, but in reality I'm artichoke knees. @lowcountryjen I was wondering when the real Nancy was going to show up. She's been having such fun playing "modera… @Schmaniel @jonrog1 I think I'm good, then. They've been in the drawer so long the plastic is probably too degraded… @grady_hendrix Oh yeah. I had to visit the county tax office last week, and except for the employees (who also had… @jonrog1 The only zip ties in my house are in my junk drawer, left over from an ill-advised garbage bag purchase.… a COVID vaccine appointment for your elderly parent is 2021's version of finding the golden ticket. Except…
Retweeted by Misty Massey @PrinceJvstin I'm a three-hour drive from the coast (there's no direct route east from here), but Charlotte has lot… @PrinceJvstin Well, dang. @PrinceJvstin I'm in Rock Hill, just across the border from Charlotte. @Sifill_LDF @BJMendelson I wonder if he realizes the mob wouldn't have stopped to ask if he was on their side. Brow… @PrinceJvstin I live in SC... @plentyofalcoves I use it in real life, too. (Or I did, when there was such a thing as in-person meetings.)The only guarantee when it comes to writing and publishing is that at some point it will break your heart.
Retweeted by Misty Massey @NataniaBarron I just realized I have an unopened package of six spiral notebooks sitting under my desk. @JackieKessler @NataniaBarron When my husband put his shoulder out of joint, I rewrote a scene in my novel reflecting what I'd learned. @NataniaBarron I have a great idea for yet another story every 12.5 hours. @brainamp Write it down, because the way might show itself to you later and you don't want to forget. @Verillas There's a pirate-themed escape room in Charlotte, with a floor that moves like a rolling ship's deck, and…
If this is Sea Shanty Day on TikTok, why are they only singing one shanty? Has no one heard of "Strike the Bell"? "… @sbjames Oh, such a good one!
@mlramsdale_law We also failed at movie trivia - in Red Dawn, the invaders were the USSR and Cuba. @ChuckWendig This always helps me feel better. California. It tells a complete story, it's fun to sing, and I enjoy dancing to it. @pattonoswalt I look forward to the day we have a First Lady who knows the correct use of commas."It all started with lies & lies & lies...Patriotism means standing by the country, not standing by the President."…
Retweeted by Misty MasseyCompanies should suspend donations to the following SC Reps: @RepJeffDuncan @RalphNorman @TomRiceSC7 @RepTimmons
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To see the Confederate flag marched through our Capitol by a seditious mob is to realize, once again, that the bloo…
Retweeted by Misty Massey @Schwarzenegger I've been a fan for years, but today you've impressed me even more. I desperately needed it. Thank you for this message.Condemnation after the fact just points the finger of guilt elsewhere. The citizens of SC deserve to know EXACTLY…
Retweeted by Misty Massey @cmdrsue Ain't he just. 🤩 @shaunduke @PrinceJvstin Finishing A Labyrinth of Scions and Sorcery tonight.
@DanielNewman Doesn't bother me. Although I don't hear it much, since I live in the land of "y'all", which covers everyone equally. @anniebellet Thank you. Someone just today posted that message to a friend of mine who's down with Covid, and it gave me the willies.So anyway, I'm crying.
Retweeted by Misty Massey @PrinceJvstin And Spanish moss. @PrinceJvstin Grits and sweet tea.
@Artists_Ali When I was 12, my friend invited me to her evangelical church. I had no idea they would violently gang… @cmdrsue Exactly! @cmdrsue Oh, gosh, how did I forget Firefly? I can freaking quote whole scenes! *laughs* @cmdrsue Off the top of my head...B5, The X Files, Star Trek (TOS and TNG), Millennium, Maverick, and Leverage. Mu… if you is think @GaSecofState Brad Raffensperger must certify Ossof & Warnock immediately so they can be sworn i…
Retweeted by Misty Massey @ChuckWendig I'm sick of these guys who keep saying "I was caught up" and "I was just following the crowd." That's no excuse.Jayne Cobb: [shocked to the verge of tears] You guys had a riot? On account o' me? My very own riot? We laughed w… @dmihalopoulos Clearly his mama never drilled into him the axiom "If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it, too?"Clearly a speech writer was told "Write it as if Obama was going to read it," and the aides told Trump "Read it EXA… @MLEco2h2o @BettyBowers @HawleyMO @simonschuster I was thinking maybe he should read Orwell before using him as an adjective.
@mlramsdale_law @LindseyGrahamSC I've been "embarrassed and disgusted" by him for years now.One thing I learned when teaching preschool was always to watch the mood of the group - it could change in an insta… this late a stage, resignations help little beyond serving as late attempts at self-preservation. If Sec. Chao…
Retweeted by Misty MasseyCruz, Hawley and Kennedy are not fit to serve. They should be expelled or at least censured and thrown off committe…
Retweeted by Misty Massey @PrinceJvstin @KerriMPR That's the one that broke me.Let me be perfectly clear: Federal crimes were violated today at our Nation’s Capitol building. Anyone who traveled…
Retweeted by Misty MasseyRT if you think the Senate should #ExpelJoshHawley
Retweeted by Misty Massey @ChrisAJackson1 @LindseyGrahamSC Exactly. Under Trump he was angry and practically spitting every word b/c that's w… on the news said @LindseyGrahamSC just did a 180 - would that mean he's done a complete 360 between 2016 an… @scorpio1678 @LindseyGrahamSC @scorpio1678 @LindseyGrahamSC What'd he do now? I was scrubbing the gunk off my soul with a Great British Baking Show rerun.