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misu @misufps Houston, TX

15 F/A for @sanriosval 🇰🇷 @teamassaultgg

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@COLBEEval its okay i understand thank u for ur help ;-; @COLBEEval motherfucker why would i come to twitter if i did not already try multiple options PLS THINK @Yoshii_TTV may u send me this video @Jerado_FPS i have scrims RN. t_t @Jerado_FPS HAHAHAHA @itsAkx i already tried that -_- i tried multiple thingsanyone know a fix @coast3245 nevr tried but ive seen LOTS of ppl say its "cheatcode" or "op" ive been thiking of giving it a try too @Add3rTV man cant beleive he saw us i gues my brimstone ass was so big @karraof @melanji luv U @kayvalorant @faivsta @wristaimer @bleakmp3 @wlyrrr @kolhr_ @ZYKR02 at least he reppin us he our biggest fansme 💫
Retweeted by misu @karraof kawawwaa 🤩🤩 @kayvalorant @KushayVLRT mayn WTF. @sonderx_x hi gorgeous @KushayVLRT omg ur face is so swollen in the morning LOL @pandayq T_________T im sorrryyyy @pandayq v __ v @Junafour @glorymvs @LtomleeVAL why am i getting deja vu like ive seen this exact thread before did u comment this before juna LOLDOUBLE BREACH ULT + ACE??? (sound warning)
Retweeted by misu @emluo LETS GO EMLUOOOO @sarah_frags @eeeriomirg @pandayq this was actually an amazing explanation translated to val LOL @kayvalorant the audio.. LMFAOFDIADJSFMY BEST JETT ACE IN VALORANT HOLY SHIT RTRT
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@kayvalorant this fire hell yeah @ignovercook really do be back to back montages @PrincessIcyTV :( im sorry about that but you really should rest. i usually take only 1 day off and on my worst day (for me its my first) @wesmanchild @enzaFPS @AikoKamu @NickIsNuts_ @KushayVLRT @Add3rTV @JoBahh @PrincessIcyTV i get a sub and i go mentally unwind then aim train or vod review. i call it my 1 break day of the month @x0Starlight @karraof i love the probiotic drinks @NotReduxx LOL WHAT RU SURE UR JUST DREAMINMG @shuboxs @kiwiramune new hannah edit video base @shuboxs @kiwiramune
@Zebroe @sarah_frags chris "zebroe" asian baby girl @ignovercook DONT REMIND ME @seshiriaa_ same @triskkkk happy birthday trisk!
hivemind vandal ace
Retweeted by misu @kayvalorant @SanriosVal @AlekoGabuniya @emluo @pandayq @peachteas_ tbf i wasn't on the team when this happened. @SanriosVal @kayvalorant @AlekoGabuniya @emluo @pandayq @peachteas_ u may igl but ur on duelist so you have 2 pocke…
@COLBEEval @koalanoob im taking over @COLBEEval @koalanoob ggs. @ShaneVal_ @kiwiramune yeah i was curious of the child protection stuff on it bc i was like "wait can kids use this" LOL @kiwiramune ^^that was what it was last time i looked @kiwiramune i think u have to be 18+ ;-; @jeffyzk_ its a female/nb tourney only preston. LOLim avail 2 fill for ssg today if anyone needs @kiwiramune @kiminx LOL @sevvn happy birthday johann! @x0Starlight LOL @emiliacosplay unlucky @Zoessielol yes with u
@MatchewVal i have both but theyre not upgraded haha Lol @emmyuh em so purrtyyy <3_<3YACHT
Retweeted by misu @kayvalorant thats my duelist player <3 @itsmarouS @MysticEventsNA @furbsa @Dogo_VN @TkazFPS @c4Lypso_ @welyyval @Chloricc @Governor_Val @Demon1___ @Dark3stVal @FrostyValorant Wogo @shryma CAN YOU LINK M,E THE CINNAMON ROLL THING @ashiibun hai
@koalanoob SUP GIAN @endrynaphobia @meiselene reaver knife, xenohunter knife, reaver odin, reaver ghost, reaver spectre, reaver phantom, rgx vandal, rgx classic @meiselene i need ur radianite i have 7 skins fully unupgraded @envysJPN @wlyrrr single boy insult lol @wlyrrr these go hard @thekr1sp have fun (: @_Od26 i used to bujo a lot its so fun and can be really artistic @valslaze @N8Vgg vouch @x0Starlight YES i would love to @x0Starlight Do u live in tx @miraixz i agree @ssav1or i said it was heat tbh @karraof we get boba.... ONE DAY. @karraof u know answer tho thai tea or peach passion fruit slush :p @unst9ble @karraof @Evs2x LMFAO @karraof i rly like brown sugar but ive only ordered it once and it tasted like straight up milk i had to put my ow… @keencval agreed @azelyuh it looks so good @azelyuh r those violet/deep blue tips i see or are my eyes deceiving me O_O @azelyuh u look so goodv omg
@florscnt floorrr ^.^ @Dogo_VN LETS GO DOGO @chefhomiekwon True lol. @rwottie tyyy @yoonchiiu @shawno @pookiieu @lixzks so cute @angelltaub Yes. now someone knows that i did @1aisiru the inner logo is more compressed for minimalistic purposes and is more "proportionally correct" to the ci… @1aisiru old first
@archive6below @jeffyzk_ ^ @habibti_fps habibti gaming @Luna__Fox this is such a good picture looking good!!! @risorah wisowah @kayvalorant thats my duelist :p
@emluo my melody has come to drop some love @yongledd THATS AWESDOME WTF @KushayVLRT wut in the home sang young @emgotcutetoes thank u em @yongledd itd be this one i guess