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@Gendou I don't actually know if I do... @Gendou What's the easiest way to transfer the old data off that one if I have to pull it out to put this one in? (… @Gendou Ooooh... What's the easiest way to make sure this'll fit in my laptop? @mbuhtz It wasn’t like this this morning but it shifted randomly :/ and it’s retroactive, so ALL text + media posts…
lol, this is how I'm seeing a lot of GIF posts at the moment. Please make this stop, @TwitterSupport. @Ketsuki_WoW @TaliesinEvitel Thank you <3 @TaliesinEvitel @Ketsuki_WoW I'm assuming this has to do with whatever is going on with media on my feed, but what,… @narillan @JeffAHamilton See, for me, ALL media + text tweets appear like this, mobile and desktop, and retroactive… @Philster043 @Philster043 I haven't changed anything D: @JeffAHamilton @JeffAHamilton I mean images on my feed that use to appear BELOW text now appear with the text on them, often times… @annafunk I sure as fuck hope not. I hate this change. (It will also massively affect what I do at work, which I a… @annafunk Earlier today, they both looked normal to me :( It's done it retroactively to all my media + text posts.This is what my feed looks like now. Used to be text above the images. the shit did Twitter start automatically putting text on images? I don't like it. @MatthewWRossi For bigger questions, sure. For this? It amuses me. It's very Chaotic Good and I like that. Nothing more, nothing less. @MatthewWRossi Because I want to? Do I need more of a reason? @MatthewWRossi "so people can’t help but spread a cursed image as far as possible."One day, I want to do an off-the-wall amazing “retweet to enter” giveaway but include an image like this in the ent… check Pokémon Go before bed <3 ✨ of the Corn. It was the TV cut and I saw only the first... 15 minutes or so? But I was young enough that w… also makes two weeks in a row where trying to push myself to do something new in the Visions has cost me more…'t done this one before. Apparently this dude teleports away and you need to run across the room (twice) to sto…
2020 @PokemonGoApp Egg events would be a lot more egg-citing if we could delete old Eggs :\ @murgasoft Yeah, that's just another aspect that irks me. I really enjoy Visions and I *want* to run them more. But…'ll shill with the best of 'em, but I just can't wrap my head around the logic behind limiting HV runs behind CV/V…'s say I just re-upped my sub today for 8.3. I read that Blizz will let me do all the cloak quests up to the cur… my boss asks what I mean when I say I mostly just shitpost on Twitter, I'm just going to point her to this ine… @npcSara @notgreenpls They once told me I'd never be poor or hungry if I just made money and ate food, and honestly… @Faience @Gendou Totally understand. Just ping if ya change your mind :) <3This actually brings a tear to my eye :') @Faience @Gendou Same here. Down to run dungeons or whatever in WoW if ya want. Get that Pally some gerrrrr! @ScottLeyes @BrianPodcaster
@BrianPodcaster "Mitch me once, shame on you. Mitch me several more times, shame on me." @Ariannasaurus 1) It looks fantastic, and you should be proud. 2) If you're in the opposite camp as "marvelous_mole… @CadenHouse @ux92 @ChristieGolden It just sort of fits with anything starting with "M'" <3 and gentlemen, M'uwu. @Faience ...Welp. F. @Faience Oof. Is that just to make sure you have them all, or are those your BIS Essences? If you haven't checked w… @Faience Although it wasn't as big a hurdle as I expected, by far the Essence I missed most on my Demon Hunter was… @Shadesogrey Oh, you and I both know I'm well aware of that fact ;P @Shadesogrey This is one of the (many) reasons I really dislike winter in Michigan. After working all day from home… @npcSara Having looked at the price of housing in Irvine, this tweet is mildly terrifying.
@pidia_p @pidia_p ...Does this mean you're the wombat?That was a very fun movie. go fast!
@Ruevian got 6 of one color and 9 of another with the express purpose that my Valentine’s gift be an immature, romantic ge… TEARS FEED MEEEEE!!! are red, Violets are bling, wears red, And Sonic is blue. The new Sonic movie, Is the perfect Valentine’s date for two 💙
Roses are red, I'm as evil as can be, Hail Lilith! (Please step on me.) @Faience I'm not sure what setting caused it since I do have particle effects up, but on my laptop the other day, t… are red, I still can’t rhyme, Confirm you’re registered to vote by visiting and follo… are red, I cannot rhyme. Happy Valentine's Day, Let's get Taco Bell. @ChristieGolden @aramisx @AdamHolisky Tweet’s unavailable :/ @MatthewWRossi I don’t see anything in there about her having a “better” original gank ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @MatthewWRossi That wasn't my original point, and it's still dishonorable to gank 3v1 in my books, no matter how justified. @Wolfdream62 I was speaking in hyperbole for the sake of my annoyance at Alliance *literally* always ganking me in 3+ vs. 1. @MatthewWRossi Being a DHK and being killed dishonorably aren't they same thing. And even if they were, my original point still stands. @MatthewWRossi Seems pretty dishonorable to 3v1 me when I'm minding my own business and deliberately not attacking… me all you like, Alliance, it still won't make up for the 1 vs. 1,000 Sylvanas managed to pull at the start of BFA. @Jmarcus00 *Presses F for @ArcaneRatsel*👀 Looks like we're getting close to 30k followers! We might just have to do something special to celebrate when we…
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@RequineGG I still say Blizz releases the "unkillable" version of C'Thun when AQ40 hits Classic, just to see how lo… @Kadderin Yessss! :D
I am so jealous of everyone at Blizzard right now. @sqwarlock Oh my Yogg this is so cool I WANT IT. @liopleurodonic You okay over there, Anna? @mary_v1ctor1a Just FYI, that's Andy Whitfield, not PatStew 😬 @Arrohon Yeah, but that's not the order I did it in, since that order doesn't really make sense. Normally, I do the…, forgot to mention last night, but megafuck this spell. @MichaelHanley16 If you know the Affixes and the dungeon, they're really not that daunting, especially if you have… @MichaelHanley16 But at higher keys, it's about a lot more than gear level, too. So, again, it really depends. But… @MichaelHanley16 If you're confident in your DPS and skill, 430 is fine for a +2. If you're less sure, I'd aim for… @MichaelHanley16 Heya! Sorry for the delayed response here. It's hard to say, because a lot depends on how comforta… @Grenthorlok I still wonder what life would be like if I'd stuck with pre-med/med school instead of veering off at… @matticus @_Nightglow Yeah, I'd be making that face if I were Holy looking at damage charts, too. In fact, I'd just… *really* like Horrific Visions, but it feels like there are multiple conflicting design philosophies at play with… tried to do an extra zone in my HV this week, but died while doing so. The end result is that I'm now 1 page shor… @Ketsuki_WoW What sorts of issues? 0.o
@mbuhtz @CoryjTaylor Sadly, the currency is still Dubloons, so you’re not entirely out of doing IEs.Also, dayam, I'm on a roll. @Gendou If I cleanse my Echoing Void piece, I can actually get down to only 30 Corruption still.Tier 3 Infinite Star is still good, right? 😬 (Also, dat ilvl upgrade <3) @mbuhtz @CoryjTaylor Right near the Island Expedition dude, and it varies depending on the crate! They apparently c… @deva_marie Haha, real name is Michael Mitchell :P @deva_marie Trust me, whenever anyone who isn’t literally family uses my actual name, it short circuits my brain for a moment. @jambiwind 😬 reminds me that 8.3 added Island Salvage crates. I bought one because it said something about Old God… @ArcaneRatsel @CoryjTaylor Usually just, "Hey, asshole!" @negaoryx @ModernChow @HavanaRama "Doctor, it hurts when I do this :(" "Well then don't do that." @Sabriality LOL, that's incredibly accurate. (Also, haven't seen the movie, so I appreciate the full clip!) @LinguaVenandi I know, I know. It's a shock to most. ...BUT IT ALSO TELLS ME YOU'VE NEVER READ MY BYLINE ON BLIZZARD WATCH!!! 😭