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I am KING from the West Indies 🇹🇹🤛🏽🥀🤴🏽 @HesAGod on IG 🧝🏽‍♂️ $Daddysupreme2

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Me looking at my weed vs. my weed looking back at me
Retweeted by King Grey🤴🏽As fuck 😂 men are definitely disappointed once the makeup is wiped away 😫 I really got some good ass memories w/ ppl who can go straight to HELL😊
Retweeted by King Grey🤴🏽 @Akademiks you need to learn to shut your ugly fat ass up.
@ThatManSmitty @LieStabber @Krucial_4 @o_keilani Or you don’t have to say shit @_victoriamarisa 😂😂 i hate youWhy tf do republicans try to blame everything on China?! @iamchrislee__ Highly disappointed 😂 @iamchrislee__ Same 😂 “i made my decision on you to fast”I saw the whole clique before making my decision 🤷🏽‍♂️😂I hate you 😂 time she says this I’m shook
Retweeted by King Grey🤴🏽Confession: I get mad when the shower curtain touch me.🤢😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by King Grey🤴🏽This nigga got Tiny’s clothes on 😫😂 @mer_queen3 Dead ass & these days she barely making the cut! LolMeet you all the way ROSANNA YEAH if I’m becoming distant, I’m tryna be there for myself now..
Retweeted by King Grey🤴🏽A lot of y’all gone be run down in such a short period of time & i really hate that for y’all. i’m the problem ? !⃝ 𝗧𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗱𝗼𝗻𝘁 𝗲𝗲𝗻 𝘀𝗼𝘂𝗻𝗱 𝗿𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁
Retweeted by King Grey🤴🏽i’m so tired of black art being replicated, recreated, and STOLEN without any credit from our white counterparts. t…
Retweeted by King Grey🤴🏽Yours looks way better either way.!?!?!?!,!
Retweeted by King Grey🤴🏽We have to watch the worse sign be happy to enjoy their birthdays 🙄 saggitrashians!!!! Cause good throat be ready don’t care about the opinion of no nigga who’s beard is struggling to connect @AyeeLayy Wasn’t that deep. Truly don’t careThis bitch defending her “someone you’ll never know in your lifetime” baby do you know her? 😂 are you paid to be he…’s be clear birds of prey won best soundtrack because of this
Retweeted by King Grey🤴🏽Of course Nick a pretty ass girl 🤦🏽‍♂️😂’all HATE when other people do it but I see y’all saying Megan stole Beyoncé’s partition thing.. maybe it was insp… to the one and only, @NICKIMINAJ! #AMAs 💕
Retweeted by King Grey🤴🏽Every fuckin time is a bill😭
Retweeted by King Grey🤴🏽Shit everybody on there seems to be 😂 who tryna be the mouf 👀😂 cause I’d love to remake this with ya
I been at this job not even 2 months & already know everybody business Them: “hey can i ask you something?” Me: really be thinking that Throuple shit gone workout .. 2 is company 3’s a crowd.Y’all will scream fuck love after being the hoe in your relationship... it’s the last supper. will beg the congregation for money to pay for their vacations.!!!!! I hate when ppl use the reference because I know exactly what you mean. why after 26 years my mama doesn’t realize I hate talking & I cant stand being asked a million questions. Like leave me alone lady“You be playing” Nah you’re not the one I want. hate a “you left me” ass nigga. Like yes i fuckin did, you said leave. 😂 I’m in traffic on my way to 30 I’m not a… my ex, is not a flex. The fact that you had me and couldn’t keep me? Embarrassing
Retweeted by King Grey🤴🏽Nicki has been the Supreme of Rap for years... No other Supreme has risen not even an Alpha.I’ve been in some of the worst relationships but will never give up hope on finding true love & happiness.Hopscotch, Cash Race &, Link Up R Us young niggas at work be calling me “Uncle Nate” 😂 @2_legitt For who? Oliver Twist?! 😂 niggas are gayer than gay niggas.
Retweeted by King Grey🤴🏽Wtf is this 😂 so aggy 😂😂😂 but baby me 👀😂 @SmurfCream I hated that shit watching it back then was different than now.. i get it nowThe way they have these characters on AHS play a million different characters all in the same season kills me 😂 Sar… me only liking 3 songs off Bad News with 1 of the 3 being a single 😬
Retweeted by King Grey🤴🏽Jazmine Sullivan is the definition of a SANGER.
Retweeted by King Grey🤴🏽
Retweeted by King Grey🤴🏽
😂😂😂😂’m just ready to get off work so i can play my game...Good morning to everybody this morning. No particular group today 😂 i hope everybody has an amazing ass day @Marquiscortez_ YeahThey had to go and give Vanessa Hudgens a triplet 🥴 but i know this movie still gone be good
@DanaDBell1 It is lolWhen i die i want my clothes buried with me. No need for my non dressing ass family to go thru my shit 🙃😂“These niggas my son i should call em oshay” @DanaDBell1 You must be the butler 🥴😂 @RomeoBlazin Shut the hell up lmao @DrayeArmani You seen me?! Fuck them 😂 “baddie” niggas be looking like chewbaka @RomeoBlazin Nigga you is! Lol. @RomeoBlazin Then you know why you’re also a problem thanks @RomeoBlazin You’re an Aries? 🤦🏽‍♂️ @theecoinkiing Nah @let06live420 She said the wrong thing about Nicki.I will turn down everything.. but mention shopping & all of a sudden I’m up dressed and ready to go 😂 @tekktarik 😂😂😂Y’all need to leave these niggas in school & just let them bake cookies. Cause this is very much giving me special… @ShaqSpkeBIGFacs Ended her to Tory on “Shots Fired”
Retweeted by King Grey🤴🏽Is KashDoll still making music? her. a *pick me* gay.. what about this thing isn’t upsetting?! Cause everything about him makes me cringe. The whi… from hell @2_legitt Ain’t even listen to know. I’m sick of himOkay Caresha finally kept up with the beat. I see you the lamest shit.’m skipping that song wit Dababy.. so fine 😍 life i commonly attract Capricorn’s, Taurus, Libras, and Aries Im sick of it fired is definitely fire 😂 choreo def came from whoever choreographed P-Valley love you. But don’t get on this app lying this afternoon. @_AllDat It wasn’t much ima leave it 😂