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A new festival from @HospitalityDNB 🌳 is going to be amazing: @KerriChandler playing Reel to Reel ft. holograms and projecting mapping 🤯 Iván Marulanda is trying to pass a cocaine legalisation bill in Colombia dubplate master Leon Chue 🖤 is trialling adding stories to its platform: All apps in 2020 ⬇️ belters added every week 🚨 #NordicSoundscapes 18+, Nordic Spirit products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an a… State of Mind, Vol. 1, mixed by Lenzman - hosted by @danstezo Check out the tracklist, shoutout to @Mixmag
Retweeted by MixmagCatch up with our new music playlist Soundscapes right here 🚨 #NordicSoundscapes 18+, Nordic Spirit products con… music agitator @xAirMax97x turns in our latest In Session mix Celebrating 5 years of @DECISIONSRECS with a ty… Our Scene is organising bike ride protests against the lack of support given to musicians from the UK governme… and @PaulWoolford have released an homage to Underground Resistance, 'Your Time Is Up' ⏰
Listen to the first track from @gazelletwin and @nyx_edc's collaboration, Deep England, out in 2021 @Mixmag
Retweeted by MixmagA limited edition run of 220 will be available @yunganz_ 🖭 exploitation of Black women vocalists in house music @Mixmag
Retweeted by Mixmag“In my twenties I had a quarter-of-a-million pound deal on the table to be the next Missy Elliot, because I’m fat.…
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Timebender, ie me this lockdown 2.0 up on our last digital cover feature with @TesselaMusic and @Truss_101 into the weekend Black UK house music acts you should know about on yer jogging shoes 👟 🎶 into the method behind the latest In Session mix from @DJKRUST nice mantra / anthem for our times eh stuck in lovely soothing Sunday vibes from Sabrina Bellaouel with her new EP 'Libra' into the new @facta_music In Session mix“We never intended to claim ownership over something that was not ours to claim," said the Dutch duo on their decis… from this week“It’s like me doing drag of myself basically!” - @0800shygirl on her new EP 'ALIAS' Check out the full cover story… @thenorthquarter revealed an ambitious new mixtape project this week government approved test and service can produce results in 15 minutes to get you out of bed today's 2020. Pls. into this new playlist curated especially for us by @amaarae new exclusive Actress merch drop will fundraise for @blackmindsmatt
A dark and murky one for your kitchen discos tonight Benji Espinoza, an unsung hero of house music📞📞📞 👇👇👇😏😏😏 news from this week yourself some energy today with a boogie around the living room to this belter for this year's MOBO Awards were announced this week Marie 🤝 Finn Great tunes all round yourself a pep with this new one from Bru-C, Example and Jamie Duggan Def Jam is the UK home of iconic hip hop label Def Jam Recordings has also called this week for the awards show to be replaced"I would be genuinely surprised when I played shows if I saw more than five or six other Black people in there. And… big witchy Wicker Man vibes from the new @gazelletwin album more about @facta_music's new In Session mix 🦷🦷🦷 in this heavy drum 'n' bass In Session mix from @DJKRUST woman with over 20 years experience in the music industry talks about the coercion, bribery and harassment she's… are you even doing if you haven't listened to the special cover playlist by @0800shygirl ? ready for the sixth annual merch drop from @Patta_NL and @dkmntl
💥💥💥’s ∄ club is marking its first anniversary with the release of a V/A compilation on its label arm Standard Devi… ty to @Mixmag again 💘
Retweeted by MixmagUplifting sounds for your Friday from Buddy Love ⬆️ Rolling now:'re floating on a cloud 😶‍🌫️ @coastalhaze @coorslightuk Join us:🚨 !
Retweeted by MixmagBlissful sounds of @coastalhaze's Buddy Love in The Lab LDN 😌 Streaming now, lock in: policy aims to combat the overdose crisis in the region, that is worsening due to the pandemic and increasingly… is out today and it slaps ❤️ Slave's 2011 cover mix is out now on Mixmag Records 🔊 @Rekids harnesses the worlds of party demons and experimental rap 😈 artist @cktrl has released his heartbreak-inspired 'Robyn' EP on @touching_bass 💔's time to let the party come to you this evening, @buddylove_music is up in the @Mixmag lab and ready to satisfy…
Retweeted by MixmagThe four-track EP is out now alongside a limited edition USB of the trilogy @leftrightcentr_ truly back in '92! Foot hasn't come off the gas since 💥 @Mixmag
Retweeted by MixmagStorm Country @banshee_uk N R G @ErisDrew @octo_octa @fabriclondon ⚡🙌⚡🙌‘Secure The Bag! 2’ @ajtracey 💰 @bjork x Hamrahlíð Choir collaboration 🎶
The bold @duntmusic making headlines...
Retweeted by MixmagGo chec the premier of Right Dere on @Mixmag
Retweeted by Mixmags/o @Mixmag for the premiere of "RIGHT DERE" another certified banger from @DeejayEarl_’s album out next week:…
Retweeted by MixmagThe first dancefloor-focused EP from @richiehawtin in more than two decades drops tomorrow 🚨 x Sam West 'Dark Between Stars' is out tomorrow on @SouthsideDeluxe Dere taken from Bass + Funk Soul Premier Live RN!
Retweeted by MixmagPremiere: @DeejayEarl_'s new album on @Moveltraxx features club banger 'Right Dere' 🔥 city council has voted unanimously to decriminalise all illicit drugs🤯 @fourtet x @DJKRUST 🤯 new Akiko Haruna production from @batu_uk Timedance compilation is streaming over at @Mixmag. Full compilation ou…
Retweeted by MixmagBlack Eyed Peas member @iamwill has taken responsibility for the uncredited plagiarism of @RealDJLag in @MeganRyte'… and @Drake have criticised the GRAMMYs
Video games are influencing a generation of electronic music innovators @Mixmag
Retweeted by Mixmag0207 Def Jam is the UK home of iconic hip hop label @defjam Soundscapes Playlist has been updated 🚨 D Tiffany, Sha Sha Kimbo and Conducta have all been added to our bes… Maradona listening to records. RIP 🇦🇷💙 we announced our next release; XD EP by @DJ_J_M 1️⃣ Stream the XD remix on @DummyMag here:…
Retweeted by Mixmaganother one fresh out the oven for the LRC003 V/A by @Alexis__Andrews 🔥 on @leftrightcentr_ Shouts to @Mixmag for…
Retweeted by MixmagThe GRAMMYs has announced its full list of 2021 nominees a profound trip into ego death with @DJKRUST's new In Session mix 🌌’s there? It’s me, bitch 👀 thank u @Mixmag 💘
Retweeted by MixmagPremiere: @leftrightcentr_ completes its V/A EP trilogy with ‘Centre of Attention’ Listen to @Alexis__Andrews 'Wh… @dolphinski 🐬💥 and Jean Phi-Dary are The Paradox 🥁 selections from boundary breaking Ghanaian-American artist @amaarae 🎷💿: Peep tha 🔥 playlist I made for @Mixmag w some of the waviest acid-jazz tunes <333333 👼🏾…
Retweeted by MixmagRIP i_o 🖤 year ago @Mixmag asked me to do a mix and wrote nice things about me. I was and am v proud of this mix! Still sou…
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