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Need a distraction groove to keep you going? Check out our new cover mix from @MichaelBibi1 hail @TIMEDANCE_UK smashing In Session mix to get you dancing this fine Saturday evening from Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy've done House Every Weekend for 260 consecutive weekends and I'm still not bored🧐🧐🧐 very lush premiere for you lucky ducks on all the mixes in our 2020: Scene playlist here: some lockdown reading material? What could be better than this month's issue of Mixmag! Cover feature with…🚨April subs deal🚨 Use the code BARKER20 at the checkout and you'll get Barker's 'Utility' album free on vinyl ✨ Y… up on your jungle knowledge good news coming from Futureboogie and Kincaid⏪⏪⏪Rewind on our interview with the wonderful Irvine Welsh in 2018 ⏪⏪⏪ at Mixmag all put our heads together to pick out our top favourite uplifting online mixes to keep you guys sunny… for all the Saturday night rave surfers EP coming up from Anetha on her Mama Told Ya imprint 💖🚨Eyooo we have an app! 🚨 Download here for all your electronic music *content* >>> Blackburn dominated the Summer of Love raves to get your teeth stuck into some good tunes while in lockdown? Take a look at our top albums of the deca… DJs - we want you Win a set at the following clubs (when lockdown is over, of course): @ministryofsound sent @mmtowns off to @BANGFACE before the world stopped dancing's easy to feel like everything's terrible and the world's turning to shit, so we've compiled a list of all of Th…👏 @HectorPlimmer @stampthewax 👏
Heartwarming content alert glimmers of hope 💖 aesthetic 💯 Frank 🚨 Bill Withers raves > stadiums doling out tunes at the The Lab LDN Lockdown special Watch the set now 👉 workout tracks 🎶're now streaming @helenastardj's session in The Lab LDN over on Facebook 👉 @djdoctorwatson More smoke machine plsAlways wanted a Mixmag premiere. 💥
Retweeted by MixmagThat's a whole lotta Trox's go's a list of 9 free VST plug-ins from @mixmag
Retweeted by Mixmag @shitbagshawty__ the reply I'm on fucking Twitter for 🙏the content I’m on fucking Twitter for
Retweeted by MixmagHeavy artillery for your Friday 😈 @Mixmag for the premiere 💥🍷👌
Retweeted by MixmagLockdown lab tonight w/ @Mixmag 🚨
Retweeted by MixmagListening to this classic and feeling emotional 😔 you @Mixmag for this lovely write up. Hope we can make it to 2021 🖤
Retweeted by MixmagRIP Bill Withers 🙏 itchy to find a live stream and get on one. Who's throwing virtual raves this weekend? Send us your links 👾BIG line-up mixes from a legendary DJ 🙏 from: @mjcole @KuruptFM @theCALMzone @EmeraldRose @TaleOfUs @disclosure @WHP_Mcr @TeamBandL 💖 listening 👇 is a great read from the archives - @I_Skream catching up with @Mixmag 👌🏻
Retweeted by MixmagNew Frank 😌 to Yves Tumor for inventing rock music 🙏
Retweeted by MixmagPremiere: @kembacksound's 'Mystery' on @AlfrescoDisco is filled with textures perfectly engineered to get your spir… when my life wasn’t (so) dominated by stacking shelves and playing games, I wrote about timedance’s 5 year cel…
Retweeted by Mixmag“The best parties come from something that’s grown organically” @Mixmag reviews 5 years of Timedance at the Trinit…
Retweeted by MixmagHere's our dance music guide to Netflix @TechnimaticUK Yummy This is a fav atm"When I started to make music, I wanted to speak out against the establishment and tell these unheard stories”… @TechnimaticUK Name some pls <3Who's out tonight?
“@dwellerforever deepens the stake in the ground for Brooklyn, as a leader for change in the US and beyond” forget 💖 the faith ✊😈😈😈 dancing to 160bpm+ hardcore be bittersweet?"I think I end up virtually seeing more friends from across the country than I’ve seen on any one night out for a l… you @Mixmag for the mention of our inaugural 24-hour stream at the weekend!!
Retweeted by MixmagA new era for UK techno 😈 @TIMEDANCE_UK for the feature @Mixmag ! 🐭❤️✨
Retweeted by Mixmag @Joe92_ @sethtroxler @JamieJonesMusic Exactly! Huge moment in the mix ❤️Superstar DJs want to have their (underground) cake and eat it too 🤔 news from Help Musicians UK, Seth Troxler, ION Festival, Velocity Books and more 💖 classics in here. Who remembers @sethtroxler's seminal B2B with @JamieJonesMusic that got released as one of… educates audiences through a series of events showcasing legends alongside the NYC collectives 🔊 @Mixmag comment section debut is now online for those too cheap to buy the last mag for a few months:
Retweeted by MixmagSPACE SONGS - Out Tomorrow on FT!!
Retweeted by MixmagDon't mind if I do 😏 @Mixmag feature with the lovely @_georgiauk opens with this exact scene 🥰🥰🥰
Retweeted by MixmagLooking forward to this @innrvsns 🙏🔊@batu_uk's @TIMEDANCE_UK is a UK techno institution 🔊 daily dose of heartwarming content 💖 @sethtroxler What are your top 3 personal faves from the archive?Superstar producers have made their millions, and now they want to trade the big stages for basements. But why? 🤔 stream are you raving to this weekend? hoy 🚨 Here's a deep psychedelic workout courtesy of Jordan GCZ (aka @jujujordash) on @FutureTiming way to melt my heart. Ty! 💖 a glass of vintage Trox this fine morning
It totally was!
Retweeted by MixmagFree uppers's get wiggly's a Troxler Treasure Trove @sethtroxler streams are the new nightclubs 😉… I went to @BANGFACE just as this all began to kick-off, what i'd anticipated would a fun/surreal experience tur…
Retweeted by MixmagThese DJs know a little something about longevity 🙏 Beatport raises $180,000 - Westival announces online party for charity - Learning to produce at home? Get Ableton… Saturday night virtual raving and it was a blast tbh!
Retweeted by MixmagThese will take you back to a totally different time techno ✊