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Working on @ReactTraining, React Router, and @unpkg. Head over heels for @cari

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@brian_d_vaughn @rickhanlonii Sure! Send it on over :) @infinitelychriz @jbrancha @rickhanlonii That looks great, thank you for sharing :) but it won't find compound comp… @jbrancha @rickhanlonii Nice! Thank you 🙏 I took a stab at it too. Gonna compare notes 👀 @rickhanlonii I would be grateful if a Jest expert would come along and tell me why this is bad, if it is. If it's not, 🎉 @rickhanlonii If anybody is looking for something like this I just whipped together Use it… anyone aware of a Jest matcher for React elements that will let you write: expect(testInstance.toJSON()).toCont…
@imflavio_ @NikkitaFTW Ya, I know what you mean. For me it helps to think about the dependencies array as "stuff th… @imflavio_ @NikkitaFTW It was a joke :) Please don't actually do that. useEffect is just hard to get right, that's all. @NikkitaFTW I found this secret incantation the other day and stored it as a snippet. Hope it's useful for you. Re… @PrashantPalikhe @jevakallio It's a joke :)
@markdalgleish Classic @ardalis JavaScrOps @tjholowaychuk @paularmstrong I liked it better than npm! 😅Our instructor, @jlongster - Created Prettier - Worked on the Firefox debugger (written in React) - Was an early…
Retweeted by MICHAEL JACKSON @paularmstrong there's also jspm, by @guybedford @paularmstrong kiwi is the first one I ever used made by @tjholowaychukDevastated by the news of Kobe's passing. He was such an amazing competitor and played with so much heart. The spor…
@jevakallio 😭😭😭Wait, what?? Now David has blocked me too? @brian_d_vaughn When I tried to sign up for Facebook a few years ago, it wouldn't let me because my name is Michael… told him I never really liked React, and that I've been keeping it from him this whole time. Then, boom. Blocked. @evangoer That's it!Will someone please tell him I'm sorry?? 😭 @brian_d_vaughn Build a package manager and registry and offer it free to everyone @natebrady23 @devonbl Who the hell is Joe Rogan? @devonbl I'm very content I have no idea what you're talking about right now
@AdamRackis @ryanflorence Thanks for the ping. I haven't done a ton of testing with suspense yet, but we are runnin… @kristoferbaxter Excellent! Will do. Thank you 🙏It's Friday, so why not release some Open Source? Track filesize using native Brotli and…
Retweeted by MICHAEL JACKSON @kristoferbaxter Ooooooh, nice! Is this the same thing we used on the history repo?
play my guitar/drums tip: Why "Click Here" and "Learn More" links (like the one in the image) are troublesome and how to f…
Retweeted by MICHAEL JACKSON @brianleroux @dan_abramov Ya, agree you're not going to just get promoted. Even if that is your goal, when your man… @brianleroux @dan_abramov After spending a decade in the SV startup scene, it seems like most people trying to make… @brianleroux @dan_abramov This is the right answer. @lynnandtonic 🚀☀️🥵💥 @jhooks @dperrera @basecamp @ReactTraining Seriously. Especially from a company where code is so much a part of wha… enjoying using @basecamp 3 at @ReactTraining. I think it's going to improve a lot of our team organization a…
“Focusing on profitability” is the new “Spending time with my family”. Silicon Valley is not getting religion aro…
Retweeted by MICHAEL JACKSON @oleg008 @ZackArgyle @path Haha, true 😅 @tobie No, I agree. The whole thing feels like a weird PR stunt with 0 value. @ZackArgyle @path Oh, except for working at Twitter itself. That one was a headhunter 👍😅 @ZackArgyle Literally every career decision I've made since 2010 has been because of this site - 2010 got a job at… @ag_dubs Well FWIW you succeeded brilliantly with me on the video chat this morning and gave me a lot of pointers t…
📣 Just published: history v5.0.0-beta.4 - Exports parsePath + createPath helpers - Adds support for strings in hist…
Retweeted by MICHAEL JACKSONWe have a commercial! 😱 is definitely the most fun explanation of the CSS Cascade I’ve ever seen! Lovely work…
Retweeted by MICHAEL JACKSON @DavidKPiano @cassidoo @ReactTraining @ryanflorence @chancethedev I swear, all these jokes just make me wanna screamThe @ReactTraining crew has taken to making Michael Jackson jokes. This could get dangerous.
HTM 3's caching is really exciting. This video shows how only the dynamic parts of a UI are updated, even though t…
Retweeted by MICHAEL JACKSON @_developit @zachleat @malchata @slightlylate Same could be said about BabelToday at 6pm EST I'll be giving a quick intro to state machines in React by attempting to demystify how they work.…
@dabit3 @chancethedev @ReactTraining @ryanflorence 💜
@ryanflorence @hamstu I started today since it's on a 7 day schedule. Total synergistics!
@b0neskull @googlefi Nah, just chat. But I hear you.Nightmare experience with @googlefi support this morning. I was trying to update my son's email address. 2 hours la… just launched my Kickstarter project for #Make100!! It's a travel set for the game go, and I'm so excited to fin…
@henballs @Shipt @tachyons_css Nice. I think we are going to try using @tailwindcss on a few of our upcoming projec… like we're starting another round of P90X3 on Monday. Who's in?? @ryanflorence Yes I did. Let's do it! @ryanflorence Nice! I need to go another round wirh P90X3. I've been slacking 😅
This week @unpkg served an average of over 1 billion requests per day for the first time. Over 80 TB of traffic to… @edgesofts @ryanflorence Glad you enjoyed it! 😅Use the first 12 emojis in your history to foretell your 2020. No cheating! Jan 😅 Feb 👍 Mar 😂 Apr 👇 May 👀 Jun 👏 Ju… @dtrinh HipChat is the annoying uncle who is always interrupting and 1-upping everyone. BitBucket is the black she…👓 Our 2020 vision is new public workshops every month with our brand new curriculum! Up first: Boston 2/25, James…
Retweeted by MICHAEL JACKSON @joelnet @chriscardinal @ryanflorence @chriscoyier @swyx Oh wow, that is a name I haven't heard in a loooooong time… @mtliendo @gatsbyjs @ReactTraining Apparently gatsby v2 is going to be around until the end of time, so, ya. It's gonna be a while. @mtliendo @gatsbyjs @ReactTraining That's my bad. I need to be better about communicating expectations. I will writ… @calvinjburke Oh wow, that's awesome! 👍 So glad to see all the support! @mjackson I'm pretty proud of my CSS for my games, and the landing sites I made for them like
Retweeted by MICHAEL JACKSON @ZackArgyle @argyleink I bet you're right 👀 @mjackson There's more to me than state machines:
Retweeted by MICHAEL JACKSON @dan_abramov That's a classic 👍 @DavidKPiano Seriously though, incredible stuff, David. 👏
@steeevg Oh crap, I just clicked on the horse. Mind melt complete. @steeevg 🤯 My brain is melting watching this horse. Amazing. @JakeDChampion @gvonkoss Oooh, that's fun! 👏 @DavidKPiano Your JavaScript skills are impressive tho @floreengrad Hahaha naaaaah 😝 Really wanna see some good CSS code. @JakeDChampion Interesting ... first I've heard of it! I'm getting ready to rebuild the React Router docs. That doc… @NicolasMarcora Don't read that much into this. It's not a trick. I genuinely enjoy seeing examples of good code 👍Who out there is proud of their CSS? Step right up, don't be shy. Let's see some examples of really good CSS! ✨ M… @evangoer Give me a call when you can say the same thing for jQuery. I'll be ready. @ryanflorence @chriscoyier @swyx I was at UCLA one time and said "you all remember jQuery, right?" Blank stares. "O… @ryanflorence @chriscoyier @swyx Same. I can give a completely different talk if most of the people in the room hav… @geddski Still using Monaco, the font that was the default in OSX Tiger's Terminal. I just got so used to it, I never changed.Thanks @chriscoyier
Retweeted by MICHAEL JACKSON$ git add node_modules $ git commit -m 'This is my code now' $ brew uninstall yarn @matthewcp 🔥 @SShanabrook Ya, I'm just being cheeky @bryce @stevenbward @instagram 😂Do any of you actually go in and manually merge your yarn.lock files? Or do you just blow away node_modules and yar…
@sarah_edo You don't have to lie to kick it @kurtiskemple Have you ever considered going totally bald? @mikhail_osher Thanks. We don't quite have anything to share yet, but we're getting very close. When we do publish… @Rich_Harris @nytimes Agree that really sucks. The part that stood out to me was "doubles down", like they are try…
@noopkat Sure hope they don't need more than one each millisecond 😅I can't imagine being famous enough to be defamed by the @nytimes. That would seriously suck. Poor guy. 😕 @kristoferbaxter I feel so seen right now