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@ExceedLbX Link? @JonBullseye HAHAHAHAHA @D_TWiiCE YALL LOOK GOOD @ethuun They were rewatching your Spider-Man streams @hitchariide LMAO walk down and ENLIST @Clayster @MilesTheRoss It’s round trip too that’s a stealHappy Sunday, just left church. 💯 What y’all wearing today? 👟 👀
Retweeted by ¢Cheen 🦍 @ChanceCasts @MilesTheRoss @SliWill I’d go to R11 just for you @alexrubens @MentaL @VividTheWarrior @Parasite Jesus GOAT @whoischelsea_ It might just be dusty, if you haven’t cleaned it a while I would def do that @CDL247 @bsnizl @OctaneSam @Arcitys Can I pick both @Nihill76 Those two are WEAPONSLAG when we saw Haggy Tweet @OctaneSam Present @Parasite @D_TWiiCE @ShadyG DAMN
Retweeted by ¢Cheen 🦍 @TylerTeeP Fat W
@JoeyNubzy I got lucky because the guy I was talking to was a younger guy too probably 20s @JoeyNubzy I got so lucky last year when getting an apartment I just showed two twitch payments from good months an… @TheMrJPistachio DaddySorry for no stream, moving to my house today but should be all setup and live from there tomorrow! @xcudigee @OrrenJoco Sheesh I was on one last night LMAOIV
Retweeted by ¢Cheen 🦍 @OrrenJoco @xcudigee You like that? @AsiaVsTheWorld We were listening to music so loud in LA, nothing can stop us @navneetr I look forward to these everyday, you are a great artist @AccuracyLA @SlasheR_AL @JKap415 Ily Lamar thanks for giving me that chance on tK, saved my life and I’ll never be… @TJHaLy Just know if I was able Tibet it again I would never dissapoint it again, always my dream to team wish you… @ChivaZ71 YESIR @RevanNoob @TJHaLy @SlasheR_AL @JKap415 I’d do anything for u man, I hope one day houll@be the best man at my wedding. Seriously I don… @TJHaLy I’m sorry I couldn’t live up to your expectations but just know I tied, your RHE man band deserve nothing b… @SlasheR_AL @JKap415 Austin I may have saved you but you payed me back more then I could ever repay, you are the i… @Dre_MOney43_3 @JKap415 I Beene watching kap since I was 12 years old guys is a legend in my eyes, So proud do ever… @DGDthenews DGD BEST BAND IN THE WORLD @JKap415 I may be. Skittle twisted but I really wish he ciujd termed, you could of taught me a lot. Ily man one of… Twitter a @lCMoorel @Nagafen @OctaneSam @scump @ShockzCR @Fighta71 @Clayster @Censor @DylanEnvoy Ily @PreachRG YASSUR @xcudigee U lijdd that?STIN ASAP Aturnt @xcudigee @JHaZeGV @Taken_Was_Taken Saved that for future useJust finished watching this part again and I couldn’t be happier @Muddawg @OAKBOYZ Can I have one
@TJHaLy @Drazah_ @pixyy6 @lildurk Great work! @NioRooch They need to just make a Variant for it called Nio already sheesh Beets. Battlestar Galactica. @SaintsNato @Decemate @TJHaLy JT usually has great food opinions @SaintsNato I don’t usually eat a tomato with mine but sometimes it can be game changing @Tran @LAGuerrillas Handsome @KatelynJoanne19 They gave to CWL Players in Bo4! @JHaZeGV Not yet but I will be!! @OrrenJoco 🤣🤣😌 @DylanCells @Fire40 Nice @OrrenJoco Ong!! @LAGuerrillas Thank goodness 🙏🏽Open Beta is finally here across all platforms 🙌
Retweeted by ¢Cheen 🦍7 for 7 😌 The timeline might get spicy again this year fam 👀 #ColdWarBeta
Retweeted by ¢Cheen 🦍FKN UNIT ON THE MAP appreciate all the love being shown! It really means a lot to see such positivity. I don’t say it enough but thank you 💜 @Maux That looks great brotha @santosplays7 @Slacked Hahah thanks champion @Temp OGYBLMFAOO🙂 @AARONCREATE PLEASE @verified @TaviolaTV @TwitterSupport Happens to me all the time, I’ve learned to just ignore it LOLSo excited to announce I am now sponsored by @GFuelEnergy. Use Code “JoeWo” until Monday for 30% off! W.
Retweeted by ¢Cheen 🦍Want to say thank you @OpTicGaming and @LAGuerrillas for all the help! Without them I wouldn’t have been able to do… @fajita954 Good luck man! @BobMorrisJr Miss it so much A HOMEOWNER!! “I just hope she knows I love her the worlds best mother, when I get rich I’ll have her… @Valkyrae LETTEM KNOW @poopaboo @andiswrId Ily new yt vid go check it out!
Retweeted by ¢Cheen 🦍 @ShadyG @ACHES @KineticCian @Arcitys You tell them about your Jeep yet? @Arcitys 1999 Honda Civic @Brparadox_ @Censor Did you see that video from one of the big YT PC guys that said it was crashing because of chea…
Retweeted by ¢Cheen 🦍 @DylanCells @evas1on @Parasite You were doing since it came out? @Muddawg No I believe in you @JHaZeGV Tier 3s only @JHaZeGV I can’t lie, I’m jealous @VividTheWarrior ? I’m right here @JHaZeGV You ordered $50 worth of Popeyes yesterday? @JHaZeGV Ur rich lol @ByronLinney_ Lol YouTube man @silly702 That’s just you 😳
@Bevils @ExceedLbX I thought we didn’t give out participation medals at this camp? Just got done with that at my previous one @ddefendd Can’t help myself @Goonjar @Flowerful_ Watch ur mouth buddy @LAGuerrillas @Bevils Happy birthday papi 🌝