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Ggwp to ROKKR, another tough G5 loss. Currently 1-3 and play Florida to finish the stage on Saturday.Back to LAN 🙌 Major IV of #CDL2021 will be hosted live by the @DallasEmpire! Read more ➡
Retweeted by Diddy @HPforGamers The Dad jokes already starting🙏🏽 w/ @BobbyPoff @xcudigee @Rallied
Retweeted by Diddy @VividTheWarrior Yooooo @AsiaVsTheWorld @ExceedLbX @Assault @MentaL Did I stutter?Hi @MentaL Gimme a taste
@LAGuerrillas @neropoiison 🧠 play to save my Gunship. Heard enemy Air Patrol, exited Gunship and let AI take control, countered with my ow…
Retweeted by Diddy @MaTtKs THAT WAS CLEAN @BrianSaintt 🤣🤣🤣 @BrianSaintt only @Kuavo @MJCheen
Retweeted by Diddy @TheMrJPistachio Ily2 @Mimim0use @Seventh7Sinn @LAGuerrillas who’d you play??? Ray Charles???Who got me @Sender've got a chall against your 3rd @ Who's coming out with the dub? #LightsOut
Retweeted by Diddy @LAGuerrillas @StevenDiabolic I didn’t want to win anywayHow Did He Persuade The Ant
Retweeted by Diddy @DashySZN @CorinnaKopf vouch"Bout to start doing jumping jacks" - @Assault When your lobby crashes, you gotta keep the vibes going 🙌…
Retweeted by Diddy @feliciethegoat All the timehaggy saved me out the stream hopefully we are all good now @Parasite I LOCW U @Parasite Can you join ts real quick @Parasite I have avermediaDual PC setup is gonna make me lose my mindI’m down bad @ExceedLbX I saw you in the both of the HPs lol @JHaZe LMFAO @MJCheen
Retweeted by Diddy @neropoiison 24 assists thats tippable @AsiaVsTheWorld @Nadeshot @Tommey @Rated_COD @Muddawg Both just absolutely run Verdansk, I'm scared to load the map knowing theyre out there. @Priestahh I picked up Bomb at 7.8, I clutched that
@hollow412 I got my sugarlands shirt on @hollow412 yoCheen the hutt @KissedLV He just watched in the office and gave me a hug @MJCheen $Cheen knows what's up. Get your own! ➡️:
Retweeted by Diddy @bamboodii @LAGuerrillas HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!New @LAGuerrillas hoodie is comfy
Retweeted by Diddy @Class That’s not terrible when I was younger I probably didn’t update for like 2 years I think LMAOO @Xposed I always tell the boys to get up, IF THE CODEMAN STARTS GETTING LOUD WE HAVE TO AS WELLSorry for no stream tonight was working on the 2 PC setup but I think I got it working for tomorrow, see you all then :) @AsiaVsTheWorld it was aight gotta get my moneys worth though @JoeyNubzy plz take this down, my future wife on this app @neekolul EVERYBODY GET THE HELL UP @JHaZe I’ve only been here like 4 hours bro shit is wild to me...
Retweeted by Diddy @JHaZe I’ve only been here like 4 hours bro shit is wild to me...Man like me got the last laugh though got kicked out of all you can eat KBBQ... they told me “It’s all you can eat not eat all” Down bad rnQuick stream, under the weather but needed to frag on warzone real quick..
Retweeted by Diddy @Mimim0use Plz no banVouch ups workers and Amazon workers be when they deliver to the same house 😂💀
Retweeted by Diddy @Noysii This must of been for fun 8s @SaintsNato @Arcitys @Arcitys Love her!! @Arcitys Yo @Parasite You were baiting Steve? lol didn't look over him once @Cloud9 @iFooYa BIG W @Ricky @Assault @MentaL @neropoiison @neropoiison That’s expected @Praagy08 @SnakeBiteFPS How can one man be so handsome, sheeeeeesh. Happy Birthday Legend! @OctaneSam Courage reading this post @flackoohh @Mimim0use @JorgeSummertime SexC
Today has been a great day @SaintFranki @ChesleyChey some hard carries from New Mexico @neropoiison You win you’d have @JoeDeLuca I’m pretty sureWeirdest game of LP I’ve ever played @CruzeeyCOD Early??The day has finally come boys... I’m no longer keeping the PS4 at my setup 😢 @AsiaVsTheWorld they do the charge @Loony You’ll be back Dan 💜 @SeattleSurge @Decemate @ScufGaming @myeagleenergy @Fire40 What’d I do @Fire40 Bro don’t let haggy get you down @Ricky for watching stream 😘 @TheStocksmen 3 mins hill though @Mimim0use @JHaZe I’d have 15k damage 4 mins hillWhat did I just play @silly702 Did I win the giveaway @CaseyPandur They don’t want to see you winning man