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Filmmaker, TV producer, husband, activist & father. Fierce opposer of Trump. Not the actor! 📽️ ✊🏽👪🍪📺

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Shame based rhetoric huh? He was born that way! Trump has not built a single mile of new border fence after 30 months in office, Trump should be impeached for saying what he said. keep an eye out for this man.
Retweeted by Morgan J. FreemanIs this true, @DoorDash???? retrieve The Brothers Steve? Pre-orders open now!
Retweeted by Morgan J. FreemanIt’s called reparations, asswipe. Google it.
No, fuckhead. They stand against YOU and your White Supremacist brethren. Germany can’t ignore the similarities nobody can. in cages. Kids in cages. Kids in cages. Kids in cages. Kids in cages. Kids in cages. #ASAPRocky @Doyle1Nick Research. I’m not the actor.Trump is allowed to criticize this country as much as he likes. That is his right as a white man. People of color,…
Retweeted by Morgan J. FreemanTruth 💯💯💯 Sunday, shithead.! 💯💯💯 color choice. detest YOU, fuckface. mean they are non-white and don’t like you? Golden Gate Bridge??? 🏄🏽‍♀️😮 💕SF SF!
@Eagle564414118 Because of your ignorance. Learn your past before judging your present and planning your future.Doing *nothing* when witnessing blatant racism is doing something, Donny. And branding racism as *patriotic* is exa…’re still a racist.
Ugh. That’s it? I’ll save the spoilers but.... meh!Getting sleepy..@AOC didn’t call anyone *garbage* and @IlhanMN didn’t call Jews *evil* but you, @realDonaldTrump, called Mexicans… Restore relationships with allies. 3. Comprehensive SMART immigration reform 4. Reconnect families Trump separ… think racism & ignorance elected Donald J. Trump as some twisted payback for Obama. There is a lot of darkness in… are disgusting. people on both sides. mean your guru, @realDonaldTrump? Yes, he's an admitted deplorable, racist pig. Next? it, leave it, or FIX it!Can you be this ignorant? I’ll stick it out. But u can’t end every episode with the slime monster like GoT does with dragons!!!Just in: Trump says this is fake news and that it’s actually him. what’s the skinny on Stranger Things 3? I’m yawning a lot thru Eps 5-6. Does it recover???
Dems are working to put money into American pockets. Trump working to sow hatred & racism & divisiveness. does Putin have on you? perfectly incapsulates Trumpism: Pure ignorance.'m sorry but lying under oath is NOT A CRIME when you are protected a president put in office by God. That's just how it works. #HopeHicksReminder of what people are calling the “radical, extreme-left agenda”: ✅ Medicare for All ✅ A Living Wage & Labor…
Retweeted by Morgan J. FreemanWhy hasn’t Trump come to this homophobic governors defence yet? there seriously enough white supremacists in America to re-elect this racist? #IStandWithIlhan is an American Hero. @realDonaldTrump is an American Zero.
STFU @TomiLahren you lost your privilege to talk on this subject. question: Have you ever been to a social function with Jeff Epstein and underage girls. He pointed at the sky, s…
Retweeted by Morgan J. FreemanWhich puts blood on yours and Donald J. Trump's hands. He's the fuckface that ran up the debt giving tax breaks to… @MichaelAvenatti @politicalelle Dude, chill.Caption please.’ve been around a few closeted White Supremacists who are now “out” because of Trump. Every time I’d bring up a po… @realDonaldTrump! You got this! the spineless Senate supports a RACIST President, there's nothing the Dem-controlled House can do to push forw… @people -- I'm not the actor. The "J" is actually relevant. Thanks! Oh, and Trump is still a racist! The Polit…
Our criminal justice is beyond broken. And having racist-enablers running it ain’t helping! was she trying to deport him on the spot???? so you’re saying if we love you and everything you stand for, we are American? Sounds like a few evil dicta… YEH! 💯💯💯 @nlyonne #RussianDoll #Emmys @netflix Love when the good ones win!!! 💕💕✅And we will find your opposition, and a first class ticket to hell! buddy but racism exists in your heart, soul and mind… It has nothing to do with your bones. #RacistInChief we certainly agree on that -- and the content of @realDonaldTrump's character is abhorrent, disrespectful, unA… Just people who believe that race is the primary determinant of human traits & capacities, and that racial di… If we are not happy with our country, we will fight to change it. We will fight you, and we will win. is not a country.
Sorry @SenSusanCollins - it's not a matter of deleting the tweet, it's a matter of DELETING TRUMP! on, @JeffFlake -- call it what it is... #RacistPresident racism & inciting violence in a purely selfish attempt to slide further up Donald Trump's racist ass sho… speak badly about YOU because you are a RACIST! #RacistInChief
Trump is a racist. Trump is a racist. Trump is a racist. Trump is a racist. Trump is a racist. Trump is a ra… won the damn election, you racist piece of shit. your sorry ass and banish your disgusting racist family from America - Problem Solved! Square #blackout
President Elizabeth WarrenYou get a haircut! And you get a haircut! Free haircuts and fresh t-shirts all around!!!! God Bless America!!!! @realDonaldTrump texted or emailed, he’d be doing multiple life sentences. He’s a very competent crook.
If you only surround yourself with career criminals, what does that make you, Donald? #AcostaResigns Trump speaks…’s go ⁦@AmyMcGrathKY⁩ — let’s say ba-bye to ⁦@senatemajldr⁩ !!
YOU ARE A CRIMINAL TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. Voight climbs so far up Trump's ass he's displaced @LindseyGrahamSC! What a colossal piece of twisted horse-shi… most wants to bring gas chambers to our border concentration camps?Dude THAT is page from YOUR book! You’re such a nasty little twit. Just disappear already. 🤣🤣🤣 Florida Strip Club Cancels “Charity” Golf Tournament at Trump Resort - Slate me a burger!
Yes, @TuckerCarlson — led by you & your racist cronies including your guru Trump, America is immoral! GFYS!’t worry — @DonaldJTrumpJr told me they weren’t his dad’s “type.” love you, @AmyMcGrathKY 💕💯🙏🏼 @KailLowry Too cute!!!Yes, since your ilk are only about the money, we hit you where it hurts, shit-head. prefers pedophiles who don't get caught. please -- they are so NOT HIS TYPE! 🤣🤣🤣 a life of LIES, Trumpy might have to be exposed to THE TRUTH!
Caption please. now. now. why’d I watch that Disneyland fight?
Yes yes yes!!!!
Dear TEAM USA @USWNT ‼️ On behalf of THE MAJORITY of The United States of America, HUGE CONGRATS on winning the FI… ARE A HUGE SEGREGATIONIST.