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Nuclear war, video games, and weird tech for @motherboard and @time. Host of @War_college. Worked with @vice @reuters and @NYTimes. mjgault at gmail dot com

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@KJKnodell What.
Don't leave out "All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace" @taylorjwofford
@NuclearPodcast @Casillic @NuclearAnthro @NuclearWilson @rachel_emond Hello. Yes. Just chiming in to say your opini… @NuclearAnthro Seeing a lot of "Cold War. So hot. Why don't we bring it back?" takes and it's really disturbing.
How to sum up a book in a tweet
Retweeted by Matthew Gaultnoooo civilization don’t collapse you’re so sexy haha
Retweeted by Matthew Gault @Jake_Hanrahan Team Lemon Party.
@AthertonKD We used to give cocaine to children for toothaches @BradLaCour We're friends. Or, at the very least, a parasocial relationship. Surely you've got four more parasocial relationships. @AthertonKD Dude, whatever. Actions not having consequences kicks ass. @AthertonKD White Claw.
My favorite part of Twitter is that I don't have to go to a dive bar anymore to watch a dude publicly self destruct. @AthertonKD I get this a lot when I talk with my parents. "Don't dream, nothing changes, just try not to die. Are y…’re talking nuke propulsion cruise missiles & @wellerstein already posted MY favorite picture saying it’s also HI…
Retweeted by Matthew Gault @thetomzone @thecitywanderer Well, I tell ya, this was one of the first TVs where they eliminated the doorways to t… lipping the blunt is the truest shit ever. @thetomzone @thecitywanderer 62. @thetomzone @thecitywanderer I've still got one of those huge DLPs. Trying to sell it right now and, buddy, ain't no takers. @thetomzone @thecitywanderer The public need to know how many rear projection TV's you've owned, old man.This like the start of a Doctor Who episode you know is gonna old Mac project has been written up on VICE! Still can’t get over the warm reaction this goofy project has gener…
Retweeted by Matthew Gault @MilesKlee I just finished it. It deepens the terror. The author catches Bugliosi in a lie right off the bat. @MilesKlee .... you gotta read CHAOS next. @Jon_Christian Pretty sure breaking the law on Twitter is a paddlin'
My audiobook, The War On Everyone, is now online and active. Your donations made this possible. I cannot thank you…
Retweeted by Matthew GaultThis. Why build a nuclear powered cruise missile to defeat ballistic missile defenses... ...when you can already…
Retweeted by Matthew Gault @taylorjwofford @taylorjwofford I believe this tweet answered itself?To stay informed, listen to the latest episode, a conversation with @johncarlbaker
Retweeted by Matthew Gault @MilesKlee Catch more indentured servants with honey.moar nuke news, Gravity Ghosts released a Deluxe Edition. If you've never played it, now is the time. he busy today? Yes he is. you ever wanted to know about the "Skyfall" missiles that exploded in Russia, but were afraid to ask."United States intelligence officials have said they suspect the blast involved a prototype of what NATO calls the…
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‘Orwellian’ gets thrown around too much these days, but having your army open fire on nonviolent protestors, then g…
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@Jagr707 I suppose it's time to start doing ad breaks again. @paginaskinner The music or the human? @emanuelmaiberg Twitter, not even once.Come for the Kenneth Anger reference, stay for the in depth analysis of ProtonMail phishing attacks. Probably not m…
Retweeted by Matthew Gault"From where you're kneeling this must seem like a 18-karat run of bad luck. Truth is, Epstein, the game was rigged…
Retweeted by Matthew GaultComputer, show me the Galaxy Brain takes I missed during the week.
@bigblackjacobin Excuse me, it's called Skulliometry now. @emanuelmaiberg @taylorjwofford Did you only do ONE total war campaign?OK, this one is kind of pure.🤔🤔🤔
Retweeted by Matthew GaultLove that I slipped through a crack in the universe and ended up in the parody universe as written by a lesser Farl… @winnersusedrugs @PostOpinions @marcthiessen Let's all remember that words have no effect and are completely unimpo… @Jake_Hanrahan Unmask.This is so, so, so stupid
Retweeted by Matthew Gault @neuwaves The 12 Acorn subscribers.On the state of play in Syria. Excellent reporting from @KJKnodell and @benargentieri @DavisKouk @DavisKouk God damnit, Davis. @BradLaCour ... and then Mort talks him into killing Hungry Herman?
I have to applaud the Infinity Ward messaging team here - in a single video they outperformed the cumulative and co…
Retweeted by Matthew Gaultflirting with a Virgo like
Retweeted by Matthew GaultA fun journalist thing is when the initially strange story turns out to be even fucking weirder than you thought. @RashaAlAqeedi Only each other.Wal-Mart is on some bullshit, ya'll. Here's @sweetpotatoes with the report. @derektmead @AthertonKD @lorenzofb Boom na da noom na na nemaThe #1 outright myth (as opposed to "thing that people might disagree on") regarding the bombings of Hiroshima and…
Retweeted by Matthew Gault @bigblackjacobin Milgram is completely misunderstood too. So much of the 20th century science we use to justify cru… is an AMAZING debunking of the Stanford Prison Experiment. There is a even more in-depth look (this is pretty…
Retweeted by Matthew GaultWe're on your timeline, breaking big ass news. new letters of last resort will include instructions to ensure that every effort is taken to ensure the preserv…
Retweeted by Matthew Gault"These are all secure technologies that if [configured] correctly work just fine. It’s just that we have no faith t…
Retweeted by Matthew Gault @MilesKlee I see you've riled up Teh Gamerz. Have fun.So many ordinary people ended up trapped between armies in WW2, and their experience is so rarely the focus that th…
Retweeted by Matthew Gault @SarahNEmerson No, but 'No Fear' absolutely is. @AthertonKD @bigblackjacobin The most devastating line from 'The Candy Crush Diaries' 'None Dare Call it Gambling.' I'm sorry. @thetomzone @elivalley If it wasn't political cartoons, then it was video games. Those are our options here.Everything you ever wanted to know about weapons, and a bunch of things you don't. @AlexJamesFitz So uh ... the first one, eh?
Plug for my conversation/podcast on Libya with @War_College. A conflict that is worth paying attention as proxy for…
Retweeted by Matthew Gault @CaseyK_Comedy @NateAbshire Yeah, he's always been that way. Super agressive about it too. It's time it stopped. @CaseyK_Comedy @NateAbshire Don't let him bully you into saying things you don't believe.In the future, we'll binge watch old sitcoms that have been deepfaked for our pleasure. @xBUMSKIx @War_College @RYP__ *summons* @FranticGoatSit down and listen to our amazing conversation with @RYP__ about Libya. Stay tuned now for RYP's lengthy footnot…
Retweeted by Matthew Gault @War_College @RYP__ "A typical fracas" - RYP think .... clinical depression rewires a person's relationship to eschatology. @NateAbshire Yes. @copiesofcopies Kamikuishiki-mura Monogatari.3 Count: Public Domained Sources: @VICE @mjgault @business @torrentfreak New York Publi…
Retweeted by Matthew Gault @carodjah My tweets are trailers. Ass is an adverb.*falls down a rabbit hole investigating a haunted ass cult video game* @samleecole It's the only way to stay sane and keep friendships @DavisKouk You wanna know how I know you live in a panopticon?
@DavisKouk And malls. @emanuelmaiberg REPORT: The olds are figuring out what it ACTUALLY means to be online, and they aren't happy.Listen. Feral hogs are a problem. SOME OF THEM ARE RADIOACTIVE AND KILL ISIS. But assault rifle hunting is only mak… @thetomzone Our final form. @wellerstein Listen, this is an opportunity. @AdamWeinstein .... so all the hogs? @AlexJamesFitz *prepares to send you some emails* @jason_koebler @ianbirnbaum @motherboard @emanuelmaiberg MONSTER: Slack is a nightmare now, thanks Ian.ok for people who go to north texas highschools (Allen, Frisco, Plano etc) If you ever felt scared of the risk of…
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