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Nuclear war, video games, and weird tech for @motherboard and @time. Host of @War_college. Worked with @vice @reuters and @NYTimes. mjgault at gmail dot com

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Wife comes at you fast? I'm sorry. @daveweigel Ah yes, a stain America presidential politics. A process widely praised for being fairThe relative singing abilities of Aladdin and Jasmine was the best illustration of "boy in drama class vs girl in d…
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@MattBors @Timcast Love to get upset over a deleted scene in a super hero movie. @taylorjwofford @ehwilhelm @emanuelmaiberg You always struck me as a PC guy. This has shattered my image of you. @emanuelmaiberg Ok, but did you secure all the mountain passes?
@MikeLeePearl I'm usually pretty lenient on Hollywood adaptations of history, but The Imitation Game was straight up repugnant.We're taking a break for memorial day, but here's two old episodes cut together with remastered audio. Yes, they'r…
Retweeted by Matthew Gault @andrewdobbstx That's a real good idea. I mean, they always want you to come back to the store next year and get the new model, right? @AthertonKD Your timeline is just a list of things I'll regret investigating.Cats and dogs shouldn't be allowed to age, they should be trapped in stasis at an optimum age. @AthertonKD I broke that Spidey sense story and they're misconstruing the ... Oh fuck it. Burn it all down. @AthertonKD ... I need to get this guy on the show. @PureJoetry @PureJoetry This is starting to feel ... like it's about YOUR fantasy? @PureJoetry OK, but can it be Natasha Lyonne's Columbo?
@MilesKlee My favorite part is imagining the conversations and setup required to take the Instagram photo. @AthertonKD Fatboy Slim is fucking in heaven. @AthertonKD I put Play on today .... and it's garbage, what were we thinking? @nicholasadeleon @emanuelmaiberg Fun fact: Gamestop purchased and liquidated Electronics Boutique. @rachel_pick @taylorjwofford @emanuelmaiberg You blasphemed against Star Trek. @taylorjwofford @rachel_pick @emanuelmaiberg You're losing me, Taylor. Good? With caveats. @emanuelmaiberg That's certainly one way to try to save a dying company that treats its employees like disposable garbage. @taylorjwofford @emanuelmaiberg @rachel_pick This is the most upsetting thing I've read all day, and I've been goin… Please, I beg you, just tell me the ingredients. RECIPE SITE: Sure! ME: Thank you. RECIPE SITE: After I expl…
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Retweeted by Matthew GaultIt's all gonna be in The Resskian Flute. @emanuelmaiberg *crumbles into dust* @rachel_pick @lemonsand @emanuelmaiberg @samleecole @lmatsakis I have, but it cost me dearly. @taylorjwofford So his mother CLAIMS. @taylorjwofford According to the Traveler, to be the Mozart of starships? I mean ... pretty sure that character was… @taylorjwofford The Universe birthed Wesley Crusher. @AlexJamesFitz Me too. Wish they'd left the trailer up. @dlberes The trick is to not have responsible friends that achieve life goals.Love that Gdocs knows its LARA Croft and not Laura.Please don't listen to people who live in Sherman. @KJKnodell This dude lives where I was born. We should not listen to him.When the edibles hit @emanuelmaiberg Have fun cleaning up the joint. @emanuelmaiberg Those orcs aren't fucking around.
Hey, like, fuck you. *sobs* Moby and Eminem in a cage and let 'em fight. We all win. @MikeLeePearl I've made arrangements to have my living wife interred with me. So I'm not sure what the problem is here?What we talk about when we talk about infrastructure.We're knocking it out of the park down here. @emanuelmaiberg That is a CHOICE
@derekgannoncm6 Privileged to see bold and original storytelling? @DavisKouk Let's chat.OK, time to move the whole state. Not sure I wanna do this again this year. @DeidreLOlsen Genuine question: What are the complaints? Are they about Atwood, the book, or the show?The rats are alright, folks. They're allllllright. @MikeLeePearl Zoomers.I think we all know thatt an absurdist classic needed was god rays, sepia, and big band standards.Hulu's Catch-22 is a masterclass in missing the point. @taylorjwofford Hard a huge Game of Thrones fan who read the books years and years before the show... ...I'm incredibly happy with t…
Retweeted by Matthew Gault @ethanjacobslaw @dilletaunt Note, the gamer contract is only quoted in the court docs but…
@IwriteOK @classywarfare ... I hope he can keep LeMay in line.The old man is nodding off.'s gonna be a nightmare. Can't wait to see the Rorschach stans loose their shit as the movement he started is rev…*puts out a sign that reads* Used GoT takes, cheap We Don't Like Stories About Power We Don't Like Endings Ameri… @frankieindc @SarahNEmerson Calling it now. Book three will become book three and four then the forthcoming Lin Man… @SarahNEmerson Living his best life. @AthertonKD You'll always have Star Wars.What if the real Game of Thrones was the endless think pieces everyone was subjected to and will still be getting r…
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If you think that the #GOT fantasy war is unfulfilling, hopelessly dark and very possibly pointless in the end, jus…
Retweeted by Matthew Gault @emanuelmaiberg That one is so fucking good, yeah. RIP your life though. Perfect podcast game. @emanuelmaiberg How good is it?I say this as a fan: I'm extremely ready for this show to be over. feel bad for the guys who reported Gallagher. They risked their careers to report actions which the president has…
Retweeted by Matthew GaultWhat have I done wrong in my digital life that my phone keeps sending me push notifications about Elizabeth Olsen's bad GoT audition? @AthertonKD And that's what you get for logging on.
@MilesKlee He's legit mad this career never took off and he had to keep doing movies. Closest he got was a Saturday… Saturday @AthertonKD ! @MikeLeePearl @leslieleeiii And Golden Compass if it doesn't murder enough children. @MikeLeePearl @leslieleeiii It's gonna be Watchmen. That's gonna be a nightmare.
Retweeted by Matthew Gaultholy shit this guy fuckin owns
Retweeted by Matthew GaultCan never tell if it's friend, family, or foe. keep telling me what I can and can not do with my body and it’s like, fellas, let me shit in the Arby’s parking…
Retweeted by Matthew Gault‘Game Of Thrones’ Showrunners Disappointed With How Quality Of Fans Has Dropped Off Over Past Couple Seasons…
Retweeted by Matthew GaultWant to play three quick games (some designed by humans, some by AI) and help me finish my thesis? Take part in thi…
Retweeted by Matthew Gault @Reik483 You'll get there one day.Creating a biased set of data to support a President’s conspiracy theory about about people being censored by a pri…
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@paigeofchalices Feeling attacked right now @MattGallagher0 Just one more chance to capture that magic.
Retweeted by Matthew Gault @taylorjwofford Fucking deliciousness?I know most of you passed out the moment you read "Africa," but please remember that we're at war pretty much every… sat down with Amnesty International to discuss how the Pentagon tallies civilian casualties in Africa.
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Retweeted by Matthew Gault @gooderdle What happened to the eye holes where my fingers would gouge? @taylorjwofford Free thing suddenly costs more than expected, news at 11.How I know to close the tab cuz I'll never "get around to reading this story." forces conspired to create this content. @taylorjwofford Mantras have no meaning. Working as intendedI am an adult trial of the century is about to start.