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Wonder of wonders: the Overture of Overtures, an arrangement by Alan Williams featuring West End pit musicians, is…
Retweeted by Michael McKeani’m pleased to introduce y’all to my newest obsession - - - accidental renaissance photos: a thread
Retweeted by Michael McKeanHappy birthday to our @SarahKSilverman!To my friends and neighbors in Georgia, if you truly want to see your lives improve in real ways, it is essential y…
Retweeted by Michael McKean @bader_diedrich Sacrilege.Does someone at YouTube have the job of locating punchlines and inserting the ad breaks dead-center? @EARTH_17628 And played by @Natalie_Lander too. She has range
Retweeted by Michael McKean @SaraRadle @Realeugenelevy @danjlevy Sweet.We are deeply saddened to report that scientist, Hugo Award winner, and prolific science fiction author and editor…
Retweeted by Michael McKean @errolmorris Spoiled us.Atlas Sharted. love it!
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What a mensch. don't think it's beautiful when two men set aside their religious differences for the great good of political m… wife is on the #1 Netflix show. I thought she was just doing charity work up there in Vancouver. Sneaky. birthday to @RedHourBen & @PatinkinMandy‘You Are The Jewel Of My Collection,’ Says Saudi Prince While Guiding Frightened Jared Kushner Toward Harem…
Retweeted by Michael McKeanWhat was the cop show with the Catholic detective? I think his catchphrase was "Trouble is my confirmation name".Yessir.'s John Mayall's birthday, y'all. Dude's 87. Rock 'n' roll, John. @vee832 @hwinkler4real Flashback, more like.Those were the days...
Happy to share @garryshandling Alone in Las Vegas is now available to watch enjoy!…
Retweeted by Michael McKeanIf your conundrums become irregular, try a warm, soapy enigma.Awesome.
Retweeted by Michael McKeanCheck the sky for the Star Child tonight. wife is managing director of Goldman Sachs
Retweeted by Michael McKean @Stormof69 This came up with bluegrass playing here at the house. Couldn't be better scored. xoA lot of Henry VIII's below-the-belt "image-building" energy in Kevin Sorbo's wardrobe here. @stevesilberman Great one. Recommended: Big Deal on Madonna Street (Mario Monicelli, 1958), a comic response to Rif… of Unintentional Satire @AshAngie Yes, thanks. @nicole__mello Brilliant. She's the one. Thank you.Anyone know who reads this unabridged Dickens found on Spotify? A woman (pretty sure) and she's really good.
Happy birthday @joe_dante! @nextonetwothree To each other? @idenjoshiden @Klind2013 @DeccaRecords Untrue. He was still in high school when Decca began. Not sure how the rumor… have a minimalist joke.“No, but if you hum a few bars, I can fake it.” we fix your ridiculously gerrymandered seat while we’re at it?
Retweeted by Michael McKean @chrisorbach Sim is the best on film. Watching Mays populate an empty stage with vivid characters is something else altogether.Jefferson’s Christmas Carol is my favorite version. Astonishing. dude. Introduced me a lot of cool music. @cackalacky1968 Not a collector myself, but if you just want the audio...
Join us Dec. 13th!
Retweeted by Michael McKeanRecommended. Some major talent herein. @cyndipaulette The specific reference was to the film, This is Spinal Tap, which featured dwarf dancers in the "Sto… Guys & gals, I cannot say this enough; @1SpencerGarrett is one of the nicest human beings on the plan…
Retweeted by Michael McKean @Caissie might lead to something. @janemarielynch Color balls Color balls It’s Adriano Celentano time in the city...Happy birthday to our @fisherstevensbk!Great song. someone really wanted to add the dwarves... @MoMcCormick7 Yes, ma'am! @NotDeadZed @ThatEricAlper Nice one.I had the kind of nap that usually accompanies a sudden blow to the head, with swirling stars and birdies. #Tryptophanclub @IvankaTrump We just needed to get over that difficult hump.
Anna’s contribution. I’m goin’ in! @Mrsme17750698 @OffMenuOfficial Listen to Off the Menu podcast wherein I wax poetical about Mary Louise’s hot roll. Listen to ALL of them! @valades_john @OffMenuOfficial Yes. @Stormof69 Love from all here Stormyloo! @GailSimone This is not Mary Louise. These are her rolls, though.⁦@OffMenuOfficial⁩⁦@OffMenuOfficial⁩ ...wait for it... @StrumpetLily Saw it years ago. You couldn't legally make a dog movie without Donald Crisp. @OffMenuOfficial Pre-baked Mary Louise’s rolls. Will update later. Lassie Come Home. I’m a mess. When’s dinner? @corey_esser My pleasure. Have a great day.Proper sportsmanship 💙😂
Retweeted by Michael McKean @MockandDroll Not a drop of it today. @SarahThyre Big time. @PulpLibrarian (*Philip José Farmer) @GailSimone Indescribable. They look like buttery little baby’s ears and taste even better.Mary Louise’s rolls. I think about them all year. a beautiful Thanksgiving, everyone. @WeedSpencer Two days. Fun shoot, great guys to hang with. Buffalo gets cold!Give to Georgia, Take the Senate! #GiveThanksToGeorgia and donate:
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@LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump Pled guilty. Twice.Michael Stipe, Weird Al, Patton Oswalt, Jack Black & more appearing on Puddle Pity Party’s holiday special…
Retweeted by Michael McKeanYou think you know a person... good.’s Imagination Library has donated 150 million books to kids age 1-5. What an incredible blessing from a rem…
Retweeted by Michael McKeanKeb’ Mo’ #WhoDoWeAppreciateEmbarking on Hindenburg with chain smoking pilot!
Retweeted by Michael McKean @brianrayguitar Pow! @JasonIsbell On it! (That's not the title) (...although...)This gift keeps on giving. don’t book me into that briar patch!
If you have questions about the correct use of the ellipsis, go to @JoelMurray9of9 Sorry to hear this, Joel.This story has a special stink. They're bailing on the treaty and scrapping the planes. You know who paid for the p… love of money is arguably the root of all evil, but just being overly impressed by it isn't great for you. @AlanTudyk This your new headshot? @MustweSuffer Oui, toujours!Emily Murphy: Ohhhh, you mean President-elect BIDEN. Well, sure, ok, I didn't fully...I ya go. No prison, right? @usweekly @MEGBusfield Wow. Glad to hear this, Melissa. Cheers!
@yo_navaz @BetterCallSaul 3 Maybe?Read the room.