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@bradley_e75 Turn off your phone ... not that hard. ex. Kawhi Leonard @HARDEN2MVP *shows how fast a championship can change the narrative @lbjxye That’s exactly what happened lmao it’s not a debateBasically all the stuff they say about Harden is what they said about MJ x10From 1984-1990 MJ was looked at as a selfish ball hog who didn’t make his teammates better. People thought he’d nev… Scoring duos of the 21st Century Harden and Westbrook: 61.7 PPG Shaq and Kobe: 57.2 PPG KD and Curry: 53.3 PP… @washedjean Should be 2-0 vs the Clippers and Lakers @CenturyOG This is just a stat in general. And they would’ve easily had 20 and 20 if the Raptors were somewhat competitive 💀 @PlayoffMarkelle It was bait for DJ Augustin fan club lmaoThe Celtics are 14-1 this season when both Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum score over 20 points. The Celtics will on… to avg. 30 PPG on 48 3P% in a single month (last 35 seasons) Larry Bird Michael Jordan Steph Curry Jayson… @LBJfanboy Old username >>> @Stretch4Four Leaning Cs @JoeM3476
@AugustinFanClub I saw you like my comment on something right after I saw DJ had zero at half @AugustinFanClub 😂😂😂😂DJ Augustin is the worst starting PG in the NBA. Somebody had to say it ... @GleyberGotNext 😂😂😂 @susan1234456789 You said the same about “Damien Lillard” 😂“I feel like we could have been in the Finals last year if we had him (Melo).” - Damian Lillard 2019 WCF: leading the Playoffs in PPG Jordan: 10 Kareem: 5 Durant: 5 Kobe: 3 LeBron: 3 Wilt: 1 One of these is not… Career 45-5-5 Games James Harden: 18 Michael Jordan: 13 Russell Westbrook: 11 LeBron James: 10 Larry Bird: 10… to lead the NBA in Scoring for 3 Consecutive Seasons (since merger) James Harden Kevin Durant Michael Jord…
After Michael Jordan’s rookie season he was never outscored in a playoff series for the rest of his career ... @Stopthecappin Starting in 2010 and going to 2020 @OmbogaAlbert 44% from 3 😭 @washedjean He doesn’t drop 30 on 60% shooting “Well I guess he’s back to being ass” @BazleyFanClub All the games tomorrow are good @itsjustrylan_ That would be a historic f u gameI never thought I’d say this but tomorrow’s Pacers vs Suns game is must watch TV - TJ Warren revenge game - Devin… @antonin_org Holy shit’s a no from me dawg - RJWhite ✅ Great passer ✅ HE’S THE NEXT LARRY BIRD!!!! @susan1234456789 Chris Paul is good?CP3 took only 12 shots tonight and was absolutely dominant. That shows how important controlling the flow and pace… @LukasGoatt Top 15?? Over Kobe?? @CasualBullsFan *Kevin JohnsonPlayoff Games with 30 PTS and 10 AST while shooting 50% or better Michael Jordan: 13 Chris Paul: 9 Lebron James: 9…
@tF_ELPATRON Do us all a favor and just block himPeople are really debating who’s the greatest player of all time vs who’s the best player of all time not realizing… @CenturyOG Contender for the 1 spotPlayers to average at least 20 PPG in each of their first 14 seasons Carmelo Anthony Michael Jordan Lebron James S… @A1Hoopz Think you misspelled overrated and plumbers @TheRealJHair Even worse people tried to cut out the KD part to make it seem like it was just about lebron 😂Shaq is the guy he’s referring to when he’s talking about hanging on his back. @LebronJHarden “Black Jesus” was MJ He was talking about Shaq at firstAIlen Iverson calls MJ the greatest to ever play, the best to ever play, and the most dominant player of all time.… @LarrysGoated Got a guy on IG trying to tell me Melo > Bird ... sometimes you just gotta let them go @CasualBullsFan Yea it’s “basketball HOF” everything countsMelo not a Hall of Famer?? ▫️NCAA Champion (Tourney MVP) ▫️3x Olympic Gold Medalist ▫️USA All Time Leading scorer… @LukasGoatt No lolDevin Booker is the youngest guard in NBA History to score 7,000 points. The 2nd youngest ... Kobe Bryant
@levandovus @NBordzy That’s so sad @NBordzy No wayOldest Players to score 50+ PTS Jamal Crawford: 39 years old Michael Jordan: 38 years old Kobe Bryant: 37 years ol… @freekapri You realize this is an argument to combat the “AD is carrying Lebron” people?? Went over your head again ... @tuuulyy It’s a perfect example because it shows exactly how ridiculous these types of comparisons are @LebronTheGoat24 No 😂😂😂 you’re completely missing the pointY’all gotta stop doing these types of comparisons and not including the actual numbers ... posts like this are easi… Season: Draymond vs Curry PPG: Curry AST: Draymond REB: Draymond STL: Curry BLK: Draymond TOV: Draymond “Did… Jordan and Anthony Davis are the only players in NBA History who have a career average of over 30 PPG in th… @cbacon1923 He didn’t even have 30 tonight ... Why would I tweet that?LeBron and AD right now are basically 2011 LeBron and Wade. Neither player is a “robin” or “second option” to the o… Lakers are a perfect 5-0 when Anthony Davis scores 40 or more points this season. He’s playing like the best p… @1nathan8 Also had a 7 point game vs Indy in 2014Most Consecutive Playoff games scoring ... 50 Points: Michael Jordan (2) 40 Points: Jerry West (6) 30 Points: Elgi…
Fred VanVleet has scored the most points for a player wearing #23 in NBA Bubble history. GOAT in the making 🐐 @Un_noirquitweet Kobe Spurs and Duncan Lakers @Dream_Sportsfan Yes hot take by MJs GOAT that Giannis is going to win MVP 🙄He’s already won it ...Players that have won Back 2 Back MVPs in the Eastern Confrence Giannis Antetokounmpo LeBron James Michael Jordan… 1989 and 1990 Jordan’s Bulls were the only team in the NBA to take the Pistons past 5 games in a series. 1989:… not 100% sold on Giannis in the clutch. Harden really shut him down when he challenged him in the postHarden has 12 points, is 3/10 from the field, has 4 fouls and the Rockets are still up by 8 ... that’s scary @levandovus Quite possibly the biggest finesse of the last 50 yearsJames Harden MVP ranks since joining the Rockets 2014: 5th 2015: 2nd 2016: 9th 2017: 2nd 2018: 1st 2019: 2nd He’s… NBAs last 3 MVPs are all on the same court tonight 👀
The best young duo in the East combined for 64 points today. Tatum critics are awfully quiet right now ... @sekouking It’s about the only HD picture I could find of him 😂Highest PPG avg in a Title Run Jordan: 35.1 PPG Jordan: 34.5 PPG Hakeem: 33.0 PPG Most PTS scored in a Title Run… @Kobe__Forever That’s not fun @LarrysGoated Mad Max is the most talented player but he’s a hothead. Give me Jeff @BARRETTUPNEXT Hakeem took it personal and embarrassed himWinning the 1995 MVP was the worst thing that ever happened to David Robinson... if you know you know @MJGoaT4523 He was battling some demons but yea that’s something you don’t wanna hear from your franchise playerOnly Nick Wright could turn a Lakers loss into Kawhi slander 💀 (If this doesn’t show you Kawhi is a real threat I… @RustyBUCKETS321 When Lou gets back things should be a little bit easier with a real scorer on the floor (no Reggie Jackson) @Kobe__Forever Drunk tweet @seandasloth Was just about to comment that under the post. Thanks for saving me the time 😂Both of these statements can be true Kawhi Leonard had a historically great playoff run in 2019 The Raptors are s…’s easier than ever to accumulate stats and score the ball. No disrespect to anyone playing in 2020 that’s just the truthTJ Warren just dropped 53 Points and Kyle Lowry just grabbed 14 Rebounds I’m sorry but this alone destroys any arg…’aaron Fox really had the quietest 39 points ever yesterday. Probably because ... 1) Plays for the Kings 2) Play… that I think about it I wouldn’t mind seeing this 😂The Raptors making the Finals and beating the Clippers would be the most 2020 ending to the season. WARREN DROPPED 53 AND GOT THE W!!!! Thank you Phoenix for trading him to the Pacers for a bag of chips 🙏How crazy would it be if the Raptors made it back to the Finals only a year after losing Kawhi ... @trent_6255 Everyone knows how good he is now. If they don’t they’ve been living under a rock @NBA Most underrated player in the NBA @JCP_LAW @NBA @D_Bo20 @MiamiHEAT Everyone knows Duncan is good lol