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Bernie’s mittens are made by Jen Ellis, a teacher from Essex Junction, Vt. She gave them to him 2+ years ago and wa…
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘He said some of us have a JOB
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘If I were Odysseus I would have simply sailed home
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘Tonight, in Washington, D.C. and across the nation, we came together to honor the over 400,000 Americans we’ve lost…
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘if u don't like korra don't speak
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today’s the last day a woman has never been vice president
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘This year my birthday wish is a call for kindness. We can’t just hope for a brighter day, we have to work for a bri…
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Studio Ghibli flowers.
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘living somewhere like this would quite literally solve most of my problems
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘many ppl are saying this
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘Big Mac in USA: $4.80 Big Mac in Denmark: $5.15 McDonalds worker salary in USA: $7.25 McDonalds worker salary in D…
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘babe are you okay? you’ve barely touched your Doctor Who®️ Cassandra Lasagne
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Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘why did we let peewee herman be famous send tweetif only he was running our country
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘 @avparnell let it be known that this is 10000% making fun of this trend and i am in fact Not lusting after bob on main defending national champions to you
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘what's joe biden's plan to make a phoebe bridgers & megan thee stallion collab happen
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘To everyone who said we didn’t deserve to be ranked, Hi ❤️
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In '98 I worked at Wendys and made $7.25—the current federal min wage. A medium #6 combo after taxes came out to $4…
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘so what i’m reading is. sza loves me the white hart ghost write this“can u stop bouncing ur leg” “ can u stop tapping ur fingers” no but i can hit you with my car
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘i beg all of u to direct that anger towards the people underpaying you instead of the people who just want to make…
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘Shoot your shot with a Playlist 2021
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘My therapist just told me, “If you’re ALWAYS having to be the bigger person, maybe you shouldn’t be around so many little people.”
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘i made an astrology one
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if you remember Free Alex then you’re eligible for therapy
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘I’m just a ⚪️man ⚪️woman 🔘wellerman seeking ⚪️men ⚪️women 🔘sugar and tea and rum
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Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘that’s it they’re going on the playlist. no i will not accept any questions spotify comin in hot tn
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if adults can still be employed after storming the capitol building i can probably get a job with a nose ring
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘scanning some of my fave paintings/WIPs hehe :)
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘It's okay if all you did today was ✨exist✨
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Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘me and the girls when quarantine is over
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘if astrology is fake then WHY do that shit be real?
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘me: :( stevie nicks: *exists* me: :)
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘i just think that weeping willows
@_yung_ravioli_ @stori_stromboli @pfizerfly i am emotional over theseThis snow in Texas is incredible!!!
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘Eugene Goodman. The man who saved the Senate.
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘 i made this lil picrew of me and @stori_stromboli and i love it. that is all thank u <3 morning this quote still fucks
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘 @lexi_doyle give the people what they want lexi
👉🏻👈🏻⭐️🌛💤 ❤️
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘The word hero does not appropriately describe officer Eugene Goodman. His judgment & heroism may have saved our Re…
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Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘well that’s fairly odd best kind of quality time is alone time spent in the same room as a loved one who is also having alone timeif sunday afternoon were a food it would be soup in the chemical composition of saturn’s rings photographed by voyager 2
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Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘disturbing is an understatement. these people are broken.
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Jacob Anthony Chansley, aka Jake Angeli, has been arrested for his participation in the #CapitolBuilding attack.
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘Would love to do this with the fellas
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘a seventeen year old murderer hanging out maskless at a bar in a state he still does not live in wearing a shirt th…
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘How it started How it’s going
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘"Captain America No. 1," with its iconic cover of the hero punching Hitler, was released a full year before the Uni…
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘Tolerating this Leads to this
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘VENUS IS IN CAPRICORN
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the flight attendant union wants to ban yesterday’s rioters from their flights back home and I 100% agree. Inconven…
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘"Life Is Hard, Sometimes"
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘This is not Orwellian at all. Orwell’s shit got published.
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘good fucking riddance even worse than the main video of those other cops letting people in. THIS MF is WAVING them in.
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I am no longer impressed that Nicholas Cage managed to steal the Declaration of Independence.
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘the person with the nuclear codes has been deemed too dangerous to have a twitter account
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘before our democracy is overthrown anyone wanna admit they got a crush on me ?
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘No seriously
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘i cant really wrap my head around the fact people who violently breached the building, and trashed it were allowed…
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘He...threw the American flag to the ground to make room for the Trump flag. That's it...that's the whole metaphor.
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘2017: "very fine people on both sides" 2020: "stand back and stand by" 2021: "we love you, you're very special"
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘starting to think it’d actually be incredibly easy to steal the declaration of independence
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘Day 1 vs. Day 1,448
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘Law enforcement at a MINIMUM had a 4 day head start...
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘I just need to make sure everyone sees this video
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘I don’t think there’s a word in the dictionary that can accurately describe how I feel about this disgusting act
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘Journalists still asking if this was planned or it just "happened" somehow.
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘thread of people who are helping people in dc
Retweeted by ur tweetheart💘if the united states saw what the united states was doing right now the united states would invade itself
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