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@GavinFree Just didn't need it on this shoot. I'll be messing with it more in shorter shoots where heat isn't a potential issue
@RicoNeyes 👀 @Seba1991 @BostonDynamics 😅 @reneritchie People always do this hah. Every time you share a photo of 102 degrees, someone from near the equator… @randomfrankp The most unhelpful answer answer ever: It's a total tossup for me right now and I want a hybrid Sony… @reneritchie Could double check with @danggvinh and @BrandonJHavard but I don't think they overheated once in our f… @TheExcelllence I'm honestly kinda torn. I love both cameras for similar reasons @Tech247tv Lots of 15-35 and some 28-70Fun fact: Most of the robot dog video was shot on Canon R5. Didn’t touch 8K mode once! Everything was 4K C-log, lig… VIDEO - Dope Tech: Boston Dynamics Spot Robot!
Retweeted by Marques Brownlee @MKBHD A day in the life of a robot.
Retweeted by Marques Brownlee @saradietschy Happy Birthday! @Kentholio 😈 @samsheffer 🤖🐶 @keshav_shan To remember your face for the revolution. Wait what (they source the controllers, not make them. The camera has no purpose) @reneritchie Ooh I like this game Google version: C3PO Samsung version: Optimus Prime LG version: Wall-E @area51oftech Another few minutes and it will be 🤖NEW VIDEO - Dope Tech: Boston Dynamics Spot Robot!🤖 Uploading… You ready?
@mrst3alyogirl This week! @shen I’ll take six @shen Not sure if I’d rather have this or just go straight to matte blackThis video is worth the wait
@SuperSaf Feels like 6 months ago tbh @emkwan @OPPOArabia @oppo @itpliveme Man you gotta stop tagging me in these lol
@TechNinjaSpeaks 37 on an easy 9. The course shortened some holes because the hurricane took down some trees and power linesSo yeah I'm gonna go ahead and say 50x zoom on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is plenty Congrats to @theMrMobile on 1 Million subscribers! @Vyyyper @RealTopTechGeek He's got a new subscriber!How to pull with @MKBHD
Retweeted by Marques Brownlee @ZacksJerryRig It's a feature not a bug 😬
🤖🐶 one: Random company drop-selling AirPods Pro clones is stealing a gif from my review without permission. Sh… VIDEO: The Last Intel Mac VS The Osborne Effect!
Retweeted by Marques BrownleeNew favorite meme format @maldonado_pasta Yeah it automatically pauses music when you start talking, as a feature. You can turn that feature off in the app.
@backlon Day 1: Best I can do is 6 hours Day 2: I’ll have this ready in 12 minutes don’t go anywhereNEW VIDEO: The Last Intel Mac VS The Osborne Effect!… @Merthh Essentially the same build. Slightly thinner top band actually. But 10% thicker cushions.It's true: I've been using the Sony WF1000XM4 for a bit and they're everything I ever wanted ✅ Multiple device sup… @ksbharaj @JamesNCochrane @typicalguysalad @its_menieb 😅I’ve started testing the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live AKA Ear Beans First impression is they sound fine, the noise can… VIDEO - Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Impressions: Ultra Premium!
Retweeted by Marques Brownlee
@jimseven @tldtoday Yeah it’s inevitable. I should set up an auto archive filterJust saw the channel has crossed over 2 Billion total views 🙌🏾 @RonAmadeo That’s what I thought reading this. They essentially just promised they will never do more than 3 generations of updates @theMrMobile @macmixing $2199 @UnboxTherapy @austinnotduncan “It’s pure innovation”Touche @theMrMobile At least Apple’s event had some level of charisma and embracing the cringe lol. Something weird about… cringe level is off the charts with this Samsung presentation, I’m just being honest. @theMrMobile Why is this so incredibly cringe lol @superscientific It’s not often I call a device straight up overpriced in my first impressions, but… yeah I’m with youThe bonus a lot of us were waiting for: Galaxy Z Fold2 is official ✅ 6.2” cover screen ✅ 7.6” Inside screen + hole… @patchycrush Can't unsee that @violinda94 You're welcome for an early look at the truth 🤓NEW VIDEO - Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Impressions: Ultra Premium!’s Galaxy Unpacked 2020 Livestream starts in 10 minutes: (Also definitely hang arou…
There’s a gaming chair company called ITEY. They photoshopped a photo of me sitting in a @tldtoday video and used i… @reneritchie FINALLYThe 27" iMac just got an update: Intel 10th gen Processors SSDs across the line 1080p webcams(!!!) Higher quality… Cook leans back in his chair, rubbing his hands together "The plan is simple. We bid them up to 10 times the p… @egminor @echenze Soooooo @HotpointKenya Am I missing something?NEW VIDEO - Google Pixel 4a Review: Simple and Clean! - RT!
Retweeted by Marques Brownlee @echenze 🤔 @Vyyyper You could also hand a lot of people a RED and it would take a LOT of effort to make anything that looks good @AndyManganelli Time to start a food channel? 👀This shot was @MKBHD 's matte black everything moment..👀
Retweeted by Marques Brownlee @SuperSaf We also both added some beard @SnazzyQ Bro lemme borrow a few MBs
@Brittany_Boyer @accuweather Oh scratch that I just found the new version. It needs 120Hz support! @Brittany_Boyer @accuweather I'm on the latest version available to me and the design hasn't changed, so still wait… @SnazzyQ The problem is most background music is bad. But when it’s good, it’s good! @yisssssssssssss I'd take this every time. Much more software-future proof. Better camera. @phillipreece With night sight it's literally A+ @ChrisFerguson_ Kinda a weird "pre-announcement" but I'll wait and see. Crossing my fingers for Pixel 5 of courseSome camera samples from Pixel 4a! It's easily my favorite phone at this $350 price, and the camera is a huge reaso… @Shahalfr7 Yup! @AndyManganelli @dbrand ....... don't do it thoNEW VIDEO - Google Pixel 4a Review: Simple and Clean! - RT! video dropping in 10…
This is gonna be a crazy fun week.Can’t believe this is the last time I get to watch this
Retweeted by Marques BrownleeReal talk I listen to this guy's music daily and I feel like my videos aren't worthy of his godlike music. Good thi…
@tldtoday But for real, they look toughRIP Dark Sky for Android 😭 @SnazzyQ That's the northeast for ya @SnazzyQ Same.jpg @byte_app 👀 @GeraldUndone 👌🏾How bout we bring Vine back
Already bracing for the wave of TikTok creators coming to YouTube @phfx Damn, for real? Nature is incredible, I want to see/hear this so badNBA Basketball is RUSTY but it's back and that's all we needed 😅
@AndrewKam @theunlockr I think a little bit of both. The theme of the shot matching is timeless enough that they co… is incredibly well made. @petermckinnon I’m super down. What better way to test a few cameras’ low light capabilities and see something incredible in the same trip? @whatsinside Hah that is wild. I’ve been in the middle of a golf course caddying as a thunderstorm blows in. So sta…