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A Python and MongoDB enthusiast, and an entrepreneur. Host of @TalkPython and @PythonBytes, founder of Talk Python Training. Python Software Foundation Fellow.

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@MattAdamYoung It’s the small things sometimes. :) @endlesstrax Oh man, those are both fun bikes. The little Ninja 400 is definitely something that appeals to me but… @endlesstrax Thanks! What did you ride? @__mharrison__ @pystar @ZeroMC Oh really? How cool! I bet it's interesting to see how things are going there and how they are built. @mrmonchidog Yeah they are fun. Maybe the Duke 390 would work, but there are lots of fun ones out there. I haven't… @juliansequeira Such a fun ride. Yes, see you in no time I guess! @traypedersen I guess! I did grow up in a place that was super cold. But happy to be in mild Portland. @parashupreti Nice. Really love the bike. Torn between this one and the 390. I’m a big fan of small nimble bikes bu… @__mharrison__ @pystar Hi Matt! I do love my electric car and we did consider getting a @zeromc bike. They seem swe… @pystar Thanks! Yes, you called it. KTM Duke 690. Perfect blend of street bike + motocross roots which makes me happy.
It's finally warm and sunny! I'm super thankful to be able to control my schedule and work. Today I jumped on this… @ibn_hisham8 That's super cool Omar. So happy you made the jump and thank you!Ah man! Thanks for the solid endorsement and very gratifying to hear that one of our course made a difference for y… @testdrivenio Thanks. And very cool to hear about how you're doing your workflow too. :) @nholzschuch @pythonbytes @carnets_jupyter You're welcome, very well done. Worth sharing for sure. @DaddyOh @dbader I did just make a course for this ;) That's my best resource at the moment… @ReasonableYid Hey, think more Wordpress. I log in, I type into an editor, then it "becomes a page" on my site. Thi… @liiight It works with Jinja (or others). Let's you write CMS style pages in markdown files and then make that cont… recently had to trim back our RSS feed size so we are only shipping episodes to standard subscribers from the la…
Retweeted by Michael KennedyMarkdown web templates: I'm open-sourcing a new project which I'm extracting from the internals of…
@cecilphillip Thanks for the shoutout Cecil! :)Check out Python for the .NET developer webcast w/ @mkennedy This webcast is specifically geared towards helping…
Retweeted by Michael Kennedy @imomaliev_ @brianokken @pythonbytes @transitionswpz Yeah, I'm seeing the same. Apple really screwed up something o…
🎙 Listening to Episode 250 of the @TalkPython podcast by Michael Kennedy <@MKennedy>. "Capture over 400x C02 as tr…
Retweeted by Michael Kennedy @imomaliev_ @brianokken @pythonbytes @transitionswpz Thanks! @imomaliev_ @brianokken @pythonbytes @transitionswpz Weird! sorry to hear that. I just checked on my Apple podcast…
@apydev Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy the course.Just launched a new course: Python for absolute beginners over at @talkpython. This 7.2 hour course will get you up…
Retweeted by Michael Kennedy @jkmacc @JBalloonist @derchambers @pythonbytes Thanks a bunch! @dldnh Hi Dave! We had to restrict the number/size of the RSS feed so now we only show the last .5 years worth of c… @imomaliev_ @brianokken @pythonbytes @transitionswpz I updated the RSS feed. Try it in an hour or so. @imomaliev_ @brianokken @pythonbytes @transitionswpz Hi guys. I think Apple changed something over at iTunes. Talk… @pganssle I love ISO format, but I must use this to be podcast RSS compliant. @JBalloonist Also, the feed only has the latest 26 (1/2 year) worth of episodes to hopefully dodge this issue. @JBalloonist Great, thanks! I think it was something with iTunes because we got the weird older episodes appearing… @JBalloonist @derchambers @pythonbytes You may have to remove the old subscription and add it back, not sure. @JBalloonist @derchambers @pythonbytes Hi guys. Thanks for the heads up. We changed *nothing* forever on talkpython… @pganssle Sure, thanks. With round trip, I was thinking date -> str -> date -> str would have equal strs, not necessarily same dates FWIW.Hi all, Paul @pganssle got me straightened out, see the thread. @jbendeaton Hi Ben, yes, that's :) @pganssle Just checked, that fixed it. But it broke my implicit understanding of formats! :) That was: output_forma… @pganssle Thanks Paul. I'll have a look. But I am surprised that you can't round-trip ANY supported format. It seem… I'm just tired folks, but any ideas what's happening here? Export the time to text with a format but can't re…
Podcast: Building and UX Testing Azure's #Python SDK with @AzureSDK team. @OlszewskaKate (Azure Python SDK PM) and…
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@AndyTWoods Wow, thanks! Adding back legacy Python support, interesting play I guess.The next month of @talkpython is lined up, featuring @OlszewskaKate, @johan_stenberg, Martin Héroux, @richcampbell,…
Retweeted by Michael Kennedy @ClancyClark @TalkPython Thanks Clancy! :)
What happen in Python this week? Catch the news with @brianokken, @mkennedy, and special guest @transitionswpz on…
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Kicking off my latest live webcast: Python for .NET Devs in 15 min:
@AetherUnbound @pycascades Was great to meet you at the event Madison! See you at the next one. @ericchou @pycascades @somacdivad @RaymondDeVries2 @pkazarinoff @brianokken Great to see you all!I came for #python but stayed for the people. Thank you @pycascades for putting together another great event!…
Retweeted by Michael Kennedy"Oh, you're not going to compile? Really? I'll show you whose boss. *Crunch*" - Drunk C++ Dev
@nicholdav @brianokken @vboykis @pythonbytes Thanks. That's an interesting RT. I'm actually having Chip (the author…
Get ready. #pycascades
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@vboykis @brianokken @naivebayesian @pythonbytes Thanks. We actually announced this back on episode 165 in the extr… @DeanRouse Hi Dean! I just finished recording the final content chapter. Just a little bit more to do and it'll be… #python news of the week? Cheating at Kaggle and uWSGI in prod + more on @pythonbytes with special guest…
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Just listened to this fab podcast on what you as a dev can do to help the climate. Thanks @mrchrisadams and…
Retweeted by Michael Kennedy @warrenrross @TalkPython @TobiasMacey @dbader_org I'm not sure. I was never a fan of its alternate styles (e.g. lau… to @ericchou for releasing the 3rd edition of his book "Mastering Python Networking". I got the opportunit…
@Jeremia03629462 Ah man. I'm sorry but don't have enough background there to say for sure.Capture the Staff of Pythonic Knowledge in @TwilioQuest. We dive into that unique programming game from @Twilio wit…
Retweeted by Michael Kennedy @Jeremia03629462 Thanks and yeah, that song is great. :)
@kageurufu Oh sweet! That is really nice. @MattAdamYoung @TalkPython @mrchrisadams Thank you! :)I recommend @TalkPython whenever coding, #Python, or podcasts come up, but this episode speaks to an even broader a…
Retweeted by Michael Kennedy @wscj @TalkPython @mrchrisadams Thanks Winston! I think we linked to the project in the show notes. Is that right Chris? @brettsky @anthonypjshaw @AutomationPanda Ha! Yeah, sounds good to me Anthony. Shoot me an email about it. We could…
@tryexceptpass Congrats on the podcast Cris! Looking forward to listening in.The podcast is now approved and available everywhere: Apple: Google:…
Retweeted by Michael Kennedy @alex_andorra @TalkPython Thanks for inviting me! @whereismyjetpac @brianokken Ha! Like a performance-based test :) @brianokken Climate change and testing? :) How can you make your tests use less energy.
Ah, thanks Bryan! So happy to be able to put this one together.
@aaronbrown1980 Both would be great. I'd say pick which one you want to learn and practice more :) @slyapustin @_BrunoAlla @IamJamesGill @firefox @mozilla @GetInsomnia Rolled out this work-around to all the servers, thanks everyone. @slyapustin @_BrunoAlla @IamJamesGill @firefox @mozilla @GetInsomnia OK, fixed. Had to write this code to force it… @slyapustin @_BrunoAlla @IamJamesGill @firefox @mozilla @GetInsomnia You're right, thank you. What's frustrating is… @slyapustin @_BrunoAlla @IamJamesGill @firefox @mozilla @GetInsomnia But then somehow... Following the 302s it goes… @slyapustin @_BrunoAlla @IamJamesGill @firefox @mozilla @GetInsomnia Hi Sergey. I see. There is first a HTTP-> HTTP… @slyapustin @_BrunoAlla @IamJamesGill @firefox @mozilla @GetInsomnia Let me know if I'm misreading this, but I thin… @Hezeb Ah, thanks Sam! @slyapustin @_BrunoAlla @IamJamesGill @firefox @mozilla @GetInsomnia 2/2 1 Firefox lots primary resource over SSL… @slyapustin @_BrunoAlla @IamJamesGill @firefox @mozilla @GetInsomnia 1/2: Hi. That is true. We redirect http:/fav t… is an important episode. I hope you get a chance to listen in. lots of time to register for our live webcast: Python for the .NET developer over at…
Retweeted by Michael Kennedy @slyapustin @_BrunoAlla @IamJamesGill @firefox @mozilla @GetInsomnia What are you talking about? Firefox is REQUEST… @parashupreti I've yet to see an issue going up a version within python 3 (e.g. 3.5 -> 3.6) so I would say you're s…
@_BrunoAlla @IamJamesGill @firefox @mozilla @GetInsomnia Oh, interesting, if you persist logs on the network tab, g… @_BrunoAlla @IamJamesGill @firefox @mozilla @GetInsomnia Yes! But if you hover over it, the url is HTTPS://... So that is concerning right? @_BrunoAlla @IamJamesGill @firefox @mozilla @GetInsomnia :) @_BrunoAlla @IamJamesGill @firefox @mozilla @GetInsomnia See: @_BrunoAlla @IamJamesGill @firefox @mozilla @GetInsomnia I agree. But the site is under HTTPS and redirects under H… @_BrunoAlla @IamJamesGill @firefox @mozilla @GetInsomnia Hi, yes, it's the URL of the mp3. But here's the thing. Th… @IamJamesGill @firefox @mozilla I see that header, but it's not coming from the server AFAIK. Here's what I see in… @_BrunoAlla @timljensen @firefox @mozilla Oh, that header is weird. Using Postman, I don't see it and it's not coming from our server... @_BrunoAlla @timljensen @firefox @mozilla Yeah, maybe. Seems like something is off. I think Firefox is requesting t… @__mharrison__ @tangledcheetah @TalkPython @pythonbytes @brianokken Yeah. That was my first thought too but wasn’t sure. @timljensen @firefox @mozilla Also, @firefox, @googlechrome thinks it's secure: