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When you hung that sign by the entrance that says, WELCOME TO FLAVOR TOWN!, were you just messing with our heads?

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@ohhh_Shelly @doyalikebaileys Lowkey think I was there longer than NYCRemember when Due Lipa released an entire album with no skips? Iconic.
@doyalikebaileys Ah yes. Seems like so long ago. A blur from my youth.⁦@BugID_⁩ this guy was chilling on our beehive do you know what he is?*asteroid approaches* SCIENTISTS: If we don't stop this, it will destroy Earth. PEOPLE: Oh no. How many people ha…
Retweeted by mimiI am a slave to the @megstalter Industrial ComplexAn article never made me cry like this before thank you so much @nytimes 💕💕💕 Camelia Orgasm and I feel very unders…
Retweeted by mimi @megstalter @nytimes I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOUDo Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck have the same publicist as Shawn and Camila?????? @_ashleypowers Right...sorry for getting aggy. Dunno where me heads at sumtimes. Ya know I luv ya babe! xx @alicevenaqui @aliceandolivia any word on Olivias mental state? @_ashleypowers WOW way to kink shame !!!!!Wonder what Alice and Olivia are up to
@megstalter @Cars3Fan4Ever Your brother and his GIANT midnight hotdog
we teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller. we say to girls, you can have ambition, but not to…
Retweeted by mimi @mookennaa See I feel that way about the texture of my comforter - its so thick that it’s hard to wrap around me wh… @mookennaa I will truly never understand why anyone wouldn’t want a top sheet. How often do you wash your comforter… Dula Peep came to SERVE
someone has edited Wikipedia I’m fucking screaming 😂😂😂
Retweeted by mimiCarole Baskin is what Lana Del Rey wishes she could beWhen you look up joe exotic on google his occupation is listed as politician, as it should be North is in the car with her friends and You Belong with Me starts playing. Can she bop or does she sit i… Kim Kardashian’s kids allowed to listen to Taylor Swift orbelieve women
Retweeted by mimiMe, to my empty bedroom, before heading to the living room:
Retweeted by mimi“Quick reminder that if the roles were reversed and young people were more likely to die, our parents and grandpare…
Retweeted by mimi @hunteryharris David Spade is on the line @mklsqxoxo It's probably a Palmetto Weevil instead. (assuming you live in the East U.S.)
Retweeted by mimi @BugID_ Ah yes I'm looking at a picture now and that's more accurate!! Thank you :)) @doyalikebaileys @sylvielsq
John Finlay from the Tiger King is hot sorry I don’t make the rulesIt is a red palm weevil!!! @jimmy_hurley @UFEntomology HAHAHA thank you for your expertise. With careful research, I have come to the conclusi… @ohhh_Shelly My snapchat followers are working really hard yet twitter is silent. Really says something.Hello @UFEntomology can you identify what kind of bug this is?? bug people of twitter - what kind of bug is this?? Baskin and Don Lewis are the real life Nick and Amy DunneRemember when @peta made softcore porn to convince people that sex is better for vegans
She's the type of girl that other girls would be mean to assuming that she's a bitch when really she's a SWEET SHY GIRLI'm a Charli D'Amelio stan @mynameisoldgreg How are you getting to his place thoMe pretending I’m a dog to trick the coronavirus
Retweeted by mimi @cmrndvdsn Is this confirmed omg
Listen sweeties. I WISH I had an ex bf to text.This.. this is why we should take the Coronavirus preventive measures seriously. Italy is a deep mess right now.
Retweeted by mimipre-isolation: ah there's a bug in here kill it!!! now: hello Kendra the bug welcome to our home may we interest you in a glass of wine
Retweeted by mimiThinking about simpler times when the trailer for A Star is Born had just come out and watching it was guaranteed serotonin boost @nwalks Something BorrowedHas anyone consulted the Dr. Bronners bottle to see if it’s a cure?🚨NY has a critical need for PPE including gloves, gowns & masks🚨 We need companies to be creative to supply the cr…
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This is why the beaches haven't closed in Florida, and why they've had minimal COVID-19 prevention. Absolute dysfun…
Retweeted by mimiCOVID cheat code: Target and grocery stores are a mess in LA. So, I hit the Korean/African/Caribbean markets yest…
Retweeted by mimiTo everyone STILL hanging out with their friends - the cost of your behavior is literally human livesnyc said masturbate or fuck your roommates
Retweeted by mimi @gaynobi Omg @evaandheriud this is some of your best work !!! @meghan_emling You’ve got this Meghan!!!!!
@meghanclaire18 You know me @BigTucsonDad Points were made @Matttwitttt HAHAHA it really does go back and forth @BigTucsonDad LISTEN this is me on a regular day but bc we’re all quarantined people are like .... ma’am? wellness check?Anyone following me on Snapchat 100 percent thinks I’m having a mental breakdown 🥴🥴🥴 @megstalter This has to be @carolinecaloway
@ohhh_Shelly @nigelrivers1 I finally watched it and was mad that it was sad despite knowing that it would be sad @KushKarve I solved the entire thing except one corner piece that needs to be flipped and idk how to fix itOne of the things this quarantine has taught me is that celebrities are really bad at tik tok @sidetolaufer @nickk3097Does anyone on here know anything about Rubik’s cubes @hairoline STOPPPP @megstalter Watching you do what you do so well is an honor ma'am!!!!i wish they had never said that young people were less at risk
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Do we think Timothee Chalamet has a big dick yes or no @Justsydnyc Just tag her already @megstalter @kathygriffin She was a legend <3 @ohhh_Shelly I'm open to suggestionsImagine Gisele living in Tampa LMAOOOOOLike I cannot see
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Greta Gerwig told me to go make my movie so now I’m going to @iknownaama @megstalter they must have forgotten to tag you @realDonaldTrump Are you fucking kidding
@jimmy_hurley Omg Jimmy I've been obsessed with this song for so long....A dear friend in Madrid is in a coma with Covid-19. He’s under 40 and was in excellent condition. So much for it on…
Retweeted by mimiThinking about that time @megstalter went live on Instagram and told people to ask her questions about painting but…,000 people tested. Total.
Retweeted by mimiMy quarantine activity of choice? Watching Seth Meyers and Rihanna go day drinking for the 700th time @jillboard Not my proudest moment learning that if people had just stayed home, they could have prevented the bubonic plague from killing 75+… @canigetayeehaw3 It's so horrifying - it will take until people they know start dying for the importance of it to kick in :(
@lucyh112 And in two weeks all those people will be posting “please pray for all of the people affected by this horrible virus” @lucyh112 Me neither I want to delete social mediaThe amount of young people going out and acting like everything is okay is so, so infuriating and depressingThe USA is following Italy's trajectory almost exactly in exponential growth of new coronavirus cases. As shown in…
Retweeted by mimiNot everybody can stay home, and we owe a big debt of gratitude to health professionals, transit and airport worker…
Retweeted by mimi“They cited irresponsible behavior by many citizens, who despite the earlier warnings not to gather in large number…
Retweeted by mimiOne word away @hunteryharris @scguy33 @OldRowOfficial Fascinating take and devastating insult!THREAD: Yesterday, I spoke with doctors from one of the nation’s leading academic hospitals located in a state wher…
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@doyalikebaileys me: coughs once *cries*after isolating all week, was going to walk to a tiny dinner at a friend’s, thinking it was ok. then got this email…
Retweeted by mimiIs the tightness in my chest from anxiety or do I have coronavirus: a threadMajor cities are going to shut down. It’s inevitable. Restaurants/bars will be closed. We’ll go into lockdown. Righ…
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