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Husband, father of 3, @cardinals, retired ANG, Grant Elementary fifth grade teacher

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@Szydlowskim It’s an unbelievable place. Hopefully we/I can make a trip soon.Nice message about Columbia from the Teton Science School. We should be there this week...and for the next month!…
Retweeted by Matt KuenstingI was sent this information to share. Free Covid-19 testing at Hickman HS June 1-2. No doctors orders needed. H…
Retweeted by Matt Kuensting @KentonGewecke @KOMUMatt @komuTim decided to drive out to MU south farm to get a picture of the picturesque line of…
My next three will hopefully not take 70 days..., back on March 15, I thought I might have more time to read. Well on day 70 of this thing I finished my fir… @teamschwarting @GrantAllStars Well done! Is that part of the PD training options? Making one of those I mean...👍😃 @KentonGewecke Pouring over north Ashland... @KentonGewecke From St. Martin’s MO.
@orangetheory Captured all 5 flags in 13:43, keep moving!Today we honor our fallen warriors who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.
Retweeted by Matt Kuensting @hochman @THATAllenCovert Ben, come on, white claw and almond milk?
@justintarte The quarantine will not win! Blast away!
Clash of the Titans! 2 supercells collide near Santana, KS last night. @weatherchannel @TevinWooten
Retweeted by Matt Kuensting @Szydlowskim @FVEFalcons @tetonscience And that’s a lot of soil @Szydlowskim @FVEFalcons @tetonscience Those have to be fence posts to keep the deer away? 🦌
@HoffmannLSEArts @cpsfinearts @Szydlowskim Way to embrace the issue and press on James and Mike!incredible shot!!
Retweeted by Matt Kuensting @GrantAllStars @mkuensti thank you for a fantastic school year! We appreciate the weekly connections and all you di…
Retweeted by Matt Kuensting @MattVillasana @ShakesPizza @MsVillasana Wowza!! @939TheEagle @mbaumstark @PStieple Well done Peter!
Your weather history lesson of the day from @NWSSeattle
Retweeted by Matt Kuensting @HagerSHEPARD @mileshenden @PrincipalSHE @Drennan85 @SHEMediaCenter Congrats! Well deserved. @GrantAllStars time is running out for the 730-900 shift. Last chance is 1100-100 pm today. @Scienceguy65203 @Szydlowskim @FVEFalcons @mrsszydlowski That’s what I mean
@Szydlowskim @FVEFalcons @Scienceguy65203 @mrsszydlowski Super cool! Looks interesting, not sure I’d call it fun. 🤷‍♂️ @Szydlowskim This is my thought. Why are so many people dying here and the curve is not flattening? @MrsHayes814 Congrats!
@ABC17News @ZaraABC17 Thank you for asking me about the June 2 election! The $20M NO TAX INCREASE bond is to help C…
Retweeted by Matt KuenstingIt’s easy to forget we have an important CPS bond issue to vote YES on coming up on June 2! NO tax increase for ne…
Retweeted by Matt Kuensting @SteveKerr you had the line of the series, about as many scholarship offers as girls asking me to go on a date! #TheLastDance
Reminder that May 20 is the last day to request a mail in ballot for the June 2 election. School Board members and…
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@ShelliThelen @Szydlowskim Congrats!With everything in the world crazy right now, just a reminder about the CPS bond issue vote June 2. Very important…
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Retweeted by Matt Kuensting
If you’ve got a bit of outdoor space at home or school, help the children in your care connect to nature through pl…
Retweeted by Matt Kuensting @mkuensti @KewpiesT_F @GrantAllStars Thank you Mr. Kuensting, you and Grant Elementary really pushed Jack to the ne…
Retweeted by Matt Kuensting @strongatm @KewpiesT_F @GrantAllStars Wow! Still have that hat and shirt. Thanks! dad day! Cora is a bike rider.
@MattVillasana Doesn’t even care! He’s got a nest on bobolink I think?. @Szydlowskim @MDC_online @Scienceguy65203 I was think squirrel too, maybe the albino squirrel 🐿 doesn’t know how high off the ground it is? @BarackObama @chipublib Thank you Mr. President and First Lady! Great book too! @orangetheory I think froggers bc I hate burpees!Michelle and I want to do our part to give all you parents a break today, so we’re reading “The Word Collector” for…
Retweeted by Matt KuenstingMade a video for our Friday Zoom. Sad to be missing this field trip & so many other end of the year things!…
Retweeted by Matt Kuensting @KentonGewecke This feels like a complicated day, thanks for keeping us up to date and safe.
Great story Tim! Thanks for sharing. wants to join me for a tour of our solar system? ☀️🌎🪐
Retweeted by Matt Kuensting @TrotterHistory @gentry_middle Amazing honor! Thank her for her service to her school and the community. #veteran #respecttheflag @RepSwalwell Or a win for dadWe literally left them a 69-page Pandemic Playbook.... that they ignored And an office called the Pandemic Prepa…
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That is exactly right. It is OK not to feel ok. If you are a #CPSBest employee and need to talk to someone, please…
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#LastDance still remember when #23 came back. #42
Thanks to the @BlueAngels for their salute to our angels in scrubs at all 16 Medical City Healthcare hospitals!
Retweeted by Matt Kuensting @shane_verslues @KOMUMatt @KentonGewecke @komuTim @Szydlowskim @Scienceguy65203 Beautiful St Thomas Missouri!
First time I saw one of these! @KOMUMatt @KentonGewecke @komuTim @Szydlowskim @Scienceguy65203 @orangetheory Finished in 15 minutes after doing 5 9 20 daily workout! #OTAHomeworkoutToday is Global Big Day, an annual celebration of the birds around you. Last year over 35,000 people from 174 count…
Retweeted by Matt Kuensting @KewpiesT_F Congrats to Jack Martin! Sorry for the loss of your season. Once an all star always a @GrantAllStars .… @hochman @kevinpollak @MaiselTV @zuccarello36 @tomhanks @ColinHanks So good! Really appreciate number 2
@usairforce thanks to the Missouri Air National Guard for their flyover! B2 Spirit and one more. Proud to have serv… @RBrunsWest @westvikings @gentry_middle Congrats on your transition! Look forward to seeing what your students are doing in the future! @ToriPineWMS @Shelter_Ins @westvikings @melitaj2 Congratulations! Well deserved! @TheCatOnFox What was said right after this photo? 😃 @Szydlowskim Savings accounts? @laurakreisman @GrantAllStars Thank you! Appreciate the perspective. @mkuensti @GrantAllStars Your students will remember you as a teacher, Grant as a place to grow, and the epidemic o…
Retweeted by Matt KuenstingSome graduating seniors this week said they reluctantly accept the Columbia Public Schools plan for high school gra…
Retweeted by Matt Kuensting @PStieple @MattVillasana I’ll drive by to share with you. @JoyKirr A7: my son and I have done some great drawings of Missouri creatures. #geniushour @JoyKirr @gallit_z A6: We’ve been zooming and sharing ideas from mid March to work on, trouble is they move on as 5th graders. @JoyKirr @gallit_z A5: keep nudging. Trying to keep my own kiddos 8 and 5 inspired is a chore. We will find somethi… @PStieple @GrantAllStars Thank you for this. Been a bit more emotional lately, knowing I won’t be able to graduate… classroom is a place of learning and growth. In no way, shape, or form is a classroom a place for guns. Oppose…
Retweeted by Matt KuenstingToday was the day. Closed down year 17 without a single smile, hug, or fist bump. Emotional. Crazy what 5th graders… @KentonGewecke One more, I just remembered that my grandpa would always talk about a measurable snow on his birthda…
@KentonGewecke Is it a release of a polar vortex? Thanks for replying. @MattVillasana That looks like 4 but I’m just saying that I haven’t taught in 51 days. Please explain. @KentonGewecke This has been the National story all week. How rare is this system relatively speaking of course? My… it out on Friday
Retweeted by Matt KuenstingNON Returning Students to CPS can turn in iPads and Laptops at Aslin Admin Center South parking lot at 1818 w. Wor…
Retweeted by Matt Kuensting @teamschwarting @cpsspiritweek Coincidence I think not! @buffa82 Best outfield assists ever! 🎯! X 2
It may sound like birds are singing much louder these days — but don't believe your ears. With the decrease in tra…
Retweeted by Matt Kuensting @VikingsArt @cpsfinearts Well done! We love Star Wars here.Today is CPS Science learning day. New choices have been uploaded on our website Do someth…
Retweeted by Matt Kuensting @bioteachk I need to be on the lookout! Thanks. @bioteachk Congrats on your award! Question, all of these birds migrate through mid-MO? Thanks.
A day is never exactly 24 hours long. Depending on Earth's position in orbit, day length varies by up to 50 sec.
Retweeted by Matt Kuensting @GrantAllStars really proud of how our native gardens are doing this spring! #grownative #communitypartnership @Jemillercpsk121 Full head of hair! Good job mom and dad!
@KentonGewecke @komuTim @KOMUnews Thanks for keeping us safe! @komuTim @KentonGewecke @KOMUnews I know you’re busy, but the rumblings are getting closer. Is there a hail threat… @melitaj2 for the show of appreciation! We love @hotboxcookies ! #TeacherAppreciationWeek #StaySafe
Retweeted by Matt Kuensting @komuTim @KentonGewecke @KOMUnews Had enough time to get in 3 miles with the kids at Phillips Lake! @CoMoParksandRec @komuTim @KentonGewecke @KOMUnews Thanks for the update.A severe thunderstorm watch has been issued for the Lake of the Ozarks region of the @KOMUnews viewing area These…
Retweeted by Matt Kuensting @komuTim @KentonGewecke @KOMUnews It will rain in CoMo this afternoon? Thanks.