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@JAfredderf @lanerodrigs1979 I go full boob in summer. My wife is never pleased... @lanerodrigs1979 I’m a fat man. I show side boob all the time.Thanks to the asshat who just reported my account as fake, making me do a CAPTCHA. BREAKING: I’m not a bot. @EnjoyLifeQanon @TrumpWarRoom By what measure? We’re still at 10% unemployment, and down 25 million jobs from where he started. @MouseFahy @TrumpWarRoom @realDonaldTrump Just like his wall... just replacing what used to be there... @fatpugs @TrumpWarRoom @realDonaldTrump Will make? Does make. @frann152 @TrumpWarRoom @realDonaldTrump Each week. @TrumpWarRoom @realDonaldTrump Now subtract the 1.3 million lost each week. @chuckwoolery I don’t believe the numbers Trump gives. I do trust the numbers our health departments are giving - a… got Chuck Woolery. His son tested positive for covid19 hours after he called it a hoax.
Retweeted by Mark the UX Guy ⚤ 🇸🇮🥁Wait. Donald Trump actually said people have died because children can’t go to school DURING SUMMER BREAK?!? @TheLastWord @Lawrence @garrenbellew I can’t even watch. It’s disgusting.Rarely do I see Anderson Cooper absolutely lost in trying to comprehend THAT rally in the Rose Garden tonight.…
Retweeted by Mark the UX Guy ⚤ 🇸🇮🥁 @thehill Thousands of people died because Trump is a fuckwit.President Trump’s Rambling Rose Garden Rant
Retweeted by Mark the UX Guy ⚤ 🇸🇮🥁We’re watching the self-destruction of the president in real time. Unreal.
Retweeted by Mark the UX Guy ⚤ 🇸🇮🥁 @donwinslow @senatemajldr He’s a racist, what’s to ask?I swear to fuck, if Ruth Bader Ginsberg kicks it this year I will never forgive God. #RuthBaderGinsberg #RBG
@Acosta What the hell did I miss?! @DeanObeidallah @SIRIUSXM I would, but dean, I don’t want to be famous. I don’t trust that jackass in the White House.Midway: a pretty, dumb movie. I mean it’s pretty, and it’s dumb. @realDonaldTrump if the confederate flag or any of that is freedom of speech, why were you pissed at Kaepernick kne… guy offering free gas any day Trump doesn’t say something stupid will never have to give away a single gallon o… Trump not figured out that his "Five Days" commercial just isn't effective and isn't going to swing a voter on MSNBC or CNN?Listening to Biden speak just lowers my blood pressure immeasurably. #Biden2020Landslide @JoshuaAC12 On nevermind. I thought this was today... @Buci78577555 I can bring you a tall lantern...I may do this again just for the replies... @givetrumpareal1 @AP Do you believe in killing people? If so, I'm quite right. @babydobows @AP Matthew 5:38 - I see your Old Testament and raise you Jesus. @Woundguru1 @AP Yes. Saying you love jesus but want to kill people is pretty bonkers. @NewmanSa56 @AP Nope. Just following Christ's teachings.Well, my notifications just suspiciously went to NOTHING. Can anybody see me, or did I get shadowbanned?Nope. Its the content stupid. What does NBC have that anyone would want to watch? Maybe the olds might want to watc…
Retweeted by Mark the UX Guy ⚤ 🇸🇮🥁I fondly remember when the senior adviser to the President of the United States suggested that microwave ovens were spying on people.
Retweeted by Mark the UX Guy ⚤ 🇸🇮🥁 @PWM62 @IJefTomI @SallyAlbright Well, PURE socialists - technically, the Bismarck system IS a socialist construct -… @PWM62 @IJefTomI @SallyAlbright The price controls in Bismarck might cause some consternation, but I think we have precedent for that. @realDonaldTrump @RonnyJackson4TX Admiral Ronny Jackson sold out his oath when he lied about your physical. @TheGrossChris Eyebrows are well on their way - I look more and more like Brezhnev daily. @warrior_scots @JaneyGodley Oh, you moron - Bill Gates isn't making the vaccine. Companies like mine are. Wearing… @PWM62 @IJefTomI @SallyAlbright And still provides excellent coverage and regulation that still fosters innovation. @PWM62 @BennyDGinger @SallyAlbright I prefer the Bismarck model myself - although NHI is pretty similar. Not sure w… @Amy_Siskind Any day Amy says "cry me a fucking river" is a good day.Oh. am I looking forward to this one.
Retweeted by Mark the UX Guy ⚤ 🇸🇮🥁 @EndlessJeopardy Who is Vlad the Pilgrim? @HunterJCullen And just you wait until it starts growing IN YOUR EARS... No Shit, I thought that was made up bulls… @HunterJCullen A grey haired fat man... with kids... which may explain the grey hair... @TaylorMad24 Not at all. I'm still a Catholic - and by your tone, I don't think you're much of a "Christian" yourse… @thor_benson Can we cancel Plague Squirrels while we're at it? @TaylorMad24 Nice to know Catholics like me aren't Christian.At first I was disturbed that I started growing hair on my nose... but NOW those hairs have started turning grey. WTF. Aging sucks. @TheRickWilson Are we absolutely SURE it's not the "End Times?" @TheRickWilson 2020 can eat a bag of dicksWho had Squirrel Plague on their 2020 Hellscape Bingo card?
Retweeted by Mark the UX Guy ⚤ 🇸🇮🥁 @IvankaTrump What skills, pray tell, do you have other than having daddy hire you?Excuse me but Ivanka Trump is the last person who should be giving advice about how to get a job based on your skil…
Retweeted by Mark the UX Guy ⚤ 🇸🇮🥁 @LuciFromOregon @AP Out of curiosity - you say you've been fighting corruptiion, but you support a corrupt president. How's that work? @peachisyummy Hell, just use the sidewalk...Person unfamiliar with the bible tells me that the bible has Christians laying waste to cities... I don't recall th… @LuciFromOregon @AP (There weren't christians in the OT) @LuciFromOregon @AP No. It's not. It's filled with old testament stories of people doing that, but I don't recall… @thor_benson This guy would run screaming from a class full of children in 15 minutes.You do it, you fucking coward.
Retweeted by Mark the UX Guy ⚤ 🇸🇮🥁 @MollyJongFast @SteveGuest @peachisyummy I never go to sleep on an empty stomach... which is part of my problem... @RadioFreeTom First, we must staunch the bleeding. Then we can fix the mess. @MCForLife9 @gesufaleg @MattLaney_ @WowJustWowJust @exeter_acres @AP <shrug> timelines... what can you do... @realDonaldTrump Just because Fair and Balanced makes you look like the corrupt nincompoop you are doesn't mean it's not fair and balanced. @peachisyummy @kevtagion Thanks. Need it today. I'm dealing with people editing my reports and idiots on twitter.... simultaneously... @MCForLife9 @gesufaleg @MattLaney_ @WowJustWowJust @exeter_acres @AP Yes. I do. I don't believe in using them to… @MattLaney_ @WowJustWowJust @exeter_acres @AP So... not a Christian? @TaylorMad24 @AP Well, at least you're a christian that believes in evolution, but apparently not Christ. Matthew 5:38 @ddale8 Honesty has never been a Republican strong point.The Trump team has decided to go hard on taking Biden's policing comment out of context. Biden was talking about p…
Retweeted by Mark the UX Guy ⚤ 🇸🇮🥁 @steveportigal Fuck. It's only TUESDAY!?! @_dez_nutzz_ @Oculusprince201 @exeter_acres @AP (Although I do like the 4:20 reference) @_dez_nutzz_ @Oculusprince201 @exeter_acres @AP So, not a Christian. Got it. @HamptonHavenS @Jeremia89087981 @AP Matthew 5:38Of the $27 million a day that Delta lost in June, $10 million was tied to international flying. $DAL
Retweeted by Mark the UX Guy ⚤ 🇸🇮🥁 @Ward_L_Shearer @exeter_acres @AP Millions aren't being murdered. And I'm not an abortionist. I'm ProLife and Pr… @_dez_nutzz_ @Oculusprince201 @exeter_acres @AP Matthew 5:38 @HazardProtocol @catshart @AP Democrats: Killing babies is not OK. Fetuses aren't babies. Also: Abortion is still… @Ward_L_Shearer @AP 1) Matthew 5:38 2) Prove it. @ReaperGrim18 @AP Matthew 5:38, Matthew 8:7 @DanaYounis1 @AP Matthew 5:38 @PatriotBlood412 @AP Nope. @PatriotBlood412 @AP *21:23-25 @PatriotBlood412 @AP So... you don't believe in the bible after Jesus, just before jesus? Which is right? What abou… @joefortruth @BuzzFeedNews Nope. His word isn't infallible. God didn't put pen to paper. He didn't write it. Literally did not write it. @joefortruth @BuzzFeedNews <sigh> you don't understand Catholicism at all. But you do you. @AnnAust5555 @bizkitgravee @AP What is unclear about: "Now go and smite Amalek and utterly destroy all that they ha… @AnnAust5555 @bizkitgravee @AP The bible also says "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." It also says… know, it is possible to both be opposed to the execution of a person, and abhor what they did.What a terrible loss. He had such a gift for making complex science understandable — and making trial and error see…
Retweeted by Mark the UX Guy ⚤ 🇸🇮🥁 @LuciFromOregon @AP Never said he was misunderstood. I said he shouldn't be executed. John 8:7 @Speakingfacts88 @AP Chief among them, you. John 8:7 @PatriotBlood412 @AP I have a problem with ANYBODY being executed. White supremacist or otherwise. John 8:7 @yakama717 @exeter_acres @AP (And I have done some study). @yakama717 @exeter_acres @AP I never said they believe in the same way that Catholics do. That's why they're not C… @MKUXGuy @HoarseWisperer @TeaPainUSA @tonyposnanski Every voice is important. I'm not quite so popular here since…
Retweeted by Mark the UX Guy ⚤ 🇸🇮🥁